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After several attempts, we finally got it worked out. Many times before we tried to meet and party but something always came up, on my side or hers. Now here I was, at the front door to your apartment, tonight was going to be fun.

Ashley was married, even though that caused some moral dilemmas, that never stopped me from fantasizing and masturbating over her a lot, and that I did…a lot. Opening the door, you smiled at me and told me to hang on while you grabbed your jacket. Off we were, the distances were small and the errands few. After picking up a frozen pizza and some orange juice from the store and Jeepers Creepers from Hollywood, we were back at your place. I took a seat on the couch while you put the pizza in and made the first screwdrivers. Turning on the movie you settled next to me.

After the pizza and a few drinks, about 40 minutes into the movie, you stumble to your feet and say, “This movie sucks, lets watch something else.” You retreat to your room and within two minutes your back with a tape in hand. Putting it in you pause right before you push play and tell me, “Were gonna need more drinks, go get us some.” Getting up and going into the kitchen I open the fridge and grab two wine coolers and return to the living room. I handed you a drink and pushed play. It wasn’t until I sat down that I realized what was on the tape. On screen was a guy and a girl, the girl going down on the guy. Oh my, what is Ashley thinking now, looking over at you you halkalı escort give me a sly smile and take a drink of your cooler. After those drinks and another, a scene comes on that is better than the others. Two guys and a girl, the girl was on her knees fucking doggy style while sucking the other guy off.

“Looks like fun,” I say, staring at the screen.

“You would think so,” with that you give me a slight shove on my shoulder.

The shoving match was on. Shoving each other back and forth throwing pillows at each other, somehow we end up wrestling on the floor. I’m hard from the porn and the close contact; I don’t try to hide it.

After a few minutes of that we stop wrestling to catch our breath. Feeling drunk and horny I gently reach over and breath on your neck, when you don’t resist I go a little further to gently nibble the side of your neck. Lightly moving my tongue up your neck, I reach your ear. It’s with your first moan that we both realize that these are no longer innocent touches, and we both want it. After a few minutes of this I reach up and slowly cup your right breast, lightly I rub where your nipple is, you still don’t resist. A few gentle kisses on the lips turn into us making out. Reaching down to the back of your leg, I grab it just above the back of your knee; I slid my hand up over your ass, around to the front, and up the front of your shirt.

With taksim escort nothing between your bare breast and my hand but your bra, I slowly use my fingers to pull it down. Your nipple is hard and my fingers go to it like a magnet. Gently rolling my thumb and first finger around it, you reach down and feel the bulge at my crotch. Yes…this is for you. We go like this for a few minutes, lips locked. My hand on your bare breast, stimulating your nipple. By now you’ve pulled my cock out of my fly and your stroking it up and down. Everywhere we touch feels electric, sending vibes of ecstasy through my body. Leaning back you pull your shirt over your head and pull your bra off. Sliding down and my body, you pull my shorts and boxers off in one swift movement. Jerking me off, you begin to tease the head of my cock with your tongue, swirling the tip around the parts that are most sensitive.

You go slow, agonizing me with such teasing that I arched my back in a mixture of reflex and ecstasy. Licking up and down, you begin to slowly allow my head into your mouth. With a mixture of light sucking and swift licking, you proceed to give the best blowjob for what seems like forever.

Picking you up I lay you on your back and begin to nibble on your ear, working slowly down your neck until I reach your collar-bone, resituating myself I put myself into position to spend time on your nipples. Your sexy little tits feel so hot in my hand, your nipples şişli escort pointing out begging for attention. Gently rolling one nipple between my fingers I take the other one into my mouth. Using my lips and tongue I lightly stimulate your nipples. Feeling your back arch I know I’m making you even hotter.

Sliding my tongue down your belly, my journey to your pussy is interrupted only by a few short licks at your sexy bellybutton ring. Once down there I place your feet by my head with your knees up; giving me perfect access. Lightly I run the tip of my tongue up and down your outer lips. As you get hotter and hotter your lips begin to open and your little clit beginning to appear. This is my next area of focus.

Lightly I run my tongue up the center of your pussy; as my tongue hits your clit I feel a light shudder run through your body. You begin to slowly rotate your hips in rhythm with my licking. Teasing you I vary my speed from light and fast to slow and slightly stronger to fast again. Moving around all over your love, I go from your hard clit to your lower outer lips. The steady movement of your hips and you erotic breathing and occasionally moan let me know you appreciate it. I’m not sure how many times you flooded my face with cum, at least twice but maybe as many as four times. It was hard to tell because for a while there you seemed to be in one continuous orgasm for five minutes.

There were no awkward feelings afterwards that one might fear after two friends cross the next line. We just kept hanging out. After a few more drinks and some music I left her apartment and headed home. Ashley and I continue our chats late at night and hang out every once and a while. And every so often, she takes out the rented movie and puts in one from her more “personnel” collection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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