From Fantasy to Reality

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He was sitting on the couch opposite me, wearing only a T-Shirt and trunks. Beer in his hand, champagne in mine, we were talking about anything that mattered and everything that didn’t. We were just enjoying relaxing together, having a laugh.

As I was listening to him tell me one of his funny stories I placed my feet on the couch beside him. I ran my hands along my legs till I reached the top of my knee high stiletto boots. I unzipped them one at a time removing them slowly, giving him a good view of my legs.

I reached around to my hip and unzipped my skirt, then slowly wriggled it down my legs. His speech stumbled as he moved his eyes along my legs stopping at my thighs. I had dressed especially for him. Stockings, suspender belt in black covering my semi toned legs. I smiled at him, I could see his cock harden through his trunks.

He ran his fingers along the inside of my ankles as he resumed telling his story. Smiling at him, meeting his eyes, I started to unbutton my shirt, when I reached the last one I slid it off over my arms one at a time. I was now sitting on the edge of the bed, red lace bra, matching G with my black stockings. I felt sensual, sexy and totally aroused. As was he.

He had stopped talking, leaned forward placing one hand behind my neck and pulled me to him. He kissed me firmly on the mouth. I slipped down off the bed and knelt between his knees. I took hold of the bottom of his T-Shirt and pulled it over his head. Then placing my hands on his muscular chest I started caressing his upper body. Tracing my fingers over his shoulders, down his chiseled arms, I was enjoying feeling his strength under my hands.

I looked up at his face, he was leaning his head back on the couch, enjoying my caresses. I placed my hands at his hips and removed his trunks. His body was wonderful, well toned, and hard in all the right places. With my hands on his thighs I stood up leaned over him and kissed him hard on the mouth. He took my face in his hands and returned my kiss with equal passion.

We kissed for a while, the heat in our bodies growing. He moved his hands to my shoulders and guided me back down to my knees. I pulled away from him, and slowly lowered my mouth over his hard cock. A small moan escaped from my throat, he had a sharp intake of breath. My power, his weakness the whole act was completely erotic.

I moved my mouth up and down on him for a short time and then slowly licked my tongue over the length of him. From his balls all the way to the tip. I enjoyed covering every part of his hardness with my tongue. And from the firmness of his hand on the back of my head I knew he was enjoying it too.

Using my teeth, tongue and lips I could feel all the tension release from his body. I felt him take a swig of his beer. He was relishing every moment – exactly as I wanted it. I wanted him to feel every touch I inflicted on him from the whisper of my tongue to the pressure of my teeth. The inside of my mouth soft against his hardness.

My body was so hot, I got off on this power I had over him. I moved one of my hands so it was now at the base of his cock. I sat back on my knees so I could watch him as my hand traveled up and down his shaft. A moan escaped from his lips, he leant forward taking hold of my face and guided my mouth back over his cock. I stuck out my tongue and lightly teased the head of his hardness as my hand continually pleasured him.

He was so hard, I could feel the tension in his body under my touch. He was almost ready to cum. I was dying for a taste! I kept my pace even so he could get lost to me. He took hold of my hair and pulled my mouth over the whole of his cock. His hips jerked forward and he filled my mouth with his cum. Mmm it was divine, he was divine.

I swallowed it all, enjoying every last drop. Then I went back to his cock and licked him clean. His body was void of all tension. He was lost to this moment, the moment where I took him to the edge of his pleasure and pushed him into bliss. I reached over to the small table where I placed my champagne earlier, and took a mouthful.

I rose to my feet, still wearing my red & black şişli escort lingerie, he sat up and pulled me close to him. He kissed my stomach. His hands were on my hips, he hooked his fingers under the side of my G and slowly took them down over my stockings. He then reached up, placed his hands at my back and removed my bra. Standing now before him wearing only my suspender and stockings.

I smiled at him. He ran his hands down my body, he started at my shoulders, over my tits, across my stomach and stopped at my wet pussy. His touch was light, my body trembled under his hands. He ran his fingers between my lips, caressing my clit, darting them into my pussy. He moved his hands around to my arse and pulled me into him.

His tongue licked the length of my pussy, I moaned out loud, I had been aching to feel his mouth on me. He used his lips, tongue and his teeth on me. My hips slowly thrust against him. One of his hands came back to my pussy and he swiftly placed his fingers deep into me. The heat in my body rose, I was losing control, my knees were so weak I could barely stand.

He had now placed all of his attention on my clit. Softly licking, scraping with his teeth, the sucking, I couldn’t breathe, the pleasure was overwhelming. I needed him to fill me up, but first I was going to cum. His fingers continued to thrust, his mouth assaulting me, I was so wet. I placed my hands on his shoulders I didn’t want to fall, but, I didn’t want him to stop.

I felt my climax building, it was growing from my stomach, I needed to be released. The bud of my pleasure was tingling in pain, it was amazing. And then with an involuntary scream my body climaxed, the orgasm rolled out of me in waves. This was my bliss.

Before I even had a chance to recover he led me to the bed. I stood at the end as he lay himself down in the middle. I placed each of my hands on his ankles, spread his legs apart and crawled onto the bed between them. Starting from his thigh I licked up the inside until I reached his balls. Taking one of them at a time into my mouth and gently sucking, I felt his cock start to harden again.

I ran my tongue the entire length of him then took him completely into my mouth. Then with my lips and tongue I coaxed him to complete hardness. I loved taking him into my mouth and feel him grow erect under my touch. When he was as hard as I liked I straddled him and gently lowered myself onto him. My body instantly reacted to him.

He filled me deeply, I pushed my hips down onto his. With every motion he hit my G spot, the source of my ultimate pleasure. With my hands on his chest I continued to move on him. Enjoying his strong body beneath me. He pulled me down onto him and kissed me hard and before I knew it he had flipped me onto my back.

I laughed, I liked it when he moved me where he wanted me, told me what to do! His controlling nature turned me on almost as much as the thought of tasting him.

He moved me so he was between my legs, he had lifted one of them so my ankle was now resting on his shoulder. He was in so deep, so hard, my orgasm rising against his hardness. He was thrusting in and out of me, his hands traveling over my body. Every nerve was standing on edge waiting to be tipped over. The ecstasy gathering in my body was tipping me out of control.

I bucked against him, my self surrendered to my desires. I felt him giving in to it also. Our bodies moved as one and when we couldn’t get any closer to the other we tipped each other over the edge once more. As the orgasms finished rolling out of me, and he had cum, we collapsed together back on the bed. I leant over, kissed his mouth and headed towards the bathroom.

Heading over towards the sink I lit the lone candle sitting on the countertop. I looked at myself in the mirror, I admired the changes I had made to my body. The hard work was paying off and tonight he got to enjoy it. I stepped into the shower and turned the water on just as I liked my sex – hard and hot!

I closed my eyes and let the water run over my face and body. The pressure of the water was invigorating on my skin. I emptied my mind of all thoughts and just imagined mecdiyeköy escort his hands running over my body again. I trembled at the thought of it. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t hear anyone enter the shower.

I felt hands traveling down the length of my back. After a bit of a start, I noticed they weren’t his. These hands had just the right amount of pressure massaging my skin. I stood for a moment relishing in the pleasure running through my body, but then the curiosity got the better of me. I needed to see who was causing my skin to tingle.

I turned, and there was this stranger looking at me, eyes full of lust. Taking my face into their hands kissing me deeply, my knees weakened at the softness of the kiss. This is the first time I had been kissed by another girl, but I had always wondered. Her mouth was soft yet possessive. My body was melting against hers. I was getting lost in it when she pulled away.

She stood back, I still had the water running over me. I looked at her, brown hair and eyes, athletic body, she was attractive. But the overwhelming thing about her was that she exuded sex appeal. She looked amazing. As I was taking her in she was doing the same to me. She traced her hands down the front of my body. Down my shoulders, over my tits, circling my nipples, lightly pinching them, down to my torso which is where they stayed as she leant in to kiss me again.

I moved my hands to her body, I wanted to feel her, see how she responded to me. And there we stood kissing, caressing, discovering each other for what seemed like hours. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying this, then he traveled into my mind, I wanted him here also taking in my pleasure. I broke away from her, turned to call out to him but there he was, standing in the doorway watching.

His body looked amazing in the candle light, the shadows danced over his muscular body. My eyes traveled down and I noticed one of his hands playing with his hard cock, he was obviously enjoying the show. I looked back into his eyes, he was watching me, eyes full of want, he smiled at me and gestured for me to get back to her.

I returned his smile and turned back. She was now on her knees, I stopped breathing for a moment when I realized what was about to happen. I leant back on the wall, knowing I was going to be unable to stand for much longer. She started lightly caressing my pussy, discovering all of me. Her fingers then slightly spread my lips apart and she licked the length of me. As I moaned out loud I heard him echo me from the doorway.

Her mouth was amazing; it was as if she read my mind. She used her teeth, tongue and lips to set my body on fire. Her fingers were deep inside me as her teeth were now teasing my clit. I heard the shower door open, I just love oversized showers, and he entered, stood beside me and kissed me hungrily on my mouth.

The ecstasy was seeping from every part of my body. I moved my hand so I could play with his hardness, his hands were running over my tits, enjoying them as he did. And all the while her mouth continued to drive me insane.

Every nerve in my body was standing on edge, my climax was building. The heat in me was rising out of control. Her mouth, his hands, pressure built until I could take no more, my body exploded violently into ecstasy. They both moved back to look at me as I sank to the floor of the shower, letting the water wash over my sated body.

He turned the water off then held out his hand for me, assisting me into his arms. And I needed it, my legs were still weak. He kissed me deeply, his body hard against me. Then we followed her out of the shower, she grabbed three towels. Handing one to each of us we then took turns to dry each other. When finished we walked into the bedroom.

He got onto the bed first, as I knew he would. He motioned for us both to join him. I turned and looked at her and we crawled up separate sides of his body. My hands traced up his body, hers were doing the same. I heard a small moan escape his lips. I started using my mouth on him, on his thighs, over his torso then I made my way up to his arms. My god, his arms, strong, chiseled, they were one of my favorite parts of him.

I licked, bit and kissed them. I opened my eyes and looked across at her, she was still at his thighs, her hands running up and down his legs as her tongue licked up the inside of his thighs. I moved my eyes to his cock, he was obviously enjoying the double attention.

I repositioned myself so I was now lying on my side my head level with his hips. Starting from his hip bone I lightly licked across his soft musky skin to his centre. I took his hard cock into my hand and continued my assault on his body with my mouth. I started at the base and licked all the up the shaft till I reached his tip. I felt his body tremble under my mouth as I lowered my mouth over the whole of him.

I was lightly sucking him when she came close to me, she had maneuvered herself between his legs and was licking up the inside of his thighs to his balls. I could only imagine the intensity he was feeling having two of us feed on his body.

I was enjoying his cock in my mouth, using my tongue, teeth and lips on him. Occasionally a small amount of precum was released and I would invite it hungrily into my mouth. I was still caught up in him when she guided me off him. It was her turn.

I heard him gasp at the change in mouths. He turned his face towards me, well my hips that were level with his head. He placed his arm between my legs and pulled me into his face. I gasped. He took my pussy into his mouth, I couldn’t believe how sensitive my skin was. As soon as I felt him touch my lips with his I ached. I needed to distract myself to stop myself, I didn’t want to cum again – not yet!

I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was enjoying him. She was working him hard and the harder she worked him, he did me. I leaned over, careful not to move my hips, and touched her face. She looked up and moved toward me, we kissed, and kissed.

The whole situation was heated. Bodies taking, wanting, it was out of control. The air was heavy with the smell of our sex. Our fantasy was now reality.

He had moved himself as well as us. We were lying side by side. He was in front on his knees just looking at us both. He moved over me, leant in and whispered to me to watch and be patient. As he moved over to her I rolled on to my side. He positioned himself between her legs, I could see from where I was how wet she was, and entered her hard. She screamed out loud. I leant over and kissed her mouth.

Through the kiss I could feel him thrusting hard into her body. She was tense with excitement. I could feel the screams trying to escape her lips through mine. But I was enjoying this too much to let her be free. Their pace increased, she bit my lip, I moved and with an erotic scream she came, I could see it rip though her body. I looked over to him, he was smiling but I knew he hadn’t cum.

As she lay there, her body in blissful exhaustion he moved over to me.

He rolled me onto my stomach, and placed his knees on either side of my thighs. Lifting my hips with his hands he slowly pushed his hardness into my moist heat. Oh my god, he felt amazing inside me. Every time felt new, I never tired of how he filled me up.

He pushed my legs together so my muscles were holding tight onto his cock. He started slow but was upping the pressure, increasing his thrusts. I felt her hands on my back, they moved around to my stomach and down to my pussy. Using two of her fingers she lightly squeezed my clit.

I could hardly breathe, his cock, her touch, I closed my eyes and completely lost myself to the moment. I heard a scream, it sounded so far away, and then realized it was me. I was gone, out of control, and then I heard him, he was talking to me. I could barely make out the words, but I could tell he was as gone as me.

She was enjoying herself between my legs. From my pussy to his balls, driving us both crazy. It was too much, I had to let it go, I screamed his name as my body rocked into complete orgasm. Not one nerve was calm, they were rolling out of me, it felt like forever. I could feel him as he came inside me.

I didn’t want him to move but he had too. He was exhausted. He lay back on the bed between us. And there we lay spent until we had enough energy to move to the bathroom and enjoy showering together once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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