From Scared to Dared to Bared: Friday Evening

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These friends had known each other for a couple years at least, since childhood in some cases. Jay met his roommate, Karl, at the branch campus in the city where they lived. Karl’s girlfriend, Lilly, also went to school there, coming the year after the rest of them, and Jay had known her from the street where they both grew up. Jay met his girlfriend Kate at the school too, and the other friends got together at the same place.

As education majors, it was natural for all of them to wind up in some classes together and get to know each other. Others in the group included Ted and Dorothy (or Dot, as everyone called her), Jack and Lisa (the only two who got married already), Steve (Ted’s roommate), Amy and Vick, and Cindy (Amy’s roommate, who always had a crush on Steve).

After two years at the branch campus in town, most of them moved on to the main campus in the middle of the state to finish their degrees. Lilly had a year to spend at the branch before moving to the main campus. Kate and Dot, friends from their high school, stayed at the branch to live at home and save money, and Vick stayed in town after leaving school to make more money before resuming his studies. Those at the main campus had all found apartments in the same old building nearby and were starting their second year away from home.

Being future teachers, they were not a wild bunch of young twenty somethings. The girls were modest types, friendly with boys, but not open with them quickly. Kate, for instance, usually held her books against her small chest, smiling and leaning in to speak with guys in a manner that suggested interest in what they were saying, but also kept up a shy guard. The other girls pretty much behaved in the same way.

As for the boys, they were the types that, for the most part, would not seem threatening to the girls. These guys would not be sexually aggressive. If anything, they were more likely to try being funny, having more interest in winning the girl’s approval and remaining patient about any desires. That patience was rewarded to some extent, although the threat of accidental pregnancy kept the couples in check.

Jack and Lisa may have gotten married because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, but the others were not as sexually involved. Jay and Kate had gotten to the point where they would sleep together naked whenever she visited (if Karl would be gone for the weekend), so they were quite familiar with heavy petting and oral sex. They had dated for a couple years by the time he went away to college, and he was thrilled when she first came to visit, writing him in a letter, “I’ll stay with you.” They did not undress each other completely that first time. Accidental exposures led to more and more sensual play, and once they had seen each other that way, taking off everything seemed okay.

He felt fortunate, figuring no other girl would be interested in him, and she felt similarly lucky to have Jay. In a way, they were made for each other, both being rather thin. Jay never said anything, but he wished his muscles were more pronounced, his chest more manly. She loved his body, though, and once exclaimed when he was walking around with an erection, “It’s so big!” On the other hand, Kate felt similarly disappointed about her own body, sometimes telling Jay, “I wish I had more to give you,” meaning larger breasts.

Amy and Vick had gone no further with each other, but based on what the other girls knew of their love life, it was not what someone as sweet as Amy would get involved in. That is, the other girls thought Vick was not the well-mannered boy she deserved and wondered what she saw in him. With bobbed, red hair and a ready smile, Amy looked like one of the kindest people you could ever meet, and the others used to compare her to Julie Andrews, as in Mary Poppins. Her self-confidence did not match her outward personality, though, and she also felt lucky to have Vick as a boyfriend.

When Dot visited Ted, she sometimes got playful, thinking she needed to do anything to make herself more adult, which to her meant more sexual. One time she thought that flashing Ted by opening the bathroom door while drying off after her shower would make him equally playful. Unfortunately, Jay had unexpectedly come down there, so the door just as quickly was shut. Still, when she came out, Dot tried putting on a sly smile for the two of them. If they seemed much more embarrassed than her, her planned exposure later on did in fact liven up her weekend with Ted.

The others were hardly adventurous, if they were a couple at all. Karl did very little with Lilly, both of whom were skinnier that Jay and Kate. Lilly had been sickly as a child and adolescent, leaving her extremely pale and delicate looking, and having an over-protective mother did nothing to dispel this image. Maybe engaging in a little touching, mostly outside the clothes, and thinking that Jack and Lisa certainly had it made summed up the activity of Karl and Lilly.

Cindy, of course, pined for Steve, seemingly Escort bayan in vain, although Steve had no other girlfriends despite being the best looking of the boys in the group. Cindy likewise would be the prettiest, and even prettier if she didn’t try so hard. Her overdone make-up and hair distracted from her face that needed no make-up, just as her fine figure and pert breasts needed no help.

To the extent that any of them gave it any thought, opinions about Jay and Kate, and Amy and Vick were that they probably deserved the envy of the chaste, and Ted and Dot only maybe. In other words, everyone pretty much had it right about the sexual histories of everyone else in the group. That is not to say that everyone had it right about the motivations of everyone else in the group. If they had examined their own experiences more closely, they would have recognized how every one of them shared a mix of desire for fun and affection with nervousness and that some were getting past those nerves while others were still working at it. No doubt, the girls, because they were supposed to be the ones who protected their modesty, felt this pressure more, and the pressure on the boys was coming more from themselves.

Given their relatively tame behavior, it was no surprise that their parties could be little more than silly get-togethers. No hard drinks, no drugs, and obviously no sex. In fact, the last time they were all gathered for a party, someone started a staring contest. Kate later told Jay that she would rather skip any party if that was going to happen again.

Of course, if everyone was getting together for a party, it meant that everyone was in town because Kate, Dot, Lilly and Vick were all visiting the same weekend. And that meant that Jay and Kate would not have the apartment to themselves, but that Lilly would be sleeping on the couch or floor too. So off they went to the party across the hall at Jack and Lisa’s that night in mid-September, when the midwest heat was as bad as any day in July.

At first, Amy and Vick were not there, but everyone else showed up. Kate was relieved to hear Karl say he was not going to try out-staring anybody.

“So what are we going to play?” Lilly asked.

Ted answered, “I know Cindy has some ideas.”

Cindy tried to shush him, knowing what he was going to tell everyone next if she couldn’t stop him.

“Why the mystery, Cin?” Lilly stretched as she asked, baring her midriff when her shirt crept up. There was nothing especially daring in that. What caught everyone’s attention was the snowy whiteness of her stomach. At first, some thought Lilly was wearing some kind of chemise under her shirt, but then her belly button was showing too. It was like her skin had never seen the sun. Lilly was fair skinned anyway, but this was a surprise to all the others except Karl.

Since Lilly got revelations started, even if by accident, Ted thought Cindy wouldn’t mind if the others knew what she was hiding, especially since she wouldn’t have to lift her shirt in the process.

Cindy saw what was coming and figured she might as well tell her own story. “Okay, okay. Ted knows I’m taking a class in sexuality.”

“Sounds interesting,” said Steve, “but what does that have to do with games?”

“I didn’t give it to him, but he found my textbook in my pack and started looking through it.”

“Be honest,” Ted protested. “Yeah, I took it out of your pack, and I read some stuff. Now you tell them what I read, unless you want me to.”

Cindy stuck her tongue out at Ted, even as she was still recalling how Steve said it was “interesting” that she was taking the class. Then, to keep Ted from telling more, she admitted the rest. “He was looking at a chapter I had bookmarked. Our professor told us she wouldn’t be covering that chapter in class, so I was reading it.”

“And?” Ted prodded.

“And it was about stuff people do, sexy stuff. Games and other kinds of fetish play. That’s all.”

“Come on,” said Dot, “you can’t leave us hanging. What games and stuff?”

“The kind of stuff our teacher said we would not discuss in class.”

Lisa said, “Doesn’t sound like the professor was really cut out for teaching that class. But do tell. Like Dot, I’m still wondering what the mysterious and forbidden games are.”

Cindy tried to tell only a little bit. “Well, one obvious one is strip poker as a way to enact exhibitionistic and voyeuristic fantasies.”

“Anybody have a deck of cards?” Jay asked.

All of them were serious students, future teachers afterall, so not one deck of cards could be found among the bunch. Cindy was relieved, since she was scared that anyone might take up her admission as an actual suggestion for something to do. She found that she was not out of the woods yet, though.

“What else?” Dot wondered.

This time Cindy figured she would dare tell them something outrageous that they would never really consider. “One section dealt with submissive fetishes, like spanking and tickling, Bayan escort if you can believe it. I mean, those two things don’t exactly go together.”

Ted said, “Well, they go together in that, as I recall, both involved tying the victim up somehow.”

Cindy did not like being reminded of this fact and was scared again that the others were seriously considering playing something she revealed from the book. Of course, it was only talk. Even when they were asking each other about finding a deck of cards, every one of them would be too scared to start playing and stripping.

Dot wanted to tease a bit more, though, and nudged Ted. “Sounds like it could be fun. What do you think, Kate? And Lisa, I bet you guys have already tried these games.” No one dared to answer her.

Finally, Jack said, “Not really, although I could consider it.” Now he got an elbow in the side from Lisa. “Just not here and now, I guess.”

Dot persisted, “What is everybody afraid of? Just a little skin among friends, huh? How about you, Jay? I think you owe me.”

Of course, this statement meant that everyone was immediately curious about what Jay could owe Dot in this way, and Jay had to explain. “Dot means that I saw her in the shower a couple weeks ago. She was trying to flash Ted and didn’t know I was there too. So it was only for a split second.”

Kate was surprised to hear this news, and relieved too to know that there had been no pay-back.

Dot was not letting him off the hook, though. “A split second or not, long enough for you to keep a little mental picture, right?”

“Maybe,” Jay admitted. “But I have a whole album right here,” he added as he hugged Kate and pulled her closer.

“You guys take pictures?” Lisa asked.

“Just mental pictures,” Kate reassured her and the rest. “I’d be too scared to pose for real pictures.” Unspoken but understood by all was that she meant nude pictures.

“Haven’t you heard of Polaroids?” Jack asked.

Dot jumped in, “Is that an admission that you guys take Polaroid pictures of each other?”

Jack started to answer, scared that Lisa would not be happy to let this get any further, but Lisa spoke up first. “Okay, okay, you all know now. But we’re not getting them out to pass around the room. You’ll just have to be satisfied with what Jay calls mental pictures.”

Ted tried to object, “But Jay had a real model for his mental picture.”

“Good for Jay,” was all Lisa would respond.

Almost completely relieved, Cindy said, “Well, I guess there won’t be any stripping games.”

She was hoping the conversation would then move on to something else less scary, but Dot said, “You know, maybe mental pictures gives me an idea. If everyone is too scared to undress for real, why not play mental strip poker?”

“With mental cards?” Steve wondered. “In that case, I imagine I have a straight flush.”

“Right,” Dot said, “no cards to play with.” She was thinking. “So why not another kind of game, truth or dare? That game is supposed to lead to the same kind of stripping, but we’ll allow only mental undressing.”

Everyone was on the spot. The thing that made some of them scared was now not so scary, and if the game was really all in their minds, then maybe they could pretend to be as daring as the wildest kids they had ever heard of. The boys, of course, would enjoy mentally undressing the girls the same as always for boys, and the girls would be able to act sexy for their boys. After all, if Dot could flash two guys for real, they could all flash the guys for pretend.

“How do we play?” Lilly was asking, the one they all figured would be the least likely to dare joining anything in the least way risky. Karl was surprised the most. Happy too, that she would not refuse outright.

“I’ll go first,” Dot said, “to give you the idea. For instance, anyone I pick to ask can take a truth or a dare. We all know how it works, right?” No one had ever really played, but no one could claim that much ignorance. “So we all know what a truth question might be. The only difference here will be with the dares. Maybe daring someone to do something silly or even kind of sexy might be okay, just so we don’t dare anyone to take off their clothes. But here’s the interesting twist. We can dare them to describe what we’d see if they did take off some clothes.”

Everyone was giving it some thought. Then Steve added, “Even better, for the couples, we could have guys describe their gals, and vice versa.”

“I like it,” Dot enthused. “What does everyone think? Are we scared, or do we dare?” Assured of keeping their clothes on, they all figured they could be daring. Hearing no objection, Dot declared, “Alright, another glass of wine for all, and let’s play.”

Once the glasses were filled again, Dot resumed. “Jack and Lisa, you’re the most experienced, so you two go first. Truth or dare?”

Lisa did not want to be first, so Jack finally said, “Truth.”

Dot took only a moment to think and then asked, “What is your Escort favorite position for sex?”

Jack didn’t hesitate, saying, “From behind with Lisa on her knees, bent over that ottoman.” He didn’t think he was disclosing much, despite all the oohs and aahs. Lisa, though, was blushing at the thought of all the mental pictures people were forming of her. It didn’t help that the ottoman Steve was sitting against was right there to provide a setting for their imaginations. Dot brought her out of her embarrassment by asking, “Lisa, do you want to answer the same question or take a dare instead?”

“Oh, I thought Jack would get to ask next.”

“You two can answer and then ask as a couple. Now don’t try to duck your turn. Favorite position or dare?”

“Okay, truth. My favorite is on top.” More oohs and aahs, more blushes. And like Jack, she didn’t think she was telling them anything that surprising.

In fact, Cindy said, “Those two answers are exactly what the textbook says are the most popular.”

Lisa wanted the attention focused elsewhere, so she asked, “Our turn to ask? I guess Jay and Kate would be next in line, so you two, tell us what your favorite position is.”

Dot said, “You didn’t ask them truth or dare. Maybe they want a dare.”

“Probably they don’t,” Kate quickly said. “I’ll take truth and on top too, but with the difference that Jay isn’t in me.”

“What do you mean? What are you on top of then?”

Kate wasn’t ready for Dot’s question, so her answer was slow. “Well, he’s not in me, right? You know what I mean.” Dot shook her head, and the others played dumb. “Okay, Jay is on his back and I am on top of him, holding him between my legs and moving on it. Get the picture, all of you?”

They did, and the mental picture was even more exciting than the last one of Jack and Lisa.

“I don’t know if I can top that,” Jay said, “so let me take a dare.”

Lisa did not have a good dare ready, so Jack jumped in, “If mental pictures are okay, why don’t you describe in detail Kate’s breasts for us?”

Lisa interrupted, though. “Wait a minute. If we had a deck of cards and were playing strip poker, Kate wouldn’t lose her bra before losing her shirt.”

Kate was relieved then when Jack amended his question, “Okay, describe Kate’s underwear for us.”

That meant two pieces, but no one objected that the question was unfair. Jay had to go on and answer. “I can’t say much about her bra. It’s white with little designs on the cups. Her panties are more interesting to me because they’re lace bikini style. They sit lower on her hips, and you can see through them.”

“See what?” Jack asked. “You have to be fully descriptive.”

“See the crack of her bottom clearly and see the darkness of her hair in front.” It was Kate’s turn to blush a second time.

Like Lisa, she turned the attention from herself by starting to ask the next question.

Dot interrupted, though, saying, “Why not keep this kind of thing even and have everyone’s underwear described now? Kate, start with Jay’s.”

No one objected, so within a few minutes, everyone was having their bras and/or underpants described by a partner, or describing them themselves. Briefs for Jay, Karl, and Jack, only Jay’s having any color, though. Boxers for the other boys, plain for Ted, plaid for Steve. As for the girls, white was the basic pattern for all the bras, and white or pastel cotton pretty much accounted for all the panties. All except Kate’s panties, already known to be lacy, and Lisa’s, which she wore for Jack. As he lovingly pictured the matching set, white may have been the color, but thinly transparent was the real appearance.

With all of them figuratively undressed down to their underwear, Kate picked up where she left off. “Ted and Dot, you’re next, I think. Truth or dare?”

Ted answered, “Truth. I’m afraid Dot might take a dare and put me on the spot to match her.”

“Okay, your favorite position for sex.”

“Back to that one, huh? After I answer, I wonder if Dot is going to insist that everyone answer that question too. Anyway, I’d say with her on top, more like you described it before, though.”

“Also,” Dot added, “that’s the only way we have ever done anything. Ted is such a gentleman, he doesn’t want to get on me and accidently get me knocked up.” Now Ted was the one doing the blushing, even though he didn’t mind letting the others know for certain that he had some experience at least. “And to answer his other point, no, I don’t think we all need to state a favorite position for sex. At least, not unless I am mistaken about some here who don’t have sex and couldn’t have a favorite.”

“Dot, as much as that might have counted as your answer, truth or dare?” Jay asked.

She gave him the same sly smile she used after the flashing incident. “Dare.”

“Give us all a mental picture of what you saw when you opened the bathroom door that time to flash Ted.”

“Oh, that’s easy. I saw Ted, of course, mouth open in surprise, eyes going up and down me. For a second, I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t smiling too, and then I saw you right behind Ted, mouth open in surprise, eyes going up and down me. No smile there either, probably too shocked, like Ted.”

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