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Cruising down I-25 one idyllic, warm summer afternoon, I couldn’t help but help but start to panic. No matter how much Gatorade I sipped, my mouth remained dry and my tongue felt thick. It didn’t matter how good the music happened to be on the radio; I couldn’t concentrate on it. I gripped the steering wheel until my knuckles turned white. I was nervous as hell. Taking deep breaths to try and calm myself, I did my best to remind myself that I was driving towards something that I had been looking forward to for years.


Ever since a young age I had always known at the back of my mind that I was gay, or at the very least was having very “healthy” fantasies about men. At of 13 I experimented a little bit with a friend in Boy Scouts.

After that I didn’t have any such further contact with men or women until college. I fantasized as regularly about girls as I did about guys. But I never even so much as dated a girl up until then. Looking back, I think it was partly because I moved around a lot growing up on the account of my father being in the Army. I was always apprehensive about making friends at first, because it seemed that as soon as I became close to someone, we would move again.

What I did find interesting was that I was, for the most part, not attracted to anyone my own age. I had a few fantasies about some of the girls in my class here and there, but never one about a guy my own age. Most of the girls I fantasized about were in their late twenties or so, and the men tended to be in their upper thirties or forties. I was attracted to the bear type: a beard or a goatee, a big thick stature, a furry chest and rounded belly. I know, it’s a weird fantasy for a teenager to be having.

In my junior year of high school my father retired to Colorado Springs. My grandfather had gone to the Air Force Academy, and had instilled in my father a love of Colorado. I didn’t really feel one way or the other about moving there, but to my surprise I made friends easily, got on the baseball team, and was having a blast.

When the time came to pick a college, I decided on Colorado State University, mostly since that’s where most of my friends had decided to go. Once up at college, it was impossible to ignore the fact that I wasn’t having any real contact with women, and it was even harder for my friends to ignore it. After my first three years of college I was left with a few ex-girlfriends, a hand full of one night stands, and my reputation as ‘one of the guys’ intact.

Then that summer one single instant message online changed all that. I was living up in Fort Collins to take some classes, instead of moving back home to earn some money like I usually did. Since it was the summer, a lot of the student population was off vacationing or at home as well. In other words, I had more time to do things like surf the net and rent video games instead of going out to a parties.

On one Thursday night I was cruising the net, looking for some porn to help pass the time (I found that I was looking for gay porn most of the time). Then my instant messenger popped up with a message from ‘BoulderDad45’, and a flood of memories came back to me.

‘HornyDad45′ was known better to me as Frank. Starting the summer before college, we had began chatting on the net after I sought him out after reading his profile on Yahoo personals. He was 6’, 230 pounds, reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, furry, and had a beard. We talked about everything from sex to how shitty the Denver Nuggets had become. Naturally I had lots of questions about sex, and he wasn’t shy about giving me straight answers. It wasn’t long before our chats turned to cyber sex, and then eventually a plan to meet. But, I also knew that he was married (his profile had said so), and I chickened out at the last minute and basically stopped communicating with him. Looking back it was kind of harsh, but I also remember I was still pretty shy about my looks back then.

I’m 6’2, have sandy brown hair and blue eyes (which I always get compliments on), and a relatively nice smile. But I’ve also been a little bit bigger for most of my life. Not fat, or really even chubby, but a thick frame. I probably would have been chubby or fat if it wasn’t for the sports I kept up with. Once I got to college and matured a little more, I grew comfortable with myself, and even began to like how I looked. But back in high school, I was so critical, I never gave myself a chance to accept myself.

So imagine my surprise when Frank messaged me. We struck up a chat and got caught up, and I was intrigued to find that he was no longer married. Apparently as soon as his daughter finished high school, he came out and got a divorce. The subject naturally came to sex, and he was surprised to hear that I still hadn’t had any sort of encounter with a guy yet. After a few more hours of chatting, he suggested that we meet. I was so damn horny, I immediately accepted without thinking and we Zeytinburnu Escort agreed to meet in Denver for lunch and a movie, and then maybe later a hotel room, if things went in that direction.

So after years of fantasizing, I was finally going to go through with it, I was finally going to begin a new chapter in my life. You can imagine that when I arrived at the restaurant (The Denver Diner, which is excellent by the way), I needed a few minutes to calm down. I looked around the parking lot and spotted Frank’s red Explorer, which he had described to me earlier. Taking one last look at myself in the rear view mirror, I got out of the car and walked into the diner.

Pretty much the second I walked in, Frank and I spotted each other. Suddenly, the air was electric and my mouth went dry. He had stood up to get my attention and time froze as I took him in. His form was beautifully rounded and firm at the same time. His lightly rounded belly looked as solid as muscle. He had a closely trimmed beard (he didn’t have it before, had he grown it for me?), and a nice, white smile. The cherry on top was the fact that he was wearing overalls. For some reason I had always had a fetish for guys in overalls, and the sight of Frank in that moment almost made me pitch a tent in front of the hostess!

I walked over, and not knowing really what to say at first, just shoot his extended hand and gave him a sheepish grin. I was happy to be greeted by a firm handshake and a rich, deep voice (feminine guys drive me up the wall, especially their high pitched voices).

“Well, looks like we both made it this time!” Frank laughed.

“Barely, I almost turned around,” I replied, before quickly adding, “but now I’m really glad I didn’t!”

“Well, how about we order up some chow and get to know each other a little better.”

We both ordered, and began to talk about this and that; basically what we had covered earlier on Instant Messenger. To be honest, I don’t remember tasting much of my food. I didn’t want to leave, but I was still so damn nervous, my mind racing at a hundred miles an hour. Sensing this after the meal, Frank suggested that he’d pick up the check and then we could go take a walk before the movie. A change of scenery sounded like just what I needed, and within a few minutes we were walking down the 16th Street Mall.

The fresh air felt great, and before I knew it we were talking like old buddies. I think that was what threw me off at the beginning; did I treat him like a date or like a friend? With most girls that you’re trying to sleep with, you have to be careful to keep the conversation on what keeps them interested, which most of the time was boring as hell. But with Frank the mood was completely different, in a good way. At first I just didn’t know how to handle it completely.

Once at the movie theater, we bought tickets to some cheesy looking horror flick. “At the very least, I’ll be something to laugh at,” Frank said.

We sat in the last row, and it seemed the movie’s bad review had been enough to keep the theater relatively empty. I think the only reason we had both so readily agreed to see this movie is because a horror movie is a good way to get close to your date. I wasn’t really sure if I should snuggle up to Frank or what. With a girl it’s easy to take her hand or drape your arm around her. But Frank was obviously no girl. So I simply put my arms on the arm rests and decided to leave it up to him.

During the previews, Frank put his hand on top of mine and leaned into say something. I kind of jumped when our hands made contact, and Frank paused before saying,

“I can’t help but notice you seem pretty nervous. Look, there’s no pressure to do anything today that you don’t want to do. Relax a little”

“Sorry Frank,” I replied. “this whole thing is still pretty new to me. I am nervous, but I’m also having a good time. You’re a great guy.” God, that sounded cheesy, I thought. Frank just smiled and turned back to the movie, leaving his hand on top of mine. I turned my hand over, and we laced fingers.

The movie started and I got distracted for a little bit until the bad dialogue broke my attention. I looked over at Frank, and saw that he was already looking at me. At first I looked away quickly, but then I felt him give my hand a little squeeze. I looked back and managed to hold it this time. Frank smiled softly and began to move in for a kiss. Before I could panic or think about how I was about to kiss a man for the first time, his lips touched mine.

It was electric. We started off slowly, moving our lips over each others, turning our heads this way and that way. Then I was lost, and I opened my mouth to his, feeling his tongue slide in. I accepted it with mine, savoring it before more urgently sucking on it. Before I knew it, we were grinding out mouths against each others, lost in the most sensuous kiss I had ever had.

A horrifying scream Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan from the movie broke us apart suddenly, and we both laughed before giving one more soft kiss and returning to the movie. It felt as if a two ton weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I had taken the first step, and it was amazing. I made a decision right then and there in my mind and leaned in to Frank to whisper,

“Hey, instead of getting a hotel room, lets head up to my place for the evening.”

Frank paused for a moment. “That sounds great. I’d invite you to my place, but my daughter is off from college and is staying with me for a week before going to see her mother. I think it would be kind of weird if I brought home a lover who was my own age”. My stomach jumped when he said ‘lover’, and I leaned in a kissed him again.

After the movie we walked back to our cars and I began the drive back to Fort Collins with Frank following behind me. At first I had decided that there was no way I was going to invite him up to my place. If the guy turned out to be obsessed, the last thing I wanted was him stopping by when some of my friends were there. But now I didn’t care. Plus, Frank seemed to be a good guy.

Before we got to my house Frank called my cell. “I’m going to stop at the store here real quick to get some supplies.” I smiled and imagined what he might be buying. I parked next to him and watched him run in real quick. He returned in a few minutes with a brown bag under his arm. He came to my window. “I thought I’d grab a six pack and another cheesy movie for us to ignore.”

I laughed and started my engine, and we were off again, arriving at my place a few minutes later. I live in a small apartment close to the university, and I somehow got a nice view of the mountains, too. Since it was pretty deserted I didn’t worry too much about thinking of a cover story if we ran into someone I knew on the way up the stairs.

“If anyone asks, you’re my uncle.” I said.

Frank laughed, “And I’m here visiting you from Ohio.”

“You’re better at this than I am.” I got to my door, let Frank in first, and followed him in, closing the door behind me. I locked it, saying “People here tend to just walk in without knocking.” My drapes were shut, so I didn’t hesitate to walk up to Frank and slip my arms around him, asking what he wanted to do first.

“How about we pop in this movie for a little bit and have a beer.”

“Sounds good, ” I said. As I set up everything Frank opened up a couple beers before stretching out on the couch, stretching loudly and dramatically. I laughed.


“Almost. Why don’t you stretch out next to me here? It’ll be easier to make out.”

I studied him for a second, from his smiling face to his plump crotch, which I had not really noticed yet. I hit play on the movie and went over and lay down next to him. Our mouths met urgently, our tongues battling like swords. He slowly moved on top of me, which I loved. I loved the feeling of someone else being in control. As our kisses got into a deeper and deeper rhythm, we began to grind our cocks together in sync. I moved my hands over his back, sliding them under his overalls and down to his ass, pulling him in tighter against me. Then my hands were on his face, feeling his soft beard (I thought it would be scratchier, but for some reason it was soft as silk). He pushed my arms above my head, lacing his fingers in my and pinning them down. He took his tongue from my mouth and trailed it down my chin, and began to suck and nibble on my neck. I’ve never been one to really yell or moan during sex, but this man was making me want to scream at the top of my lungs already.

“Bedroom!” I managed to get out in between moans. We both got up and ran to my room, slamming the door behind me. Frank immediately pressed me against the wall, kissing me again urgently.

“Hands up!” he said. I did as instructed and he pulled my shirt over my head. Then he unbuckled my belt and undid my pants, pushing them down. I was left only in my boxers, my hard, throbbing cocking pressed to the side. I had been trying to undo his overall straps, but had only succeed with one. He was kissing my neck and pressing against me, so I was having trouble with the second. He grabbed one of my legs and circled it around his waste, grinding against me so deeply, I was going up on my toes on the other foot. He took my other leg after a minute, and I circled both around his waste. Breaking the kiss and looking deep into my eyes, he carried me over to the bed, laying me down gently. Then he stepped back, undoing the other strap on his overalls, peeling them down to his waist and then pushing them off. He quickly pulled off his shirt and was left in his briefs, the outline of his fat cock straining against the thin material. He had told me he was big, but when he took off his underwear, the reality of what he said hit me. His cock pointed up towards Escort Zeytinburnu the ceiling, sitting snugly against his belly. It was thick from the base to the tip, with a fat mushroom head. It had a couple thick veins running across it, and it was a creamy-tannish color until the head, when it turned red/purple. He walked back to the bed, his cock bobbing lightly.

“Legs up!”

I did as he instructed and he pulled my boxers off, freeing my aching cock. My cock was definitely smaller than his, but still above average at around 7 inches. Before I had more time to compare, he crawled on top of me, laying his naked body on top of my. His furry chest scratched mine, his furry belly rubbing mine. And his cock…hot, throbbing, mashed against mine. I open my mouth, moaning loudly, and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue in. I sucked on it urgently, feeling my cock swell up more and more.

“Oh God, Frank! I don’t think I’m going to last much longer!”

“That’s ok…you will next time.”

With that I began to shoot the biggest load I had ever shot before. Our stomachs and cocks were coated in hot, sticky semen, which just lubricated our grinding, making it feel even more heavenly.

“I’m not far behind you,” Frank breathed in my ear, and with that I felt his huge member begin to convulse against my stomach, shooting up between our chests. Franks moans were getting louder and louder, and it took me a minute to realize that they were also my own. Slowing down after a minute, Frank grinned that beautiful smile of his and slowly kissed me, looking me in the eyes.

“That’s a good start!”

I laughed and rubbed his back. “You want a beer? Now I’m definitely thirsty enough for one.” Frank got up, his fur matted down with our sticky love juice. “I’ll grab them, and a towel too!” He returned after a minute with a couple beers, a towel, and the brown bag. He wiped himself off quickly before tossing me the towel. As I wiped myself off he popped the beers open, handed me one, and then grabbed the bag. He reached in a pulled out a box of condoms and a bottle of astroglide, tossing both on the end of the bed. “In case we need them,” he said.

He crawled next to me and we practically chugged our beers, not saying much. After a minute he took his bottle and mine, and set them on the night table. Then he crawled down towards my feet, laying on his side. Suddenly, I realized his cock was inches from my face, and I turned on my side as well, getting more comfortable. Frank was busy kissing up my thighs, lightly nibbling on my balls, and then kissing my rapidly hardening cock.

I took his cock by the base, and it responded almost immediately, thickening and growing. It was funny; holding his cock in my hand felt like the most natural thing in the world. I began to pump my fist slowly up and down, and leaned in to smell his manhood. His musk was hypnotizing, and I leaned in to take my first cock in my mouth, but before I could Frank sucked mine in. God, it was amazing. He took my cock in all the way to the base, his throat muscles massaging it all the way. It looked sexy, it felt sexy…even the slurping noises were sexy! I realized that I was on the verge of cumming again, so I returned my attention to his cock to take my mind off of it. His soft, spongy head was like silk, and I found the more of his cock I took in my mouth, the more I wanted. I’d never had a bad gag reflex, and after a few minutes I found that I was able to take most of his cock in. I would go down as far as I could on it, and then trail the tip of my tongue back and forth and suck hard and I pulled up again, swirling my tongue around the ridges of the head before going back down.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this?” Frank asked after a minute.

“I guess it comes naturally,” I panted before taking his balls in my mouth. I thought I was going to be able to keep myself from cumming right away until his finger found my hole. Before I had left to meet him, I’d cleaned myself thoroughly inside and out, and had even shaved my hole a bit so he wouldn’t have any unpleasant surprises. I felt a second later a cold sensation as he began to spread the cool jelly in circles, pushing in harder until his finger slipped in. That did it. He had been sucking on my cock at the same time, and grunted a bit in surprised as I exploded in his mouth. Instead of pulling off, he sucked harder, extracting every drop from my cock. He pulled off and looked at me, smiling.

“Man, you’ve been aching for this!”

“You’re telling me,” I laughed. “I think I could get used to this.”

His finger returned to my hole, and before long he had slipped in two. I had returned to sucking his pulsing member for all I was worth. Before long he interrupted me.

“Think you can get me ready?” he asked, handing me a condom and the lube.

“My pleasure.” My hands were shaking a little as I opened the package carefully. I pinched the tip of the condom, rolling it down slowly over his fat cock. Then I squirted some jelly in my hand and began to smear it liberally over his cock, pumping my fist up and down on it. “All set,” I announced after a minute. He got up and turned to the front of the bed again, propping some pillows on the head board and lying back on them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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