Fun at Park

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We spent the day with my girlfriend. We ate dinner, we went to a pub, we kissed a little, classic date plan. Finally, we headed to home. There is a park close to my house. It was midnight, so we decided to spend a little time there and have some fun. She was wearing a mini skirt and a strapless blouse. My home was close to there, but we both loved to do some kinky stuff at fresh air.

So, we found a secluded place and started to kiss. After some kisses, she put my hand under her blouse. I removed her bra under her blouse and started to play with her boobs. A few minutes later I removed her panty as well and started to finger her. Then she told me that someone is passing through. So, we stopped and waited him to leave.

As soon as he walks away, I pulled her strapless and revealed her boobs. she climbed on my lap, and I continued kiss her lips and play with her boobs. That place was not very secluded apparently, because a few minutes later another guy walked through. The guy was pretty silent, and since she was facing towards çorum escort me, she couldn’t realize him. As someone who likes her to show herself, I seized the opportunity and pulled her strapless even more, so her back was mostly visible to him and what we were doing was pretty obvious. She realized him when he was moving away. Asked me why I didn’t warn her. I said it was hot. She said warn me next time, we can do it even hotter.

Some more kissing and touching, then our next guest arrived. This time a couple was approaching. Probably they were looking for a secluded place as well. I warned her about them. As if she doesn’t know about them, she lowered her blouse and lifted her skirt all the way down to her waist and leaned back to show some tits to them. Her back and boobs were completely exposed to them, as well as her ass. Her skirt and blouse were gathered on her belly and they weren’t covering anything meaningful. Both of them were clearly interested with the view. They walked very slow and denizli escort watched us carelessly.

Eventually they left us alone. Then she told me to fuck her. I unzip my pants. She sucked a little but it was very hard anyway. She lost no time and put it in her pussy. I started to fuck her on my lap, while her boobs were in front of my face. She was trying to be quiet, but I had to help her to kept silence, I covered her mouth with my hand. Then our lucky guest arrived. I told her about him, she just kept jumping on my dick. He saw us, walked a few meters and sit there. He was totally watching us with no effort to act otherwise. A few minutes later I cum. We kissed and hugged for a few minutes. Then she gets up from my lap, sit next to me and covered her body. But she acted so sloppy, most of her body was still visible for both of us.

A few minutes later she told me if I want to call him. It wasn’t something I was expected, I mean, exposing her was something, but calling him could cause diyarbakır escort some uncertain results. I was about to object, but she didn’t even wait for my answer.


-Uh, well hello

-I guess you enjoyed the show

This surprised the guy as much as me. None of us was expecting such careless behavior. But he came round quickly.

-Sure, it was one hell of a show. I wish I could have that kind of a fun too.

That bastard did not only react quick, he also went a step forward. Now probably my girlfriend wasn’t expecting this. Now it was her turn to be puzzled. She paused for a second. Then she said

– Come here, we might arrange something.

Another shock to me. But there was still something to surprise, I couldn’t believe how fast did he came by us. She reached to her boobs immediately. But she stopped him. No touch, she said. Then she reached to his cock. Started to rub it. A few seconds later she unzipped her pants. I thought that she was going to give him a hand job. But she didn’t stop with hands, start to lick him. She turned back to me and said I want your cock inside me. That sight made my cock hard already, so I pull my cock out, she took a doggy position, kept sucking him while my cock was inside her.

But of us cum real fast. I cum inside her, he cum on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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