Fun For Two

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Double Penetration

As I lay in your arms a thought crosses my mind. I sit up and smile at you then give you a quick kiss and jump up and leave the room. You follow me with your eyes, watching every movement of my body, the smoothness of my back, my tight round ass and my firm, muscular thighs. You start to wonder what I am up to and get cold alone in the bed. You hear my return and I enter with a small section of rope.

You look at me inquisitively. I flash a quick playful smile as I move up your body slowly. I give your lips a gentle kiss letting it linger and pull back, your body moving with me to get more. As you sit up I move around behind your back and gently kiss your shoulders. I take your arms and pull them gently behind your back. Tightly I tie your hands together with the rope. I kiss your shoulders again, my body close to yours, you feel my hard nipples against your back.

Then I move out from behind you and gently push you back down on the bed. I sit over you staring down and smiling. I lay my body next to yours, my breasts and chin resting on your chest. Slowly I run my fingertips over your stomach and your upper thigh. I reach up and kiss sadakat izle you gently. I move my leg across your body and move my self up so I am laying on top of you. I look down at you and kiss you gently then run my tongue down your neck. My hands run over your chest, your stomach and down lower. I smile again then slide myself up your body so that I am sitting on your lower stomach. A leg falls down either side of you so that they are spread wide. As I smile at you I gently start to massage my breasts.

My hands caress them, slowly circling them round and round until I reach my nipples and I play with them gently. My nipples hard, I flick them, gently teasing them. I lean down and kiss you gently again. Then sit back up and put my finger to my lips, lick it before sliding it across my chin and down my neck. I trace my finger over my breasts and across the flat horizon of my stomach. I reach my belly button which I circle and stop just underneath it. Gently I push my finger down further so that it rests on top of my pussy. You watch me, your eyes growing larger as I slowly push a finger in.

I gently massage myself, sadece arkadaşız izle my finger covered in my wetness. I move my finger further in while my other hand continues to caress my breast. I close my eyes as I slip a second finger in. My fingers work deeper, rubbing against my clit and I smile down at you. You’re desperate to touch me, not able to resist the site of me touching myself but the rope stops you from getting to me.

My breathing gets heavier as I get more excited. My hips rock against your body, my fingers going deeper. I moan gently as I keep touching myself deeper and deeper. You beg for me to let you touch me but I shake my head as I push a third finger in. I work my fingers deeper, moaning with each movement. Pushing them in and out of me, my hips rocking against you. You feel every movement of my hands against your lower stomach and you groan as I start to move my fingers faster.

Harder I push my fingers in me, moaning as the excitement runs through my body. I open my eyes and stare at you desperate to touch me, trying to pull your hands out of the tight rope but with no success. şahmaran izle Harder I work my fingers, rubbing deep inside me as I moan louder and louder. My fingers move inside me, as you feel the movements on your stomach. I gasp as I start to cum and you groan wanting to touch me, your hardness distracting me for a second. I moan loudly as my cum flows over my fingers, exciting you even more.

My fingers are covered in cum and it flows out onto your stomach leaving a small puddle. I smile and slip my fingers out leaning them against your stomach. I slowly run a line up your body with my fingers, from your stomach up across your chest. Following the line of your neck and lightly across your chin to your lips. Gently I place my fingers in your mouth and your tongue flicks over them, licking the cum off lightly. You smile at me and I lean over to kiss you.

My lips rest against yours then slowly I slip my tongue out. I leave your lips behind as I run my tongue down your chin, tracing the line of cum left by my finger. My tongue zooms down your neck and rolls across your chest to your stomach. I reach the cum that flowed onto your stomach and slowly lick it off you.

I lick until it is all gone and then I gently kiss your stomach. I move my body back up you and kiss your lips gently. I reach behind your back and undo the rope. You stare at me a huge smile on your face and I kiss you again and lay back in your arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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