Fun With Chris Ch. 2

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Big Tits

Chris agreed to join Jake and Al, two friends from college, for a private party at Al’s house on Friday night when Al’s girlfriend would be out of town. Chris has fucked both men separately but never together, and she is wet with anticipation as she prepares herself for the evening of fun. She puts on a white lace bra under a sheer white blouse, a black velvet mini, a white thong, and black platform sandals, which make her long, tanned legs look even longer.

She drives to Jake’s apartment to pick him up. He is a tall, blond man with a spectacular seven inch cock which is thick and relentless. Jake grins when he sees Chris’ provocative pose in her car, and he gives her a quick kiss and fondles her reddened nipples which are very prominent under the white sheerness of the lace bra and blouse. He opens the case resting on his lap and pulls out a red five inch vibrator which he turns on and runs along Chris’ twat under its white thong. Chris slides down in her seat, spreads apart her legs and pulls the thong aside while Jake inserts the vibrator inside Chris’ cunt. He licks his wet fingers after he is finished and then massages her clit until she cums in the car that is parked in the apartment parking lot where anyone can see what they’re doing. He leans over and kisses her, sucking on her hot tongue and caresses her tits. “Jake, you’re too good to me. I’m cumming again, and I need your cock inside me.” Her body trembles as the orgasm rushes through her body, drenching her thong.

“Soon, Chris. Start the car and let’s get to Al’s so he can join in the fun.” Jake pinches her nipple, sending shock waves through her while the vibrator works inside her pussy.

“Okay, but the fucking better be hot!” Chris smiles and licks her full lips and drives away.

As the garage door closes behind Chris’ car, Al walks out to greet Chris. Al is swarthy and dark, with long black hair pulled back in a pony tail. He has a mustache and a goatee which gives him a sexy, menacing look. His nice chest is bare except for its dark hair. He’s wearing a loose pair of black pants, and his erection is evident when he sees what Chris has been doing. Chris loves to fuck Al’s nine inch dick. It isn’t as thick as Jake’s but has given her much pleasure. Al opens Chris’ car door and assists her from the car. He hands the bowl he’s carrying to Bayan Escort Gaziantep Jake.

“Chris baby, you look hotter and sexier than ever! How are you this evening?” Al smiles as he speaks. Al hugs her and slides his hand between her legs only to find the vibrator. “What do you have inside that pretty pussy tonight?” His mouth covers her mouth as his tongue entices every nerve in her mouth.

He picks up Chris and lays her back on the hood of her car and spreads her legs so that her rosy, engorged pussy gleams. Jake joins him, and each man holds one of her legs while Al fingers her clit and Jake pulls out the vibrator, and in its place inserts two pieces of ice into her hot pussy. She moans as her juices and the cold water drip from her pussy while Jake finger fucks her ass and Al sucks her clit, bringing her to a volatile orgasm.

“Oh, my God! Please fuck me in my cunt now! Please do it!” Chris moans out loud. Both men continue their actions until she cums again. “Ahhh! I can’t stand it, please fuck me now!” Chris pleads.

Finally, Jake unzips his jeans and takes out his thick cock and inserts it slowly into Chris’ pussy. She cums as he enters her. Once all of his dick is inside her, he begins pumping away hard and deep. She wraps her legs around him, and he lifts her off the car, holding her close while he fucks her hard. He pauses a moment as Al rubs her ass and inserts a piece of ice into it and massages it with his finger until Chris comes hard again on Jake’s cock, grinding against him and groaning. In moments, Jake explodes inside her, and he cries out, “I’m fucking cumming!” Chris continues grinding on his cock until it goes limp, and Jake sets her on the car with her legs apart and cum and juice dripping out on her beemer.

Al stands between her legs and covers her mouth with his, licking her lips and doing wicked things with his tongue, while he unbuttons and removes her blouse and bra. He massages her tits and sucks and bites her nipples until Chris aches and begins stroking his erection. He pushes her back on the car and eats out her pussy while finger fucking her ass. Chris makes so much noise, Al tells Jake to kiss her to muffle her cries of pleasure.

Before she cums again, Al picks her up and carries her into his house. He sits on a chair and stands Chris up before him and pulls off her skirt and drenched thong. Her pussy is swollen, and her clit is erect. “Jake, look at Chris’ little dick!” All three laugh, and Chris pulls apart her pussy lips to show off her erection. Al bends down and sucks it once, eliciting a gasp from Chris.

“You two have got to fuck me soon. I want to be fucked by you two men at the same time! Chris speaks as she caresses her breasts and slides her fingers in and out of her wet pussy and laughs at their expressions.

Both men strip and are ready to accommodate her, and Al takes them to his bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Al pulls Chris onto his lap so that she is straddling him, and he slowly fills up her pussy with his cock as he sucks and kisses her tits. “God, Chris, you feel so damn tight and good!” Then he holds onto her and he lies back while Jake massages her ass and enters her, slowly pushing into Chris’ ass, causing her to gasp and whimper for a moment before both men begin fucking her to oblivion. She has never been this full, and it’s one of the most erotic experiences of her life. As her tits are caressed and sucked, she feels like she’ll pass out from sheer pleasure. Her body spasms around Al’s cock and throbs on Jake’s , and it isn’t long until all three cum, crying out in their shattering orgasms.

As they disentangle themselves, Al leads them to his hot tub where the three nude and horny friends drink champagne and soak while their bodies relax in the warm luxurious water. Chris loves to look at the handsome male bodies of her friends almost as much as she likes to be watched by them. Her tits are floating in front of her male lovers, and Al lifts one from the water and swirls his tongue all over it, and Chris feels her juices flow again. Al slides his hand under her and inserts his fingers into her moist, warm cunt. Jake lifts the cold bottle of champagne and pours some of the cold bubbly on her tits. She gasps as her nipples get even harder and longer.

“Hey, guys, I’ve got a wonderful idea! Are you game?”

Both men nod enthusiastically. Chris slowly rises from the water and steps out of the tub, giving both men a full view of her wet pussy as she smiles and winks at them. She lies down on the soft plush rug and raises her hips and legs, resting her weight on her elbows and upper arms, and her pussy is wide open to the sky.

“Now, Al, come here and put the opened champagne bottle into my cunt, and let the champagne pour into me. Then I want you to fuck me with the bottle – and then — you and Jake get to drink from my pussy.”

Both men are hard and erect by then, and they kneel on each side of Chris, and Jake kisses her, entwining his tongue around hers and she sucks hard on his tongue, nearly making him cum. Al sucks her nipples and tongue fucks her pussy before he begins pushing the opened champagne bottle into her cunt where the bubbly liquid begins filling her up.

“Ohhh! That feels so fucking good. The bubbles are teasing me sinfully.” Her eyes are closed and she is caressing herself.

Al twists and pushes the bottle as far as it will go in her, and he begins moving the bottle in and out of her inundated pussy.

Chris writhes in delight and cries out, “Oh the bottle is so cold and hard – feels great! So much pressure — I’m cumming hard!” Her body grinds against the bottle and shakes as the spasms throb within her. “Oh, my God! This is too good not to be shared!”

Al slowly fucks her with the bottle, and Jake sucks on her tits. “Jake, get those straws over there.” Jake does as Al instructs while Al removes the empty bottle from Chris’ pussy.

“Yes, I want you two to suck my cunt dry. Get to work!” she says and laughs.

Both men insert the soft, pliable straws into Chris’ pussy and begin to suck up the special champagne. Al moves his straw onto her clit and blows and sucks it with his straw. Chris groans and her body trembles with another orgasm.

“Oh, shit, Al, I’d pay you to do that again!”

He does it again, and then Jake does it. Both men relentlessly suck her juices and her clit, bringing Chris to multiple orgasms. Finally, she collapses onto the rug where the remainder of the champagne is sucked out of her by Jake’s mouth has locked onto her pussy and clit. She blissfully cums and grinds her pussy into Jake’s mouth, and he sucks and tongue fucks her until she almost passes out. Jake cums on her legs and collapses beside her. Al plunges his long cock into her cunt, and she grinds on it, taking all of his luscious cock deep inside her, and she rubs his balls which are slapping her ass. Both she and Al cum together, and Jake tenderly kisses her, as he caresses her sensitive tits. Afterward, the three fall asleep on the rug, exhausted from their fun.

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