Futa Queen

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“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Emily could only think about how fucked up her situation was right now. And all because she thought that one of the hottest chicks in her senior year had wanted to bang. Emily wasn’t an ugly girl, far from it in fact. What she was lacking was confidence as a closeted lesbian. Short in stature and kind of boyish in physique she tended to avoid a fair amount of attention from boys since, well, she didn’t actually ‘like’ boys. So everyone started avoiding her. Thought to be a prissy bitch because she wouldn’t put out like half of the other girls in school, rumors began to mill about and her list of friends dropped to basically nothing.

Then along came Brooke.

Brooke was the stereotype of stereotypes, tall for high school senior, luscious chestnut hair that flowed like a river down her back, a figure that models would probably kill for, oh, and she was also the cheerleading captain. Needless to say, Brooke was the focus of an immense number of masturbation sessions for boys and girls alike, Emily herself included.

So when Brooke started talking to Emily one day, it was a little confusing. They started hanging out and doing whatever, it was honestly some of the best times Emily had had in high school. Then Brooke started hinting at some interest, making some light-hearted comments here and there. Eventually Emily admitted to her that she was interested in girls.

Brooke surprised her when she said she already knew. Well, she suspected she did and it was one of the reasons she began to hang out with Emily. Because, you see, Brooke said she was interested in experimenting a bit, to see if she liked girls too. It too a little convincing but Emily eventually said she would help out with that, even though she herself had never been with someone else before.

Brooke had lead Emily by the hand up to the cheerleader’s room one afternoon when her parents weren’t home. And Brooke had started taking off Emily’s clothes. It was like a dream come true. Emily was about to bang one of the hottest girls she had ever seen and it was going to be amazing.

And then, a couple of the cheerleaders came out of Brooke’s closet and started snapping pictures of Emily as Brooke got out of the way with an evil grin on her face.

“W-what’s going on!?” Emily cried as she tried to cover herself to no avail.

“Well, here’s the thing dyke, I didn’t totally lie to you. I knew you were a rug muncher and I hung out with you because of it. But why? Because I want you to do something for us, and if you don’t… We tape a fuckton of these photos all over the school and start messaging them as well. Sound good?”

And so here she was, Emily was dressed up like a fucking hentai schoolgirl outside one of the strangely popular burger restaurants around the city, thankfully it was nowhere near where she lived so it wasn’t too likely someone would notice her. You see, this was a very special place.

This was Futa Queen.

A very niche place that served anyone who wished to come along. You didn’t have to pay dime if you didn’t want to. Why though? Because the woman who owned the place was a goddamn trillionare and demanded sex as payment for the food her staff provided.

And all the staff, the owner included, were dickgirls. Women who were born with both sex organs and really, really liked to use the male side of things apparently.

You see, long story short, Brooke and her friends had wanted to try out the food here. Apparently it was really good. But her and her cohort weren’t really interested in taking a girl’s big cock for it. They had made a fuss and were banned from Futa Queen for it, harassing staff members and the like.

So Emily’s job was simple (at least in Brooke’s fucking cruel eyes): Go in, order her and her friends the most gargantuan meals that were offered (remember, it’s the number nine combo she’d said) get fucked, literally for it, and bring it back to them. Super easy according to Brooke since ‘You like girls anyways, what’s a little bit of cock gonna mean to you?’

So here Emily was, walking into what was literally a sex food shop… thing, whatever, and about to get fucked.


Emily jolted from her thoughts when she realized she was the only person at the order counter, “Yes?” she asked timidly. She stared at the girl whose nametag read ‘Melanie’.

“I need to see your ID before you order Miss. No minors allowed, I just have to make sure.” The beautiful woman, (dickgirl?) behind the counter asked. Holding out her driver’s license she waited, not able to take her eyes off the beauty until the woman smiled and passed it back, “Alright then, now, what can I get for you today, Hun?” the woman said in a flirty voice.

“U-um, the n-number nine combo. Three of them please. A-and super-sized please.” Emily cringed a bit as she stuttered out the order. And the look the woman was giving her was unreadable all of the sudden.

“Three of them, Miss?” she asked quietly.


“Hun, what’s your name?”

Weird question, “Um, Emily.”

“Do you even know what elazığ escort a Number Nine combo is?” she asked kind of bluntly.

“N-not really, a, um… friend asked me to pick some up for us a little later. That’s all.”

“… I see. Well, to get a Number Nine you need to speak with the Boss first, alright?” She said gently.

“W-why? What’s so special about it?” Emily was dreading that she had made horrible mistake.

“Don’t worry, Hun, you’re not in trouble. It’s just a special order and is handled by the Boss personally.” Melanie pressed some hidden button underneath the counter before pointing off to the side, “Her office is down the hall. You take the stairs at the end up and it the door at the end of the hall.”

“T-thanks.” She said as she headed off, not noticing the slightly concerned gaze being sent her way.

“No problem.” Melanie whispered to herself.


Emily stood in front of an imposing door at the top of the end of the hall and up the stairs. Not really sure what to do, she knocked timidly. After hearing an assent to come in she opened the door, gasping at the sight before her.

Sitting behind the desk was what could only be described as an Amazon. Even sitting, Emily could tell she was tall, huge even. Her hair was black like an abyss and her eyes were the most radiant green she had ever seen. She also appeared to be rather young, no older than twenty-five if she had to guess (and that was the high number). On her desk was a name plate that read ‘Diana.’

What made her gasp though was the pretty dickgirl lying on a large bed at the side of the room with the absurdly inflated belly, what could only be cum seemed to be leaking out of her ass passed a butt plug that was trying to contain the flood held within. The dickgirl was caressing her stomach lovingly as she burped a fucking cum bubble.

Emily realized that she was probably going to be ending up like that for a couple of goddamn burgers.

“Hello.” Greeted the silky voice of Diana, an amused look was in her eyes as Emily realized she had been gaping at the human condom on the bed. She blushed terribly at the revelation as she waved to the goddess behind the desk.

“Please, have a seat.” Diana said kindly, gesturing to one of the chairs across from her. Emily sat without complaint.

“So tell me… Emily, yes?” at her nod she continued, “So Emily, I understand that you wanted to order not one, not two, but three Number Nine combos?”

“Y-yes.” Emily said. She jumped as the dickgirl on the bed gasped, whether it was from her confirmation of order or the fact that the butt plug shot out of her ass, painting the floor and bed with a tide cum, Emily wasn’t sure. It was probably the latter though.

Ignoring the woman on the bed, Diana continued, “I’m asking because to even order a Number Nine, you need to sign one these waivers.” Diana pushed the small stack of paper forward for her to see. Emily picked it up and gasped at the writing on the first page. The waiver was a consent to a possible impregnation, as well as becoming what was called a “Cum Tank” if pregnancy doesn’t occur. Both options listed, as she went through the rest of the sheets, came with a list of benefits and rights listed to the one consenting and the holder of the waiver. Protecting both parties form wrongdoing and legalities that ‘ensured the safety of all involved’.

“Were you not at all aware of this when you were asked to ‘order for your friends’?” Diana said with air quotes.

“N-yes. Yes I was, um… where am I supposed to sign?” Emily asked.

Diana frowned at her. “I don’t appreciate lying Emily. Now, please, tell me the truth: Why are you here ordering a meal that would make you either a mother or a sex slave?”

Emily was scared. She was told to get the Number Nine combo, specifically. She realized with a sense of dread that Brooke wanted this to happen. She wanted her to be turned into some sort of breeding cow or a ‘Cum Tank’ whatever that was. Why would Brooke want to do that to her? Because she liked girls?

Emily didn’t realize she was crying until Diana had stood up and came around to wipe her eyes with a handkerchief. Emily didn’t even pay attention to the frighteningly large bulge in Diana’s suit pants.

“I… I didn’t know what I was doing.” Emily admitted.

“I know. So why are you hear Emily?” she asked gently.

“I was blackmailed. I was told to come and order the food or they would send a bunch of pictures of me…” Emily couldn’t finish, she started crying again.

“Who tried to blackmail you, Sweetie?” Diana asked.


“Brooke? Do you mean Brooke Vanderhein?” Diana asked.


Diana had cold look in her eyes. “Oh, that little twat again? I should have fucked her into the next century when she first started trouble here.” Diana sat in the chair beside Emily again kept going, “I have rules here, you see, rules that make sure everyone enjoys the experience. And if you don’t want to follow the rules you don’t get to play. Brooke didn’t want to follow the rules. And elvankent escort what she tried to do to you? I can’t let that stand. So tell Emily… do you want to get even?”

Emily looked up, hopefully, “How?”

Diana grinned like a devil, “First I need you to…” Diana whispered into Emily’s ear for a bit, “… and then I want you to go get Melanie and ask her on a date. That girl has a raging boner for you and I saw you give her a good up and down.”

“W-what? How did you-”

“Security cameras, Sweetie. I was watching the whole time. Now, how about you go get yourself some real good lovin’? I haven’t had the pleasure myself, but, Melanie is apparently a lovely, gentle lover. I’ll take care of Brooke and her little bitch brigade.


“Where the hell is that little dyke?” Brooke said aloud.

“She said she’d be here. I bet she’s stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey and can’t even walk straight. I bet she’s waddling like a fucking penguin.” Giggled Amber.

“Well it would serve the little dyke right, she just isn’t natured.” Lindsay said.

“Bitch, the word is ‘natural’. How the hell are you still in school?” Amber asked.

Before Brooke could tell the two to shut up everything went black.


Brooke groggily came-to. The room she was in wasn’t overly large as far as she could tell, the wall in front of her was pretty close and it had a large flat-screen TV mounted on it at her eye level.

She couldn’t remember what happened at first. First, she was waiting on that sleazy pixie to come and give her that food she’d wanted. A small evil smile came to her lips as she recalled that she was getting that bitch knocked up. Served her right for being so unnatural, girls fuck boys and that’s just how it’s supposed to be. The icing on the cake was she was going to send out those pictures anyways, little Emily deserved what was coming to her.

Brooke’s eyes went wide as she realized that she was restrained. Some sort of stockade that trapped her hands and head, she could feel that she was bent at the hip and with a filling sense of dread feel a light chill across her naked body.

“What the actual fuck!?” Brooke started to struggle, trying to wriggle her way out of the stocks but soon gave up as she was simply too tightly bound.

“Well, well, well, finally woken up, I see.” Came a sultry woman’s voice. Brooke couldn’t turned her head to see them but she knew they were somewhere behind her. She felt completely exposed, knowing that this woman could see her immaculately waxed nether regions.

“What the fuck is going on?” Brooke demanded.

“Oh, I’m so glad you asked Sweet Cheeks,” Brooke gasped as a hand came down on her ass in a firm slap-turned-grope. “You see, you were told you couldn’t go back to Futa Queen because, in layman’s terms, you were a fucking prissy bitch.” Another smack on her ass. “So what do you do? You try and blackmail an innocent young woman into a situation she didn’t want any part of. And on top of that, you thought it would be fun to try and ruin her life.”

The woman walked around in front of her and Brooke recognized her instantly. Diana, the owner a proprietor of Futa Queen. The woman gave her a cold glare as she spoke, “I do not like it when little bitches try and break my rules and fuck around with my would-be customers. I take an immense amount of pride in the fact that I provide a safe and enjoyable establishment where everyone has a choice.” She leaned in close, “You tried to take that away from someone in one of the worst ways possible. And your punishment will be quite the same.”

Terrified, Brooke tried to talk her way out this, “Hey, look, it was just a joke, alright. We weren’t going to do anything bad to Emily, just poke some innocent fun, yeah?”

Diana was not impressed, “You and your friends’ phones with pre-set mass-texts with quite a few unenviable photos says otherwise. And my previous encounter with you would agree. Lie to me again and you’ll live to regret it.” Brooke stayed silent, then, waiting to see what would happen.

“Now, since you seem to be a bit more cooperative, I’ll start explaining what’s happening here. First, I have taken you to one of my more… private estates. No one will be finding you unless I want you found, understand?”

Brooke nodded in terror.

“Second, you are here for your punishment. You took away someone’s freewill. I will be doing the same to you. How severe the consequences are, are up to chance.”

Brooke couldn’t stay silent, “Chance?”

“Chance, that’s right. Just like your friends, I left their fate to chance as well.’

Brooke gasped, “What did you do to Lindsay and Amber?”

“Me? I didn’t do anything… my staff are a different story, though…” Diana pulled a small remote from her pocket and clicked it toward the TV, Brooke gasped once again at the sight before her.

On the screen were two video feeds side-by-side, one of Amber and Lindsay respectively. The video was show both of them in a similar stock as her being spit roasted by a pair of eryaman escort dickgirls each, both Amber and Lindsay were taking huge cocks up their ass and in their mouths. And from the way both of their stomachs bulged and sagged, it looked like it had been going on for quite some time already.

Brooke watched on like it was a train wreck, it was a horrific sight but she couldn’t turn away. The women tag teaming Amber started grunting and picked up their already furious pace for a dozen or so thrusts before sheathing themselves balls deep in the poor girl as they came. Amber’s stomach swelled even more than it already had, looking as if she were about to give birth to twins. The dickgirls sighed in relief as they slowly backed out of Amber with a sickening squelch.

Just as the pair was about to pop out of Amber, another pair of dickgirls with cocks just as large waltzed over and quickly took the previous pairs’ place, working themselves into a slow rhythm. The pair in Lindsay were getting ready to blow their loads when Diana turned off the feed.

“I decided that they would share the same punishment to make things simple, since they were following you. They are going to be set up as Cum Tanks for Futa Queen for the foreseeable future. I think they’re already starting to enjoy it if I’m being honest.” Diana shrugged minutely.

“What are you going to do to me?” Brooke whispered.

Diana hummed in thought, “I don’t know. I told you, it’s all going to be up to chance.” Diana then walked out of Brooke’s sight for a moment to bring out a wheel on a stand. It was exactly like what you would see in ‘Wheel of Fortune’ or something like that, except for the options that were listed.

There was only four options: Impregnation, Cum Tank, Anal Queen, and… Personal Toilet.

“What the fuck?” was all that Brooke could say.

“Oh, don’t be like that, your friends had the same options. As you could probably tell, they got to be Cum Tanks. What they were doing was a bit of… training for their new position. They’ll be working at the restaurant, keeping a nice supply of cum ready for use. Day in, and day out. Very important work, really.” Diana grinned, the bulge in her pants growing ominously. “Now, how about we spin the wheel and see where you fit in the pegging order?” Without looking away, Diana grabbed the wheel and spun it hard.

Brooke watched on as the different options spun and spun, tacking away at a needle at the top. The wheel slowly begun its way to stopping and began inching slowly past Impregnation… then Cum Tank… Then Anal Queen… Stopping just before hitting Personal Toilet.

Diana tsked as she finally stared at the wheel. “Damn, I was actually kinda hoping for Personal Toilet. I drank a lot of water and dietary tea before heading over.” Diana grinned maliciously anyways, “Still, Anal Queen is great too. I get to have you all…” She unbuttoned her pants, “to…” then drew the zipper down, “my…” she dropped her pants, exposing the massive bulge in her boy shorts. “Self.” Diana finally pulled the massive cock from her underwear.

Brooke looked on in horror at the monster cock in front of her face. It was utterly gigantic, it had to be almost a foot long and nearly as thick as a soda can. “Please…” Brooke pleaded.

“You never gave Emily a real choice either.” Diana said, unapologetic, “Maybe you’ll learn something from this.” Diana walked slowly behind Brooke again, trailing her hand along the teen’s spine up the curve of her ass and very gently prodding her backdoor. Brooke whimpered a bit, then Diana made some light shushing noises.

“Don’t be afraid Sweet Cheeks. I’m not going to fuck you dry. I’m not that cruel. I’ll make sure you are nice and ready for me. It’s still gonna hurt a bit, but, you kind of deserve it.” Then out of nowhere a ball-gag was thrust into Brooke’s mouth and fastened tightly. “I don’t want you screaming bloody murder the whole time. But I still want to hear you moan.”

“Oh my god, just look at that ass.” Diana complimented as she began to tenderly massage Brooke’s butt cheeks, Brooke didn’t want to admit that it actually felt really good. If the situation were different she would probably be moaning for more. Then the TV came to life again and Brooke could see a top-down view of a perky girl’s ass being groped, realizing it was herself, she started shifting uncomfortably.

“Oh don’t be coy, I can tell that you are enjoying this at least a little bit. I’ll have you screaming for more by the time I’m done with you.” Diana promised, lifting her steadily growing erection up and dropping between Brooke’s ass cheeks with a meaty thump.

“I’m special, you know. I have probably the biggest cock out of all of my dickgirls… I also cum more than anyone else can. I’ll make you look like your friends in just one load. Maybe two. I promise.”

Brooke was forced to listen, as well as watch as Diana grabbed a large bottle of lube from somewhere behind herself and liberally coated her cock and right hand, stroking her turgid member with her hips pressed against her butt, showing just how big that cock really was. “This is all going inside this perfect ass today. I’m really going to enjoy this.” Diana moved her dick out of the way so Brooke’s butthole came into view, then she began to circle it with a couple of fingers, pressing firmly on the tight pucker every few passes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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