Gabi and Molly

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For Women

I want to thank my editor drbob80 and my brother leftyloo. I lean on them to tell me what I’m doing wrong. This story is a little different than others that I have written and the end may not be satisfying to everyone.

Thanks for reading.

My phone rang. I felt a sense of dread before I even looked at the caller ID. The feeling was justified, because it was her; Gabi. As soon as I knew who was calling my heart rate felt like it doubled. I looked around guiltily, as if my husband Drew saw that Gabi was on the phone, he’d know what we had been doing. I stared at it until it stopped ringing. I so wanted to answer it, but I was terrified. I was terrified because I knew what she wanted and it scared me that I wanted it too. No, wanted was the wrong word, needed was the right one. The phone sat silent for a minute and then it started ringing again.

Drew shouted from the living room, “Who is it, Mol?”

I answered, “It’s just Gabi; my hands were full.”

He answered, “Oh, okay,” just as I picked up.

“H-hello?” I stammered.

She laughed, a full hearty laugh, I loved that laugh but hated it, too. I hated it because it made me tingle, tingle in a place where I shouldn’t be tingling. “Drew’s there, isn’t he?

“Mm-hm.” I answered as noncommittally as possible.

She laughed again…this time though there was an evil edge to it. “Good!”

“Wh-why g-g-good?” I stammered, again. Dammit, I hated that her voice got me so worked up that I stammered.

She dropped her voice to a whisper. She didn’t need to whisper, he couldn’t hear her. “Because, L’il Bit, I’m gonna fuck you in that hot little pussy and then I’m gonna fuck you in that tight little ass while he’s downstairs watching fucking football. That’s why it’s good!”

“Ohhhh gawwwddd,” I moaned, trying to whisper. “P-p-please n-n-no, not while he’s h-h-here.”

“Oh yes, L’il Bit,” she rasped, “I’m gonna eat your pussy and then I’m gonna fuck it. Then when you think you can’t take any more I’m gonna eat your ass and then I’m gonna fuck it, too. I’m gonna do all those things and if you want to save your marriage, you’ll have to keep quiet.” She paused just long enough that I thought she was done and as I started to talk, she laughed and said, “We both know you can’t keep quiet with my big dick deeper in your pussy than Drew’s ever has been.”

“Ohhhh gawwwddd,” I moaned again.

I hated that my pussy was flooding in anticipation of what she was going to do to me. But, I knew she was right, I was going to let her come over and do whatever she wanted to me. The thing is; I’m not a lesbian; I am not attracted to other women, but Gabi, Oh. My. God…she, she makes me completely lose my mind. Gabi is tall, very tall with dark hair and a nearly perfect butt. She’s slim with small breasts that are a perfect handful for my tiny hands. I love how firm they are when I squeeze them. Her nipples are huge on her breasts and so sensitive. They burst to full erection from just a touch of my tongue. Umm, I’m sorry; I get distracted thinking about her.

“Here’s what you’re gonna do now, L’il Bit.” She said softly. “You’re gonna make some kind of excuse to Drew, I don’t care what you tell him,” she stopped and laughed, “actually, you should tell him what you’re doing, it’ll turn him on.”

“No!” I nearly shrieked.

Drew turned around, “What’s wrong babe?”

“N-nothing,” I shakily replied, “Gabi told me that Jane and Gil are getting divorced.”

“Ahh,” Drew mumbled, not really caring.

Gabi laughed again, “Nice save,” then she continued as though nothing had happened, “and then you’re gonna go up to take a shower. First, you’ll use the douche and then you’ll take the enema that I bought you and use it in the shower. Twice, because I want your ass to taste more like honey than it already does.” Gabi hung up without another word, like she always did.

I stood there for a minute, holding the phone to my ear. I couldn’t move and I didn’t make a sound, but Drew turned around and looked at me.

“Mol?” Drew looked at me and asked questioningly. “What are you doing?”

I hung up the phone guiltily, as though Drew knew what Gabi had said to me. “N-nothing. Gabi is coming over and I was trying to decide if I am going to take a shower.”

“Hmmph,” he grumped, “okay.” He stared at me a minute before turning back to his football game.

I stood there thinking about what I was going to tell Drew before I said, “I guess I’m gonna take that shower. When she gets here, we’re going up to the spare room and sort through some of those boxes. I guess Gabi wants that bread recipe of my mom’s and I don’t remember where I put it.”

He didn’t say anything, so I walked away. I finally heard him as I got to the stairs, “Ok, have fun.” So, I knew he hadn’t heard a word I had said.

My heart was pounding as I climbed the stairs. I went into our bedroom and rooted around in the back of my closet and found the shopping bag with the enema hd porno kit that Gabi had given me.

I hadn’t looked in the bag before, simply because I was too shocked when she had handed me the bag and told me what was in it. I scurried home with it and threw it in the back of my closet, hoping that Drew wouldn’t decide to go looking through my stuff for the first time ever.

I took a deep breath, opened the bag and peered inside. The kit was in there, but there was also a bottle of coconut oil. I pulled it out and a note was taped to it.

“Molly, my love, you know how I love the taste of coconut. I want you to use this for your douche and your enema. Not only are your pussy and ass going to taste awesome, they are going to be slick as hell for my big dick.” Her words excited me so much that I shuddered with a mini-orgasm.

I went into the bathroom in our bedroom and locked the door. Drew had a bathroom downstairs, so he shouldn’t need this one, but you never know. I pulled the stuff out of the bag and started to read the instructions. It’s funny, I had always thought of myself as a strong woman, but Gabi reduced me to a quivering pile of desire and raw nerves.

I happened to notice another note in the bottom of the bag. It had obviously been taped to something and had fallen off. ‘Molly, don’t fool around in the bathroom. I’m pretty sure you’re looking at this for the first time because I have called you and told you to get ready. I will probably be there soon and I don’t like to be kept waiting. My big dick and I want your ass so much, I may fuck you on the stairs while Drew watches and jerks off. Oh, the coconut oil is so slick, it will want to keep leaking and you’ll be tempted to do a regular enema, after you’re done. DON’T DO IT!’

I furtively looked around again, fearing that I would be caught. I knew that I was alone in the bathroom, but Gabi knew the right buttons to push to keep me on edge.

I hurried and first took my shower. I washed my blonde hair and rinsed it out. Then I thoroughly washed my body, lingering on my tiny boobs because my nipples were hard and it felt so good. I remembered Gabi’s warning and continued with my shower. I washed my ass and my bald pussy. I lingered momentarily on my clit, enjoying the tingling before finishing up. Then I prepared the douche. I used that first and then I prepared the enema. As I was working I realized that my pussy was unbelievably slippery. The douche had done it’s job, but my body was reacting to the slipperiness and adding it’s own lubrication. I kept touching myself and it felt soooo good.

I used the coconut oil enema for the first time and it did the job. I got back into the shower and washed myself thoroughly. Suddenly, I realized that the coconut oil was continuing to leak. I assumed that after the second application, it would only get worse. I had planned to either wear a sexy, frilly thong or nothing at all in anticipation of Gabi’s arrival. That plan would be no good. I would wear a pair of sexy boy shorts and hope that I could contain the leakage.

I climbed back into the shower and repeated my enema exercise. Everything down there was slippery and slick and my god, did it ever feel sexy. I couldn’t keep my hands off of my pussy.

After I was done, I got out, dried off with a towel, and finger fluffed my natural, white blonde, pixie cut hair. All the while, I was squeezing my butt cheeks and my pussy for all they were worth, trying to contain the leakage. The effort was arousing me to no end, because it made me very aware of what was coming.

My phone rang and I ran out into the bedroom to answer it. Gabi’s voice was like honey. “Have you done everything that I asked?”

I melted when I heard her “Ohhh, yesss…”

Her chuckle, deep and throaty, just exacerbated my problem. I gushed a combination of coconut oil and my natural juices. “Are you dressed?”

I was so rattled that just shook my head.

She chuckled again, causing the same gushing reaction in me. “I can’t see you shake your head L’il Bit.”

“N-no, I’m not.” I said shakily.

I could hear the smirk when she spoke again, “Ok, then I want you to answer the door naked and then take me to see Drew.”

She had me doing everything she wanted, so I think she wanted to see how far I would go to get what I wanted. I don’t know if she miscalculated my reaction, but she sounded startled when I barked, “There is no fucking way I am doing that! I love you Gabi but I love Drew, too and he and my marriage come first!”

She sounded genuinely contrite. “I’m sorry Mol, I’ve overstepped.” She hesitated before she continued, “Soooo, can I still come over?”

I calmed a bit before I giggled and answered, “After you’ve gotten me so worked up this morning, you fuckin’ well better! I can’t come to you in this state, I’ll ruin clothes and I’d never be able to explain the coconut oil all over the leather interior.”

She lapsed into her gruff persona, growling, “Okay, sex izle L’il Bit, since you refuse to be naked for me, I want you in that little hot pink, silk crop top and the white Daisy Duke’s.”

She had me creaming again immediately and I pouted, “But I was gonna wear some sexy boy shorts, they won’t look good with Daisy Duke’s.”

She growled, “No, you’ll wear exactly what I told you, no more, no less. Do you understand?”

God, she turned me on when she took control like that. “Yes,” I said meekly.

“Good,” she grumbled, “I will be at your house in fifteen minutes.” She paused long enough that I started to say goodbye when she finished, “and I’ll have my tongue in your asshole in no later than twenty minutes.” She hung up.

I was on the verge of another mini-orgasm by the time we hung up. I stood there for a moment, gathering myself. Then I went to my dresser and dug around until found the crop top and shorts. I rarely wore either piece at all and never outside of the house. Before I pulled on the shorts, I went back into the bathroom and used a washcloth to clean up. I went back into the bedroom and got dressed. The silk of my crop top caressed my nipples and they flared immediately, rising up to bullet points. I moaned; the sound catching in my throat.

I could feel the coconut oil slipping from my ass and my pussy and it felt so naughty and sexy. I couldn’t think of anything but Gabi and her big dick. I was looking in the mirror, turning this way and that and dreaming of Gabi when I was startled by the doorbell. I glanced at the clock and was surprised to see that almost fifteen minutes had passed. As I turned to leave the bedroom, the doorbell rang again.

I ran downstairs and glanced into the family room to see that Drew had started to rise from his recliner. As soon as he saw me, he dropped back into the plush seat.

“Why are you dressed for a fucking?” He growled.

I glared at him. “You know it’s hot up on the third floor. I’m trying to keep cool! Don’t be an asshole!”

Immediately contrite, he looked at me sheepishly, “Sorry.”

The doorbell rang again. I went over and jerked the door open. Gabi was standing there in a tight, black mini-skirt and a white vest without a shirt. I suspected that all the clothing I could see was all the clothing she was wearing. Jesus, she looked hot.

I glanced down and saw the hint of a bulge just above the hem of her skirt. Panicked, I looked up and into her smirk.

“What are you thinking?” I hissed.

“That I didn’t want to wait to put it on.” She smirked. She reached down and slipped the hem over the realistic pink head on the fake dick.

My eyes bugging out of my head, I glanced over my shoulder. Drew wasn’t paying attention to us. “What are you doing?!?!” I hissed.

Gabi laughed and tucked it away. “Just teasing you, L’il Bit.”

I glared at her. “Are you gonna behave?”

“Yes dear.” She chuckled in that deep sexy way. It made me gush and I could feel the lubrication run down my thighs. My eyes widened in horror.

She stepped back and looked down. She chuckled again. “Wow! You’re really raring to go, aren’t you?”

Scared to death that I would be caught, I grabbed her hand and yanked her inside. I slammed the door and dragged her to the stairs. The stairs were out of sight of Drew’s recliner and Gabi stopped and pulled me to her. She drew me into a deep kiss that turned my insides to mush and my knees to jelly.

She withdrew from the kiss and put her lips to my ear. “I’m sorry for teasing you, babe. I just want you so badly that I get a little crazy,” she said apologetically.

The sincerity of her apology affected me in a surprising way. Tears started running down my cheeks.

She looked stunned. “Are you okay?”

I just nodded and kissed her on the cheek. “I’m great and you’re surprisingly sweet.”

Uncharacteristically, Gabi blushed.

Drew interrupted from the family room. “What are you guys doing? There’s a lot of whispering in there.”

“It’s nothing, Drew. Gabi just has some girl trouble.” Drew knew Gabi was gay, but that response was so ambiguous that it immediately stopped further inquiries. Gabi’s sexual orientation had caused some problems between Drew and me, so when we ventured near that subject, each of us tread carefully.

“Oh, okay.” Drew mumbled.

I looked back at Gabi and she was unbuttoning her vest, her skirt already pulled up around her waist. I was right; she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I moaned softly, God, this woman was sooo hot. I gushed again and Gabi laughed softly. She reached between my legs and found my soaking wet slit. I took a deep shuddering breath and threw my hand over my mouth. I came right there at the foot of the stairs with Gabi’s fingers buried in my pussy and my husband not ten feet away.

My legs rubbery, I grabbed the handrail before I could slide to the floor. Gabi’s fingers were still working away at my clit and deep in my altyazılı porn snatch, but I managed to back away and pull myself off of the penetrating digits. It was just in time, too. I heard Drew’s recliner fold back up and it seemed that all in one motion, Gabi pulled her skirt back up, started buttoning her vest and slid behind me to cover the rest of her buttons. After she knew she was protected, she pushed herself up tightly behind me and the dildo immediately slid between my cheeks, causing me to flinch in surprise, just as Drew rounded the corner. I clamped my legs together, hoping that the dildo wasn’t visible from the front.

His eyes narrowed as he took in the sight of Gabi pressed up snugly behind me. He glared at her, “Gabrielle.”

Her response was just as succinct. “Andrew.” I couldn’t see her, so I don’t know what kind of expression she had on her face.

I just held my breath.

Drew hesitated before squeezing past and heading into the bathroom. He had to be able to smell my arousal, but hadn’t said anything.

Gabi stepped back and hastily buttoned the rest of the buttons on the vest. I wanted to wipe up the glistening coconut oil and natural lubrication running down the inside of my legs, but I didn’t dare. I simply froze in place as I heard the toilet flush and the water in the sink run. The door handle rattled and Gabi and I slid to the side to give him more room.

He opened the door and just stood there. He never looked at me; he just continued to glare at Gabi.

I felt like I didn’t have a choice; I turned and started up the stairs, hoping that Gabi would follow and that Drew would go back to his game. I was afraid that if he watched her go up the stairs, he would look up her skirt and see the fake dick. (He knew she was gay and he didn’t stand a chance with her, but after all, he’s a guy. He’s going to look up her skirt.) If he did, all bets were off at that point, I didn’t know how he would react.

I held my breath again, expecting to hear Drew screaming at Gabi to get out, but I heard nothing. I peeked over my shoulder as I turned on the landing and Drew was gone. I let the breath out.

Even though I knew that Gabi had planned to fuck me while Drew was in the house, running into him with Gabi right there had unnerved me. I wanted nothing more to do with this. The anticipation I had felt, the raw excitement had vanished. We continued up the stairs, but my heart was no longer in it. We got up to the third floor and went into the spare bedroom. I pressed the button on the lock and pushed the door closed, not noticing that the door didn’t latch.

Gabi had walked over to the bed and stood there, her eyes burning with desire. I noticed that she barely blinked and couldn’t take them off of my ass. Her eyes flickered up to mine and I quickly looked away. I couldn’t meet her gaze. Gabi approached me cautiously, put her fingers under my chin and urged my face upwards. Reluctantly, I met her eyes and she smiled gently.

Gabi is an aggressive lover and a dominant personality, but she is also a good friend. She knew that whatever this was between us had me torn. I did truly love Drew and he loved me and was very good to me. But, there was something in me that needed what she and I had together. She knew that I was on the verge of ending it between us and she wasn’t about to push me.

I smiled nervously back at her and she drew me into a hug, my face buried between her breasts. Her vanilla scent caused me to inhale deeply; I loved the way she smelled. I wrapped my arms around her and snuggled into her arms, laying my head on her chest. She kissed the top of my head repeatedly and whispered soothing things to me. She didn’t say anything specific or memorable, but her voice made me relax. The longer we stood there, comfortably snuggled together, the more I remembered why she was there and the less concerned with Drew I became.

I turned my head slightly until my lips found the soft skin of her chest and tenderly kissed her. I heard her moan and it made me grin. I kissed her again and then tried wiggling under her vest. I could have used my hands to move the fabric of the vest, but I didn’t want to let go of her. She had different ideas, however.

She gently separated us and unbuttoned her vest, shrugged it off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. My lips immediately found her engorged nipple, flicking it with my tongue. She moaned again, then pushed me back to find my lips with hers, crushing them together in a deep kiss. She grabbed my ass, picked me up and I wrapped my legs around her waist and my arms around her neck. I moaned when her dick slid along the crotch of my shorts and rubbed my clit. I felt her grin as she thrust her hips as the length of her dildo dragged across my clit and I shuddered.

I let go of her neck and pulled my tiny crop top off and flung it across the room. Immediately, she clamped onto my nipple and sucked my whole boob into her mouth. I groaned and ground my pussy against her dick, the friction causing me to quiver again. Gabi walked us over to the bed, peeled me off of her and threw me down on the bed. I giggled when I bounced and yelped in protest when my head smacked the wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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