Game of Love Ch. 15

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Game of Love Ch. 15

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Hello guys and welcome to the long-awaited chapter. I am so sorry for being gone for so long. I just got caught up in so much work that I couldn’t even find time to finish this book. I hope you guys understand and forgive me for this. Please, don’t forget to drop your comments.

Feel the passion.


“Hey!” Came a sweet voice early morning making Sergio moan while pulling the covers further up.

“Babe!” He chuckled, pulling the blanket off, leaving the man who was just in his boxer briefs bare. “Get up, it’s morning already.”

“Just a minute, my love.” Sergio groaned, turning on the other side.

“No!” Eric chuckled, patting on his husband’s butt. “You’re gonna be late.”

Before Sergio could say anything, the whole room lit up as Eric had just opened the curtains. He covered his eyes, groaning like a kid.

“Tell them I am not feeling well.” He sighed.

“No way,” Eric laughed. “You’re getting up or… you won’t get any kiss from me today. I am leaving!”

Sergio quickly rose from the bed and rushed to Eric, wrapping an arm around him. He quickly turned him, staring deep into his beautiful eyes. God, he was gorgeous and that morning, he looked so sexy that Sergio’s feelings started stirring, preying on him.

“Hmmm…” He moaned, bringing the boy closer to him that their lips rubbed on each other’s. “Are you challenging me, my darling husband? You know I don’t like to be challenged. I can kiss you right now.”

He tried to kiss Eric but the boy blocked him with his hand.

“That was a promise, Mr. Alvarado.” He teased, wrapping his arms tightly around Sergio’s neck. “I know my husband is not a lazy guy. He’s gonna go to his office, work as hard as he always does and then come back home to meet the surprise I will set for him.”

Sergio laughed, biting his lip. “Wow! Another surprise tonight? I am yet to recover from your surprise last night. In fact, with the way you’re looking right now, I am being tempted to take you again.”

Eric laughed, flipping his hair in a way that totally seduced his husband. Sergio quickly wrapped his arms around Eric’s waist and flipped him. Before Eric knew it, he was lying on his back with his husband on top of him.

“Now you’ve done it, my dear sweet husband.” Sergio moaned as he took Eric’s lips in the sweetest of kisses.

In that kiss was the sweetness of passion, a million loving thoughts condensed into a moment. Eric couldn’t resist it. He moaned into the kiss which only turned his husband even more. After what felt like forever, they broke the kiss for the much-needed air, smiling and chuckling.

“I thought someone didn’t need this.” Sergio teased, licking his lips like a hungry man.

Eric smiled brightly, rubbing on his husband’s lips. “I just realized that time may not be with us, Sergio. I may not stay with you forever and that is why I decided to cherish this moment.”

“What are you talking about, my love?” Sergio laughed, placing a kiss on those tender lips. “We just got married. We’ve got plenty of time to spend with each other, our kids and possibly our grandkids. You and I will grow old together, I promise.”

Eric chuckled as tears welled up. “Sometimes what we wish for isn’t always what happens, Sergio. I love you so much and I will always do. Promise me that you’ll be strong, my love. Promise me.”

“What?” Sergio was confused. “What are you talking about? You’re here with me and….”

“I am sorry.” He quickly rubbed his tears, getting up from the bed.

That was when Sergio saw it, the blood on Eric’s hand. It was a lot and he began panicking when he saw how bloody his husband looked. The fear sat on him like a pillow over his mouth and nose. His palms became sweaty and the adrenaline coursing through his system was shutting down his ability to think logically.

“I love you!”


“Eric!” Sergio screamed, rising from the bed like he was lying on hot coals.

He was breathing like a tornado was going on in his system. Adrenaline immediately flooded his system like it’s on an intravenous drip- right into his blood at full pelt.

He quickly moved his eyes to the side of the bed Eric had been sleeping and realized that he wasn’t there. He became clammy and there was the glisten of cold sweat.

“Eric!” He called loudly as he scanned the whole room to see if he could spot him. “Baby? Are you in here? Eric?”

But there was no answer. He quickly slipped on a vest and black trousers and rushed to the bathroom. To his surprise, Eric wasn’t there. He got worried and decided to call him. But he realized that his phone was in the room. That meant that Eric was still in the house.

He rushed downstairs to look for him.

“Eric!” He shouted throughout the house. “Eric! Baby, where are you?”

But there was no one replying to him. He got very worried, especially because of the terrible dream he had. It was only 8 in the morning and if Eric had gone kaçak iddaa somewhere, Sergio was sure that he would have told him. Besides, he wouldn’t have left his phone.


“Sergio?” Adrianna came into the living room in her joggers looking worried. “What’s wrong? Why do you look worried?”

“Adrianna, thank God you’re here.” He rushed to her. “Have you seen Eric this morning?”

“Eric?” She frowned. “No! The last time I saw him was last night. Why? What happened?”

Sergio gripped his hair, taking a deep breath. “He’s not in the house. I didn’t find him this morning. Where could he have gone?”

“Come on,” Adrianna smiled, rubbing on her brother’s shoulder. “You don’t have to worry about him. He probably just left early for work. A businessman like him is bound to be very busy from time to time.”

“Without waking me up?” Sergio shook his head. “And besides, no matter how urgent it was, he wouldn’t have left without his phone.”

“I understand you, bro. You’re newly-wed and it is natural to always want your groom with you. Don’t worry about anything. He’ll be back.”

Sergio sighed gloomily. “You’re probably right.”

“I am right.”

She took her brother’s hand, smiled brightly, and started leading him to the living room. As they were going, they saw Kim coming down the stairs, busy on her phone. She was dressed beautifully in a black designer’s dress with red high heels on her feet and her hair tied in a messy bun. She looked amazing but both her kids wondered where she was going.

“Mom!” Adrianna muttered.

Kim raised her head, staring at her kids. Her heart melted when she saw them, especially her son. Her heart was hammering but she kept her gait causal with no hint of hesitation. She had no idea how what she had found out or what she had done was gonna affect her kids but all she knew was that she loved them so much.

No matter what, she couldn’t allow them to find out the truth. As it was, her relationship with her son wasn’t at its best. Any slight mistake was gonna make her lose her son. Kim rushed to her kids and wrapped them in her arms, kissing both of them.

“Mom?” Adrianna couldn’t mask the shock in her voice. “Are you okay? What’s wrong with you this morning.”

“Nothing!” She sighed, holding them tighter. “I just realized that I love you so much, both of you. I can’t afford to lose the both of you.”

“What?” Sergio gasped, frowning. “What are you talking about? You’re not going to lose any of us. We’re right here with you, mom, and nothing will ever separate us from you.”

Kim pulled away from the hug and she couldn’t hide the tears welling in her eyes.

“You have no idea how it feels to hear that from you, Sergio. Lately, I have been feeling like you’ve grown so distant from me and it just makes me scared. I cannot afford to lose you because I love you so much, son!”

“I love you too, mom.” The smile Sergio gave her was heart-warming. “Just because I am with Eric doesn’t mean that I will leave you. I love Eric so much and I just wish that you could give him a chance. That would make the happiest person alive because I would have all the people I love so much with me.”

Kim smiled sheepishly. ‘You might be saying that. But how will you act when you find out that I am not your mother? I am afraid that I might lose you, worse, Adrianna might also leave me.’

“Eric is a very good boy, mommy.” He took her hands and kissed them. “If you just give him a chance, you’ll see what Adrianna and I see. I agree that our marriage was rushed and I might have hurt you in the process but I didn’t mean to. I was just chasing my happiness.”

Kim smiled and then kissed her son, holding him tightly. But before they broke the hug, Sergio’s phone started vibrating and he quickly pulled away from her. It was just a number that he didn’t recognize and without wasting any time, he quickly answered.

“Hey, Eric, I’ve been looking for you and…”

But he didn’t even finish his sentence before he went quiet and froze where he stood. He was quiet for several seconds.

“Alright, I will be there. Thank you!”

He cut the call and looked at his family worriedly.


“It was the inspector. A car registered in my name was involved in an accident and I am needed.”

“What?” Kim gasped, shaking her head. “How? And who was driving it?”

“I don’t know. But I have to go there right now.”

“We’re coming with you,” Adrianna said abruptly.

They didn’t waste any more time and they rushed out of the house like the hounds of hell were after them.


“Inspector!” Sergio hollered as soon as he saw the man talking to one of his officers.

The inspector wasn’t that old. He was probably in his late thirties and very handsome and quite muscular. He was putting on just ordinary clothes. When he saw Sergio, he dismissed the man he was talking to and walked to Sergio and his family.

“Welcome, Mr. Alvarado.” He said with a sigh, powerfully shaking his hand.

“I came as soon as you called,” kaçak bahis Sergio said abruptly. “You got me worried. I hope everything is okay.”

The inspector remained quiet for a few seconds before taking a deep breath. That breath got Sergio nervous and he felt his hair move on his head.

“I believe there’s a car missing in your garage, Mr. Alvarado?” Sergio nodded, a frown appearing on his face. “We found it and it was involved in an accident.”

“Yeah, there’s a car missing.” Sergio nodded. “My favorite car. We used my mom’s car to get here. Is there any problem? And is the driver okay?”

The inspector took a deep breath again. “Mr. Alvarado, first of all, your car was damaged and there is something else I couldn’t tell you on the phone.”

Sergio glanced at his sister and he saw fear in her eyes. “What’s that, inspector?”

“Please, come with me.”

Sergio nodded and followed him. He was led to a small room and once he entered there, he froze on the doorway, feeling like someone had just paused him. His heart stopped beating for a second and he felt cold suddenly. He looked at the inspector and at the surprise, he found in that room, a body bag placed on the table. He didn’t even realize he had been staring at the table for a straight hour.

“Mr. Alvarado, I mentioned that your car was destroyed but what I didn’t tell you is that there was a body in that car.” He sighed, patting his shoulder. “By the time we got to it, the body was badly burnt and there was nothing we could do about it.”

“Oh my God!” Kim gasped, covering her mouth in shock. “A body? Oh, God!”

“Yes, Mrs. Alvarado.” The inspector continued. “There was a body in the car. And unfortunately, the man in there couldn’t make it. I am so sorry.”

Sergio slowly walked inside, feeling like each step he took made him breathless. He didn’t know what to say or which of his workers had met such a horrible death. He finally reached the body bag and just stood there, staring at it without even blinking.

“I am sorry, Mr. Alvarado, we were unable to identify the body. However, we found a few personal belongings and we were hoping they may help identify the body. The inspector handed a small transparent bag to Sergio.

Sergio took the bag without even looking at it. However, when he laid his eyes there, he felt the paralyzing hurt spread through his body like icy, liquid metal. He didn’t know what happened next but his mind started failing, like an engine that turns over and over, never kicking into action. He couldn’t formulate a thought and he thought his body shut down.

‘We may not be together forever!’ A voice went through his head. ‘Time may not be with us. I love you so much, Sergio!’

He stood there, tears pricking his eyes, pale hands trembling with fear. He was trying to block out the screams, but now it was impossible, the noise ripping his heart. He could feel the hot liquid going down his cheeks but couldn’t realize that he was crying.

He couldn’t believe what he was holding, an expensive diamond ring and a beautiful golden chain. He could remember those anywhere. They were his husband’s. They were his Eric’s.

He tried to open his mouth but only sharp gasps came out. The pain he felt was like a knife being twisted in his spine. It shot up fast, erasing every thought from his head and paralyzing his body. Apparently, he screamed, but couldn’t even hear it. He dropped to his knees and began trembling like a leaf.


Kim and Adrianna rushed to him and held him tighter, wondering what’s wrong with him. He was shaking so much that the both of them thought he was having a convulsion. They got really worried.

“Sergio, baby? Are you okay?” Kim asked, shaking him. “Baby?”

But he only looked at her and said, ‘Eric,’ in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

“Eric?” Adrianna frowned. “What are you?”

But she didn’t even finish her sentence when she saw what Sergio was holding and immediately recognized it as Eric’s belongings.

“Oh God, no!” Adrianna gasped, covering her mouth. “Eric, please, tell me this is a joke? No!” She screamed at the top of her voice. “No!”

Kim stood there shocked, failing to understand what was going on. She knew from the expression of her children that something bad had happened to Eric. She knew he was the one involved in the accident but she couldn’t believe he was dead.

“Inspector, what happened?” She asked, taking a deep breath. “What are you telling us?”

“It’s what we found, ma’am, and I am so sorry for this.” He apologized, taking a deep breath. “The car went off a slope and it flipped several times. By the time we got there, there were flames and we couldn’t do anything to save him.”

“Where did this happen?”

“On the outskirts of town.” He said softly.

Kim’s heart twisted and sunk with nerves as she stood there. Her breaths came in sharp pants and she tried to gain control, but nothing was working. She tried to breathe calmly, but every time she did, the inspector’s words rang through her.

She illegal bahis didn’t even realize that there were tears in her eyes that started going down her cheek. Fuck, could he have followed her when she had gone to meet her blackmailer, she thought? She looked at her son and her entire strength left her. She didn’t know what to do or say.

A minute might have passed before suddenly, the door to the room opened and there was a deafening scream that got Sergio out of his shock. He quickly raised his head and found Laurel running towards them with her face covered in tears.

“My son!” Laurel wailed as she dropped to her knees, touching the body bag. “No!, Eric, you can’t die now. You can’t leave me. Please, you can’t be dead, Eric.”

She quickly rose and unzipped the bag. When she saw how badly the body was burnt, she cried as death had just come for her. She was about to fall to the floor when Sergio held her in his arms. She was shaking terribly that it scared him.

“Sergio, my son, my beautiful son.”

Laurel lay on Sergio’s chest, her face closed in a grimace, skin pale and clammy. Each second, she would scream like she was being tortured. It had a raw quality, the realness of a person consumed by a pain that knew no end or limit. Then she would go quiet, just panting. Sergio knew the pain she was passing through because he was going through the same pain.

“My son, no….”

“Mother, please, stop crying,” Sergio assured, capping her face. “You don’t have to cry. I know that my Eric is not dead. That body doesn’t belong to my Eric, mother. I know my Eric is still alive. I refuse to believe that Eric is still alive.”

“Sergio!” She sobbed uncontrollably. “My son. My son is… is dead. My Eric, my… my baby is gone. What am I going to do? How am I going to… to live without my son?”

“He’s not dead,” Sergio said, a little bit harshly. “That’s not Eric there.”

He angrily moved to the inspector and gripped him by the collar.

“That’s not my husband lying there.” He seethed. “Find my Eric right now, inspector. That’s not my husband.”

“Mr. Alvarado, please, calm down. I know this is hard for you to accept and I completely understand.”

“What the hell are you saying?” He gripped even harder. “What the hell? Shut up! That’s not my husband there, do you understand?”

“Sergio?” Kim called weakly, holding her son’s arm. “Stop it, my son. I know that this is hard to accept but…”

“No!” He yelled, breathing like a predator. “Don’t say it!” He warned, pointing angrily at her. “Don’t you dare say it? My Eric is still alive.”

“I know how this feels, I do. But… but Eric is not here.” She sobbed softly. “Eric is gone.”

Sergio shook his head, staring at Laurel who was being held tightly by his sister. Both of them were in tears. He tried to say something but couldn’t find his voice. He made a quick turn and stormed out of there like the hounds of hell were after him.

“Son? Sergio?”

Kim ran after him but it was too late. She couldn’t catch up with him. When she was getting out of the building, Sergio was driving out of there like a mad man.

“Sergio? Sergio?”

But all he did was ignore her. She stood there, watching as he drove off, getting worried and scared. She knew in his state, something terrible could happen or he would do something very stupid. She was very worried.

“Sergio, please, come back, my son.” She sobbed. “Please, don’t do anything stupid. Sergio?”

Kim stood there for what seemed like forever. She couldn’t bear to go back inside because she felt guilty and restless. If Eric had followed her early that morning, it meant that she was the cause of it. She couldn’t face her daughter so she just remained standing there.

Suddenly, Kim heard a voice, a familiar voice right behind.

“Congratulations, Kimberly on your victory.”

She quickly turned and got the shock of her life when she found Giada with Jayden right in front of her. Both of them were wearing evil grins on their faces. She couldn’t even understand how they had come to know if what had happened.

“I am so happy for you, Kim.” Giada chuckled like an evil queen, putting her hands together. “You’ve finally managed to get your son back after losing him for quite a while. Although I feel really bad for your son…” She rubbed her fake tears, chirping. “…he’s become a widower at such a young age. My condolences go to him.”

“What are you doing here?” Kim asked harshly. “And how did you even…”

“Oh, come off it, Kim.” Giada shrugged. “Is that any way to treat your well-wishers? We’re friends, remember? I am only here to comfort you and congratulate you on your victory, our victory.” She moaned. “You’ve got your son back and I just won a war. Doesn’t that call for a celebration? Come on, we…”

“Don’t touch me. I never wanted this.” She said with tears following. “I hated Eric but I never wished him dead, not once. I wanted him out of our lives but not death. And my son…”

“Come on, Kim!” Jayden said hoarsely. “Both of us know that you’re not a saint. In fact, you’re just as guilty for the death of Eric. I have to thank you for that. Without your call last night, we wouldn’t have had this beautiful news.”

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