Game People Play

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Games People Play : The Start.

They were all of age and all still virgins. The girls were virginal, that is. The selected men were also all of age but the girls had not actually inquired as to their virginal status, as they didn’t really think it relevant to what they had planned. A little quiet negotiation had been going on for a while. The four girls wanted to lose their virginity, but didn’t want to find themselves the subject of gossip and speculation after the event.

They had all eventually agreed on the men they would invite to their little party, the men had been carefully sounded out and everyone had agreed to rules of behaviour, but with the intention of the girls losing their virginity firmly established. Just how this would be accomplished would be a matter of conjecture and decisions made at the time.

There was a long weekend coming up and Sandi’s parents were going away on a camping trip, (if you could call using that luxurious motor home camping) and had agreed that Sandi could have some friends stay and keep her company.

The girls all arrived Friday night, getting little sleep as they discussed what was going to happen. Would any of them chicken out at the last moment? After what seemed like a never-ending night, Saturday morning arrived and the girls started to prepare for their little party.

One thing they had all agreed on between themselves was that they would all wear matching, sexy lacy underwear, with tops and skirts or shorts that could be removed relatively easily. They did not want to find themselves in a position of trying to hold off a naked, horny man while they were trying to get out of skin tight jeans.

The boys had been told not to come before 9:00 am, and the girls assumed that they would show up at various times during the morning, this being an obvious sign of the girls sexual inexperience. With expectations of having a ball the men turned up in a group right on the stroke of 9:00.

After everyone was in and they had all had a drink to calm their nerves and help them to relax a little Sandi tentatively suggested that they might want to pair up and retire to the bedrooms. There was a mutter of nervous agreement from the other girls and three of men gave the idea the nod.

There’s always someone who has to be different. This time it was Carl.

“Hold on,” Carl murmured. “I have a few ideas I want to put before the group.”

“Meaning what?” inquired Paul.

“Let’s have some real fun with this as well as the sex. We’ll play some sex games, and the winners (or losers, depending on the game) get to have sex, while the others watch. And we’ll have a basic rule that whenever anyone has sex they have to use a position that hasn’t already been tried.”

This suggestion let to some discussion. The boys were enthusiastic, the girls weren’t quite so sure. This wasn’t going the way they had envisaged. Still, they decided, in for a penny, in for a pound. They would get an idea of what to do by watching the first winners at work, and all four prayed fervently that they wouldn’t be the first loser/winner.

“Game 1 will be quite simple,” said Carl. “The girls will split into two pairs and play one round of rock, paper and scissors. The two losers will then play each other with the losing girl being our first lucky ‘winner’. Then I’ll explain how she chooses her partner.”

It didn’t take long for Denise to find herself standing alone, with the other girls laughing at her.

“OK,” said Carl. “We are now going to blindfold Denise. I just happen to have some blindfolds with me. Isn’t that a happy coincidence. Once Denise is blindfolded everyone will scatter around the room and Denise has got to find them. Whenever she finds someone, that person will remove one item of clothing from her. Both shoes count as a single item. Panties and bra are to be left to last, strippers choice otherwise. Once she is naked she has to continue trying to find people. The first boy she finds once fully stripped gets to have sex with her, but she is not allowed to remove the blindfold until afterwards.”

Denise felt as though she was going to faint as the blindfold went on, but bit her lip and started to grope her way around. It seemed she had barely taken a step when her hand touched someone. She heard a laugh (that was Suzy, she just knew it) and a pair of hands reached out unzipped her skirt and lowered it. “Damn you, Suzy. Couldn’t you have started with my shoes?” she thought. Another step, and another touch. Were they all clustered around her? She felt two large hands close around her waist and then run smoothly down her legs to remove her sandals. “Thank you. A gentleman.” She mused. Another step. Another. Groping around with arms outstretched. A touch, and hands were lifting her t-shirt up and over her head. “God help me. Bra or panties next. Soon I’ll be naked and then… Oh, god. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”

Denise stepped out in a different direction and bumped into another Etlik Escort girl. “Please, take the bra. Take the bra. That’s you Sandi. I can smell your perfume. Please take the bra.” She felt her panties being slowly slipped down to the sound of a musical little laugh. “Oh, you bitch, Sandi. You knew I’d want my panties as long as possible. Can the boys see my vagina? Of course they can. It feels as though it’s swelling and standing out. How can I be feeling so hot when I’m nearly naked?”

Denise backed up, and promptly bumped into someone behind her. Two hands closed around her waist to steady her. Two very large hands that slid slowly up her back to her bra and flicked open the clasp. Not content with just lifting the bra off, the hands then slid around her, under the bra, gently cupping her breasts before lifting the bra up and off.

“Who was that?” she wondered. “He didn’t need to touch my boobs. They feel tight. I bet my nipples are sticking out. And everyone can see. Everything is on display. Next touch and I get fucked. I am in so much trouble here. Can I stop? I could I suppose but do I want to? I don’t think I do. Let’s find the lucky chap.” Denise stepped forward with a bit more confidence, reaching for someone, anyone, found an arm and grabbed it.

“Sorry, Denise. I have the wrong equipments” said Michelle. “Try again.”

“Damn it! I’m ready. Where are those men?” Feeling around and bingo! “This arm doesn’t belong to one of the girls,” she gloated.

She reached up to take off the blindfold, but a hand reached up and stopped her. Sandi called to her, “The blindfold has to stay on until after you’ve been screwed remember.”

“What now?” she thought nervously. “How do I know who’s doing what to me?”

“I’m going to lose my virginity to someone unknown while my friends watch?” she thought incredulously. All she could do was wait.

But not for long. Hands took her hands and gently pushed them behind her back, where they were held firmly in one hand. The mans other hand gently cupped her face, then moved in a slow and sensuous sweep, down over her breasts, crossing from one to the other and gently rolling her nipples between his fingers. Further down til it was rubbing her mound, gently palpitating it. Denise realised that she was wet and panting lightly. What he was doing felt good. Other boys had touched her, but not while she was naked with the knowledge that she would shortly be well and truly fucked. The man, this unknown friend, lightly kissed her, then his lips followed the same path his hand had, settling on her breasts, suckling and gently biting. He’d released her hands now and she found her hands clutching him trying to hold him to her. In vain. His mouth drifted away from her breasts and travelled further down. “What was he doing? He wasn’t going to kiss her down there, was he?” It appeared that the answer was yes, as he gently pushed her back against something soft and edged her legs apart so that his tongue could move between her thighs and flick back and forth across her virginal lower lips. Fingers gently eased her lips apart and she gasped as his tongue slipped inside her, licking and caressing her sensitive insides.

His tongue moved away, but his fingers remained, gently stroking, pushing into her, rubbing and caressing. He started kissing her again and while doing that, the hand that was not inducing all those warm and wonderful sensations took her hand and gently placed it against… “What is that? That’s his penis! What am I supposed to do with it? Am I supposed to hold it.” She reluctantly closed her hand around the rampant cock. “It feels odd. It’s hot and it’s hard but it’s also soft. And how am I supposed to close my hand around something this size? I’d need to use both hands to get around it. How big do these things grow? What am I supposed to do with it?” Her hand moved slowly up and down the cock, following instincts that have been around for ever. “It’s twitching,” She thought. I can feel his pulse beating through it. He’s going to put this thing inside me. I want it now, but I’m scared. What are the other girls thinking? Are they wishing that it was them or are they thinking they’d like to back out now. I can hear them giggling. And I’m quite sure I can hear them breathing hard too. They’re getting as excited as me and no-one has even touched their pussies yet. I’m going to enjoy watching them get nailed.”

Her hand was suddenly removed from the cock, and she felt a knee between her legs, edging her legs further apart. Then the hand that had never stopped playing with her was moving her lips apart and she felt the head of that massive member moving between her lips and into her vagina. The hand that was holding her lips apart withdrew and she felt herself closing upon the invader, clamping down and holding it in place.

“It’s time” she thought. “Too late to change my mind. It’s coming in. Why so slowly? I’m going to come before you’re Keçiören Escort even in me at this rate.”

Slowly but surely the trespasser moved into her, easing forward until it butted against her virginity. Then it edged back again.

“No! Don’t stop,” she whispered, and was answered with a laugh as the cock came hurrying back, breaking through her hymen and rendering her virginity a thing of the past. She gave a small cry of pain as her cherry broke and was gone, but the pain was lost as she felt the intruder moving ever deeper into her, stimulating sensations she didn’t recognise but wanted to know. Denise felt a current surging within her and was very quickly riding it higher and higher as this staff of life seemed to expand within her, surging back and forth and encouraging her to move with it. She no longer thought of the other girls looking on in anticipation of their own deflowering. She had no thought for the other men standing around, watching her getting royally screwed. Her only thought was to ride this cock, to match it thrust for thrust, moving her hips up trying to draw the member ever deeper into her. She wanted to go on an eternal journey with it, with nothing mattering but the sensation this lovable monster was bringing to her body. Riding, ever higher, until the wave broke through her, flooding within her as both of them came to the heights together and she finally experienced that wondrous relief and slow downwards spiral.

Time resumed for Denise. She felt the withdrawal of her stranger friend, and she slowly realised that it was over. She was no longer a virgin, and she had enjoyed every bit of it. She reached up and removed the blindfold and looked to see who had been her partner.

“Hey!” she cried indignantly. “What is this?”

Whoever had been her partner had buttoned up and stepped back with the others. She couldn’t tell from looking who had just given her such a magnificent ride.

“OK. Who was it?” she asked, but was met with smiles and silence.

“Sorry, Denise,” said Suzy, “but we’re not telling. You’ll have to wonder. You’ll probably work it out before we’re finished.”

After a brief break while the girls chatted to Denise, Carl stepped forward again.

“Game 2 will be the same as game 1, but in reverse.” said Carl. “The men will play rock, paper and scissors with the winner going through the blindfold strip, which will undoubtedly prove embarrassing for the sucker being stripped. He will have the consolation prize of knowing that at the end of the strip he will get to take the clothes off of a lovely lass, but she will control the way they have sex. She’s in charge.”

This time Carl found himself cursing his frenetic imagination as he stood there, having the blindfold attached.

Carl reached out, and as expected made a contact immediately. He smelt perfume and wondered what item she would remove. He was relieved when he sensed her kneel and found his shoes coming off. Another step, another contact. Another girl and his socks were gone. “Chickens,” he thought. “Next person will have to start on real clothes.”

His trousers went, followed by his t-shirt, down to his jocks and reaching out. Another contact and he smiled to himself. Female and she was going to have to remove his jocks, and he was erect inside them. He’d lay odds she would pull them down from behind. It turned out he was lucky he hadn’t placed an actual bet as whoever it was stood in front of him and slowly tugged his jocks down, giggling, reaching in and taking his cock in hand and moving it aside so that it didn’t hook up on the jocks elastic. Now naked, blindfolded and erect he started feeling around for his potential partner. His hand closed on a soft breast and his smile grew.

“Who have I caught?” he asked.

“Sorry Carl,” he heard Andy say. “We can’t tell you. See if you can work it out when the blindfold comes off. Now stop stalling and start stripping her.”

Carl reached out gently and felt that soft breast again, and heard a small gulp. Appreciating her nervousness, he gently squeezed the breast then slid his hand down, took the t-shirt and lifted it over the girls head. Hands back down and around, undoing the bra, sliding hands around to her breasts, gently cupping both of them before lifting the bra up and off. Kneel down, take a foot and remove the sandal. Other foot and sandal and slide his hand up her legs to her hips, flick open the buttons at the waist and gently slide the shorts down. Even more slowly slide his hands up the inside of her legs until he reaches her vagina, feeling the heat emanating from it. Slip his hand up a little further, hook his fingers over the panties and slowly slide them down. Very slowly slide them down. He could hear her increased breathing as he lowered them, and knew that she was getting excited. He was so erect he was afraid that his cock might explode and leave him an eunuch. He took one of her Kızılay Escort hands, stepped away while lifting the hand high and had her turn around so that everyone could get a good look at her in all her naked glory. And he couldn’t see her at all, damn it.

He let go her hand and reached for her, to draw her to him, but she was gone. “My rules, remember? You have to do what I want.” A soft voice whispered to him. “Now stand still.”

He stood there, and felt a warm body press up against his back, with breasts sliding back and forth across him. The warmth moved around and in front of him, and he could feel her pressing her whole length against him. Then her hand drifted down and closed on his pulsating member. “My!” she said. “Second one I’ve seen today, and I must say it measures up nicely against the other one.” The hand gently moved along his cock, barely touching it, a feathery sensation wandering around his member and driving him mad. If she wasn’t careful he’d be reaching out, picking her up and placing her firmly where he wanted her. On his rampant cock.

Now she was encouraging his head to come down and touch her breasts, encouraging him to kiss them, taste them, tease them. At the same time she took his hand, slid it down and pressed it against her vagina. He didn’t need a second hint. His hand closed on her, fingers stroking, darting between her lips, stirring her up. He could feel the heat emanating from her, and hear her breathing tighten. He smiled in victory. This wasn’t going to last much longer. She was ready to part her legs and invite him in.

Then she withdrew, was pushing him down, getting him to lie on the floor. At least there was a rug here. It could be awfully cold on tiles he mused. Now she was sitting astride him, letting his man pole lean against her tummy while she pressed her vaginal opening against the base of it, gently rubbing. He could feel his cock twitching, seeking, wanting, and she just kept up with those little feather touches. Then he felt something close around the head of his cock. What the hell? She wouldn’t! He felt teeth rubbing lightly over the head, sliding back and forth, tantalising. Hell! If she kept this up he was going to blow his load before he even entered her and wouldn’t that be a let down for the poor girl. He was going to come. He really was. Then that terrible mouth let him go. He felt her leaning back again and wondered what was next. Intent do deflower her or no, he was about to come and she was going to be right out of luck.

With shocking suddenness he felt a vigorous slap to the side of his waving member. He yelped as his erection cringed and died down.

“I heard that if you do that the erection stops and has to start all over again,” that infernally whispering menace said, accompanied by laughter from the enthusiastic audience. “Bastards, the lot of them.”

A gentle hand close over his abused cock and gently squeezed. Suddenly, his cock didn’t seem so abused. It was raising it’s wicked head and standing to attention, ready for the games to continue.

“Time, I think,” he heard her say and felt her running her lips along his cock until the head was firmly pressing against her. He felt her hands come down, holding and directing his cock while at the same time stretching her lips apart to allow him entry.

“At bloody last,” he thought and surged up to meet her. Only to find her withdrawing, hovering above him, holding the tip of his cock within her but refusing to let him advance any further. He slowly settled back to the floor in frustration, swearing under his breath. As he settled back down he felt her pressing back down on him, encouraging his cock to enter deeper.

“I set the pace,” she whispered. “You just go with the flow.”

He relaxed and let her ‘set the pace’ as she wanted. She was settling down onto him, his cock slowly edging into place. Very shortly he felt her hymen pressing against the tip of his head, and grinned, wondering how she was going to handle the initial penetration. He felt her pressing down more firmly trying to have his cock break gently through, but her hymen wasn’t co-operating. He felt her tensing up, and knew she was losing that fine edge of lust she had been riding. “Relax,” he told her. “Let me do this bit for you.”

He reached up and held her firmly around the waist, lifting her up, sliding her along his cock until the head was barely within her. “Now!’ he said, and pulled her back down while thrusting up, breaking through with that single lunge and surging up into her body. She gave a sharp gasp as his penis penetrated her fully and then just sat across him, with his cock rammed fully up her, engorging her, filling her with its immensity.

“Now rock,” he told her. “Back and forth. Let the rhythm build within you. You’ll feel the tension rise. Rise with it and go with the flow.”

He could feel her quivering nervously above him, shocked by the stab of pain when he burst into her, but curiosity and a slowly returning lust were working on her, encouraging her to experiment, to start rocking back and forth, to let that throbbing anaconda within her drag across her sensitive flesh, tweaking her nerves. He lay quiescent under her, letting her do the work while thoroughly enjoying the sensation of her sleek young body manipulating and massaging his cock.

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