Gangin’ the Girls Ch. 03

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Note: The author has no connection with any product or company mentioned in this or any other of his stories.

Chap 3: Heather

After dropping the kids off at school, Gina drove to the Shady Acres Mobile Home Park and pulled up in front of the Quinn’s double-wide. She knocked on the door, announced herself and when Heather hailed her, let herself in.

“I’m down here in the covered porch, Gina.”

Coming down the steps, Gina saw Heather, dust cloth in hand, buffing the hand rubbed finish of what could only be a bondage bench. It was, she thought, the most elaborate bondage bench she had ever heard about.

“My gawd, girl, is this the centerpiece for Friday night?”

Heather smiled brightly. “Mm-hm. Isn’t it beautiful? Irwin is so good with wood and his upholsterer is a genius. Here, feel this leather. Doesn’t it make you just want to strip down and rub yourself all over it?”

Gina bent over. The rich aroma of the vegetable tanned goatskin filled her nose. To her surprise it made her start to salivate. She was going to just bend down and touch it with her finger but that scent invited a more intimate encounter. She rubbed her cheek against it.

“Oh dear lord, I’m not one for pain, Heather, but I can begin to understand why this thing turns you on so. What a sensation. I wonder if he could make a sex swing out of this.”

“I don’t think so. It’s too thin and soft. I’m afraid it would stretch out after the first couple of uses and the leather is so expensive . . .”

Gina made a face. “Darn and I was so hoping . . . Anyway, did Irwin come in really late last Friday? Rob sure did. I wonder just what Maria did with them.”

Heather rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Irwin told me that Maria started with a mambo lesson, just like she said she would. But then she proceeded to get fucked twice by each guy. Twice! And you know how long it takes a man to come the second time. She must have had them on her until nearly midnight. I’m surprised she could even walk the next day.”

Gina’s eyes narrowed. “You know, dear, if I hadn’t had such a good time with the first party and wasn’t so looking forward to my next one, I’d think that the three of us had been taken. I’ll bet Maria wasn’t so much being helpful, suggesting we borrow each other’s husbands as she was just looking to get all four of them to herself once a month. What a little con artist!”

“Well, maybe. But you did have a great time at the first party and you are looking forward to your next one so you can’t claim that you haven’t benefited. And I’m certainly looking forward to Friday. I did make Irwin promise not to let anyone else spank me but I figure once he’s fired up my ass and fucked me good, I’ll be so ready for it again that they can have all the fun they want with me.”

Gina raised an eyebrow and cocked her head sideways. “Really? Then I’ll have to make sure Rob brings the lubricant with him. Since you’ll have your butt stuck out and you’ll be tied all up . . .”

“Gina! I don’t do that.”

“What you mean, lassie, is that you haven’t ever done it before. I hadn’t either before the party but I sure have since.”

“Does it really feel that good? I can’t help believing it would hurt, a lot.”

“It does to me. And I admit, at first it does hurt. But honey, it’s a good hurt, just like your spanking. Have Irwin do you up good and proper and after you’ve come a couple of times, have him use his fingers to massage and stretch you before he sticks it in. With enough lube it’s at least an interesting sensation. And lots of women think it actually feels better that way.”

Heather looked dubious but said she’d consider the possibilities. The subject changed to kids and clothes and other ‘mom’ things but after Gina left, Heather went back to the bedroom. She got out a dildo she’d cast from Irwin some months before and a big tube of KY jelly. She didn’t put them to immediate use but she did put them where she could get to them easily—just in case.


Twyla sat at her computer desk with a book and a catalog she’d gotten from Gina. The conversation the previous Friday kept her from panicky flight from their new sharing arrangement but getting an order ready had the stomach butterflies up and prowling again.

After the second gin and tonic that brought a comfortable buzz to her head, Twyla had settled into a big club chair across from Gina when the older woman put her glass down and steepled her fingers in front of her nose.

“Now, Twyla, let’s see if we can get to the root of your distress. You’re scared about two weeks from tonight. Honey, just what are you afraid of? Do you think you might get hurt?”

“Oh, no! I’m sure none of the guys would ever do anything that would hurt me. If nothing else, Ernie wouldn’t let them.” She paused for a while, deep in thought. “No, I think what I’m afraid of is myself. I’m scared I’ll panic and burst into tears just about the time I’ve got my clothes off. Or worse, I’ll get the giggles! And wouldn’t that just put the cap on the evening?”

Gina’s face softened. “Oh, sugar, Escort Bayan Gaziantep I think I understand.” She got up and went over to a thoroughly filled book case. She ran her finger across the titles and finally took down an old, well-used volume. She handed it to Twyla.

“Here, read this. It’s called Endless Rapture by Helen Hazen and it’s just the most marvelous explanation of why we love Romance novels. What you want, dear, is a fantasy rape. That’s not the same thing as the real one, by any means. A fantasy rape is when a man you can’t resist forces you to do what you want, like if Johnny Depp refused to take ‘no’ for an answer. And I’ve seen those piles of Restoration romances you read so you know you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?”

Twyla turned the book back and forth in her hands. She thought about all the innocent maids who had been forcibly seduced by caddish nobles only to capture their hearts into marriage by the end of the novel. The author was a university librarian. Obviously this wasn’t just a little bagatelle, it was serious scholarship. And now that she came to think, that was exactly the kind of thing that made her favorite literature so appealing.

“Okay, but how does an innocent heroine get lovingly raped by four laced and powdered wigged aristocrats?”

“Well, how about an innocent aristocratic getting abducted and lovingly raped by a bunch of virile barbarians? They’d be such a refreshing change from the fops of the court, don’t you know.”

“You mean, kidnapped and carried off somewhere?”

“Not for the first time, I think. Let’s keep it at home. In fact—wait right here.”

A few minutes later, Gina returned with a shiny black-covered catalogue. She sat down on the arm of Twyla’s chair, ruffled through the catalog to the correct page and handed it to her friend.

“Here, Spartacus Leathers in Milwaukee, Oregon.”

Twyla’s eyes opened wide. Fur-lined cuffs, wrist and ankle restraints, ball gags?

“What, what are you suggesting, Gina?”

“What you want. You get tied down, comfortably, on your own bed and the barbarians have their way with you, one after another. That way you get all the fun and have no responsibility. They’re doing it to you, no? And if you cry and struggle, well, that’s all part of the scene. It’s expected.”

“Uh, who orders the—the leather?”

“You do. And let me remind you that barbarians don’t do pink so forget trying to color coordinate with your bedroom. Black leather and shiny metal is true style, honey. And I’ll tell Rob to get you some medium weight chain to attach yourself to the bed. Once everything gets here, I’ll help you set it up. Now, go home, read the book and order the stuff.”

The book had been exactly on the mark, explaining why almost everything women read or wrote was a romance at some level. And after thinking about it, she had to admit that being a helpless victim would be a lot easier than a horny hostess. Still, the cuffs and gags were intimidating. But taking a deep breath, she dialed up the company’s website and got out her credit card.


Irwin came home from work. As usual, he headed for the bathroom to wash the sawdust out of his hair and the tung oil off his hands but when he opened the door, there was Heather brushing her hair, just out of the shower.

“Hi, Baby,” she said brightly, “Get clean and come on out to the porch. Micki’s on an overnight with her little friends so we have the rest of the evening to ourselves.”

Irwin raised a lecherous eyebrow, “The whole evening?”

Heather leaned over and shimmied, her breasts swaying invitingly. “That’s what I said. Now get clean.”

Never had his pre-dinner shower gone so quickly. He even shaved. Hurrying out into the covered porch, Irwin found his wife sitting on top of the bondage bench. She had a light weight riding crop in one hand and a large dildo and a squeeze tube of thick lubricant in the other.

“Sweetie, I’ve been talking to Gina and she got me thinking about Friday. I’m gonna be bent over this thing with my ass all red like an ape in heat. In the heat of lust I’ve got this sneaking suspicion that one of you, or maybe more than one, will be tempted to try out my asshole. Tonight I want to see just how possible that is so I can either expect a good buggering or you can place it totally off limits. Now I used an enema and took a shower so I’m all clean inside and out. I want you to tie me up, fire me up and fuck me and while you’re at it, massage and stretch me out. When I give the word, you switch holes and we’ll see if it’s a good idea.”

Irwin startled. He admitted to himself that he’d watched Rob sodomize his wife two weeks ago and Maria certainly wasn’t shy about taking up the back door last Friday. However, he and Heather hadn’t even ever discussed anal sex so he was a little surprised at her forwardness. But that did not make it a bad idea.

“Sounds good to me, in fact, it sounds great.” He took the supplies from her and when she knelt down and bent over, he buckled her in soundly. Once she was in place, instead of picking up the crop and laying into her, he picked up the dildo and inspected it. Laying it aside he took the tube of gel and squeezed some out on his fingers.

“What are you doing back there, Irwin, I heard that cap pop off?”

“Just checking, dear.”

He gently laid his fingers atop the opening to her rectum and ran little circles around it.

“Irwin, you’re not supposed to do that until you’ve got me all hot!”

He gave no response but Heather felt the fingers of his other hand begin to stroke softly up and down her labia.

“Irwin . . . Ooooh.”

It felt good being stroked both places at once. She felt her juices begin to flow. That bastard, he was going to make her come and then bugger her, she knew he was. The worst of it was the more he played with her the better the idea sounded.

“Irwin, you rat! Ooooh . . .”

Now one finger was inside her, stroking her G spot while his thumb vibrated gently on her clitoris. She moaned and moaned again as his other finger slipped inside her from behind. The finger pressed around the sides, opening up her sphincters. Soon her moans changed to whimpers and she bucked and cried out softly. That hand withdrew but the other now had three fingers up her ass, gently forcing her open.

“I’m going to take you now, Heather. Push out as I push in.”

She heard the lubricant top pop open again.

He’s greasing his cock. He’s really gonna do this to me. Oh, I can feel the head. She gritted her teeth and pushed out. She pushed harder and then, suddenly like a flower opening, he was inside her.


“Does that hurt, Baby?”

“A little, just hold still until the sting goes away. Okay, go ahead.”

She later would have sworn she felt every millimeter of his manhood slide slowly inside her until his groin was pressed against her buttocks. His hand came down hard on her cheek with a smack and he withdrew. Another smack and he thrust forward. Bit by bit the speed increased, spank following spank in quick succession and always, always the fullness of his cock in her ass. Heat radiated from her crotch to her belly and up to her face. She felt her shoulders start to tingle and her face felt like it was going to pop off. A scream started to bubble up within her until it escaped like a steam locomotive coming out of a tunnel.

“Irwinnnnnnnnnnn . . .!”

He grunted in reply and spasmed in orgasm; again and again he jetted into her until finally he was depleted and slipped out. Fumbling, he undid her buckles and then collapsed onto a bar stool.


“Phew, indeed, you pig!”

“But you liked it, didn’t you?”

“Mm-hm. And so did you. And I guess Carlos, Ernie and Rob will, too. I’m going to need pillows Saturday morning.”

“Yeah, I’ll go buy some. Come on, let’s clean up.”


“Gina, what in the world are those?”

Rob looked in amazement at the contents of the box that had arrived in the day’s mail. Black leather and shiny nickel gleamed up at him from its next of pink tissue. Beside it was an oddly, even obscenely shaped dildo.

“Are they what I think they are?”

Gina smiled at him through slit eyes. “Well, if you think that’s a full body dildo harness and a Fun Factory dildo, you’re right. If not, you aren’t.”

“What do you intend to do with them?”

“I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to grease up your butt and send you to the moon, Mr. Goodfellow. I’ve got other plans too, but those can wait.” She slipped up to him and put her arms around his neck. “Now be a good Puck and go wash. We have a date by the pool.” She handed him a disposable enema, picked up her box and swayed out the back door.

What had gotten into Gina? Over the last weeks she had turned from a conventionally sexual housewife into someone almost insatiable and downright demanding. He still was not sure he liked it but he was sure he didn’t dislike it. Rob felt like maybe he ought to object but his heart was not in it. Gina had invited him up her Hershey Bar road. It would be unfair to refuse her wanting to try out his. He headed for the bath.

When he went out into the back yard, he saw Gina lying on her side on the double chaise. She’d put on the harness, its nickel sparkling in the torch light, with the purple silicone protruding aggressively from her sex.

“Come here, Baby,” she purred, “Just lie down and let mama make you feel sooo good. I’m gonna give your prostate a treat tonight, Rob, I’m gonna make you my bitch. You’re going to love this, Baby. You and the guys have made me feel wonderful and you’ve made Maria feel wonderful. You’re going to make Heather feel wonderful and I have some serious things to talk to you about Twyla. We’re gonna make her our toy, Rob. Not just yours and Carlos and Irwin and Ernie’s, but ours. But before we do that, Baby, I’m gonna make you mine. Lay down, now, right next to me.”

Swallowing nervously, Rob complied. Gina pulled herself up tight against him. She nibbled is ear and stuck her tongue inside. When he tried to caress her in turn she caught his hand and put it down.

“Don’t do anything, Rob. This is my show.”

Her fingers played with his cock and balls with the expertise of long practice until he was hard and moaning softly.

“Roll over, Baby, I’ve got to get you all ready.”

He heard her snap on a plastic glove and pop open a bottle. Cool liquid oozed between his butt cheeks and her finger pressed softly against his anus. First one finger and then a second pushed the gel inside him, rubbing it around.

“Now you’re ready, Rob, nice and relaxed. So roll back up on one side because I’m taking you—now!”

The silicone cock found his anus and suddenly he was full. Gina began to thrust and Rob moaned, surprised at how wonderful it felt.

“I’m gonna make you come, Robby my bitch. I’m gonna make you come all over!” She reached around and took his engorged cock in her hand and stroked as she thrust. She had him, now. He was helpless from the sensations in front and behind. The tension rose until he screamed and shot across the mattress then lay there panting and quivering.

“Good bitch boy, Robby. We’ll to this again. You’ll know when to expect a good ass-fucking ’cause I’ll have the harness on and I’ll know when to expect one when you come to me with the lube bottle in your hand. Call it grease for the goose is grease for the gander.” She sniggered. “And Heather tells me you are gonna love Friday!”

When Rob crawled into bed that night Gina spooned herself into a ball next to him. He reached over to give her a hug and she pulled his arm tight around her.

“Hold me, Rob.”

“Something wrong?”

“Oh, it’s—in the last couple of weeks I’ve uncovered new depths to my sexuality, Honey, things I never would have dreamed were there. And I owe it all to you guys. You’ve unlocked things for me, you and the others. It’s been a wild ride but it’s a little scary. I don’t know where it’s going, and . . . Hold me Rob, hold me tight.” Her voice dropped to a whisper, “Keep me safe.”


Friday evening Heather showered and washed her hair. She brushed it into silken brightness and covered herself in bath lotion. She looked at her image in the mirror, considered what the coming hours would bring and decided that a minimalist approach to makeup was in order. A hint of blush on her cheeks (all four of them!) just the slightest amount of eye shadow and lipstick was plenty. Taking a deep breath she slipped her feet into a pair of spike heels and, hips swinging, headed for the porch.

When she got to the steps, the men were already gathered around the bondage bench, discussing its technical aspects.

“So jus’ what doss it cost for you to make one of these, amigo?” Carlos was fingering the wrist cuffs appraisingly.

“Carlos, my man, they’re expensive as Hell. Each one is a ‘one off’ so they’re made to the customer’s specifications. That means I have to figure out how to make it do what you want, so there are design costs. Then there’s the raw goods. This one’s walnut and goatskin leather, and that’s a mid-level set of materials. But after some of their—playmates saw the one I made for Tosho and Marybelle, I got an order for one in Brazilian rosewood and Moroccan. The materials alone will run thousands. However, if all you want is something to hold Maria down for a while, and are willing to have it in white oak and calfskin, I can probably do it for around a grand.”

“Madre de diós! A thousand dollar for a simple one?”

“Uh-huh. And there’s about a ten month wait because the orders are coming in fast. I may have to open a separate shop just to deal with these ‘specialty’ items. It’s amazing, really. Who knew there was such a market for kink?”

Robin was doing the math and he liked the way it was adding up. “Irwin, can you make them weatherproof?”

Irwin thought about that. “For a given value of weatherproof, I guess. I can make the frame out of bald cypress, all the fittings out of either stainless steel or marine bronze and have the leather and the padding dismountable. That way you could leave it out in the rain and snow with no more care than a spring dust with the sandpaper and keep the perishable parts in a sealed box nearby. You’re thinking about incorporating one in a garden design, aren’t you?”

Rob winked. “I am. As you said, there’s a surprising market for kink and someone’s got to make money off of it. I see a backyard with screen plantings, little secluded openings in the foliage and nooks with ‘surprises’. I see the decadent well-off inviting their depraved friends over to sample each other’s delights. And I see them paying us obscene amounts to make it all come true.”

“Do you have to be well-off to have depraved friends?” Heather descended the steps into the porch and sauntered over to the men. She patted them on the butt, rubbed her shoulder or breasts or butt against each of them trying to look as decadent as possible. The gropes and fondling she got in return were satisfyingly depraved, she thought, and blushed happily as Carlos stroked her bottom with one hand and the polished wood with the other. Rob bent down and started running his tongue around the shell of her ear and his hand down her belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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