Gay Submission Pt. 02

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David Stith and I met at the athletic club one Sunday evening as I was in the swimming pool when he came by practicing his swimming, as he was a competitive swimmer. I was in awe of his chocolate body, especially his bare legs, and I fell in love with him. Previously I had thought that I was strictly heterosexual and I was dating a beautiful, sexy blonde who I met in high school. But I was with David most of the time and at his urging I broke off my relationship with Lexi.

David and I were living together and having a lot of sex. Most of our sex involved me sucking his gorgeous cock, but whenever I had an orgasm I had to resort to masturbation. But because of the extraordinary smoothness of his sexy brown dick, and because of the extremely good taste of his cum, I did not question him about our arrangement at all.

David was easily the dominant one of our relationship. Whenever he was in the mood to cum he told me to suck his cock, and whenever I was in the mood to come I had to get his permission to jerk off. Not once in ten months together did David put my cock in his mouth or even lick me down there. Also, he had a strong, soft, sweet smelling 9 1/2 inches while my white dick was barely more than 5 inches. So even with that comparison David still was the dominant and I LOVED it! I was so thankful that David didn’t want to anything but oral sex because I was not into someone putting his dick up my ass and fucking me. I did, however, enjoy when he tied me to the bed, straddled my chest, and face fucked me, ‘making’ me swallow his delicious semen.

We found each other’s company really exciting for about 10 months. Slowly, however, he seemed to be losing interest in being with me. So one day I confronted him and asked him if something was wrong.

“David, I know you are the dominant one between us, but could I please ask you a question?” I said to him.

“Sure, Billy, what is it?” he replied.

“For awhile now it seems like you have become unsatisfied with me sucking your cock and making you cum in my mouth. Is it something I have done wrong that bothers you?” I asked him.

“No, there’s nothing wrong. I really enjoy shooting my load in your mouth and telling you to swallow it all. Maybe there’s something with YOU that is the problem,” he said.

“No, it’s not coming from me,” I said calmly because I didn’t want to upset my master. “I enjoy servicing you as much as I did when we first met. Remember? I wasn’t gay back then but once I got the taste of your cock and the juice that comes out of it I was hooked. I am no longer straight and I don’t even want to look at a woman.”

“That makes me excited to know my cock has that much of an effect on you,” David replied. “In fact, would you like to suck me off right now?”

“Would I? Of course I would!” I exclaimed.

“Too bad, my dear boy, I was just kidding! You Kayaşehir Escort only get fed when I say so and now is not the time. However, if you want to lick and kiss my legs have at it.” It wasn’t very hard for him to know how much I liked kissing and licking his smooth skin. It made my undersized dick get hard, which was always nice for me, but unless David said I could jerk off I wasn’t allowed to take care of it.

I was a little disappointed that my master set me up like that. But if all I was allowed to do with my black owner at that time was lick and kiss his ultra smooth legs I sure wasn’t going to turn it down, so I said, “Yes, may I?”

David pulled his shorts down a bit and bared his sexy, smooth legs. I immediately jumped at the chance by getting on my knees in front of him as he sat on a chair, and reaching out and touching his thighs, I licked them up and down. I also kissed every inch of them. I especially liked when he lifted his one leg up so I could kiss the back of his thigh. I was really infatuated with my owner’s legs, but it only lasted about five minutes because David told me to stop because he was supposed to be somewhere in a half hour. I knew better than to question him about where he had to go so I just kept my mouth shut and watched him get dressed and walk out the door. So there I was, kneeling on the floor in front of where David sat, and watching him get ready to leave while my cock had become fully erect and without permission to jerk off. So frustrating but also so exciting!

“Now don’t you do anything with your hard on while I’m gone,” he told me.

“Yes, Master!” I replied.

My heart went pitter patter as I anxiously waited for my sexy man to return. It was about three hours later when I heard him return.

“Come on in,” I heard him say, “and meet my boyfriend and servant.” Who could he be talking to? I felt kind of bad because David was with someone else. And it sounded like a familiar female giggle coming from the person who was with him.

David entered the apartment and with him was my ex-girlfriend Lexi! I could not believe what I saw! I was hurt to the core and when they came in and sat down together I began to cry. Lexi?? Why in the world did David bring her home?

“Billy, I don’t think I have to introduce you two, do I?” he asked. “You remember Lexi, right? We had dinner together tonight and she wanted to see where I live, so I brought her home.”

“Buy why?” I asked him. “I thought you and I were a couple?”

David replied, “This doesn’t mean there’s nothing between you and me anymore. This just means you and Lexi are going to share this fine black cock.”

“But, Lexi, what about your parents? What do they think about you going to bed before you get married?” I asked her.

“Bill, that was before. This is now. Once I felt the strength Kayaşehir Escort Bayan of David’s manhood I wanted it more and more and I don’t care what Mom and Dad think,” she said very coolly to me.

“The strength? You mean you and David have already had sex?”

“Not only have we done it but guess what, Bill? I’m going to have his baby! Oh, I can’t wait to see how beautiful a child from him will be!” she said, smiling, looking at David.

Wow! That was a lot to wrap around my brain so fast. It didn’t seem that long ago that I was madly in love with her, then things went a different way and I fell in love with David, or should I say David’s cock! Now here he brings home the blonde woman that I was once planning to have a family with and she’s about to have his baby!?

“When are you due, Lexi?” I asked.

“We will have our baby in about 6 months. Isn’t that exciting?” she said.

Yeah, right, really exciting, isn’t it? I thought to myself. Then it dawned on me. What am I going to do when that happens.

“David, what’s going to become of us when she has your baby?” I asked him. “I mean, what’s going to become of me?”

“I will probably just have you live here and be our servant,” he matter of factly said. “You know, with a baby for Lexi to take care of who else would do the house keeping and the cooking and stuff like that?”

“Well, usually it would be the husband, right?” I said. “So that would be you.”

“You’re kidding, right?” he shot back. “Both of you cannot get enough of this fine cock so as I see it, it would be one of you. But Lexi here won’t be able to because she’ll be raising our child and taking care of me. So that leaves you!”

“But what if I don’t want that? What if I decide to move out? What will happen then?” I asked.

“Bill, get over here,” David told me. “Don’t walk, crawl. You got me all excited by your disagreeing so get over here NOW. I want to cum in your mouth right here in front of your ex-girlfriend.”

“Really?” said Lexi. “You make him suck your dick? This I have to see. A man sucking another man’s cock? That is so cool!”

David knew I couldn’t resist his order to blow him. And deep inside I wanted nothing else. It was a little strange, though, with my old girlfriend watching, but obviously she already knew what kind of package David had. After all she WAS carrying his baby.

So, true to form, I got on my knees and crawled over to my black master. He had already slid that gorgeous cock out of his trousers and was stroking it to get it at full mast.

When I got there I just looked at it in awe. It was so damn pretty and long, but first I knew I had to look up into David’s eyes, begging, until he gave me the okay to get on with my instructions. David, of course, teased me for a few minutes and wouldn’t let me do what I wanted Escort Kayaşehir to do the most, which was lick and suck his dick. Instead he held that snake and rubbed it on my face and lips for awhile.

Finally, he looked at Lexi and motioned to her what was about to happen. He then nodded ever so slightly and I first stuck my tongue out so David could rest his dominant cock on it. A few minutes later he nodded his head again and said, “Okay.”

That was my cue and I reached out and took his rod in my hand and began to lick it. Oh, my, I thought. It was so smooth and tasty and I didn’t want that time to ever end. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he slid his lovely dick into my mouth. He then motioned for Lexi to come sit next to him and she did. She placed her one hand on his thigh and the two of them kissed very affectionately. So there I was, sucking this fine black man’s huge cock while he kissed my ex-girlfriend. I don’t know why but that really turned me on and my 5 inch dick became hard.

Surprisingly Lexi was able to break away from kissing him long enough to ask him what happens when he shoots his load. “Oh,” said David, “I have taught Billy Boy to swallow the whole load and he’s learned to like it.”

“David, you are too much! I hope I can see it when he swallows your goo,” she said.

“Just hold on a bit and before too long you’ll see it first hand,” David told her. “It’s getting close so let’s keep kissing until Billy has done his job.” Not only did the two of them kiss but as they kissed passionately Lexi took her hand and put it on the back of my head and wouldn’t let me back off!

In just a few minutes David started moaning, then the moans got louder until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He tensed up and let out a louder moan and finally gave way to his orgasm. He grabbed the back of Billy’s head and held him close as he emptied his full load in Billy’s mouth.

Billy swallowed every drop of it and that caused David to ask, “Have you been practicing with someone else? You swallowed all of it this time.”

“No, sir, I only ever have sucked one man’s cock and that man is you,” Billy said.

Lexi chimed in and said, “David, that was so cool! I have never seen a man suck a cock before. I can see now why Bill broke off our relationship. He rather would have had your beautiful cock than me, and I don’t blame him now!”

“Yes, but his times with me are almost over. I am now devoted to you, Lexi, and that means Billy must go. Unless, of course, we want him to remain on as our servant.”

“David,” she said, “it sounded very interesting when you told us Billy would remain here with us even after we’re married to do the housework and the cooking and the other domestic things. Couldn’t we just keep him here?” she said as she kissed him again and again.

“Yes, my dear, we can keep him if that would make you happy. Perhaps he can even learn to lick your pussy after I cum inside you. Besides, we can always use his money!”

“David, I love you,” she exclaimed.

“I love you, too!” David said. And he and she went back to their kissing while Bill sat there ogling his fine body.

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