Getting Filled Ch. 03

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The story of Raven continues. A Hispanic college student from Albuquerque who explores her sexuality with the help of a trucking company. The first and second stories were quickies, but I’m continuing on with some more adventures. This story is about an outright gangbang, and seeing just how much she can handle. Enjoy, but don’t try this at home!


Raven pulled into the gas station at the truck stop, because they had the cheapest gas. It was near the university, and on her way home. She wondered what she was going to do today as she got out of the car. Classes were over, she was off of work, and had the rest of the afternoon to herself.

The summer heat of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was intense. So intense, that even the skimpiest clothes were suffocating.

Raven had never known a summer like this, not ever.

So she didn’t care what people thought about her super short and thin white mini-skirt, or super thin white strapless sports bra. Both revealed a little too much. She shaved her pussy but her a dark patch of pubic hair, which could just barely be seen through the skirt’s thin material. And her dark nipples showed, too. Her white, open-toed, wedge heels completed the nightclub outfit.

Then there were the accessories, like her black inch-wide choker with a white cross as the center, and her silver bracelets, silver anklet, silver toe-rings, and silver and white pearl belly-button piercing. Big silver hoops on her ears, too. Blinged out in white and silver, and a little black to go with her raven black hair and black nail polish on toes and fingers alike.

She wore no panties, so she had to keep pulling her skirt down to keep herself covered. But since she got her clitoris pierced, she kind of liked showing it off. Raven had become extroverted at age twenty.

She had become friends with Jack and Hammer of Jack Hammer Transportation Services, but hardly saw them these days. She had met them when they got their business going almost a year ago, when they were trucking. She had met them at this very truck stop by accident, and let them fuck the shit out of her in their truck. Ever since, she’d become the best friend of many trucker friends, men that came through town, were often single, handsome, and not into lot lizard lots and skanks, and business partners or old war veterans with Jack and Hammer. They had served in the Gulf War, which took place before she was even born.

So Raven had given up on boyfriends in college, got more school work done as a result, and didn’t bother with the club scene as much. What a freaking waste of time anyway. But she did like to dance sometimes with her best friends, who didn’t understand why she wasn’t into dating young idiots anymore.

Nah, she thought. These older men she’s been fucking knew how to fuck. And they feed her, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Orgasms by experienced men, and plenty of food. At least two or three times a week a new client came to through town for a “Fill-Up.” And she got a free dinner or breakfast, and filled up with plenty of cum.

Daniel was coming through town again, and would be there any minute, so she waited in the gift shop and checked to see if they had anything new. They would buy her anything now, so she wanted for nothing. It felt kinky to be a sort of private prostitute, but she never accepted or was offered money. That would cross the No Lot Lizard Line, as they called it. And it would attract the police. But Daniel was her favorite so far, younger than most of the other guys, had a Clint Eastwood look about him, cocky, confident, and really good in bed. He also was hung like a horse, and produced as much cum as one, too. He also liked to fuck in places other than his truck.

And there he was, coming towards her with a grin on his face. She smiled, and then turned away, pretending not to know him. Then when the time was right, she bent over to look at candy on the lowest shelf, showing off her shaved pussy and piercing to him. Look at his expression between her long dark legs, she saw him get a hard-on beneath his jeans at once.

“Holy shit,” he breathed. “You trying to kill me, girl? Damn!”

She stood back up and pouted, and gave him the best … Who? Me? … look in the world.

“I came for a fill-up. You got what I need?” she teased.

He looked like an animal, his mouth opening slightly, and she knew he needed to fuck badly. Her outfit only made it much worse for him.

He grabbed her by the upper arm, and escorted her … no … manhandled her … to the Men’s Restroom. Holy crap, it must be bad if he intended to fuck her in a public place. They had done this before, but only in the middle of the night when it was dead.

Two guys gaped at them, and she smiled as she was pushed into a toilet stall, and bent over the toilet. He put her palms against the tiled wall.

“Hold on, if you come in my pussy, I’ll be leaking all over the place. Come in my ass so I can hold it in for a while,” she said.

“Or you can sit down and swallow it,” he countered.

“Nah, I need it in the ass,” she konak escort replied.

She knew the men outside could overhear them, and she heard them make some comments.

“I got KY in my purse,” she said.

Daniel got it out of her small purse, and lubed his already hard cock up. Then he fingered her anus gently, and then more insistently, pushing his middle finger all the way up her ass. She loved the way it felt, and pushed her hips and ass back towards him as he then finger-fucked her anus.

“Damn, you’re tight,” he breathed.

She reached back and cupped his huge balls, smooth and shaven and clean. They filled her small hand with their weight, and she longed for them to be drained into her.

“Give it to me, Danny,” she breathed. “Fuck my ass.”

He pressed the tip of his cock against her anus, and pushed. She felt herself stretch wide for him, and hissed from the pain of it. Oh, but it felt so good, too.

She handed him a wipe to clean his finger. Got to always have wipes with anal sex.

He was slow and gentle as he pushed into her, and then pulled out. He knew how to work her ass. This was not their first rodeo. Deeper he went, and the louder she groaned with pain and pleasure. Deeper, and then out, and then deeper than before, until he had worked his whole nine inches of hard meat into her rectum. The pressure deep inside was uncomfortable at first, as it always was. That was just her inner muscle being stubborn, and her colon keeping him out. Eventually her inner muscles relaxed and it started to feel really good.

“Pump my ass, baby,” she breathed, biting her lip.

The tip of him entered her colon, she was sure. Deep inside her guts where he didn’t belong, violating her completely. Out a few inches, and then back in, and he began to pump faster, moaning as he did so.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” she breathed. “Don’t hold back. Cum in my ass!”

He then reached around and rubbed her clit gently with his finger, playing with her knew little gold ring that pierced it. This made her moan even more, and made her come hard a moment later. She was easy!

“You open for business inside there? Or is this a private club?” some stranger asked outside the stall.

“Fuck off, this is a private club,” Daniel said.

“Fucking cock-tease!” another man said.

A text came in, and by the ringtone she had assigned to it, she knew it was another trucker. Shit, had another one come into town? She kept her iPhone in her strapless sports bra between her tits, and brought it out.

“You got to check that now?” Daniel complained as he was building up to an orgasm.

“Yeah, it’s one of your buddies,” she replied. “Hello? Brian?”

“Hey, baby. I’m in town. In fact, a bunch of us are in town. Me, Jason, Jordan, and Diego. I don’t know if you do gangbangs, or how many men you can handle, but we’ll all here.”

She had to think about this for a moment, shocked to have so many visits at the same moment her ass was being pumped.

“Shit, Brian, I’m being fucked in the ass by Brian as we speak.”

“Where, in his truck?”

Daniel took the phone out of her hand, and talked to his friend himself.

“Damn it, Brian, it’s my turn to get some. You guys will have to get in line,” he laughed.

Bent over and taking it, she just enjoyed the moment of pleasure and his conversation with other men who had all fucked her in the past. Being this popular was awesome.

“Yeah, in the bathroom stall right now,” Daniel said.

Then he talked to her.

“They want to know if you want a train thrown on you right here,” Daniel asked.

“Sure,” she said, surprising herself. “Take a picture of me from behind.”

She had never had a train thrown on her. New Mexico slang for gangbang. Well, unless you counted two men, but that was a threesome. More than that was a gangbang.

Daniel took a picture of his cock up her ass, and then sent it to the other guys. Then he handed her back the phone, grabbed her waist firmly, and started really pumping her good and hard. She almost dropped her phone as she read the incoming texts.

Get in line, boys, she texted them all. But I expect to be taken out to the movies, to a nice restaurant, and shopping for some nice clothes for this!

The response was unanimous. Whatever you want, baby.

Just then, Daniel came in her ass, deep into her, moaning loudly as he did so. He jerked hard into her, and she came a moment after as his balls slapped her pussy and clit.

“Oh yeah, Danny, fucking drain those balls in me!” she breathed as she grabbed his balls and held them in place, squeezing them like fruit, as if she could squeeze all his nut out into her ass. “Oh yeah.”

He pulled out of her slowly, and she clenched her butt cheeks to hold his cum inside her. She didn’t want it leaking out just yet. It felt weird, but it felt good, too. His slick, softening cock slid out of her, and she stayed there, bent over with her legs spread over the toilet. If she couldn’t keep his cum in, it would go right manisa escort into the toilet, too.

Then the four of other men arrived, they kicked everyone else out of the bathroom, and took over.

Jordan was a huge black man, and he paid the truck stop manager a hundred bucks to close the bathroom with in service signs. The manager wanted a piece of her, too, but Jordan shook his head.

“This is a private fucking party, and this here girl is an exclusive lady. Got it? Good. Now fuck off.”

“Hi Jordan!” Raven said. “Brian, Jason, Diego. Why are you all here at the same time?”

“A meeting with Jack and Hammer. They are coming later.”

“No shit?” she said. “They want to get in on this?”

“Yep,” said Brian. “We told them what was going on, and they are in.”

They were all good friends that trusted each other, even with their lives. They all knew if one of them was lying about having an STD or HIV or something, they would all get it.

“You sure you can handle all of this, baby? In the ass, or both?”

“All in the ass,” she replied. “I want to see how much cum I can hold.”

“Damn, you crazy,” Jordan said.

So they got on with it. Brian had called second after Daniel, so he went next. KY was passed around, and everyone got their cocks lubed up and ready. She felt Brian’s hard cock slide into her ass nicely, since she was already lubed up it was easy. No need to stretch her out and get used to it. But she still enjoyed the intense stretching of her anus and rectum, and the throbbing cock deep inside her.

“Fuck me hard and fast, and don’t hold back since there are so many of you.”

So Brian did just that, grabbing her waist, and fucking the shit out of her ass … literally maybe. He came nearly at once, pumping another load of cum into her rectum.

Then another man got behind her, grabbed her waist, inserted his cock into her anus, and started pumping away. A third load of nut, the man groaning as she moaned, and that deep satisfaction a man must feel.

Every time felt good, it felt right. It felt nice to have cock inside her, and for men to shudder with orgasm each time. She did not come every time, but she didn’t care. This was an experiment. How much cock in her ass could she handle? How much cum could she hold inside herself?

Jordan was last, and the largest of them all with an eleven-inch long monster cock. She was sore by the time four guys came into her ass. But it was Jordan she was worried about.

“You sure about this?” he asked. “I never done you in the ass before, because you be too scared before.”

He hurt her pussy last time. Fucked her twice real good, and that was all she could handle. And he came a lot. She was sure he could cum a pint.

“Just don’t take your sweet time, Jordan, and come as quickly as you can.

Two more arrived, and she looked back and saw it was Jack and Hammer, staring in awe at her.

“Damn, girl, you’re crazy,” Hammer said. “You sure you can take two more? After that monster?”

Jordan stepped aside, and looked at them.

“I’ll be last. Let my bosses go next,” he said.

“No, that’s fine. Get yours, I want to watch,” Jack said.

“No, because I will hurt the most. Do it before she chickens out.”

So Jack came up behind her, and lubed up, and inserted his cock into her ass.

“Yeah, just like that,” she said. “You two were the first to fuck my ass when the Cowboys lost.”

She was jackhammered by both men, as she like to say, right in the ass by their big white dicks. She was not as sore afterward as she thought, despite now having received the loads of six men.

Jordan came up behind her last again, and inserted his huge cock, stretching her with his girth enough to cause pain. But she took it like a champ, pushing her ass back over his shaft to show the how brave she was. It felt good sliding deeper and deeper into her, different than her pussy. A pussy was designed to be fucked. But being fucked in the ass was intrusive, invasive, and more intense.

“Damn, girl, you crazy,” Jordan said. “You ass feels hot, and slick. You let me know if you want me to stop.”

“No,” she replied. “You get yours, no matter what. Pump my fucking ass and cum in it. No matter how much I scream.”

And she did scream, and moan, and groan, and took it. She took one for the team. Orgasm from this or not, she enjoyed the giant cock pushing its way all the way up her ass, deep into her guts, digging into her.

Then, at the last moment, before Jordan exploded his pint, she did come hard. Real hard, her legs shaking badly. She moaned loudly as she came. Then Jordan came, and she felt his hot pint of semen gush deep into her. That had to be her colon, where all that cum was now. The cum of seven different guys all inside her, mingled together.

The thought made her come again, and again, in shuddering orgasms one less intense than the last, until it stopped.

“You okay?” the men asked her.

She realized she had screamed loudly when she came one last menderes escort time.

“Yes,” she said, standing tall and straight and coming out of the stall, keeping her ass cheeks closed. “I’m fine. Let me clean up. I’m hungry now.”

She wiped her raw, sore anus clean with a couple of wipes, but no cum gushed out yet. It was her personal challenge to remain filled up, and see how long she could keep it in her ass.

“So this is what it’s like to be a cum-bucket?” she giggled.

The men used up the rest of her wipes cleaning their dicks. She was glad she didn’t see any shit on any dicks, which would be embarrassing.

* * *

The eight of them walked over to the nearby hotel, the nicest one around actually, and got a room. Of course they did not tell the front desk how many there were.

Then they all took showers. She stayed naked and wet and helped wash them all, enjoying being the bitch of so many hot and handsome guys. Then she let Jack and Hammer wash her body, and touch her tender anus in curiosity.

“Don’t touch it, it’s getting no more action today,” she said.

Cleaned up and ready to go, and she still dressed like a stripper, a minivan that seated eight, and therefore all of them, was rented and they went out on the town.

“Where do you want to eat? Dressed like that, we will get plenty of attention.”

As if to emphasize his point, she lifted up one leg in her seat, making her thin skirt go back enough for them all to see her pussy in the sunlight. Jordan felt compelled to touch it then and there, and she loved his big fingers on her clitoris, and sliding into her wet pussy.

“Shit, you guys are going to be ready soon enough. Better eat soon. Let’s just do Sonic,” she said.

“I thought you wanted a fancy lunch or dinner?” Jason asked.

Jason was a sturdy Germanic type, taller than them all, intimidating even Jordan with his size and strength. Jordan still beat them all on dick size, though.

“And a movie,” Brian added.

“A movie after. But we can eat in the car. And fuck, too.”

“You still got all of our cum in your ass, baby?” Jack asked.


“Damn,” Hammer said. “That’s better than porn.”

“Porn is fake,” she replied. “I’m real.”

So they pulled up to Sonic, and ordered from the menu. It was a big order, and while they waited with the air conditioning going, they played around. A nipple being teased, her pussy being fingered, a kiss here and there.

How many girls got so much attention? Seven guys? Hell no. She felt like a slut and a princess! Princess Harlot, which should be her name.

The girl delivering their food saw her, and the guys she was with, and seemed shocked. Maybe a little envious? Maybe frightened for her?

They ate junk food and shakes, and then drove off. It was midafternoon now, and the hottest part of the day. And she was horny as fuck.

“You’re in charge, princess.”

“How long you guys in town for?”

“Just tonight and tomorrow. Got to leave by afternoon. So you got seven men ready to treat you to whatever you want.”

“Then we have plenty of time. It’s a two hour trip to the hot springs in Las Vegas.”

She grinned, knowing they would assume the wrong Vegas. And sure enough, one of them looked at her like she was crazy or stupid.

“Raven, Vegas is a ten-hour drive at least!”

“Not that Vegas, silly. Las Vegas, New Mexico.”

She pulled her white top and skirt off, as well as he heels, and just got naked for the long ride. With a mischievous look, and feeling giddy and excited as fuck, she started kissing and touch the men within her reach.

Cocks were unzipped, and her hands touched one, or two at a time, and then she would crawl to the second row and play around, then to the front and tease the driver.

So many cocks!

“I dare you to get down with us to get coffee in a gas station in the middle of nowhere,” Jordan said. “Just your high-heels. See if the clerk and customers say a word with all your men around you.”

The thought excited her.

“A dare? How much?”

“Thought you weren’t a whore!” Daniel laughed, touching a nipple.

“I don’t take money for sex. But I make bets for dares, sweetie. How much?”

“A hundred bucks.”

“Fuck no!”

“A thousand then.”

“Now you are talking. I’ll do it. But it has to be an isolated gas station in the middle of nowhere. We should pass a few on the way to Vegas.”

Meanwhile, she began riding Danny’s big dick erect from his zipper. A naked girl sitting in the lap of a fully clothed man. They were all fully clothed but for her. It made her feel even sluttier.

She rode them all, but this time she didn’t want them to come in her pussy. That could wait.

“Let me know when you are close, then I want to swallow your cum. All of you. Let’s see how much my stomach can handle now.”

“You crazy, Raven.”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

One by one she rode their dicks, and brought herself to an orgasm with each of them. She liked reaching back and rubbing their balls as their hard cocks slide up and down inside her pussy.

Then, just before they would come, she got off them, got on the floor board or sat in someone else’s lap, and sucked them off. Warm, gushing cum filled her mouth each time, and she hungered for it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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