Getting Her Off – 1st Person Perspective

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I love the way your body looks, lying naked on your front on the bed. Skin smooth and soft, glowing and still warm from the bath. The muscles in your shoulders and back subtly defined by the position of your arms as you rest your head on them, face to the side with a micro-curl at the corner of your lips. Your slow deep breathing raising your frame and sinking deeper into the mattress with each inhale and exhale. Comfortable, safe, warm. You give me the side-eye — a knowing, playful look — as I position myself straddling your hips in just my boxers, before closing your eyes again with a deeper sigh as you relax into this slow purposeful foreplay.

My hands, warm, start a light massage of your shoulders and back, kneading a few knots lightly with my palms in a way that pulls the occasional relaxing groan from your lips. I smile to myself, knowing it’s about this point that you always wonder, usually out loud – “how does he always know where exactly where they are?” – always a little surprised how easy I read you. But that’s not the kind of deep-tissue therapy we’re here for.

So my touch turns a little lighter, fingertips now, that start to trace with smooth motions from your hair-line and graze southwards — light as I can — following the curves onto your shoulders. It’s my attempt to not touch your skin at all, but to skip thru the tiny invisible hairs that line it all over, so as to be as imperceptibly perceptible as possible. I follow the curves further round to your collar bone, outlining it and running fingertips along the ridge. One hand follows the other, middle and index fingers only to make contact. Reaching your right shoulder, they lead up onto your back, snake “S-shaped” towards your spine and back out again towards your side. Still following one hand after the other, lightly so lightly, they stroke your side over your ribs, before circling back upwards — tickling a little as they go — closer now to your front than your back, as I inch my touch towards your side boob. Your skin here, so soft and sensitive causes you to tense and roll your shoulders up a little and let out an audible nasal breath, turning your face into the sheets for a second. I reply with a soft chuckle and quiet moan of my own appreciation.

Watching the way you react gives such satisfaction. Without pause I turn my hands over and lead with my wrists: lightly dragging the back of my fingers behind as I move them to your left side now to repeat with further stroking the as-yet-unstimulated nerves on your left side.

Small meandering movements in my stroking, pauses and breaking contact measured in half-moments as I write unknown shapes up and down, left and right across your skin. One hand always leading, swapping and leap-frogging, but always together so far, in un-rushed movements has guided your attention and focus to where I am concentrating my touch. Because of this, while I maintain soft movements on your left lower back with my left hand, you are unprepared for a second site of touch as I subtly, quietly manoeuvre my right to the back of your neck and shoulder again. Your reaction Porno comes out as some combination of a small jump and a moan. I can get away with a couple more of these dual location touches, the anticipation of the floating hand visiting a second location after a delay is something I can play with — both how long before I make contact and where.

I feel your hips rocking, with the forward thrust into the mattress having subtly more tension than the back-swing. It’s a subtle movement, but I can tell that the blood and energy have been building in your pelvis under the sensation of my touch.

I take my cue to shift my weight and legs off your hips and resettle myself by your calves. My hands still haven’t left contact with your skin, those snaking movements now make their way lower — index fingers tracing from each side of your waist to your spine, they are brought together to tickle-dip for a brief second at the very top of your ass crack before heading back apart over your respective cheeks. My hands follow the silhouette curves of your ass down the side and meet up again, slowly, as I softly stroke the back of my middle fingers on the bottom shelf of your ass. They draw closer to your asshole and back of your vagina — and both of us are acutely aware of how close I’m getting. Your breathing changes pace and depth just noticeably, and you tilt yourself upwards slightly, – your lips peeking out from between your thighs as you do — hoping I might indulge your desire to go there, but the light teasing isn’t over yet.

Instead, I turn the backs of my hands together and — still using primarily just one fingertip per hand — follow the curve of your legs to your inner thigh, coming tantalising close to your pussy but denying that touch, only the lightest graze of your majora, and then on with those fingers to your inner thigh. You gasp, bounce your hips and let out a frustrated half-moan as I continue fluid slow movements down your inner thigh. You’re sensitive here anyway, and the teasing and light touch continues frustrate in the best way. You part your legs a little. It gives me more access, but you almost do it instinctively in perfect coordination with my movement. I know we’re synced up, my touch and your body, and your movements, tenses, arching, moans, breaths and rocking will only continue to guide me. With the parting of your legs, I can continue to tickle down halfway towards your knee and back up, and be more or less rotated towards your front of back as I choose. I can also see all of you, and the wetness is beginning to glisten on your lips, fuller and more pink now.

You’re no longer resting your head to just one side, instead flipping it restlessly left and riggt, or digging your nose into the mattress. Your hips buck in eagerness, as if reaching, each time I bring my touch closer to your pussy. With each pass I get closer, until I’m stoking — with slightly heavier touch now — your majora. Still achingly close but not conceding yet. You moan and sigh, you know I’m playing with you yet and about to give in.

I lean up, position my right Altyazılı Porno thigh between your legs. Right hand cups your right ass cheek, fingers curling round close to your vagina and asshole, and I lean my weight into you — my chest making skin-to-skin contact with your back as I plant kisses on the left side of your face. You reach out to hold my face in your left palm as I kiss towards your ear, nibble gently on the lobe, and breath softly but steadily into your ear. The teasing is about to end and now you know it. You press your hips back and up, the tips of my fingers on my right hand and my right thigh pressing into your wetness before I pull away.

I kiss my way back down your body. Meanwhile middle and index fingers of my hand have been placed either side of your pussy. I squeeze these together, pursing up your pussy lips — not lightly, but not painfully either — and spreading them again as I continue to kiss my way down. I place a pillow under your hips to angle you up slightly and position my head between your legs. I take a long and satisfying inhale your smell, see your wetness, and then stick out my tongue to probe lightly. Starting with the left lip, I trace the outline up- around your vagina on the outside, and back down the right lip. Your stunted and held breaths coupled with your light writhing lets me know how worked up you are, as if the heat emanating and wetness wasn’t clue enough. I love the language of your body. I take a long laps of your wetness before pressing my tongue inside you. As I do so I take a grip of each hip at the top of your ass and pull you on to my tongue. You moan as I do this, and as I pull my tongue out and motion down towards your clit the moaning turns into feigned suffering as you try to buck your bud onto my tongue.

Finally, I roll over your clit with my tongue, before pursing my lips together in a kiss that sucks it in, creating a little suction as I pull my lips off. Another satisfied moan escapes your lips as I do this once more. But before any more, I straighten up, and begin to flip you over, allowing you to understand the intention to turn over. When you do we lock eyes and I give you a look that is simultaneously cocky, eager, appreciative and full of desire.

Left hand on your right thigh, me positioned between them, and right hand riding up your body — applying pressure on your hip bone, lighter then over your skin, cupping and grasping your boob then finally up your neck, over your jaw to your face. You take my thumb in your mouth, rolling your warm wet tongue over and around the tip which drives me crazy. I smile. You’ve got horny in your eyes, cheeks flushed, nodding as you stare back at me. I take my hand back, reposition myself level with my head between your legs and give you a final deep look as I kiss my way over your mound towards the top of your vulva. Our eye contact breaks as I take you in my mouth — opened wide and tongue out, sweeping up through your wetness until my mouth becomes a small suction cup over your clit. You at this time tilt your head back, moaning deeply as Brazzers you do and lifting your shoulders slightly off the bed as you arch your back for a moment.

I settle into a comfortable position to continue to eat you out. My mouth and tongue focussing exclusively on your clit now. With practiced experience I run my tongue over your clit in circles. My left hand tugging from your mound to expose you further, while the right hand positioned under my chin lets me insert on finger, then two, into your wetness. You moan in delight as I enter you and continue to draw circles over your clit. I position my fingers inside upwards, making beckoning ‘come hither’ movements in matching pace with my lapping tongue. Working pressure on your clit from the outside and complementing with the pressure on the inside I work into a rhythm aided by the raising and dropping of your hips as you writhe on my face. Your heavy breathing, moaning and arching of your back also helps me notice the right pressure and pace you need at this time.

So well do does your body communicate that before long I can tell you’re building. The wetness rolling over my chin and knuckles; the increased internal resistance as you tighten around my fingers. I know when not to change a damn thing. Your breathing and moaning deeper now. Intermittent “fuck.. Oh Fuck”s. I hear the sound of your nails and fingers gripping and stretching bedsheet fabric by your side. Your back arching harder and dropping and arching again.

You don’t always announce it explicitly when you’re cumming but it’s always hot when you do. It’s even hotter when that statement leads the way by a good long while. I know not to let up. Your bucking and writhing now is too extreme hold your hood back, so I free my left hand up to squeeze your tit medium-hard, before I need it to help hold your hips down while I cement my mouth over the top of your vulva. My fingers still work expertly up and down inside you, and my head matches your erratic hip bouncing as best I can so my tongue can keep furious contact with your clit as you ride out the peak for what seems like a awesomely long time.

Finally, amid loud moans and curses to the gods, your pelvis thrusts up, before tilting back down hard — my mouth keeping lock-step, and fingers not letting up — and you shudder and cum hard, face screwed in painfully exquisite pleasure – unaware of yourself and the digging grip you now have on my left arm trying to steady you. I maintain the contact a little longer as waves of ‘omgwshfsfg’ travel within and you finally back away from my tongue, your oversensitive clit still throbbing and shooting pleasure throughout your body and your thighs collapse and clap together in a turbulent wobble that tells me it was pretty fucking intense. My fingers still trapped inside you but minimised now in the amount I move them while you ride it out — occasionally giving them a curl inside you to send a new spasm racing through until you have to back up “okay Okay. Omg. Yep. Okay” – I exit you – “okay yep. Fuck. Omg.”

I watch you in admiration as you try to catch your breath, your eyes — when open — looking slightly unable to focus for a while. Eventually the heavy inbreath and complimentary exhale sigh, as you rest one hand on your chest and try to recover yourself lets me know that the beginning is now over.

Hope you enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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