GILF Anna’s Oral Servant Ch. 03

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a story about an older woman having sex with a young man, and contains some domination and “forced” cum eating, so if this doesn’t appeal to you, please don’t read it. If it does, please enjoy and vote accordingly. Thank you!


Anna was feeling mischievous. The lovely 60-something grandmother had been following her good friend Deb’s advice, availing herself of the very pleasant services of Juan, a gorgeous young Latino stud with an expertise in providing older women oral gratification.

Anna had been lamenting her lack of sex life with her long-time husband, Bill, a miserable, work-addicted sort who never deigned to perform oral on his lovely wife, nor provide any sexual satisfaction at all, preferring his work to his spouse. So Deb, a single woman of Anna’s age with a deliciously deviant sex drive that included bedding men 40 years her junior, had talked Anna into meeting up with Juan, to alleviate her stress, to put her into a “cum coma,” as she indelicately called it, that marvelous fog of post-oral sex.

Anna went along with it and was quite glad she did. She’d met up with Juan twice, once at her house when Bill was again at work one night, another time in the backseat of her car in the beach parking lot just down the street from her home. That was the best so far, so forbidden, so romantic, so young feeling in it lustful intensity. The first time, Juan had just performed the most fantastic oral on Anna, devouring her hairy pussy and tasting her ass, the first time anyone had devoted such naughty attention to her bum. And the second time, he did it all, and they made love, Juan cleaning her up after with his magical mouth. His willingness to lick and suck his own cum from her body was nothing Anna had ever experienced before.

She loved it. And wanted more. It had been a few days since their second interlude and she was aching for release again. She called Deb and they talked about it.

“Ya know, baby, I think you need to ambush the boy,” Deb laughed. “You know, find him, take him by force, take that handsome face of his in your pussy and make him satisfy you!”

“Lord, Deb, you are truly too much,” Anna sighed. “Take him? Take his face? He’s such a nice young man, so kind, so gentle, so…”

“Willing to do anything, and I mean anything you want, sugar,” Deb interjected. “Trust me, he’ll play along. I do it all the time.”

“Seriously?” Anna asked, interest piqued, her pussy moistening at the thought of a random attack on the young stud’s face.

“‘Oh, yeah,” Deb said with a low growl. “One time, I went to where he works, he’s a low-level manager at a hedge fund downtown, has a tiny little office in a corner, very hidden away. I marched in, threw my legs over his head as he sat in his chair, and boom, one of the best orgasms of my life! Tell ya, it’s so worth it, I’m grinding away on his face, squeezing him in my thighs as he leaned back in his chair…fuck, getting so horny thinking about it, may have to do that again now!”

“Not so fast there, girlfriend,” Anna laughed, her mind racing with the image of her horny friend slamming her crotch into her young lover’s licking face. “This is me we’re talking about, not you…”

“There you go!” Deb laughed. “See, you got a dominant streak in you, kiddo. Use it. Today. Now.”

Anna looked down at herself. She’d just come back from a five-mile run on this hot morning and was drenched in sweat, feeling not at all clean. But Juan didn’t care, he liked his older women ripe, as Deb once told her.

“Damn right!” Anna said with a giggle.

“He works over on B Street, the mercantile building, Landgrove Investing, fourth floor, office to the far right,” Deb said.

“Jesus, Deb, you want me to be a stalker Ankara travesti like you?” Anna laughed.

“Sexy thing, stalking, if you do it right,” Deb said, continuing with “every morning he takes the cross-town bus near his house to work. That gives you some options.”

“Hmmm, the bus, huh?” Anna mused out loud.

“Oh, you are bad, girl, so bad!” Deb laughed. “I like how you’re starting to think!”

Anna jumped in her car, still sweaty from her run, in silky green running shorts, tight white t-shirt, ball cap on her head with her silky silver hair tucked beneath in a ponytail, big sunglasses, and short white running socks and sneakers. She felt dirty and alive as she drove across the city, her luscious, sinewy tanned thighs clenching and unclenching, imagining Juan’s dark face locked between them.

She found the bus stop and parked around the corner. Walking toward it, she saw Juan, impeccably dressed and drop-dead handsome, waiting with his briefcase. She walked up beside him. They were the only two at the stop.

“Get on the bus and go to the back,” she said as she stood next to him.

He turned to face her, a confused look on his face at first, then breaking into a grin.

“Mrs. Wilson, my, what a surprise!” he said, about to lean over and peck her cheek.

Her hand and unsmiling face stopped him. He looked startled.

“Just do what you’re told, Juan, do you understand?” she said coldly, embracing the sudden urge to take control of this young man. “Back of the bus. Just you. And me.”

He let out a low groan, his smile now incredulous, a hint of desperation in it, much to Anna’s delight.

“Of course, Mrs. Wilson, of course,” he said.

The bus pulled up. They got on, walking past the scant few passengers in front to the back, she by the window, Juan to her right. The bus pulled away.

“How long do you have?” she asked, affecting an icy tone.

“Uh, 10 minutes, depending on traffic,” he answered, looking at her as she looked straight ahead.

She pulled her shorts down and off, her big, sweat-matted bush commanding his wide-eyed stare. Spreading her thighs, she reached for his head and forced him to his knees in the tiny space before her, an awkward position that he crammed himself into. He looked up from between those muscular old thighs with an astonished smile.

“You mean…”

“You talk too much, stud,” Anna snarled.

She rammed his face to her hirsute, unwashed, sweaty pussy and locked her lusty silky thighs around it, draping her calves over his back and squeezing with her inner thigh muscles until he moaned in pain. He took the hint and instantly skewered her juicy hole with his tongue, spearing through the matted fur of it, plunging it in and out rapidly, grinding his nose against her clit.

“Fuckkkkkkk,” she hissed, relaxing and tensing her thighs, pumping harder and harder against his face, pushing on his back with her muscular calves to take his face deeper inside her milking pussy that threatened to suck the tongue out of his mouth. “So fucking gooooood…”

She looked straight ahead, over the heads of passengers in front, the bus lumbering to a stop to pick up more. Juan tensed. He lifted only his eyes to look at her, still ramming his tongue in and out of her moist pussy.

“I’ll keep watch, you keep eating, you’re not getting out of my headscissors until you’re done, boy,” she snarled without looking at him, squeezing her thighs until he moaned to make evident her intention. “Eat me, eat that dirty cunt!”

She couldn’t believe the words spilling out of her, words she’d never imagined saying, words that felt so right and pure in such a wrong and impure way as she twisted in her seat, clenching her thighs, swiveling her Konya travesti hips to bury Juan’s slavishly sucking face deeper inside her sex. More stops came and went, with passengers filling from the front toward the back. Now, they were as close as five rows away and she squeezed harder with her relentless thighs, grinding, taking his face, urging her orgasm along.

The bus stopped again. She looked ahead. There had been an accident and traffic was at a standstill, looking like it wouldn’t be moving for awhile. She tugged on the back of Juan’s head, pulling him in tight to her gushing snatch, looking down to see her muscular thighs bowed around it in an impossibly tight grip.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this’, she thought. ‘My God, this is so fucking hot…’

The bus driver got on his radio, put it down, turned to face the impatient passengers who were grousing in their seats and checking cell phones.

“Folks, looks like we’re stuck here,” he deadpanned. “Only got a few stops left, so if you wanna get out and walk the rest of the way, that might be the best bet.”

Groaning passengers got up and shuffled off the bus. Only Juan and Anna were left in the back. And to the driver, it only looked like Anna, as Juan remained on his knees, devouring his suddenly dominant mistress’s demanding pussy.

“Ma’am?” the driver called out.

“No, I’ll stay,” she answered. “I’m in no hurry to get anywhere.”

The driver shrugged and turned around to sit and wait. Juan looked up, eyes watering, face sweaty. He tried to speak through the hairy pussy he was enmeshed in and the smother of Anna’s punishing, squeezing thighs.

“Have to…call…work…” he mumbled.

“How DARE you!” she barked down at him loudly enough to make the driver look into his rear-view mirror wondering who she was talking to. “For that, you must clean my dirty asshole!”

She was consumed by the domination flooding her otherwise prissy sensibilities, unlocking her scissoring thighs to lift her legs up, slipping back in her seat and pressing her knees to the seat back in front of her, lifting her crotch up. The wet hairs around her tight rectum were a breath away from Juan’s nose and mouth. He gulped. He knew he was here to serve her, that’s what he did best, oralizing sexy older women, front and back. But, given the tenderness of their prior encounters, this caught him completely by surprise.

“But Mrs. Wilson…” He stammered.

“Smell it,” she heard herself hiss down at him, looking through dark glasses that hid the full flash of her determined eyes. “Smell Mrs. Wilson’s filthy asshole!”

“Oh, God,” he moaned, inching his nose so close to her asshole the hairs tickled it. “Oh, God…”

He sniffed the acrid, sweaty ripeness of it and stopped. She smiled darkly at him.

“Oh, it’s bad, isn’t it Juan, so very, very bad,” she cooed. “In you go!”

Using her hands, she pulled his head in, his nose slicing wetly into her pucker and held him there, forcing him to breathe her anal scent. This was something that even caught her by surprise, as she was making it all up on the fly, letting the dominant moment take her wherever her mind imagined. And as she looked down at the helpless, struggling boy desperately breathing her dirty ass surrounding her nose, she felt her orgasm swell inside her. She used one hand now on his head, pulling it out and slamming it forward, fucking her asshole with his nose. The other hand sliced into her furry snatch, dribbling her super-sensitive clit with her thumb while fucking herself with three fingers.

“Ohfuckohfuckohfuck,” she groaned, feeling her cum build, her juices coating her fingers, the plunging of them forcing a spray of her woman cream to jet out of her pussy and splash İzmir travesti Juan’s sweaty forehead and face, running down in a thick stream to her hairy asshole and his nose and down his chin into his mouth. “OHFUCK!”

She came hard and quickly and wetly, cupping Juan’s head and pulling his dark hair, impaling her asshole with his nose, making him moan in pain, fearful she’d break if off inside her punishing rectal ring. She finished up hunched forward, into her hand, over his face and then released, sitting back, panting, letting Juan’s face go. He panted for air as he squatted in the tiny space before his dominant mistress, looking up with astonished, appreciative eyes.

“Wow, Mrs. Wilson, I never…dear lord, that was…”

“I know,” she smiled darkly, bringing her soaking wet fingers to his mouth where he deliriously sucked them clean, one by one. “I know…”

She directed his face back to her pussy to clean the glistening dew-drops of cum from the hair, then down to scoop the remnants that had cupped into the sweet round of her asshole. He moaned, slurping his mistress’s juices in wantonly, savoring the taste, inhaling her musky, sweaty scent, and then looked back up at her.

“Mrs. Wilson,” he asked politely. “May I leave now?”

She pulled him up to sit next to her, his fine clothes soaked with suit, his pants bulging with beautiful hard cock. She looked ahead. The bus driver dozed in his seat, oblivious to the siren of an ambulance squeezing through the gridlock.

She said nothing, just looked at him through her shades, unsmiling – and unsnapped his pants, fisting his cock out with her small, bony hand and jerking him. His eyes fluttered and he gasped.

She leaned over, jerking his pre-cum soaked cock into her mouth, twisting her hand up and down, taking it deep inside and then slipping it out, over and over. She felt his body tense and within 30 seconds of her starting her scorching blowjob, she forced his load from his big, aching balls, thick ropes of cum that filled her cheeks and ran out the corners of her mouth to streak in pearly arcs around her chin and trickle to a stop on the sexy sweaty folds of her succulent neck flesh.

She popped her mouth off and sat up, cheeks bulging, pushing his cock inside his pants and zipping him up. Framing his astonished face in her hands, she kissed him forcefully, snowballing his load into his mouth, every thick, sweet drop of sperm, and then slipped a hand over his mouth. They were eye to eye, his wide open in sweet surrender, hers flashing behind her dark shades, inches apart. He swallowed with a huge gulp and smiled at her, dipping his face to lick her lips clean of his spunk, then the glistening streaks around her chin, finally nuzzling her neck to suckle his sperm from the slightly wrinkled wattle.

He finally stopped and watched as she silently slipped her shorts back on and motioned him to get up. They walked to the front of the bus, she in front.

“We decided to walk,” she told the driver, who snorted awake from his nap and looked up.

“Uh…we?” he asked, confused, looking behind her to the smiling, sheepish Latino young man standing there. “We? Where the hell where…where you sleeping back there or something?”

“Yes, sleeping,” she answered for him. “The door, please?”

He shrugged and opened it. The couple stepped out to the

gathering heat of early morning. Juan turned to face Anna.

“Thank you, thank you so much, dear lady,” he smiled, leaning in for a kiss on the cheek that still bore a slight smear of sperm.

Her hand stopped him. She lifted her sunglasses slightly.

She winked at him, turned and walked away, feeling his gaze on her supple tanned thighs and calves that had just been the bars of his sexual prison moments before. He sighed, turned and walked toward his office.

“I gotta take public transportation more often,” she laughed to herself, fishing her cell from her purse to call her best friend, the woman responsible for her own sexual awakening.

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