Gina and Cathy Pt. 01

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Cathy suffered in high school because she was heavier than what fashion demanded. She was pretty enough, with bright eyes under dark eyebrows, a pert nose, and a welcoming smile. She wasn’t obese, in fact not even technically overweight; but she was thick enough to get teased. Some boys called her “the well fed one” — not to her face, but it got back to her from other girls in her class. That made her even more shy than she was already, so her personality did not overcome her low social standing. It wasn’t her boobs that kept her from having a boyfriend — they might be a little small for her proportions, but they were generous enough to have thrilled any boy who might have had the courage to take her out and get his hands on them.

There were a couple of boys who went beyond the usual teasing. Cathy thought they must be somewhat attracted to her, otherwise they would just have ignored her. But one was in a class behind hers, and the other was not confident in his own social standing, and was afraid of ridicule if the other boys in his class thought he was going out with her.

There was nothing wrong with Cathy’s hormones, however. She had discovered the delights that her pussy could give her at a very young age, and she fingered herself to orgasm every night, and sometimes rubbed herself for a while in the morning, or when she got home after school. This habit was what led to her undoing.

Gina’s social standing was a completely different story. Outgoing and talkative, she was a popular girl, active in several clubs, and friends with most of her classmates. She too had a problem, however. She had known for a long time that she was interested in girls, and only in girls. If her classmates had realized this, she would not have been so popular in her school, so she made sure they had no clue about her orientation. She was an attractive girl, and had been invited out by many boys. She gave excuses for turning them down when she could, but had accepted a few dates when it would have been too awkward to have declined. She never allowed more than a good night peck on the cheek, however, and acquired a reputation as an ice queen when it came to dates. Eventually, the boys stopped asking her out. Someone speculated that she must have a boyfriend from another school. This idea was repeated enough times that it became the common understanding. Gina never lied about her relationships, but she did nothing to discourage the rumor when it got back to her.

Popular as she was, Gina was invited to a fair number of sleepovers. These were a pleasant torture for Gina. It was a total turn on for her to see the other girls in nothing but pajamas. Some had furry slippers, but at the beginning and end of the school year girls would often be in bare feet, and this bit of nakedness excited Gina. Sometimes, even, some of the girls would wear only boxer shorts on their lower halves, and Gina would get moist looking at their bare legs. The downside, though, was that she had to pretend to be interested in boys, and she had to restrain herself from touching any of the luscious fruit that was dangled before her eyes.

If there was one particular girl that Gina had the hots for, it was Cathy. Where others saw too much, Gina saw a soft girl with lovely skin that she yearned to caress. Those plump thighs would be wonderful to straddle, Gina thought, and she often masturbated to the thought of Cathy and her rubbing their pussies on each other. She had seen Cathy’s tits in the locker room after gym class, and could not get over how firmly they stuck out, and how perfectly smooth the little areolas around her nipples were. Where others saw too big a butt, Gina fantasized about sitting on it while she gave Cathy a backrub, and rubbing herself without Cathy being any the wiser.

At the end of their senior year, the class decided to have an outing that would involve camping overnight. Some families were willing bursa evi olan escort to pony up for renting some tents for the students to use, but the call went out for students whose families had tents to sign up and bring their own. Gina’s family had a two-person tent, and Gina saw an opportunity. She didn’t have any definite idea about how to get into touching Cathy, but she thought that spending a night in the same tent with her would be wonderful. Of course, she couldn’t go ask Cathy to be her tent mate right away — that would have been too obvious. But Gina was a clever girl. She got very busy with her extracurricular activities, and didn’t get around to signing up for providing a tent until most of the class had made their arrangements. She waited until Cathy and a few other of the less popular girls were the only ones left without arrangements, and only then told Cathy that her family had a tent, and Cathy could share it with her if she wanted to. Cathy was flattered by this invitation, and immediately accepted.

Together in the tent, the girls took off their day clothes and got into their pjs. Gina got a few glimpses of Cathy’s bare skin, which was exciting, but both were very soon covered again. Light was low, but there was some. The organizers had set up a lantern that would last all night, and enable the students to get to a latrine without running into anything, and the tent fabric was thin enough to let some of that light through. The girls whispered for a while about this and that, but the chaperones called out that it was late, and the camp quieted down.

Gina couldn’t sleep. She was frustrated. Damp between her legs, she imagined Cathy in her sleeping bag and visualized making out with her. She racked her brains trying to think of something to whisper to Cathy that might start a conversation that would lead to their mutual touching, but nothing would come to mind.

For her part, Cathy was horny, and looking forward to that time when she could safely engage in her nightly self-enjoyment. She focused on being quiet, the better to hasten the moment when Gina would be asleep, and she could dare to finger herself. After about twenty minutes, Cathy convinced herself that everyone but she was asleep, and that the longed for moment had come. Ever so stealthily, she moved her hand over her hip, under the waistband of her pajama bottoms, and onto her pussy. She gently pressed, until her labia parted and she felt her juices on her fingertips. Telling herself repeatedly that she must go very slowly, she drew her fingers along her slit and up around her clitoris. There, she pressed and made little circles. Oooh that felt good. But she wasn’t ready to come yet, and her fingers, now getting a little dry, went down again into her love canal, back and forth there, then up again, carrying their new wetness to Cathy’s throbbing little button of pleasure.

Gina had just about given up on trying to think of a way to engage Cathy, and had decided she might as well get some sleep. As she was dropping off, however, she became vaguely aware of something odd about Cathy’s breathing. At first, Gina didn’t pay much attention and almost fell asleep, but then she got a little curious. Was there really something unusual, or was she just imagining something? Gina listened intently, and decided there really was something about Cathy’s breathing that did not sound like someone sleeping. What was going on?

And then it dawned on her. “Why,” she said to herself, “the little slut is actually pleasuring herself!” Gina listened some more. Yes, definitely, that was what Cathy was doing. Gina found herself in the midst of a turmoil of emotions. It was hot to think of Cathy lying so close, masturbating. On the other hand, Gina had refrained. Why should Cathy be having all the pleasure when Gina had been a good girl? Gina could feel her moisture increasing between her legs, altıparmak escort but she couldn’t help thinking she should do something to bring Cathy down.

Finally, Gina decided she had to say something. She whispered “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing.” Cathy instantly jerked her hand away from her pussy, and whispered back “What do you mean? I’m not doing anything — I was just falling asleep.” Now Gina was annoyed. She reached over into Cathy’s sleeping bag and grabbed Cathy’s right hand. She yanked it up to her nose, partly to make sure she had the hand that had been between Cathy’s legs, and partly because, if she did have the offending hand, she would enjoy the scent of Cathy’s sex.

Gina had guessed right. After she felt the moisture on Cathy’s fingers, and had taken a good sniff, she pushed that hand right up against Cathy’s face, and hissed, “If these fingers hadn’t been in your little cunny, they wouldn’t smell like they do. And they wouldn’t be wet!”

Utterly defeated, Cathy whimpered “Please don’t tell anyone.” She had a vision of everyone’s knowing, of her getting known as the girl who couldn’t keep her fingers dry for even one night. Cathy understood all too well that she was not a popular girl, and she didn’t think she could stand the additional humiliation of being thought of as Miss Sticky Fingers. It was so unfair. She was sure that all the girls rubbed themselves off all the time, but somehow having her classmates know exactly when she had been fingering herself, and that she’d been so horny she risked being caught, would be just too much to bear.

When Cathy begged Gina not to tell on her, Gina saw her opening. “Why wouldn’t I tell?” she whispered. “Did you really think you were going to get off without me noticing? No self-control, that’s you.” As Gina expected, Cathy began to cry, and to beg her not to tell on her. Eventually, she said the words that Gina had been waiting to hear. “Please, please, I’ll do anything you want, but don’t tell anybody what I was doing.”

Gina repeated Cathy’s declaration that she would do anything back to her, and then said she doubted that Cathy meant it. Cathy protested that she really meant that she would do anything Gina might ask. Gina teased her a little longer, but finally said that there might be a way that she wouldn’t tell, but that that would mean they would have to be very good friends. Cathy said she wasn’t sure what Gina meant, but that of course, she would be Gina’s friend. “Cathy,” Gina said, “we are going to be very intimate friends. You are going to enjoy being my friend more than you can imagine. Now, the first expression of our new friendship is going to be that you will continue doing exactly what you were doing just now — only — your fingers will be in my pussy. Don’t worry, you won’t be left high and dry; I’ll be returning the favor.”

Cathy was stunned. She hadn’t been thinking of getting involved with a girl! What if people got to know? Come to think of it, what if people got to know that Gina had asked her to finger her pussy? She said to Gina “Ooooh, I’m going to tell people what you asked me to do!”

Gina, however, was ready. “Cathy,” she explained, if I tell people you were abusing yourself in my tent, I will also tell them that when I told you I’d tell, you said you’d make up some unpleasant story about me. Life is unfair, Cathy, but you know as well as I do that they will believe me, and they won’t believe whatever story you tell them. It would be a lot better for you to be my good friend.”

Cathy thought about this for a moment, and realized that what Gina was saying was right. She reached down into Gina’s sleeping bag and found Gina’s thigh. Cathy felt around and soon had here hand between Gina’s legs. Delicately, she probed Gina’s folds until she found Gina’s wetness, and the opening from which her fluids were flowing. She stroked up gemlik escort and down Gina’s tender crevice, and found Gina’s hard little button. She imagined all the little strokes she liked to give herself, and played them out in Gina’s vulva.

Almost as soon as Cathy touched Gina’s private parts, she felt Gina’s hand on her own. Cathy did not want to feel pleasure from Gina. She told herself that it would be just as if Gina were rubbing on her arm. But she couldn’t help it. The little pressure Gina was applying did feel good. When Gina’s finger slid between her nether lips Cathy wanted to gasp with the pleasure it produced. When Gina’s hand brushed against her clitoris, it felt so intensely good that Cathy had to work hard to suppress a moan. Instead, she gave a throaty gasp. She had not wanted to do that. She had not wanted to show any reaction at all to Gina’s ministrations. But now she knew that she couldn’t help it. Gina would know she was receiving pleasure, even though it was from the fingers of another girl. Cathy felt low; she felt she was betraying herself with every sigh. But it felt sooo good, ahhh, if Gina didn’t stop she was going to come soon, she mustn’t scream, oh she’d never imagined being pawed by someone else could do this to her, ahhh, ahhh! — Cathy could think of no way to be quiet while she except to bury her face in Gina’s neck and muffle the signs of her pleasure is spasms of pushing her body and especially her face into Gina’s softness.

Meanwhile, Gina too was enjoying Cathy’s fingering every bit as much as she had dreamed she would. But she wanted to make sure that this would be a good time for Cathy, so she was a little behind Cathy in her arrival at the peak of her pleasure. She had to work hard not to come before Cathy, because, being a little taller that Cathy, Gina’s nose was pressed up against Cathy’s hair. The girls, of course, had not taken showers before they got into the tent, even though they had had an active day in the warm Spring weather. So, Cathy’s hair was slightly sweaty, and this, mixed with her natural scent, gave an aroma that made Gina extremely aroused.

As soon as she felt Cathy coming, Gina was at last able to fully give in to her own pleasure. The moment came when she no longer had to think about Cathy; in fact she no longer thought anything at all. She was just immersed in the feeling that was now spreading throughout her pubic area; she felt as if she were her pussy. She could feel every little stroke of Cathy’s fingers against her lips, and the little changes in the feel of Cathy’s fingers on her most sensitive parts when Cathy would spread more wetness from her opening to her tender folds and the little nubbin that was now completely swollen.

At that moment, Cathy’s fingers arrived once again on her clit, and made a little circle on it. Now it was Gina’s turn to worry about noise. Already, she was worried about her panting — could girls in other tents really not hear her ragged breathing? She pulsed and strangled a little cry in her throat. Her hips could not stay still. Ooohh, please, Cathy don’t stop, don’t stop, aaahh, unnghh. Gina held Cathy tightly to her and ground out her pleasure against Cathy’s fingers, which, bless her heart, continued their delicious pressure against Gina’s pussy until Gina had spent the last wave of her release.

When Gina had calmed down a little, she dared Cathy to say that she had not enjoyed having Gina’s fingers between her thighs. “No,” Cathy said, “I didn’t think I would enjoy having my privates played with by another girl, but I could never have imagined how good it actually felt. I am glad that you wanted me to be your intimate friend.”

In the morning, the girls changed back into their day clothes. Gina was careful not to stare too openly, but she did get a glimpse of Cathy’s naked breasts. When they were ready, Gina told Cathy that she should wait a couple of minutes, so that no one would think they had gotten dressed together. But before she left their tent, she looked Cathy in the eyes and said “You. Are. Wonderful.” She was not confident enough to try a kiss on Cathy’s lips just then, but just before she went out, she leaned in and gave Cathy a kiss on the side of her neck.

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