Girdled Ch. 02

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My mother heard from my father that he missed his flight and wouldn’t be home until the next day. We knew he was going to be late so mom let me hang out dressed in my new girdle and stockings. I stayed in my room most of the day talking on the phone with Rene. Since Dad was out of town, mom said if I was good, she might have a treat for me later. I was so anxious, I asked over and over what it was, but Mom just looked at me.

“G, you must learn some patience. I’m going out for a little while and I expect perfect behavior while I’m gone, understood? You’re not to tell Rene about today, and no inviting him over when I’m gone?”

Renee and I had been best friends since his family moved next door. At 18 neither of us had girl friends. Over the summer we would camp out in the back yard in my tent, We’ve done it since we were young. On one of those nights about a month ago, we started talking about sex, getting hard-on’s and sex.

“Rene do you play with it?”

He shyly nodded he did. I asked him if he was hard now. He didn’t respond. I asked him again. He looked at me and said he was.

“Me too, did you play with it today?”

Rene shook his head no.

“My mom was home all day, I was gonna in bed tonight, but then you called and asked about sleeping over in the tent.”

I was so horny, my cock was erect and I wanted to see what his cock looked like hard. We had seen each other hundreds of times naked at the pool and in gym class changing our clothes. Rene’s is cock was long and thin, with a mass of blond hair around the base, his balls were hairless.

“Do you want to play with it right now, would you show me your cock?” I asked.

He immediately said, “Okay,”

He began opening his pants. Leaving his shirt on, he removed his shorts and underwear all in one motion, his cock was hard and standing straight up. Rene leaned back and spread his legs and started stroking himself. He looked so hot. I love seeing his smooth balls jiggle back and forth as he stroked himself.

“Well, you wanted to see mine. I wanna see yours too,” He said.

I got on my knees and undid my short little denim shorts. I never wore underwear with them, so when they fell to my knees my cock was pointing at him.

“Mmmmmm, yours is thicker than mine, the head is shiny and purple, are you really turned on G?” Rene said.

“I am. Rene, I wanted to do this with you for a long time,” And then I leaned in, kissing him on the lips.

Rene leaned back and looked at me, not saying word. He continued stroking himself. His cock was longer, thinner and a pale pinkish color, mine was darker. Rene’s cock was leaking pre cum, I wanted to taste it but was afraid to say anything after he didn’t respond to my kiss. We masturbated until we both came and then feel asleep.

I woke up in the morning and Rene watching me, he was slowly stroking his cock.

“You’re like me. I masturbate when I wake up too, when I go to bed, and any chance I get during the day,” I said.

“Me too, but my mom is always home, yours goes out a lot, and you have more chances.”

Rene looked sexy. I moved closer to him. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to hold his cock and feel it pulse.

“Can I touch it…can I stroke it?” I asked.

Rene laid back giving me access, his cock was still hard and laying on his belly. I reached out and caressed it, then I held it. I felt it throb. it felt so good, I loved how warm and firm it was. I began stroking him.

“Mmmmmm, G, that feels so good…don’t stop okay?”

I nodded.

“Please don’t stop,” he said almost pleading with me.

“I won’t, I wanna make you cum…I wanna feel it in my hand when you squirt,”

My voice had a raspy, aroused tone. I stroked it firmer with longer strokes, Rene was panting and moving his hips. His cock looked like it was gonna explode.

“Rene have you ever been sucked?…I mean has anybody ever sucked your cock?” I asked.

Rene shook his head. I stared at his long cock for what seemed like a long time. Rene stopped moving his hips and turned his body so his head was near my cock.

“What ya doing Rene?”

As I asked, I felt his lips surround my cock. We took each others cocks in our mouths for the first time. It tasted so good. I had sucked a few cocks before, but never someone my age. They all had been older and they had been good teachers. I’d wanted to suck Rene’s cock for so long. My tongue licked the shaft and swirled over the head as Rene began trusting into my mouth. I took as much of it’s length as I could. Rene’s cock was so long. He was sucking, licking, and trying to emulate me, I didn’t care, it felt good. I felt the swell in the head of his cock, the pulse, and then my mouth was flooded with Rene’s cum. With Rene’s arousal dripping off my chin and my cock in His mouth, I heard my mother voice,

“G, Rene, What are you doing? I want both of you in the house right now!”

I wanted to tell Rene about today so bad, I talked to him on the phone for a couple of hours, but I didn’t share what mom and I had done, We only talked about that night in the tent and stroking our cocks.

“Rene, ataşehir escort weren’t you scared when my mom caught us?” I asked.

“Yes, I was terrified she would tell my mom, you know how she is about sex.” Rene replied.

“Yeah, my mom’s cool. Weren’t you freaked out when she said we could do stuff in my bedroom, but not outside or in public? I asked.

“Yeah, but really G, we are over 18 and she really can’t stop us, but we do still live at home, though. It’s still really nice we can be naked in your bed and do what we want.”

Rene’s voice cracked as he talked. “I never told you, but I liked that kiss.”

“Me too, Rene.”

There was a long silence.

And then I asked,”What are you doing Rene?”

There was another long silence.

“Rene, what’s up?”

“Yeah, G?”

“What’s up?” I asked again.

“Promise you won’t feel weird about me?” Rene asked.

“Yeah, why?”

I was getting impatient.

“Well, I’m playing with myself and”

His voice trailed off. I was getting pissed,

“Yeah so am I. so?”

“I’m not naked, I’m wearing panties, Rene said.

I was silent, I wanted so badly to tell him I was wearing a black girdle and stockings.

“G are you okay, did I freak you out, please tell me you’re not feeling weird about me?” Rene sounded desperate.

“No, no. I was just surprised, in a very good way. Who’s panties, your mom’s?”

“No, oh my god no, you’re gonna think I’m terrible,” Rene said quietly.

“Who’s? Tell me. I won’t think you’re terrible.” I tried calming him.

“Well, you know our friend Peggy? They were hanging on their clothes line and I was cutting through the yards the other day, and I stole them.” Rene admitted shyly.

“Wow, and you didn’t get caught, she is about your size,”

I was surprised and delighted. I sat their stoking my cock, I was so aroused, I wanted to see Rene in those panties. I wanted to tell him what I was wearing.

“What color are they, Rene?”

“They’re pale pink and thin nylon, I think. They feel amazing. I’m so hard and they are really wet now.”

I could tell Rene was aroused, his voice way more throaty and he was panting.

“Ooooooooh, Rene, I would love to be there with you. I could nuzzle your hard cock and lick your panties, sucking on you though the material. I love the way you taste Rene.”

I heard mom’s car pull in the garage and needed hung up, I was anxious to know what my surprise was.

“Have you been good G?” Mom asked when she walked the door.

I was still in my girdle and stockings. She had an evil grin on her face as she kissed me on the lips and laid down her shopping bags,

“Now don’t you peek in those bags,” Mom demanded. “Did you talk to Rene today?”

I nodded I did.

“Did you say anything about you and I?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No, but I wanted too,” I replied.

Mom looked at me with a concerned look.

“What am I gonna do with you?” She asked

“Mom, it would be okay if I told Rene? Really, he doesn’t have to know you gave them to me.?”

“G, why do you think it would be okay? Aren’t you worried what he might think of you wearing female lingerie?” Mom asked.

I watched as she grabbed the bags she brought home, and walked to her bedroom. I followed her watching the way her ample butt wiggled in her tight pants. I have always loved butts and Mom had a nice bubble butt with a sexy shake in her cheeks.

“Are you looking at ny butt, G, are you?”

I didn’t have to answer.

“What am I gonna do with you?” She said as she turned around and caressed the tip of my cock.

“Oooooooh, Mommy, I love it when you touch me like that,” I said in a flirtatious way.

Mom put the bags on her bed and wiggled out of her tight pants, hanging them up. Bending over, she reached into her bottom dresser drawer to get a pair of shorts. Her tight panties were stretched tightly over her butt, she wiggled her ass and looked back at me.

“You like what you see?”

I nodded I did, my cock was standing straight up.

“Ooooooooh, I see you do. Too bad that has to go to waste.”

Mom pulled up her shorts and ushered me out of her room as she locked the door behind me.

After dinner Mom wanted to watch some television and wanted me to join her, She insisted I change my clothes into something more comfortable. I pouted, but let her have her way.

“I bought something this afternoon that would be perfect for laying around and relaxing. You don’t have a robe, all sexy boys should have a nice robe.”

“Can I see it?” I asked.

Mom went to her room to get it and came back dressed in one too. It wasn’t the robe she has always worn, it seemed new, or maybe something I never saw before, something she saved for my father. It was shorter and a transparent. I could see her hard nipples and panties Mom handed me one the bags she had come home with, She had an evil grin on her face

“Open it G. This is one of your gifts from me, you may not let your father know about this, understood?”

I nodded, ataşehir escort my hands were fumbling from my excitement.

“Here, let me help you. You’re like a nervous Nelly. What’s wrong you?”

Mom grabbed the bag and undid the top, pulling out a very short, completely transparent pink robe. I was in awe, but shocked, I was a boy and I had never worn anything pink.

“Mom, it’s pink. I’m a boy,” I said.

“Oooooooh really, the boy who wear’s mommy’s girdles and stockings? And the boy who gets caught sucking the penis of another boy?”

I smiled at her and shrugged my shoulders. I slipped the robe on, it fit perfectly.

“Here, come with me,” Mom ordered.

Mom grabbed my hand to follow her. We stood in front of her mirror again as she closed the front and ran her hand down the garment. Her fingers pinched a nipple, again sending shock waves to my cock. The other hand rested over where my cock tented the garment. I was so hard in my sexy new pink robe. With my long hair I did look like a young girl, well except for my hard cock.

Mom and I went to back the couch where she sat down at one end and told me since I had an exciting day I should lay down.

“Here sweetie, lay down and put your head in Mommy’s lap. The back of my head nestled between the cleft of mom’s thighs, her breasts hung right at my lips. It was so arousing seeing them this close.

“Now just watch the movie G, and stop staring at Mommy’s breasts.”

It was hard not to stare or lean up and nuzzle them. It was getting late and mom still hadn’t shown me what was in the other bags she brought home, but this was really comfy and I didn’t want her to get up again. I wanted to stay right where I was.

“Mom, did you nurse me as a baby?” I asked.

“Yes, I did.” She replied. “Did you enjoy it? I mean did it feel good when I sucked you?”

Mom nodded and looked at me like she knew where this was going.

“It feels so good when you were pinching mine, I can only imagine what it that would feel like,” I told her.

Her fingers danced across my chest and then she pinched my left nipple.

“Ouch…not that hard,”

I moaned. She teased it again, brushing against it, and then pinched it softer.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah like that? That’s perfect.”

Mom asked, “So you like that?

I nodded as I felt my cock begin to swell again.

“I can see you do, your cock is hard again, you’re always aroused and so sensuous G. I like that,” Mom said in almost a whisper.

I raised my head and kissed the under curve of her breast. I heard a quite moan. I pushed my cheek against her breast and held it there.

“We shouldn’t be doing this G. You know that.”

I didn’t respond, I just rubbed my cheek back and forth over her nipple. I could hear her breathing change and her thighs parting and squeezing back and forth under me.

“Mom, can I taste your nipple? I asked, almost begging her.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, G,”

As She said that her hand opened her robe allowing her breast to fall into my mouth. I leaned in and licked her nipple

“Mmmmmmm,” She said as she laid her head back against the couch. “Don’t stop, Oooooooh, that feels so good.”

I licked and sucked and then let my tongue swirl around her hard nub. My cock was so hard and not touching it was torture.

“Mom, I need to touch myself. I’m so hard,” I gasped,

I returned to her nipple. I wanted her to grab my cock and tell me it was my hard clitty.

“I think you should refrain. Have you ever not touched yourself when you feel this aroused G?” Mom asked. “I think you should concentrate on what you’re doing, please don’t stop, suck Mommy’s tit, G.”

I went back to sucking. She tasted so good, it was easy to get lost in suckling her. I closed my eyes and licked and sucked. In my haze of arousal I felt my robe being pushed aside and my cock being exposed.

“G, your wet, you robe is drenched in pre cum.”

All I could do was moan, “Mmmmmmm, Mmmmmm.”

With one hand Mom held my face to her breast as I suckled. I felt my cock pulse and throb. Then, I felt her fingers touch me, first on my belly dipping into the wet puddle on my stomach, then as her fingers teased the head of my cock. Again her fingers dipped into the pool of pre cum. I watched as if in sloow motion as my mom raised her fingers to her mouth and licked my pre-cum from them.

“Mmmmmm, G, you taste good.

“Mommy, Please, Please touch me more.”

Again she said, “We shouldn’t be doing this, but you know today was exciting for me too G. You and your cock, all hard and exposed most of the day, it was such a tease Mommy too. Mommy likes hard cocks.”

Moms fingers stoked me slowly, it was torture, I needed a firm grip stoking my cock harder and faster. She would stop and cup my balls, then pulling on the tight skin holding them, only to go back to a slow stroking. Her chest heaved as I suckled her nipple and I could smell the familiar scent I loved from her panties I stole from the dirty clothes hamper. Sensing my need, her grip on my cock was firmer, her pace beginning anadolu yakası escort to increase.

“Mmmmmmm, Mommy, I love that! Please keep doing it that way, harder, faster! Oooooooooh, I’m cuming Mommy, I’m cuming.

I remember cuming hard as she held my face to her breasts. I remember her still holding my cock before everything went dark. I woke up early in the morning, still laying next to her. She began to stir as I sat up. My belly was crusted with dry cum, as was her robe and panties. My body ached from sleeping on the couch all night.

“Good morning G”, Mom said as she yawned. Oooooh, we need to clean up before your father gets home, he should be home sometime this morning.”

“Yeah, I need a shower, look, I have cum all aver my stomach and robe,” I said as I let my robe fall off my shoulders.

“Even with dried cum on you, you look sexy G, Mommy loves her cute naked boy! Now go take a shower.”

I heard the phone ring as I stepped in the shower. The warm water washed the dried cum from my belly as I stroked my cock. I was beginning to feel alive again as the warm water eased the ache in my neck from sleeping on the couch. I heard mom talking but could hear what she was saying. She sounded mad. I leaned back and relished in the warm water and wondered what Rene was doing today. I would love seeing him in his pink panties. The thought of us dressing in lingerie together was making me crazy. I wanted to kiss him again too.

“G, your fathers not coming home today, he’s staying another day, I’m not happy about this, ” Mom sounded upset.

“What’s wrong Mom, you don’t seem happy?’

“I’m not, I just wanted him to come home.” Mom said as she sat on the toilet seat.

“My neck was aching so bad from sleeping all crunched up with you last might, why don’t you come in here and I’ll rub yours, I’m sure your achy too,” I suggested.

Mom looked at me and started to say we shouldn’t but stopped. She stood and opened her robe. With her round breasts and nipples exposed, she slipped her thumbs under the waste band of her panties and pulled them down. Stepping out of them, one foot at a time, she stood naked in front of me for the first time. Standing still as I took in her nakedness, my gaze went from her feet to her mound. A thick but trimmed mass of curly dark hair covered her mound. She was beautiful. Mom looked at me and smiled.

“We defiantly shouldn’t be doing this, bu why stop now, Right?” Mom said as she opened the shower door and stepped in.

I leaned back against the rear wall giving her access to the shower head. Mom stepped under the water with her head down. Her hair hanging wet looked sexy. The water ran down her back, into the crack of her ample butt and down her legs. I reached for the shampoo and began washing her hair.

“Mmmmmmmm, yes, I need that.” Mom moaned as I massaged her scalp.

Mom was arousing me. Finally she was completely naked right in front of me. My cock was engorged, standing straight up. Careful not to ruin the moment I stepped a little closer. Mom sensed it and leaned her head back, resting on my shoulder. She turned slightly and kissed my chin, then my cheek, My heart was pounding so hard I thought she might feel the tremors. Mom stepped back a little more as my cock nestled into the crack of her ass. Time stood still. It felt so good. I didn’t want to move, but I didn’t want her to think It was me who pressed into her.

“Mmmmmm, I need that even more G.” Mom quietly said.

Ooooooooh, me to Mom, me too.”

Mom pressed back into me, pressing her butt into my throbbing cock. My arms went around her as I held her breasts, resting my chin on her shoulder, in the crook of her neck.

“Will you wash my butt G? Make sure it’s really clean. Go ahead, don’t be shy, you can touch me, anywhere.”

I was shocked. I had desired my mother sexually for so long, and now she’s offering her body to me in ways I never imagined. I stepped back, grabbing the soap and began washing one cheek then the other. My cock was so aroused and my head was spinning.

“G, I want you wash all of me sweetie,” Mom said as she parted her thighs.

I hesitated, and then went on and soaped the cleft of her butt. Fingers edging deeper as I heard her moan, unsure of how far to go.

“G, close your eyes and touch me, forget about the rules and what I said about how we shouldn’t be doing this, just touch me, wash my ass and feel every bit of me. I want you to.”

I wanted to. I wanted to touch all of her, from her anus to her pussy. I wanted to feel her wetness and smell her. The thought of me, her son touching her like my father had all these years, aroused me with a passion I had never felt in my life. Rene had recently made me feel a certain passion, but this was far different.

My hand slipped between her thighs. I felt her squeeze her legs together and then part them, My finger searched her for her anus. Probing, feeling for her tightly puckered hole. As I probed, mom ‘s hand reached down to spread her butt cheek even more. My thumb found her tight hole and pressed in. I was surprised how easy my thumb entered her. My fingers felt her pussy lips. They were wet, not only from the water, it was a different wetness, slippery and thicker in nature. I inserted one finger and then another. Mom bent over a bit, giving me better access. I could feel the thin membrane between my thumb and my fingers as I heard her moan.

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