Girl Getaway

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“Now don’t get lost girls. We should be back up and running by tomorrow morning. I booked you two in a room at the best hotel on the island. Well, it’s actually the only hotel on the island but it’s still really nice. I will make sure someone comes to get you in the morning.” He was so serious and business like when he spoke to us. You could tell we made him nervous. Using that nervousness we both giggled as we saluted and with one of our eye’s closed gave him an “aye aye Captain!”

We were only staying on this beautiful island for a day while the ship was refueled. A true girls vacation just me and my best friend Ashley. We arrived at the beach around 11:30 in the morning. We had the whole day planned out before we even got our sundresses off. We were to hang out by the beach for a few hours head back to the hotel have a late lunch and then hit the bars. That was the plan.

Sitting on our chairs close to the water Ashley sat up and stamped her feet into the wet sand, “Ya know Lana, there is no one on this stupid beach. We were supposed to have such a wild vacation filled with strange men lots of alcohol and tons of fun. Look around girl, no one around but us. The captain couldn’t have picked a more deserted beach for us to sun on.” As I scanned the beach there were maybe 10 people scattered around as far down the beach as I could see. Why was it so dead here? Maybe it was the wrong time of the year for this island. I have to admit I was a little bit relieved that it wasn’t jam packed with slobbering men. I just wasn’t into the whole “vacation hookup.” I would hate to just being a one time thing to someone. I shrugged my shoulders trying to act disappointed for Ashley’s sake. “Oh well, guess we’ll have to make our own trouble.”

I put my sunglasses back on and leaned back into my chair. I let the sun cook my already tan skin. The sky was a bright blue. White fluffy clouds moved at such a slow pace I had plenty of time to make animals or other figures out of them. It was just a perfect day.

It was so hot out. I thought we were going to sweat to death. I stood from my chair and walked into the small waves that crashed by our feet. The cold water felt so good on my skin, I had to go deeper. Ashley and I ended up splashing around for a while in the crystal blue water. We jumped on top of each other and playing games with the waves. When our stomachs hurt from laughing and the thought of actually drowning from being so tired flashed in my mind I knew it was time to get out.

Three guys walking down the beach with a football were standing right by our chairs. Oh great how long were they standing there watching us? The coldness of the water stopped the heat from creeping up my face. I caught eyes with one of the guys for just a moment before Ashley jumped on my back. My face went right into the water, smashing against the sand below. “Ouch Ash, that hurt! Am I bleeding?” she just laughed and went back to her chair. When escort bayan I got back to my chair I turned to see how far those guys walked. They were already halfway down the other side of the beach. I forgot about them for a while and went back to sunning.

I must have closed my eyes longer then I thought because when I woke up I was the only one there. My phone started vibrating in my beach bag making me jump. How long was I out? Here’s a better question, how long have I been here by myself? I fumbled through my bag for my phone and read my text message. Great. Just great Ashley followed one of the guy’s back to his hotel room and would meet me later at the bar. Typical Ashley shit. I started packing up all my stuff so I could head back to my room alone for a nice nap. The sun always knocks me out and nothing would make me feel better than a bed and then a nice shower. Looking at the sky it was definitely later than I thought. I watched the waves crash a few more times before I headed back. As my mind wandered off to never never land lightening struck the water a few yards in front of me. The light was so intense I had to block it with my arm over my face. Where did that come from? The sky grew dark so fast I didn’t have time to get the rest of my stuff. I started running towards the woods at the end of the beach. The skies opened up on me and gave no mercy. I made it to the tree line and turned back towards the water. Oh man all my stuff is still over there. It’s not like I wasn’t getting wet by the trees but at least the trees broke the big heavy drops into smaller ones. It didn’t hurt so badly over here.

I tried to think of my next move to get back to my room. If I just stay in the woods I should be able to make it through to the pool area and get to my room that way. When I turned to start my wet journey I literally walked into him. I squeaked and jumped back.

How did this happen? He was right in front of me staring at me like I had two heads. Was something on my face? Where were his friends? Was he upset that I was the one he was stuck in the woods with? I finally moved towards him and opened my mouth, “hello I’m Lana nice to meet you.” Before I could get another word in his right hand lifted to my face. He brushed away the soaking wet hair that was stuck to my cheek. It was such an innocent gesture and yet my stomach was doing flips. Could he want me? Did he want me? I turned my face into his hand and did the catlike move where I rubbed my face against his strong hands.

This guy was amazing he had the bluest eyes I have ever seen. His hair was still perfect even though the skies tried to drown everything in sight. I tried for talking again and asked what his name was. I got no answer. He stepped closer, almost pressing his wet body to mine; I didn’t know if he was suggesting something or just trying to stay warm. I put my hand up to stop him but when my hand pushed against his flat stomach my butterflies tuzla genç escort sprang to life. He was so solid under my hand. He leaned in towards me and kissed me.

I was so taken back I just let him do it until I could figure out what my next move would be. I finally got my lips moving and kissed him back. It was one of those sloppy kisses where tongues went back and forth and lips ended up getting sucked into each other’s mouths. His body pushed harder against my hand trying to push through it to get to me. I moved my hand to the side of his body and pulled him closer. He moved to the side of my face kissing down to my neck. He then slid his left hand down the side of my body stopping at the back of my thigh. He lifted my leg and my body followed, It happened all so fast I didn’t have time to protest. I was now off the ground and pushed against a palm tree. That at the very least gave us some protection from this terrible weather.

My one leg was wrapped around him and the other was barely touching the ground . He lifted me higher this time slamming my back into the tree. I knew I would feel that later but I was so lost in the moment I didn’t care. He was biting my neck and squeezing my thigh while his other hand cradled my face. I had one of those bathing suits on that tied on both sides of my hips. Figures such easy access. He pulled the string on one side and my bottom was fell to the sandy soil. He let go of my face and pulled the strings of my top off.

There I was standing naked in front of this man I hardly knew. I pulled on his shorts telling him without words I wanted them off. He wiggled out of his bathing suit not letting go of me. It was such a rush I couldn’t stop him or me. No regret, no thinking. No worrying about if he would call me the next day or what he would say to his friends later on.

He pushed me harder into the tree and I could feel bark stabbing into my spine. The pain felt nice, it added to the heat that was coursing through my body. The excitement of being slammed continuously into the tree surprised me. He lifted me again off the floor so both my legs wrapped around his waist. With the way things were going I didn’t need any type of foreplay, I was more than ready.

He set my body so I sat even with his hard member. He pushed inside me and the bark went deeper in my back. He drew out fast and plunged back inside me. It was the least romantic thing I have ever experienced and yet it was by far the best I have ever had. He crashed against me pushing him deep within my body. His hand went back to my face and grabbed a bit of my hair. Using my hair as reins he pulled my face to the side. He kissed me again this time the force of his tongue gave my mouth no option but to accept and welcome it. He held me while he fucked me and I loved it.

The feeling of being taken over did things to me I couldn’t even try to explain. He pulled back just enough so he could look at my body tuzla kendi evi olan escort while his hips still worked me. My brain just couldn’t process anything but what this man was doing to me. He bent his head down and went to my breasts.

I was so exposed; my body was on display for him to do with as he pleased. He kissed them without using his hands to caress them. He bit into them trying to take as much skin into his mouth as he could fit. I could feel his teeth digging into my flesh which brought me back to the bark in my back. I would so pay for all of this later. How could I stop him and this pain/pleasure I was feeling? I pushed him back from the tree ripping him out of my warm hole. I pushed him onto the ground, smiled at him and said “my turn.”

I got on top of him and without hands guided him into me. I slammed down once hard and then picked my body up so just the head was inside me. I moved up and down in little motions just fucking the tip until I could feel his body start to shake between my thighs. I knew it wasn’t long now and I wasn’t done with him yet. I slammed again and changed the speed. I moved my thighs in and out instead taking him deep and squeezing my thighs around him. I did this until his body shook again with that sweet promise of release. I climbed off him and kissed down his rock hard stomach. The rain poured down on us as if the gods didn’t approve of what we were doing. The thunder boomed and the lightning flared to life. I continued my way down his body biting onto that flatness finding the slightest bit of skin and holding it in my mouth while my hands did other things to him. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to taste myself on him. I wanted to devour him in ways he has never felt before. I wanted nothing more then to please this stranger of mine.

I played with him in my mouth like he was a piece of candy. I rolled him in my mouth letting my tongue explore him in ways he would be embarrassed telling his friends about. I swallowed him down and closed my throat around him making that clenching feeling. I twisted my hand around his shaft and worked my mouth in sync. His thighs tightened again for me. I almost let out a cry. How could he almost be done when I’m just getting started?

I stopped using my mouth, climbed back up to his mouth and kissed him. I turned my hips down so I set him right where I wanted him. I again pushed him into me. This time I knew it wouldn’t last long. I got on the balls of my feet, the twigs on the ground dug in oh so hard. Great now not only will I have marks on my back and my breast but now on my feet. My flip flops would not be my friend later.

I slammed down on him over and over until both of our bodies tightened with the threat to finish the job. My thighs started shaking and I knew I was close. I closed my eyes and threw my head back. God his cock was hitting all my spots. It felt like he was made for me. I exploded with orgasm and my muscles tightening around him finishing him off inside me. I kept slamming down until our juices made that squishing sound between our bodies. He reached up and pulled me down on top of him. I rested my head on his gorgeous chest. He let out a big breath and said, “Hi I’m John.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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