Girl Interrupted Ch. 02

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Olivia waited, again she watched the time tick by. Face down on her bed she had some pillows piled up under her hips, and one under her head for comfort. The ball-gag in her mouth was making her drool a little… her pussy was woefully empty but there was a small vibrating butt-plug in her ass that was making her incredibly horny. Doug had told her that she had to tie herself up like this, and that he would come and play with her sometime this afternoon. He hadn’t told her when, just that if she wasn’t positioned like this when he got there then she was going to regret it a lot… so she’d been like this since noon and it had been 45 minutes already. She felt ready to explode. Wriggling her hips she almost teared up as her pussy burned with unconsummated desire.

Suddenly she heard the door open and she writhed in joy as Doug said, “Hello good girl.” Whimpering behind the gag she did actually tear up as he came into her view, she was so happy to see him, so happy that he was there and that someone was finally going to play with her.

Chuckling he slapped her on the ass with his hand and her butt cheek burned, he had spanked her hard. Trying to hump her hips, she begged with her body for more, wanting any kind of stimulation that he would give her; knowing that at the end she’d be as satisfied as she was last time. Smiling, he set a paper bag down next to her on the bed so that she could see it and wonder what was inside. Reaching in, he pulled out the first couple items… three small suction cup looking things. Reaching underneath her chest he pinched at her far nipple which wasted no time in perking up under his teasing touch, she tried to press her breasts out for more.

Putting one of the suction cups over it he pressed a little valve on the toy that caused it to suck the air out of the cup; immediately her nipple was granted a sharp jolt of pleasurable pain as it was sucked into the vacant space. Letting go the little cup, it stuck to her chest, suctioned there by the lack of air and pinching her nipple pleasantly. Putting the other one on asyabahis yeni giriş her near nipple he repeated the process, and now both her nipples burned on her chest, making her pussy leak even more. Humming merrily he went in between her legs and a moment later she felt her clit sucked into the same painfully pleasurable pinch… and then she moaned and her body spasmed as he pressed a button on the remote in his pocket and all three suction cups started to vibrate.

Panting with lust she watched as he stripped down, his cock bobbling in front of him and she hoped that he would just go and stick it in her dripping pussy, fuck her hard… instead he reached into the bag and pulled out a paddle, a dildo that was covered with bumps, and a cockring. Placing the cockring over his shaft he groaned as it snugly hugged the base of his dick, making it pulse and ache. He wanted to make sure that playing with her didn’t mean that he was going to blow his load too soon.

Picking up the paddle he grinned at her wide eyes, “I think you need a punishment, don’t you? For not giving me a chance to explain at the party, that I wasn’t cheating on you? That was pretty selfish, even if it did mean that we ended up here.”

Olivia groaned and shook her head, but it just made her ass waggle and become even more of a delicious target.


She screeched behind the gag as the paddle left a roundish mark on her smooth butt.


Another muffled shriek. Doug grinned, “I think that twenty should do it.”


By the time he was done tears were rolling down her cheeks and she was hornier than ever, the incessant pinch and vibration on her nipples and clit had made for the most confusing mix of sensations she’d ever experienced. His hand caressed her burning ass, making her moan as the soft touch both hurt and soothed some of the heat that was emanating from the red flesh. Taking the bumpy dildo he pressed it at her dripping pussy hole – she hadn’t even realized that she was still wet until he began asyabahis güvenilirmi to push it into her. And she was very very wet.

The bumps made an odd feeling as the dildo pressed into her body, the way they put pressure on her inner walls in some of the oddest spots… as he twisted it inside of her she shuddered with pleasure. Although it wasn’t one that she would have picked out for herself, it felt fantastic. All the way in her it wasn’t quite as big as his dick, but it still massaged the inside of her pussy with its strange ridges, making her hips pump as he worked it in and out of her.

Doug smiled to watch the toy open her pussy up, disappearing between those plump pink lips below that heated ass. Her pussy was like a hungry mouth, gobbling the toy and pulling at it, sucking on it like her mouth would on a lollipop. It made him want to shove his dick in… but he wanted to play with her some more first. Turning up the vibration on her nipples and clit, he grinned as her body arched in response, the dildo digging even further in. Fucking her harder, he got her to the point where she was almost shuddering with the need for orgasm… and then he slowed the pace. Her hips jerked, humping back and trying to get the stimulation going again, but he made sure to go nice and slow, teasing her body. As her orgasm slowly slipped away she groaned in frustration.

A few minutes later he began pumping her pussy hard with the toy again, watching as her hips moved in rhythm as she neared orgasm. Again he slowed the pace before she could cum and she screamed behind the gag in sexually frustrated rage. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, the way it hungered for its climax, she thought her body was going to explode with the need of it. Every nerve seemed to be totally on edge, completely tense, and she shook with the energy.

Pulling the toy from her dripping pussy he began to push it firmly into her ass. Olivia groaned and wriggled, her orgasm slipping even further away as the insides of her ass burned with the strange pressures asya bahis giriş of the dildo. Doug just slowly pressed it inside of her, never quite stopping and never pulling it out at all… just twisting and pushing. As soon as it was uncomfortably lodged inside her ass, he turned the vibrators on her nipples and clit up to their highest volume. Her body jolted in a confusion of sensations.

Eagerly he knelt behind her, pressing his dick to her clasping pussy and pressing in with one hard thrust. Her dildo-stretched cunt easily took the stroke, clutching at him in excitement as she was finally invaded; as the base of his belly pressed against her ass it drove the dildo in deeper and she jerked with surprise. Fucking her hard, the suction cups buzzing merrily on her body and the dildo pressing into her with every thrust, Olivia felt like she was overcome with the different stimulations… she’d never done anything this amazing with her toys before.

The intense sensations and the earlier teasing quickly had her climbing to incredibly heights of pleasure, and she thought she was going to faint when her orgasm finally exploded inside her belly. Holding onto consciousness by a thread, she shrieked with ecstacy as her climax was finally released and her entire body clamped hard against Doug, making him groan as her pussy convulsed and massaged his dick. She began to thrash as the orgasm went on, starting to become slightly painful as her clit expanded within the confines of the suction cup and the twin dicks in her holes continued to push in.

Finally Doug spurted inside of her, his final thrust digging the dildo painfully into her ass, and his balls slapping against her suction cupped clit. He lay there for a few moments, his hips pressing against her heated ass flesh and his groin keeping the dildo firmly in her agonized hole. When he pulled out the first thing he did was turn off the vibration and she sobbed with relief, her body sagging. Removing the dildo from her ass with a pop, he watched her body twitch and the gaping hole slowly pinch close. Then he released the suction cups and Olivia moaned as blood started running through the swollen buds once more and they tingled and jabbed at her.

Pulling the gag from her mouth, he kissed her lips before beginning to untie her arms and legs. She tasted like tears and sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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