Glenda: My Sister-In-Law, My Wife Ch. 02

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I want to thank kaylacakes for editing this piece. I write for the love of it and sometimes I get to lazy to check my work for grammar errors. I want to apologize for my lazyness and offer my hope that you will continue to read and enjoy this story line.

Wow has it been a rough week. Get up, go to work, race home, have a swim, help fix then eat dinner watch some TV or a movie then go to bed, oh and I have to have sex at least once a day with my sister-in-law too. What a real pain in the ass. Ok so I’m not really complaining. It really is hard to believe that this weekend marks our first week together.

Last Saturday, the 1st of June, Glenda and I met in front of our local priest. He couldn’t marry us since I was already married to Glenda’s sister but, after talking to all of the family and confirming that it was ok with all of us, he blessed Glenda’ and my attempt to bring a baby into the family. Glenda was to act as a surrogate mother for Eileen and I since Eileen couldn’t conceive. The ceremony had to be small with only family attending so as to not upset the rest of the congregation with the wrong ideas of the ceremony itself, but it did help to make Glenda and I feel better about what we were doing.

Our goal was to try to make love at least once a day while Glenda was in her fertile cycle. Luckily for me she had already started her menstrual cycle and was already past the bleeding phase so we didn’t have to worry about having our sex interrupted. We had only 30 days of making love before Glenda had to go back home and my wife came back to our house. Strictly speaking, what we were doing was a business deal, but both of us enjoyed each other’s company and really loved each other.

That night we made love for the first time and it felt so natural. Of course I had to goof and wound up sleeping in the other room when I should have stayed in bed with Glenda. I learned my lesson the next morning just like Glenda had promised.

“Come on in here David, and take off your clothes.” Glenda told me “Some how I’m going to get through to you that when I’m here you stay in bed with me and not sleep in the other room. “

“But what if I have to use the bathroom?” I chuckled as I did what I was told.

“Then you get up and do it then come right back to bed.” she replied

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was definitely looking forward to learning my lessons. Glenda was holding onto a couple of small ropes and had a grin that went almost from ear to ear. Up until last night Glenda hadn’t had any sex except for her little battery operated “man” she called her dildo. She’d always laugh when she needed more batteries of it because the grocery store sold the batteries in the aisle with all of the other Feminine Needs. Now she was laughing because her man was getting hard for her and she had a dirty trick or two to play on him.

“Lie down on your back, bend your arms and put your hands up next to your head on the pillow.” Glenda told me.

“But my head isn’t resting on the pillow.” I joked.

“Not that head silly” Glenda laughed back.

First she tied my hands to the head board and then she tied each foot to the foot board. I could have easily gotten out of the ropes at any time, especially when she left toe room for a minute or two but I trusted Glenda not to do anything to hurt me so I just relaxed and enjoyed the moment. I was surprised when Glenda came back into the room with the strawberry syrup, you know, the one you add to milk for a breakfast drink. I was even more surprised when she started drizzling syrup around my nipples, down my chest to fill my belly button and then down further to cover my dick. My only complaint was that she had taken the bottle right out of the refrigerator and hadn’t warmed it up a little. Other than that I was struck with the realization that she intended to lick me clean. If I hadn’t already been hard just that thought alone would have gotten me hard quickly.

After I had gotten my strawberry shower, Glenda stood at the head of the bed and stripped off the t-shirt she was wearing. Then she bent over and kissed me lightly, just barely putting any pressure on my lips. I lifted my head to meet her but she raised her head up with me. I should have realized what I was in for but my mind was centered in another part of my anatomy at the time. Glenda lay down next to me and used just the tip of her tongue to start cleaning the strawberry from around my nipples. When she exhaled I would get a chill draft on my wet skin which only increased my torture. All I could do was lay there while she took her time licking me clean.

I know she probably only took about 5 minutes to clean my nipples but it felt like hours. Then I had to lay there as she slowly lowered her head to clean up the strawberry syrup that went from my nipples to my belly button. When she finally made it this far she bent her head down like she was going to kiss my belly button and sucked out the syrup. Betturkey Then she began licking the inside the inside of my belly button clean.

Meanwhile I was doing my best to lay still and not jump around when Glenda inadvertently hit a ticklish spot with her tongue. Then I had to lay still as she turned my belly button into a drinking glass. Believe me; it isn’t easy to lie still when all of that is going on. It was even harder when Glenda began licking her way from my belly button down to my dick.

Just as she was about to start licking my dick though,

“David, I’m thirsty. I’m going to get something to drink, do you want anything?” she asked as innocently as she could with that ear to ear grin on her face again.

“Hey, get back here!” I shouted, “I’ll give you something to drink”

“That’s okay,” she replied from the kitchen, “I want something cold to drink, not hot.”

I got scared then that she might be getting ice cubes but she came back with a small glass of milk instead. I found out later in the week that she didn’t know about that trick but I took an opportunity to teach it to her personally the next weekend. After she took a few sips of milk, she held the straw for me to be able to finish off the glass. With our thirst sated, Glenda turned her attention to my strawberry covered dick.

“Hmmmm, it seems to be sagging some what.” Glenda pointed out.

“Well it does happen every now and then but I bet you can get it hard again really easy.” I returned.

“You mean like this?” she asked as she lowered her head over my dick.

I didn’t have to answer because my dick started coming back to life. Glenda might have been new at giving blow jobs but she always got an orgasm out of me. This time though she seemed more intent on teasing me then making me cum. She started at the tip of my dick and began licking lightly with just the tip of her tongue. Every now and then she would stop, look me in the eyes and smile before continuing her maddening work. It felt like a warm, moist feather duster was grazing my dick.

Before she got half way down my dick I was heaving my hips off the bed as an orgasm shot through me. Glenda lifted her head so she could watch my mini Old Faithful spouting off then she lowered her head and went back to the task of licking the strawberry syrup and also cleaning up what cum hadn’t landed on my belly.

After what seemed like an eternity, Glenda finally reached my balls. Instead of using the tip of her tongue as she had been doing with the rest of my dick, she flattened it out and began licking everything clean. When she finally got what syrup she could get off of me she climbed back off the bed and came to stand by my head. She spread her legs slightly and I could see her pussy juices dripping down her leg. Without asking she climbed back onto the bed and straddled my head with her legs. I knew what she wanted so I began licking her juices up and then attacked her clit with my lips and tongue. It didn’t take long and I had Glenda cumming all over my face. I drank in all of the juices I could get to and even tied sucking them directly out of her pussy.

When Glenda’s orgasm began to hit she grabbed onto the head board and held on for dear life. My position kept me from seeing too much but I could feel the bed shake under us. I could barely hear her moaning with her a leg on either side of my head but I could tell that she was calling my name. What more can a guy ask?

After Glenda calmed down she untied me and we went out to the pool to clean up and relax. By consensus it was decided that no clothes will be worn out in the pool area since we had lots of privacy. The hard part though, was getting used to seeing each other naked without wanting to have sex immediately. We finally got used to the nakedness after a few days but neither of us complained about the sex, after all, that’s what we were supposed to be doing anyway. Inside the house Glenda and I usually wore a loose pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

The first Monday morning marked a slight return to normal for Glenda and me. Both of us had to work so we would be apart for part of the day. By luck we both had the same schedule so we left for and returned from work at about the same time. We went to the bedroom to get out of our work clothes and then headed for the pool. While floating side by side in the pool, we talked about our day. After about an hour we decided it was time to go in and make dinner. Instead of one of us sitting in another room while the other cooked, Glenda and I helped each other. It really was amazing. We hadn’t spent that long cooking with each other but it seemed like we just clicked. Before to long, Glenda and I had a nice dinner fixed. I had ducked out quickly to set the table and had also taken the time to turn down some lights and then lit some candles.

Dinner that night was a quiet one. Neither one of us wanted to break the Betturkey Giriş spell that settled over us. The stereo was playing soft, romantic music and the candles seemed to dance in Glenda’s eyes.

“I love you Glenda.” I told her quietly.

And with that Glenda started to cry.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“I love you too, David.” she told me. “I just don’t want things to end.”

“I know, Glenda” I told her. “I also know that eventually we will have to end this and Eileen will come back here to live and things are going to suck again. All I want to do right now is to make the best of the time we have and pray that maybe we can wind up with some more on our side.”

By this time we were no longer sitting quietly at the table but holding onto each other. For some reason holding Glenda made my world seem complete. Judging by the way Glenda calmed down I believe that she felt the same way. There was no denying that we felt something special for each other. There was also no denying that we were sexually attracted either. While hugging Glenda, I had started moving my knee between her legs. Slowly Glenda eased her legs apart and lowered herself a bit so my knee would contact her pussy. We began kissing slowly but the pace quickly picked up as our arousal took over. Our tongues began to duel as I picked up the pace of my knee and Glenda began humping herself on my knee to increase the pressure. With all of our senses gone the only thing to do was to clear a spot on the dining room table for Glenda to lie down on.

I reached up and lifted her t-shirt clear of her breasts with one hand and used the other to pull my dick out the side of my shorts through the leg hole. Glenda’s reaction was down to move her shorts to the side and pull my dick into her. I slid my dick deeply inside her in one continuous thrust and then stood still. Even though Glenda had long lost her hymen from exercising and she had been using her “man” to stretch her hole, she never really had anything deep inside of her until I came along. By sitting still inside of her she was able to get used to being stretched without me doing her any harm. While I was waiting to begin my thrusts I reached up and began kneading her breasts.

For Glenda, her breasts were her most important erogenous zones. If I wanted to, I could have spent the whole day playing with Glenda’s breasts and she wouldn’t have stopped me. She didn’t like rough treatment but I wasn’t into that either so there were no worries. What she did like was for me to run my hands from below her breasts to the top with my palms just lightly touching her. I would then gently squeeze her nipples and rub them between my finger and thumb. If I could reach them, she also liked it if I would kiss and suck on her nipples. In the current position I was in though, I was unable to do anything more than rub them.

It wasn’t long before Glenda had her hips thrusting up against me. I began slowly pulling out until just the head was sitting inside her pussy and then slowly pushing back in. Glenda wouldn’t have anything to do with slow that night.

“Faster.” she grunted.

So I began pumping in and out of her faster and faster until my hips were a blur. I had to stop playing with her breasts and grab onto her hips so Glenda wouldn’t go flying off the table. Grabbing her also gave me the leverage to pump into her even faster. For the first time I wasn’t really making love to Glenda. We were fucking and it was great. Glenda grabbed onto the sides of the table she could reach to hang on and let out a wail I gave her a few more thrusts and then shoved my dick as far into her pussy as I could get and then filled her up with cum. When it was over I had to sit down before I fell down and Glenda must have passed out for a few seconds. Maybe what I saw was supposed to be gross but for some reason it made me proud to look between Glenda’s legs to see her pussy stretched out and my cum dripping out. My first response was to lean forward and start licking her pussy but she stopped me.

“Ouch! I’m sore right now. Can I get a rain check for later?” she asked.

“Okay Glenda. Sorry about that.” I told her.

“Oh, that’s okay.” she replied tiredly.

I helped her down from the table and over to the bathroom. We took turns sitting on the toilet and doing what we needed, and then we cleaned up and headed for bed. Looking back on that Monday night I realized that we had been in every room since then and found a way to fuck in each one. Glenda and I had settled in and were acting like married couples who had been married for years. We continued to get home around the same time every day. We would then go into the bedroom and strip tossing our clothes onto the floor. There they stayed until later that night when we went to bed. If I forgot to put the toilet seat down Glenda would come up to me and whisper that I owed her a quarter. I could get it back if I gave her a back massage later on.

After stripping down Glenda and I would grab a clean pair of shorts and a t-shirt along with a towel and then we would head for the swimming pool. Sometimes all we would do is talk about our day, sometimes we would fool around and sometimes we would wind up having sex. What I really loved about the whole thing though, was that there really seemed like there was no pressure. Glenda and I really acted like we were the ones who were married instead of Eileen and me.

There is no way that Eileen would be out in the pool naked let alone let me touch her. Making love out doors was out of the question. In fact it seemed like once she realized that I couldn’t get her pregnant she stopped letting me touch her. That wasn’t the only difference either. Even if she got home before I did, when I got home I had to immediately start working on dinner. This was my job and I had to do it alone. Having Glenda not only in the same room but either helping or leading in the cooking was heavenly. What had been a chore became an extension of our love. And the toilet seat? God forbid that she walked past my bathroom and saw the door open, let alone seeing the seat up. I caught holy hell for that. Eileen figured that since there were two bathrooms in the house there was one for me and one for her. Of course she got the larger one that was in the bedroom and I got the spare that was at the other side of the house. The only time I could go into her bathroom was when I cleaned it for her, which I did once a week. For some reason, Eileen felt that her job took enough out of her and it was my job to take care of the house, inside and out. Glenda’s coming made my life easier in so many ways. The house was kept clean and the yard was kept neat in a never ending game of fun. Being a Saturday meant more than cleaning though, it was also the day that Eileen and I usually headed over to see her family.

On the one hand Glenda and I were looking forward to seeing her family. On the other hand we were a bit nervous to see how the family would treat us. Finally Glenda and I arrived at her mom’s house but even that was a bit different. For all of the weekends that Eileen and I spent over at her mom’s house, we had never shown up in the same vehicle. My truck was usually needed for lumber or appliance runs while her mom renovated her house but instead of riding with me, Eileen would insist on taking her own car. Without hesitation this morning Glenda climbed into the truck with me for the ride and left her new Saturn in the garage.

Everyone seemed to be on edge when we walked in but soon things settled down. Eileen was the first to question us as to whether Glenda was pregnant yet.

“Eileen, these things take time,” her mom told her. “I told you that it might take two weeks or a month before anyone would be able to tell if they were pregnant. Besides, I’m sure Glenda and David are doing everything they can.”

“Well mom,” Glenda responded, “now that you mention it, I’m really trying to work with David but he keeps giving me a HARD time.”

“Oh yeah,” I responded jokingly, “I keep giving you opportunities but you keep BLOWING it.”

Everyone laughed at our puns, everyone that is except Eileen.

“You people are disgusting” she yelled as she left the room.

Everyone decided then and there to keep the sex jokes out of the house and away from Eileen. Glenda and I got to work on the room we had been working on and before we knew it, we were being called to the table for lunch. Everyone was there but you could tell that Eileen was still grumpy and upset.

“Eileen what’s bothering you?” I tried to ask quietly.

“You, that’s what.” she yelled as she slammed her fork down. “I don’t think that you and Glenda are really trying to make a baby for me. I think you like having me out of the house and are doing everything you can to move me out.”

“Eileen, that’s not true. Glenda and I are doing everything we can. The rest is up to God. As far as you not being home, I thought you were the one who decided to leave. Glenda was going to stay in the spare bedroom and I would meet her there for an hour or so.” I replied quietly.

“Eileen, if it’s bothering you that I’m there I can come back home and let you move back. David and I can still get together for some time here or there until I get pregnant.” Glenda said.

“Oh no you don’t. You aren’t going to touch MY husband any more after I get back. I’m not even sure I want him coming over to help with the work after this.” Eileen shot back, “There’s no telling what you two will do while my back is turned.”

“Eileen, that’s not fair to either of us.” I replied. “If this is really bothering you, why don’t we just quit. There’s no sense in you getting so angry with us. Glenda was nice enough to do this so you can have a baby.”

“It’s not like we are messing around behind your back now, is it? Glenda asked.

“Wasn’t this your idea?” Eileen’s mom asked.

Finally Eileen calmed down. Glenda and I were ready to go back to the house, get all of her stuff and bring her back home but Eileen wouldn’t allow us.

“No, it’s okay.” Eileen said. “just please hurry.” and then walked away.

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