Gloria’s Gift

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Gloria’s Gift

By Rachel Anne Wallace

Prologue: Life for Lynne Samson, and Gloria Thibold, was about to change in a big way. All initiated by a single conversation, a fantasy, and the effects of a few glasses of white wine. The question revolved in no small part upon Gloria’s husband, Bob. Gloria and Bob were very much in love, but Gloria finds she can’t let go of Lynne’s fantasy and takes a chance it would benefit all of them. Could the three of them find happiness in a way that none of them had ever dreamed of?


Gloria’s weekly lunch date with Lynne started out pretty much as it usually did—with smiles, and good conversation as they sipped their lattes. Lynne and she had been friends in college, and after a year found themselves in the same middle-sized town. Lynne was single, and Gloria had now been married three years to Bob. They had invited Lynne to their home numerous times, their friendship solid. Gloria had taken another bite out of her BLT when Lynne leaned in close to her.

“Gloria, have you ever thought about having sex with another man while Bob watched?”

Gloria chewed slowly, not believing Lynne had actually asked the question. She swallowed, and looked at Lynne with a smile. “No! Why in the world would I do that? I know I’ve never gone into detail about my sex life with Bob, but I can tell you of the men I’ve been with, Bob is at the top of the list.”

Lynne giggled, “Really. You have never fantasized about having some guy lay into you like you were the best woman he had ever found? You know, maybe even a black guy that takes you with a big cock that you can’t believe is real. You laying there with your head on the pillow watching as his black cock slips into you, and disappears.”

Gloria looked at her with a smile, “I swear you have been drinking a glass of wine rather than coffee. I have fantasies, just like any other woman. To be honest, yes, I have fantasized about being taken hard by a black guy. But never with my husband watching him do it.”

Lynne laughed, “I knew it. I’ve had some dreams where I see this cock coming towards me, and I put it in, then after a few minutes a black one comes, and fills me as the other one leaves. I often don’t see faces, but I see bodies.”

Gloria squirmed in her seat a little, the conversation having an effect. It surprised her. She could feel her arousal building.

“Do you have an orgasm when you do—I mean you know, get yourself off?” Lynne asked quietly.

Gloria didn’t want to admit she did, at least not right now. So, she decided to go back to Lynne’s first question.

“I don’t want another man to fuck me no matter the color. I have no desire whatsoever. I’m married, and get all that I need from Bob. He’s still passionate, and we experiment enough to keep things interesting.”

“Yeah, but just think about it. The first guy could get you off, then Bob would slip into you, and give you another one in no time. Two men, two orgasms.”

Now, Gloria felt a bit uneasy. Where the hell did this come from and why did Lynne expect her to tell her? What should she say—that Bob had a greater libido than she did? That she was fully satisfied personally? Gloria finally decided to play along—Lynne had told her about a few of her juicy encounters. Gloria smiled, “No reason to fantasize, and not get something out of it when Bob isn’t around.”

Lynne edged her chair closer to Gloria’s. “So, what if…well…what would you think about a woman watching while Bob had sex with you? Would that turn you on?”

Gloria looked at her, and frowned, “You mean Bob doing me, and this other woman just watching? I mean she wouldn’t do anything other than watch?”

“Yes. It could work that way.”

“Ugh, I don’t think I could do that.”

“Now, what if you wanted Bob to do her, and you watch?”

Gloria set her coffee cup down, “Lynne, where has this come from? We have never had this kind of conversation before. I know we’ve done some kinky things in college. But nothing like this. What gives?”

“I was just thinking the other day about doing something different. I’m tired of hookups. You never really know who you’re going to bed with, and the sex can be all him, not you. In the past when I’ve had too much to drink, and I was inexperienced, I took whatever I got. Now, not so much.”

“Well, I’m not sure I’m into this, and I obviously can’t speak for Bob. But, I think it would take some convincing to get him to go along with something like that.”

“I understand. It’s not like I expected you to along with it. It was more to get your reaction to my fantasy more than anything.”

“Well, your imagination is stronger than mine it seems.”

Gloria was relieved when the conversation shifted to more mundane topics, and didn’t give it any thought until later in the day when she got home. She kissed Bob, when she sat down next to him on the sofa. He looked at her with a smile, “How’s Lynne? She keeping busy enough?”

“Seems escort tanıtımları to be. She has been working on changing her bedroom around. She decided to paint it a light green, and went shopping for new curtains, bedspread, sheets, and pillows.”

“You know you could invite her, and a date over for dinner on a weekend. We could play cards, or another game of some kind,” Bob suggested.

“It’s been a while since she was here last hasn’t it?” Gloria replied knowing the answer.

Bob continued, “I think about two months since I last saw her. Has she found a steady boyfriend to spend time with?”

“No, she’s been playing the field, and today she suggested it wasn’t working very well.”

“I can’t understand why she would have a problem attracting men. She’s a very attractive woman.”

“You really think so?”

Bob looked at her with a puzzled expression, “Don’t you?”

“I guess I had never really given it any thought.”

Gloria thought, why should she? She was Lynne, one of the best friends she’d ever had. They had double-dated together often in college, and had been in adjacent bedrooms having sex with their dates more than once. Afterward, they shared their experiences. Now, Gloria remembered the one time she had been in another room alone while Lynne had sex. She could hear them going at it even with the door closed. It had been at the time if not enjoyable, at least interesting, and certainly arousing. Gloria had long since forgotten about that episode.

But, Lynne was every bit as attractive as she was, in fact she knew more so. Men had always leaned in her direction when they were together, and she had taken seconds more often than not. But, when she met Bob it didn’t matter any longer.

“Yes, I guess she is. I’ve just never thought of her in that context. You enjoy looking at her though,” she laughed.

“Honey, I may look, but the one I want to touch is you.”

“Is that why the first time I gave you the chance, you jumped on me, and absolutely hammered me?” as she gave him a sexy smile.

“It was horny passion pure and simple. So, is that why you wanted me to do you again fifteen minutes later,” as he reached for her.

Gloria lay back against his shoulder and lay her head down, “You know, the only reason I did was because I knew I was already in love with you.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“The fact that you gave me a fantastic orgasm played a part too,” she admitted.

If there was one thing Bob was good at it was preparing her to have sex. He would often start hours before with little suggestive comments, or maybe a touch or two. It was never anything overt, or rushed. After a few years she recognized the signs, and knew there was no way she would say no when the time came. She had seldom been disappointed with that decision. But, she did know he wasn’t getting all he wanted from her in terms of bedtime play. He just didn’t push himself on her for more. The truth was Bob had always adored her, making her feel as if she were the most beautiful woman in the world. When it came to Bob, Gloria knew Lynne was envious of her good fortune.

They got up, and went for a leisurely walk. The day was sunny and the woodland in the park held marvelous tall trees with their green leaves high overhead—almost as if it were a green cathedral with shafts of light coming down. It was one of their special places. A place that always surprised them as they seldom encountered other people there—it was a place where they shared long, passionate kisses, and whispered their love to one another. It was Gloria’s favorite place to walk. Today was no different in that respect.

As they walked back to the house she wondered again about Lynne. It was too bad she had yet to find someone like Bob who could satisfy at least her physical needs. A man’s touch where she had seldom let a man go was still a thrill for her. She wondered now if it was easier for Lynne as she had easily eclipsed the number of partners she had ever known. Frankly, some of hers she couldn’t even remember their names.

In college Lynne and she had compared notes as to what men did to them, and in what order. It varied a little, but when it came to Bob what made him stand out to Gloria was never he rushed to have her spread her legs, and get on with it. Gloria remembered the others, who shoved their cock into her, then got out as soon as possible. Bob, went slow, lasting until she made those small sounds towards the very end as she climaxed. Most men never got Gloria to that point, and when they finished it was as if they had placed another notch on their belt. Gloria knew she was never another notch on Bob’s belt, after their first time together she WAS the notch. She still was.

That night after dinner they relaxed and watched a movie on the large screen TV in the den. Gloria lay on her side with her head in his lap as he ran his fingers through her hair, caressing her bare gaziantep escort telefonları arm. It had relaxed her to the point she had closed her eyes, not watching the movie at all. After a while she could feel his cock harden within his shorts under her head. He shifted to make himself more comfortable. She was sure he didn’t think she had noticed. She didn’t say anything, but the knowledge she was responsible for his hard erection definitely affected her.

Gloria found herself fantasying—”I sat up and smiled at him, giving him a kiss as my hand went for the zipper of his shorts. The zipper down, my fingers found the opening of his briefs, then found the round, warm, part of him that brought me pleasure. I ran my fingertips along the shaft, then up to the tip. I felt him flinch a little as my finger touched the very tip. I lifted my fingers, moving down again. I felt his breathing change as I gently stroked with my fingertips. The opening of his briefs confined my movements, but I took my thumb and index finger and wrapped it around his shaft, then pulled it out through the opening of his briefs, and outside his shorts. I looked up to see his smile, then bent down, taking his tip into my mouth, feeling it firm against my tongue, then with pursed my lips I started stroking as his taste hit my tongue. I was…”

“Honey, are you alright? Your breathing has changed.”

“I could see my lips leaving his erect, wet penis as I looked up into his agonized face.” Gloria opened her eyes—the image on the TV came into focus as her mind told her she was in the present. She lifted her head and turned it slightly. “Guess I dozed off a little. I’m fine.”

Gloria lay her head back down, knowing something more than a fantasy was just inches away. All she had to do was pull down a zipper. She wet her lips with her tongue, then bit her lower lip as she considered her next move.

“You know you’re really beautiful when you sleep,” Bob said softly.

She rolled over onto her back, and looked up at him. He grew a smile, his hand coming to the side of her face, brushing it gently. She felt her hair move from around her ear as his fingers smoothed her hair back. She closed her eyes and smiled.

“That feels really good. You spoil me you know.”

“I do? Glad you told me. I never would have guessed,” he chuckled.

Gloria opened her eyes, and began to sit upright. His hand came to her back and assisted her as she rose. She reached for the buttons of her blouse, unbuttoning each one, and started to shrug it off. She felt a tug as his hand pulled it away—her bared skin telegraphing the change in temperature as the air hit. She reached behind her back, found the clasps of her bra, and started to pull it off. Her breasts spilled out, free of the supporting fabric, exposed in their natural shape, the air just cool enough to be felt as she lay back down. She closed her eyes, and dropped the bra onto the floor, “You can spoil me a bit more.”

Gloria felt his warm hand come to cup her right breast, gently lifting it, his fingers caressing. Giving a sigh, she relaxed as he gently squeezed, massaging gently, working its round features. His hand came to her chest, his fingers playing over her soft skin, then up to her neck. She squirmed a little as the pleasure flowed as if by magic. Pleasure from his fingers, the kind of pleasure only he had ever brought to her. Now her arousal made her breasts feel swollen, full. The minutes passed, his fondling continued unabated, gentle touches, slowly his fingers came to her nipple, and with a slow, gentle squeeze sent a rush of hot sensation straight down to her pussy. She took a deep breath. Gloria was close to heaven, in her mind she had to be.

Gloria couldn’t stand it any longer, she needed his lips, and to be held close.

“Take off your shirt and hold me,” as she rolled towards the edge of the sofa. When her feet landed on the floor, she stood and watched as he leaned forward dropping his shirt. His bared chest, firm, inviting as she moved to straddle his legs to sit on his lap. She brought her lips to his as she pressed her breasts against him. She pulled from the kiss, took a deep breath, and went onto his lips again as his hands came to her back, and pulled her closer.

Bob had always been a wonderful kisser, and both of them enjoyed it a great deal. In fact, they often made out, and didn’t go any farther than talk a little dirty to one another. It was something they had learned after they were married, something that spiced their sex lives up a little—things they had never uttered to anyone else.

They kissed; his passion grew, as did hers. She was wet and fully aroused now. She leaned back away from him, thinking she would stand and lead him towards the bedroom where he could finish her. His tongue went to her breasts, broad wet trails caught her attention, the tracks on her chest leading to a breast. Then his lips covered her nipple, and gaziantep escort bayan telefonları pulled gently several times. Another rush of heat went downward, and she closed her eyes, drawing in a breath. A minute later his mouth closed around her other nipple, his tongue prodding against it wet, soft, then a tug outward as his lips tightened. It was all she could do to remain sitting. She squirmed, her pussy throbbing now with desperate need.

“Bob, no more. I need you where it counts, I’m ready.”

They walked to the bedroom. She wasn’t in need of more encouragement as she stripped off her shorts, and pulled her panties off in haste. She grabbed the large towel off the chair, spread it out, then climbed onto it, and lay down.

“I want you on top, do me less than hard. I really need to have you rock me.”

It felt good as he entered her, and she was surprised he remained shallow, not driving into her deeply. He adjusted his position again after she shifted her hips to change the angle, placing her feet inside his legs once he started to move over her. In this position his penis never left her, the base of his cock pressing her clit, his tip an inch to two inside her vagina. She usually closed her eyes about now, concentrating on how it felt.

This time she glanced at the mirror on the dresser, and watched him move over her—her legs hiding his pelvis where it met her own. His tight ass moved as she watched, and at the same time she felt the pleasure it was creating. She closed her eyes, concentrating again as she felt herself come to the edge minutes later. He stopped moving when she signaled. She took her hands, and caressed his back down to his buns, and back up again enjoying the feel of his body. When she couldn’t wait any longer, she pushed up hard against him, the silent signal she needed more.

She needed that cock for what it did best. She pushed upward again, and felt him start to move. She made a little sound as her clit and vagina responded to the renewed stimulation. Gloria opened her eyes again, and looked into the mirror as her hands clutched him, the pleasure mounting. She felt him grow large inside her, and watched as he started to move faster, and harder. She saw her tortured face, her mouth open as the pleasure mounted rapidly upward until she had to close her eyes. Seconds later a surge of pleasure washed over her, then, just as quickly faded away. He was still moving inside her as she opened her eyes and watched again. The mirror had been in the same place for two years, and she had never made use of it before—at least not this way.

It had taken all of ten minutes before she lay next to him feeling damn good. She didn’t know exactly what made the difference from one time to another, but this was one of the best orgasms ever. She pulled her towel around her as he pulled her into his embrace.

“You were a bit noisy this time,” he whispered.

“Honey, that’s the best five and a half inches I’ve ever had.”

“Don’t you wish it was six?”

She thought back to the guy who had boasted of seven inches, and how disappointed she had been afterward. Even after three times he couldn’t get her off. She knew if he had listened to her he could have.

“Why? You’re perfect for me. Don’t ever think you’re not.”

It was the next day as Gloria was driving to work that her mind wandered back to the lessons she had learned, and what she had experienced. She looked in the rearview mirror a few times, and saw a smile on her face. Yes, it was new, exciting, unknown, and she had worked her way through enough men to know what it was she really wanted in a man. Especially out of bed, where it mattered most. She remembered thinking when she found a man that managed to do both better than any man before it wouldn’t be difficult to say yes. When Bob proposed marriage there was only one answer to give.

Gloria smiled to herself as she thought back to the first time she had seen a man naked with an erection. It had seemed huge at the time, ugly in a way, and she had almost backed out. She didn’t, and it changed her—sex was damn good, and she wanted more of it. Soon after, she learned from an article she found online that there are two types of penis. One was big all the time, and grew just a little longer when erect. The other small, but grew a lot, making it as large, sometimes larger, than a guy with a large one. She hadn’t actually noticed the difference, they were all large when she first saw them. Later she would learn they were referred to as Showers and Growers. Men, like women could be so different from one another, but at the same time alike.

She found there was no sure way to know until she saw it standing proud. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw Bob flaccid the first time—he was small. By that time she already knew he was more than capable of meeting her needs. Not that his other attributes didn’t more than make up for any deficiencies he might have had—she married him primarily for those reasons. Knowing he could use his cock well to please her was a bonus.

It was the following Saturday when Lynne and she talked. They had talked on the phone two times during the week, neither of them brought up the discussion of the fantasy. Now, Gloria invited her to come for dinner, but Lynne had already made plans with her parents. So, they settled on the next available Saturday.

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