Glory Hole Contest

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Josh looked up from his tablet. He had a big smile on his face. Suzy had just given him his morning blowjob and was cleaning up. She liked to leave her men nice and clean and limp. So, she always took her time cleaning them up. Josh, like all men, drooled a little jizz from his cock after it had done its job. Suzy liked getting that final drip. She savored cum like some women savored a good wine. Suzy liked wine, too, but given a choice she’d take cum over wine any day. However, to her way of thinking, the two together made a very nice combination. Nothing like a glass of wine with a cum chaser.

“Says here they are having a contest down at the circle tonight.” Josh read Suzy the short blurb out of the Village News. “First prize is $100.”

“Really?” Money always got Suzy’s attention. “What’s the contest?” Suzy could tell by Josh’s tone that it was something special.

“It is a glory hole contest,” Josh said. “You interested?”

“Yeah, but what’s the contest?” Suzy insisted.

“You have to identify the 3 male participants.”

“How does that work?” Suzy was curious.

“It says the guys stand at glory holes. All you get to see is their dongs hanging through. You give each of them a blowjob; then you try to pick them out of a line-up. I bet you could do it.” Josh concluded.

“Bet I could, too. I’ve seen enough cocks and sucked enough of them. I’m pretty good at telling what kind of cock a guy will have just by looking at his face and build. It would be fun to try going the other way. See if I can match the guy’s face to his cock after only seeing his cock and tasting his sperm.” Suzy was getting excited.

“When’s the contest?” Suzy asked.

“Tonight at the gathering,” Josh said. “Says here it will start promptly at the magic hour of 3:33.”

“Plenty of time to get rested up and get a nice buzz on before then.” Suzy observed. “Let’s do it. If I win, we can use the money to have a nice party here afterwards.”

“Sounds good.” Josh replied.

They left for the contest at midnight. Since they lived in a nudist colony called The Village, neither of them wore clothes. The temp outside was a perfect 80F, and they enjoyed the short walk. By the time they got to the gathering circle, several of their friends were already there.

“We figured you guys would be here,” said their good friend Justine. She was a tall gal with the largest boobs Josh had ever seen. He’d sucked and nibbled on them more than once. Justine liked to have her boobs sucked. She had just one escort ankara rule: no biting! She even took hormones so they’d give milk. Josh loved that. Suzy said he was just a big baby. ‘Can’t help it’ was Josh’s standard reply. He liked girl milk almost as much as Suzy liked cum.

They’d coupled up with Justine and her hubby on more than one occasion. Her hubby was well-hung and could shoot a copious amount of cum. Suzy liked that and his curly triangle of bristle just above his mammoth dong tickled her nose. It took some doing to get that massive cock in her mouth, but she’d done it. To Suzy’s way of thinking, the reward was well worth the effort.

“Couldn’t miss this,” Suzy replied. “You going to participate?”

“Nah, you know me and cum. Can’t stand the stuff unless it’s in you know what and shot into you know where.” Justine grinned and her white teeth gleamed between her large lips. Josh loved those lips, but he could seldom talk Justine into wrapping them around his shaft. Too bad, Josh thought, Justine had the perfect mouth for giving head. He hoped that her close friendship with Suzy, who loved to give head, would help. He dreamed of the day when both of these women gave his cock a good oral working over.

“You?” Justine asked, even though she was sure she knew the answer. Suzy seldom missed a chance to suck a load of cum.

“Yeah, gonna give it the old college try,” Suzy replied, a grin on her face as well.

“Anyone interested in participating in the contest, gather around,” a tall well-tanned man with a well-developed body said. A dozen men and 4 women including Suzy, crowded around the guy. Suzy eyed his male member and hoped he’d be one of the participants.

“OK, you guys who want to participate as donors, go into the concession building. The staff in there will get you ready.” The tall guy said.

“You gals and any of you guys who want to be the suckers (no pun intended), hang loose out here until we get the guys ready.”

Inside, the men were given razors and shaving cream and asked to shave their pubes. Some already had shaved and were eager to get started. The others lathered up and quickly shaved. By the time they were finished, most of the men sported hard-ons.

“OK, guys,” the tall man said. “Here’s the deal. I’m going to select three of you to participate in each round. The others will wait their turn. We’ll have three fresh guys for each gal. Each gal has to pick the three that she gave blowjobs to from the line-up. If esenyurt escort she gets all three, she wins the hundred bucks. You can moan and groan, but no talking during the contest. OK?”

All nodded agreement.

“Each gal will have 5 minutes to work on each guy. Judging by the looks of some of you, that will be more than enough time for her to get you off.” The tall man grinned. “Before we get started, are there any questions?”

Josh raised his hand. He’d decided this was too good not to be a part of it.

“Yes?” The tall man nodded at Josh.

“I assume it is OK for a husband or partner of a contestant to participate from this side.”

“Sure, no problem. I just won’t pair you with Suzy.” The tall man said. He knew both of them from previous encounters. The Village was a small community of 150 souls plus or minus a few. Most only lived there in the summer. Others commuted and spent their vacation time there.

“OK, we have 12 men who’ve volunteered to offer their cocks for this worthy sacrifice. Tough work guys, but someone’s got to do it, right?” He grinned and the men all laughed their agreement.

“And, we have 4 women who want to play this who’s who game. So we need 4 groups of 3. So, I want you to count off one, two, three, four starting with you, Josh.”

The men counted off.

“OK, all the ones take a seat here in the first row. You’ll be the first 3 up. Twos in the second row. Threes in the third row. And fours in the last row.” The men took their seats. Some played with their cocks to keep them hard. They didn’t want to waste any time once it was their turn at the wall.

“OK, first three up to the wall and put your cock through the hole. The first lady is waiting for you.” The tall man was all business. Even his limp dick showed that he had his mind on the business at hand. The men did as they were told.

Spectators gathered in the stand, and the first woman went to the wall and began work on the first cock. It didn’t take her more than 3 minutes to get the first cock to spurt its load. She kissed it, swallowed the load and moved on to the next one. It was stiff in anticipation. But, this one took a little longer. Still, she was able to get him going in less than 5 minutes. The girl was on a roll. She had the third one pumping in 2 minutes flat. He was a short, stubby little guy who barely stuck through the hole. Still, he blew an impressive load.

The three men stepped back and the next three eskişehir escort took their places. Girl

went to work on them, and one by one, got them all spurting cum within the 5-minute time limit. She retired and it was Suzy’s turn.

Suzy had to admit she had never met a cock she didn’t like. And, when there was money AND cum involved, she liked them even more. She got to work on the first cock and had him pumping his creamy load in 2 minutes. She did the second one in 4 minutes and the last one in 3. Suzy studied each cock as she sucked it. She did her best to picture the face that would go with it. She searched her memory to see if she could remember seeing it before. She’d seen a lot of cocks around the Village. She probably saw a dozen or more every day. But, truth was, they were so common she just hadn’t paid that much attention to them. Now she wished she had.

Finally, the fourth girl did her thing. It took longer for her to get some of her cocks spurting, but she, too, managed to finish them all in the allotted time.

“Now for phase 2,” the tall man said, his rich baritone voice getting everyone’s attention.

The 12 men stood behind the wall with just their head showing. Numbers from 1 to 12 were painted just below their faces. All the women could see of the men was their heads and perhaps part of their shoulders if they were tall.

“OK, ladies,” the tall man said. “Take a card, write your name on it and list the numbers of the men you think were attached to the 3 cocks you sucked. You have 5 minutes.”

Suzy and the other women took cards, looked up at the smiling faces staring back and them and did their best to figure out which face went with which cock.

“Times up,” the tall man said. “Give me your cards and lets see who the winner is. If no one wins, we’ll run the contest again next week, and keep doing it each week until we have a winner.”

The tall man collected the cards. Looking at his clipboard, he marked each card. “Well, ladies and gentlemen,” the tall man said, “I’m pleased to announce that we have a winner.”

“And, the winner is?” Josh prodded.

“None other than your partner, Suzy,” the tall man announced. “Suzy, come on up and claim your prize.”

Suzy bounced up the stairs and received her second reward of the night for her efforts: a crisp, new $100 bill. The first reward, of course, was the 3 loads of cum she’d received during the first phase of the contest. How’d she manage to match the guys and their cocks up? She didn’t know. Woman’s intuition, she guessed. Maybe something about the sparkle in their eyes when they looked at her. Maybe something about the taste of their sperm. However she’d done it, she was glad she’d won. Now they could have their party. The 3 loads of sperm she’d taken had whetted her appetite. Now she wanted more.

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