Glory Hole

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Female Ejaculation

1. Horny

Dave was horny. But for some reason he was not picking up. It had been a long evening hanging out in the bars of Oxford Street but he hadn’t so much as caught someone’s eye.

He gazed across the bar of the Midnight Shift, it was almost midnight, but the place was not alive, everyone had gone home: just a couple making out, a few old timers and the lesbian behind the bar. She seemed to be counting money and had very bushy hair.

I have to get out of here, thought Dave; I need some action, and if I don’t get some I’m going to spurt.

He walked aggressively out of the doorway and down the street past the Colombian. He considered hanging out there for a while but it wasn’t his style; a room full of hard cases and too much drugs.

He considered going home with a consolation pizza but he was too keyed up. Then a thought entered his head: maybe I could go to 80, he thought. He’d heard they had a glory hole it was worth a try.

He entered 80 and he was feeling excited. Every hair stuck out on his skin. His heart was racing and he had started to sweat. He looked around at the other occupants; he was petrified that they would know it was his first time here.

He scanned the room and noticed a sign that said “men’s toilet”, with a stick figure of a man. When he got in there the toilet wasn’t empty, which made Dave’s heart skip a beat; a man was standing at the urinal, his dick in his hand.

In this place the usual rules about toilet etiquette did not apply. He looked at the man’s penis which was large, circumcised and veined, with a huge swollen head.

Dave’s eyes flickered to his face. The man was looking at him intently with his dark black eyes. OMG! thought Dave, I am so in! It was scary; all of a sudden his dreams had come true.

He fled to one of the toilet cubicles and dropped down on the seat. To his horror and surprise there was in fact a glory hole. It was large and shapeless, just a void big enough to insert a decent sized cock.

Dave opened his fly. His own penis was average sized and at that moment was soft as putty. He looked down at it in disgust. All evening he had been rigid, so much so that he had had to hide his erection under his jacket on the bus,

Now he wanted to do the business his penis just lay there limp and shrivelled like a stale mushroom that had lain too long in the fridge.

Damn! thought Dave, I really want a blow job but I’m never going to get one at this rate.

He looked at the hole. Someone had roughly punched one in the wall between the cubicles Sefaköy Escort and painted around the edges. The lighting in there was kind of subdued, as if is the proprietors had designed it, not for passing “human waste” but for “making love”.

Dave shivered. Maybe the reason he couldn’t get it up was the hole, rough-hewn and void like. It hung there like a gaping maw.

He imagined his penis in there (his small shrivelled penis) and he felt a defensive pang. What if the person on the other side of the wall was violent? What if he hurt Dave? What if he cut his penis off? That last bit didn’t bear thinking about.

Was a moment of release really worth being damaged like that? He decided it was not and he was just about to get up and leave the toilet cubicle when someone put their penis through the hole in the wall.

Dave looked at the penis. It was large and veined and swollen and it had a huge purple head. There was something familiar about that penis. It must have belonged to the man with the black piercing eyes.

At that moment a lot of things passed through Dave’s mind” this guy has the same idea as I do, do I have to swallow when he comes and will I get a disease?

This was a moment of truth. Dave could suck that cock or walk out of there but if he walked away from that motherfucker, could he call himself a man?

2. Fellatio

The first thing that Dave thought about the glory hole situation was how are we going to do this thing? It was taking place in a toilet cubicle after all.

It was cramped, it was dirty and it was dark. The glory hole was placed half way down the wall so it was difficult to get the penis in his mouth; without getting a serious crick in his neck.

And kneel? There was a pool of water (or urine?) on the floor underneath. If he knelt he would seriously get his jeans wet. Whatever. Thought Dave, my jeans are black.

You have to get comfy to do a proper blow job. You have to be in it for the long haul. Dave had his doubts about how long it would take.

He was so excited. If I was the one who was getting the blow job, thought Dave, I would be spurting my semen all over the walls in 10 seconds flat.

He knelt down and the hard slimy surface of the toilet cubicle floor met his bony knee caps, a sensation which on another occasion wouldn’t have been all that pleasant.

This time it had the effect of triggering something dirty in his soul. I am going to suck that man, he told himself, that strange man with that beautiful penis, I’m Sefaköy Escort just going to let go!

Dave put out his tongue; there was a bead of pre-cum on the swollen head. He licked it off. It had a slightly sweet, slightly salty taste.

The penis quivered. Suddenly Dave felt a spasm of tenderness for the defenceless thing. It needed protection. He took the whole of the gigantic head into his mouth.

Dave licked the underside, the taste was delicious, and the sensation of the turgid dick against his tongue was so smooth.

He went further, sliding this lips all the way down the shaft; taking as much of the man’s penis in his mouth as he could. The man gasped with pleasure. Dave had made a soul connection; the man’s voice was deep, gruff and desperate for this sucking to go on. That was all the invitation Dave needed. He started to slide his mouth up and down the penis, using his lips, using his tongue on the underside, just the way he would like it to happen to him. The man, the stranger, with the piercing black eyes, had given himself over to Dave’s ministrations in a total gesture of trust. It was amazing. No one had given him this much trust before. On and on and on Dave sucked that guy’s penis. He imagined the man, probably naked from the waist up, his pants rolled down over his hips, bucking against Dave’s mouth with his super hard penis trust through the gateway of the glory hole. Dave was in a trance-like state, all he could feel was the man’s penis trusting into his mouth, the smooth, hard, engorged flesh making friction with the eager, hungry, greedy skin of his lips.

Their fellatio went on for ages. Dave’s mind was torn between a place when he wished the process would go on forever and wondering if the man would ever cum. The hard surface on which he was kneeling on was really starting to hurt his knees.

Then suddenly from the other side of the cubicle wall he heard the man gasp “I’m coming” and Dave felt him push the penis through the glory hole with even more urgency than before.

OMG! OMG! Thought Dave, he’s going to cum in my mouth! On other occasions, going down on other guys, he had been disgusted at the thought. But this time he decided to do it. Let that man cum in my mouth thought Dave; take it like a man!

He could hear the man moaning in the ecstasy of this orgasm, he could feel the slight trickle of the warm semen at the back of his throat, as it invaded his mouth. He swallowed it down.

That wasn’t so bad, Dave thought, proud of himself, at one with the man Escort Sefaköy who’s cum had just become part of him.

3. Escape?

After that Dave got up from the toilet floor and sat for a moment on the toilet seat, steadying himself. He didn’t want to actually see the man, he was too embarrassed.

If I did actually meet him, thought Dave, it would be like breaking a spell.

Dave could hear the man moving around, hear him do up his zip. Then he heard him leave the toilet cubicle and the door bang behind him, after that Dave assumed the man was gone.

Dave was having a lot of trouble coming to terms with what had just happened. He had just sucked off a strange man and swallowed his semen. He would still feel the imprint of the man’s penis on his lips.

Surely everyone here could tell that. He was so embarrassed that Dave left the place quickly, past guys sitting around watching videos, looking relaxed.

Truth was they had all done what he had just done, sucked off each other so many times and they could tell that he had just done it; but they didn’t care.

Then Dave was out on the street walking rapidly away from 80, trying to find somewhere he could be with people where they couldn’t know that they had just sucked a strange man’s penis, in a public toilet, and where he could have a beer.

He walked down the street through crowds of people, blissfully unaware of him, on their way to somewhere else. He stopped at the lights so much traffic whizzing past.

Finally he crossed the street and after a while he found a pub, not a gay one; where he could sit down and take stock.

A barmaid served him. He muttered his order, eyes lowered, quickly took his change, made no comment. He couldn’t look her into the eyes.

If she only knew what I was doing minutes ago, thought Dave, with my dirty cock-sucking mouth, it would blow her mind.

The barmaid made no comment, just gave him his change and went on about her business, wiping down the bar with a damp cloth.

Dave went over and sat down in a corner; people around him were chatting with their friends and watching sport on TV.

They didn’t know what he had done (the dirty humiliating thing that he had done with a strange man) but he did; and it was blowing his mind.

Dave had a flashback to the man’s penis pointing at him through the glory-hole and Dave’s mouth watered (his dirty cock-sucking cum swallowing mouth).

His lips felt swollen and sore. The whole sorry situation was real, he couldn’t forget it, and he was now discovering; he wanted to do it again.

At that moment Dave looked up from the vision that was floating around in the golden depths of his beer. The vision in front of him was the man, the one with the dark black eyes and huge penis; and he was walking his way.

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