Glory Show

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Part of what makes a glory hole so hard to resist is the ease in simply cumming with someone else, sharing little beyond a definite interest in getting hard and getting off with another person. No complications, little time spent beyond that leading to orgasm, essentially avoiding the complications of shame or embarrassment. Growing hard and then having a man get me off still has a kinky flavor about it, a strangely intoxicating mixture of horniness along with a feeling of the unknown and unallowed. Added to this are the growing number of truly memorable orgasms which keeps pulling me back to see what else unimagined will happen. Staying complete strangers while getting each other off, such easy faceless sex makes things much easier to deal with for both people at a glory hole, allowing for the simple compartmenting of very different pleasures. This helps keep the focus on getting off with another man, avoiding distractions, as both so obviously share the same tastes in many ways already when they step into such a place.

As I re-entered my favorite glory hole for the first time after a several month break, someone was leaving, and the door to the side I normally prefer less was open. The other side still seemed to have someone in it, from the porn to be heard playing behind the closed door. Though now a definitely minor attraction of a video booth, it is always enjoyable to share someone else’s taste in porn.

My cock started to stir when going into the booth, and the stirring started to become truly irresistible after noticing the slider was open on both sides. After stepping in, closing and locking the door, taking money out, and then putting some in the slot, I collected myself a bit, as the sheer excitement was making it difficult to think. This was the first time that began so unambiguously in any of my various glory hole visits and experiences. Nervous with anticipation of the unknown but desirable pleasures now close at hand, I quickly switched through channels for something which would be at least arousing and loud enough to make it less obvious when unzipping and sliding down my jeans. Arousing in part to get past the embarrassment of actually undressing with the idea of cumming with a man, without any excuse except for how good it felt. Even if the space of a glory hole isn’t really public in one sense, it certainly isn’t a private one, a fact which just adds to the entire thrill of anonymous sex. (I can’t imagine what a gay porn theater in the 80s would have been like – doing such things really in public, and with more than one person, is something which seems irresistible after getting hard, though such theaters are likely less common now.)

After a moment, still standing somewhat blankly, having not really noticed the porn anyways except in brief flashes of men sucking each other, or women and men fucking, the idea of simply getting ready for sex with another man while he watched was a previously unimagined idea that could now become real, something I had never really considered. After turning towards the open glory hole, I unbuttoned and then unzipped my jeans, without letting them fall, done as clearly as possible with the idea of sex, at least in my mind. My hand then moved up from the bottom of my open jeans to unbutton the bottom button of the basic canvas shirt I was wearing. After opening up the shirt a bit to give him a better view, my dark curly pubic bush was now free, as was the base of my downward directed and still swelling dick. At this point, it seemed to make sense to gather stock of what was going on, after concentrating so hard on trying to do something well for the first time. Which was in turn making concentration on anything else ever more a challenge. This quickening change of focus, from the practical to the purely sexual is one of the things which makes this style of sex with another man so glorious.

I could see someone sitting on the other side of the wall, legs spread, and it was pretty clear that he would be unlikely to mind watching a cock get hard. Which wouldn’t take long, as my right hand began to slide down, first touching the bulge along the denim, then coming back the same way, bringing along the half erect length of my turned on dick. I was getting shaky from the sensations and the growing pleasure, and my now upright and free cock simply slipped into my bursa escort hand, thickening as my fist closed with thumb and finger close to the underside of the cockhead. Now free of the jeans, the difference in texture and temperature was simply another piece of the delightful changes my sensitive and aroused skin was experiencing. After flipping the channel several times, again more as an excuse than anything else, although also to sneak a peek at any hot gay porn while getting hard with another man, I looked through and saw a somewhat small cock, not hard, being nicely stroked by someone who did seem to appreciate what he had likely been seeing.

My cock is fairly average in my eyes, though able to stand comparison in general. I am certainly content with it, and there has been no reason to have any self-doubts about its appearance. And for the first time, it was actually being shown off as part of having sex, attempting to get someone horny enough to enjoy cumming with it – speaking very generally, women don’t care much about being shown off to that way, though men certainly love looking at anything which gets them turned on. And for a man who likes looking at cocks, I didn’t mind trying to get him more deeply interested in mine, as I had already become interested in his.

After a short while, I turned and sat down, now stroking myself in a well practiced way, my hand starting to move nicely up to the flaring circle of pure ecstasy under my cock’s thickness, causing my eyes to start closing briefly with pleasure when my enclosing fist pushed against the length of the shaft against the cockhead, before moving down to start the process again, a favorite jack off style. To stop from watching my hand, it was possible to begin to concentrate instead on watching him through the glory hole, where he could be seen stroking himself also, one of the mutual tastes we obviously had in common. The sitting was somewhat calming, but when he put his fingers through the opening, it was a perfect time to take my hand off my cock, and touch his hand, starting at his fingertips and sliding down along his fingers.

They were questing, as mine were also, his rougher and thicker though not shorter than mine, and after shortly feeling his callused palm and creased skin, my fingers reached along his arm, lightly stroking several times along his hair and skin, a very clear invitation on my part. He seemed to think so, as he turned and got up, while my hand was still reaching through his side of the glory hole, and my cock was perfectly content to be left unstroked, knowing how much there was to enjoy still. And focusing on another man and his cock has always been a fantastic turn-on, as it was now again.

I could see how he raised himself on one knee on the bench, the other leg spread to the side, getting the right height and position, which turned out to be with his cock pressed downwards, against my hand, which was beneath the window and against the wall. After stroking my fingers sideways against the length of his member, he began to push with a sort of relaxed pressure against the wall, his cock still pointed downwards, my fingertips now playing underneath his cockhead, the length of my fingers against the length of his shaft, adding their own rhythm to his motion. He was obviously getting into the pleasure, and by this point, it was a simple assumption that he had got off with the person before me, but still wanted to keep playing cock games, with the sort of sexy slutty idea of servicing more than just one man, an idea which has occurred to me on a few occasions. Much like sucking my first cock, the idea of getting several men off in a row is one of the fantasies which keeps swirling around the back of my head when at a glory hole.

At times, my palm would be lower as he or I shifted, and my fingers would then stroke his hairy balls and the very inside top of his thighs just beneath them, and at other times, my fingers seemed positioned perfectly for his pleasure, as he sighed and simply sagged in relaxed contentment to what was being done to him, a feeling I was growing ever more used to creating as we started our game, both of us thrilled to have someone else to play with – a glory hole is a direct place, where such shared obviousness is just the start of the fun. After a couple of minutes of obviously enjoyable rubbing along bursa escort bayan his half-erect dick, he sat back down. Touching another man in such a purely sexual way had left me as hard as before, though no longer at the point of being lost in a fantastic rush of cumming. The entire experience till now had simply been pauses between ever higher levels of horniness, and this was now simply the next height to explore. It seemed my turn to get back up again, turning my stiff cock to face the hole much like he had, pointed downward by the force of my hand on it, though farther back, trying to position myself to be easily seen, hopefully making the stroking more obvious while showing off my own hot hardness.

By now, the stroking had a certain forcefulness, with a feeling of the power of my lust becoming part of the background of different sensations caused by an ever more demanding cock. After a short while, it was red and full from the short but intense jacking off, which just added to showing off how hard it wanted to play. In truth, to feel another man get me off was a major part of why I was now standing there, with a hard cock openly showing my excitement and raw desire.

His hand came through again, and seeing his fingers and hand while he touched me was unbelievably hot, and my eyes began to close again, and as much as I wished to keep looking, it just wasn’t possible with the overwhelming sensations coming from the base of my cock, where his truly male hand had started touching me, adding to the utter paradise which my own hand was creating. Though I knew about his hand’s roughness from before, on my cock it just felt perfect, and as his fingers moved through my pubic hair, touching my balls and running along the top of my thighs, I started becoming lost in the purely sexual touch of another man, who was now making me feel so good.

As his hand kept adding to my own delight, it was impossible not to keep pumping harder. He then returned his touch to the base of my cock, stroking along the shaft, his hand covering my own for a short while, then he slid along my now slippery cock tip – he seemed to know just how good it was to feel the pre-cum making everything so perfectly slippery, the friction disappearing as he kept making me feel ever more lost in the magic of his skillful motions. As the feeling of release grew, it became ever more intensely impossible to stop its liquid rush. But I was able to barely pause, my hand dropping limply to my side. He also quickly noticed that I had stopped, and both thankfully and regretfully moved his hand away. Now in a timeless paradise, quivering and erect, I just stood balanced with my jutting cock so hot, not touching anything or being touched, my brain balancing the desire to cum so good and hard right now against the desire to cum after even more exquisite pleasure. I was enraptured, and certain that my full sexy cock was part of the reason he was now getting me off, and what he now saw was a man who would cum at the lightest increase in pleasure. The feeling of timeless ecstasy, my cock the center of everything, slowly began to subside as the balance tipped to not cumming.

Slowly, returning to a slightly more steady reality, there were a few last details which needed to be tended to. Since stepping into the booth, I hadn’t much thought about anything beyond cumming. It was simple to tear off a few paper towels to place over the bench underneath the opening, making them available for what was certainly going to happen soon. After hastily doing this,with my cock still urgently demanding attention, there was no longer any reason to hold back the next time the familiar wave grew beyond measure, and it would be time to just lose myself again in completely mindless bliss.

At this point, the last practical arrangements made, his fingers came back through, beckoning my cock. But this time, I was the one in control, slowly reaching down to touch myself, fingers and palm enclosing my swollen rod, the stroking now slow and unstoppable, my horny cock on full display, demanding his attention. He reached through, first touching the base of the shaft, then again through my pubic hair, while my moving hand slowly increased its pace. Again his hand moved up along my fully aroused length. At this point, my hand settled at the base of my cock, holding the skin taut while escort bursa he played with me, his hand now finding the spot underneath the flaring cockhead, which now pulsed in complete satisfaction to his slow stroking. I began to moan, not caring about whether it could be heard or not. When the pleasure becomes too intense, it is impossible for me to remain completely quiet, which is part of the entire public/private thrill.

After a short time of restraint, I just had to start stroking again, my hand first touching underneath his as it travelled up and down, then in growing contact as we began to move in a shared rhythm. This was starting to get too distracting, and it seemed best to reclaim the pole position, so to speak, by going past his hand, leading it downwards. He seemed to understand what was going on, and he began to again touch my hairy balls, then holding and squeezing my sack, moving on to stroke along the top of my thighs. At this point, he reached around the back of my thigh, his arm touching between my ass cheeks and the bottom of my scrotum, and started pulling my cock closer to the opening. It was such a rush to know how turned on he was by what I was doing to myself, which was incredible enough on its own. Someone else’s enjoyment just added to the entire thrill of what was happening.

His hand kept stroking the back of my thigh and then my ass, and started to grab me, seemingly an attempt to pull my cock ever closer to the hole, while my own hand kept stroking myself into ever greater pleasure. My moaning started again, meaningless words escaping, a stream like ‘oh fuck yes, fuck, cock, so good, aaaaah, yessss, so fuck hard cock, aaaaaahhh…’, telling him just how good what he was doing felt. Balancing against his obvious desire to have my cock be handled on his side of the opening was my desire to keep showing off, getting off knowing that my cock was what he wanted, without losing all control to him and his ever more insistent pulling and rubbing, which I leaned into as my own stroking got ever harder, but slower. This time, I wasn’t going to give myself so completely over to another man’s control, unlike the time I was so completely lost when a man first sucked me off through the glory hall.

The beckoning was becoming almost impossible to resist, as the image of my cock sliding into his waiting and hungry mouth filled my mind – but by this point, it was no longer possible to halt the hot flood bursting into now unstoppable existence, regardless of what other pleasures might await in a now meaningless future. I increasingly gave in to his clutching strong hand on my ass, growing weaker as orgasm began to race everywhere, moving now closer to the opening as he kept urging me, while rubbing ever more rapidly along the entire length of my fully aroused tool, up to the top of the swelling cockhead. My full balls started to pump semen from the base of the hot shaft in fulfilled ecstasy, and it was pure joy to have the now unstoppable orgasm just take over, the end of my jisming cock merely an inch or two away from the opening, his hand rubbing my thigh as white cum spurted repeatedly. I was now swaying into his strong hold, my flying cum also landing along the length of his arm, seen in flashes of swirling coherence while he kept pressing harder, his hand gripping me as I just kept cumming, squeezing out every last bit of pleasure from my balls to the opening at the tip where the last cum was still dripping.

As has always been true when at a glory hole, he didn’t stop touching until I was completely emptied, our game coming to an end only when it was no longer possible for me to continue. There may be truth in the idea that people of the same sex understand from experience what feels best, as no man I have enjoyed sex with has been hurried at this point, but instead seems to understand the luxurious feeling of returning to reality while still feeling the touch of the person who provided such total satisfaction. With the urgency gone, it is in some ways more enjoyable than what happens beforehand.

Yet again, I was utterly drained, and after another moment of swaying slightly unsteadily after his hand withdrew, I closed the slider, cleaning and redressing myself to be presentable when leavingt the shop, another incredible encounter fading into the afterglow of pure physical contentment. After putting the parking card into the machine to pay, I saw it had taken only 14 minutes from parking to leaving. The short time was a real surprise, since it had seemed so much longer gloriously getting off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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