Going Down

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This story took place in an elevator after work. I was leaving off in my blue tan double-breasted suit with briefcase in hand. I worked in a high-rise where the elevator had encased in glass, so one could see the whole wondrous city. I was stressed out and tired after a long day, unknowingly a beautiful woman was standing to my left as stared as I stared at the empty walls. The elevator bell clicked on, the light illuminated the darkened halls.

I stepped in the elevator, unaware this mystery woman had stepped in as well. I turned around clicked the basement floor where my car was parked. This woman was working in my office building., but I had noticed her before in passing. We only said “hi!” to each other, but no real conversation. Then I felt her warm hands caress my shoulders. I stood in shock and the briefcase landed on the floor. I turned around; it was Katherine from the other sales office. She was wearing a silk black dress skirt. (It was a like a working woman’s suit), black stockings and black heels. She was a 36c, superman lois izle 5’9″, black shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and had firm beautiful body.

Then elevator started to move down a couple of floors down; Katherine turned around and looked me devilishly. With her back turned, she said ” I finally have you all to myself.” I said “Yes, I have been yearning for you after all these months.” I could not hold myself back and kissed her deeply squeezing her body close to me. My hands caressed her back and ass while her hands soothed my back, shoulders and neck. I stepped behind her and began to kiss her neck with my hands reaching down and slowly moving up her soft, silky legs underneath her dress. Katherine moaned as I did this. Her left arm reached around as she arched her neck to kiss me more. I kissed her lovingly then slowly began to take down her black lace panties.

She smiled and stepped out of the black lace panties. Katherine turned around and kissed me passionately. taiwan crime stories izle She placed her hands on my chest feeling my built body underneath. Her hand reached down and with her fingertips lightly touched the head of my hardening shaft. Katherine began to kiss and unbutton my shirt as she moved down, still caressing, teasing my member as she approached. I moaned, my head flung back and eyes closed. I heard the zipper as her soft loving hands opened my pants. She stood up and slowly, gracefully pulled my pants down. My member stood out hard and erect wanting to be fill her.

Katherine smiled, kissed me on the lips and turned around, her arms placed on the rails, spread her legs and welcomed me with her firm tight pussy. I placed my hard member into her pussy she moaned lightly. My hands on her hips, my legs parallel to hers as my shaft began to fill her pussy. I slowly picked up the pace, going faster and faster. The city lights streaking past terim izle my eyes like some hallucination. I withdrew my hard cock, soaked with her wet juices and my passion. Katherine declared “Please don’t leave, I want you so much.” Without a second thought, I went long, hard, deeper into her walls squeezed my hard shaft.

My shaft exploded into her soaking the pussy walls. Some cum dripped out of her. She screamed so loud, I thought the whole city would hear. My body shook, legs buckling, I never expected she would be so wonderful.

I withdrew from her, our juices covering my hard shaft She turned around and sucked me dry. I never thought a woman would so good with cock. My caresses her black silky hair in my hands with such ecstasy, I thought it would never end. She stood up and smiled at me. Katherine said “I hope you don’t mind, if I was too forward.” As she began to put her panties back on while I began to get dressed. I said “You were great!” She continued “This where I get off.” The she silently started the elevator once again and left this moment of sanctuary. All I could do was stare at this gorgeous woman who had given me the ride of my life. I pressed the parking lot button; I had this huge smile on my face. Other people probably thought a big sales had come down. They were almost right. The elevator doors quietly opened as I was walked happily to my car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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