Golden Memories Pt. 02

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This story is a continuation of Golden Memories, but at this point I diverge from a true-to-life recollection of an actual experience to an amalgam of fact and fiction. Some of this story will have actually happened, though not necessarily chronologically accurate, and some will be pure fantasy. I guess that’s rather pointless to say, since only I will know the difference… But I digress. Once again reader, this story will contain watersports play, if you are not into that please consider that this story might not be for you.


I woke up to the dim morning light filtering in through the curtains of Dan’s bedroom window. The first thing I registered was the warm comfort of Dan’s body, still playing the big spoon, pressed against my back while he breathed in the steady rhythms of deep slumber. As I snuggled against him, the second thing I noticed was the parched mouth and pressing headache signifying we had overdone it on the whiskey the night before. Finally the last thing that dawned on me was the tension of my raging hangover erection and the terrible need to empty my bladder. With a groan I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom, my rock hard boner pointing the way as it swayed back and forth. As I did my business, I smiled inwardly while the memories of the night before came back to me, feeding my horniness as I strained to urinate through my hard cock.

Finished in the bathroom I headed back to bed. As I crawled back under the covers next to the still sleeping Dan, a mischievous thought came over me. I pulled the sheets up over my head and shimmied down to his groin, gently turning his hips up towards me. His deflated cock was just as asleep as he was, flopped to one side nestled against his balls, looking like it needed some love. No sense in teasing him, I took him into my mouth and gently sucked him down right to the base. I adored a limp dick in my mouth, it’s softness and sponginess, it felt innocent somehow. Of course I loved even more bringing it to life and feeling it grow and harden. I laid still for a few minutes, my head resting against Dan’s hip, sucking him like a pacifier and sliding my tongue around the smooth skin, faintly tasting of lube from the night before.

After a few minutes Dan’s cock began to swell, slowly thickening against my tongue, pushing deeper into my mouth. I held still, working him with my tongue, until his head began to press against the back of my throat and I had to back off. Slowly I bobbed up and down, relishing the feeling against my tongue until he was restored to his full seven inch glory. I sucked him up and down with increasing passion, forgetting he was asleep, lost in the sensations of pleasuring his beautiful manhood. My cock was throbbing between my belly and the mattress, demanding attention, but I ignored it, fully engaged in pleasuring Dan. Finally, a groan signified he had awoken; he chuckled and pulled the blanket down past my head.

“Good morning.” He said with a grin, looking down at me.

I smiled back at him with my eyes and moaned around his dick in acknowledgment, sliding my lips up and down his shaft. I felt the desire to have him inside me once more building as I worshipped him. I bobbed on his cock until desire built into undeniable need and I slipped off him, reaching for the bottle of lube on the night stand. Dan watched me as I hungrily squirted a glob onto him, massaging it around until he was coated and slippery before slathering what was left on my hand against my asshole. I turned on my side away from him and lifted one knee towards my chest to give him access. Dan got the message and rolled to spoon me, his cock still in my hand as I lined it up with my hungry hole and pushed back against him, his head pressing into me.

Not having prepared myself beforehand with my butt plug there was some pain as my sphincter stretched around his cock but I didn’t care, I wanted him filling my bowels and I would not be deterred. I pushed my ass back into him until he popped inside and sunk into me, feeling a sharp pain but knowing it would soon be replaced with pleasure. I gasped and he groaned as he took over the action and pressed on until he was bottomed out inside me, his pelvis firm against my ass, his arms pinning me against him. Dan barely gave me any time to acclimate, fucking me slowly at first but quickly surprising me with his desire as he rapidly upped the tempo until he was pounding me energetically, grunting against my neck. I cried out with each thrust, loving being powerless against his control as he fucked me faster and harder, my stiff cock bouncing against my belly with each powerful thrust.

“Hmm, you like that baby?” Dan whispered throatily into my ear, sending a shiver down my spine.

“Y-E-S!” I replied, stretching the word into three syllables to the cadence of his pounding.

It was only a few minutes before I sensed Dan getting close, his lust coming through in his grunting, his thrusts deeper and harder. With a rumbling groan and a jerk of his hips he began emptying himself into me, that familiar sensation of warmth and wetness flooding me as rope after rope of ığdır escort bayan his seed spilled into my colon. Pleasure radiated from deep inside me as I panted and cried in my high getting-fucked pitch while he pounded his load into my depths. His orgasm subsiding, Dan kissed me behind the ear and squeezed me tight, making me snuggle against him, holding one of his arms against my chest. We cuddled for a while, breathing heavily, Dan moaning contentedly and gently laughing against the back of my neck, his cock still buried in me.

“Hmm,” Dan rumbled in my ear, “What a way to wake up!”

“I’ll say.” I laughed, snuggling against his chest.

Eventually his dick softened and began to slip out, I squeezed tight, wanting to keep his cum inside my body, effectively pushing him out and making him emit one last vocalization of his pleasure. My headache, forgotten in the heat of our passion, returned and reminded how woefully hungover I was. With a groan I sat up in bed and looked at Dan laying there naked, eyes closed, hairy chest rising and falling with his breath and I wondered if he felt the same. I leaned down to kiss him quickly on the mouth before I rose and half-staggered to the couch, my knees weak from the hard pounding I had just received. Wrapping my towel from last night around my waist I took a seat on the couch and lit myself a cigarette, deeply inhaling the rich smoke, making my head spin a little.

“Okay! I’m up!” Dan called from the other room, making me laugh and shake my head.

He lumbered, bleary-eyed, past me to the bathroom to do his morning business. Hearing his stream hit water reminded me of last night and my still-hard cock twitched involuntarily under the towel. Despite the nagging hangover I felt content and oh so aroused, the knowledge of his semen still coating my insides making me smile. I had not cum once the whole day previous, which at the time was fine with me; Dan’s cock in my ass gave me a pleasure beyond anything that could come from my dick, but none-the-less I was beginning to feel the need for release.

“Coffee?” Dan inquired, emerging into the kitchen and opening a cabinet.

“Oh, dear god yes please.” I replied, my head throbbing slightly.

“Black right?”


In a few minutes he brought over a couple steaming mugs and sat down next to me, leaning over to kiss me on the cheek. We each lit up a cigarette and drank our coffee, making small talk about the night before and plans for the day. We’d agreed previously on me staying over the whole weekend and at some point we’d have to go on a beer run and figure out what to do about dinner. As the caffeine started to work, I could feel the grogginess of the hangover starting to lift, clarity and alertness taking its place. I could still feel the tension of my raging morning wood in my groin. My morning erections were always impressive in their vigor, but somehow even more so if I’d been drinking the night before.

“What’s going on here?” Dan said playfully. He had obviously noticed the tenting situation going on in my lap and was rubbing my thigh, his hand getting closer and closer to my dick with each stoke.

I smiled at him, reclining on the couch and spreading my legs, causing the edge of the towel to fall over my thigh, my five-and-a-half-inch boner standing straight up. He chuckled and took me in his hand, giving me a squeeze and stroking me slowly. I let out a soft moan of appreciation as he leaned over to kiss me gently, parting my lips with his tongue. We made out for a bit while Dan jerked me off, tongues rolling and playing together lovingly until he leaned down towards my cock and took me into his warm, wet mouth. I gasped at the sensation and Dan moaned on my member, causing a flutter of vibration. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying the pleasure he was giving me as he bobbed up and down on my modest manhood.

Dan worked on me for a good ten minutes or so, slurping on my shaft and sliding up and down, sending waves of ecstasy radiating through my pelvis. I took his head in my hands as I slowly built up to a climax, feeling his short, bristly hair as I pulled him down on my cock, taking me right down to the hilt easily enough. I moaned with increasing urgency as I felt the heat rising in my loins, my balls tingling as he kneaded them with one hand. Right on the edge of orgasm I cried out and Dan took me balls deep into his throat just as the first pulse of cum erupted from my throbbing dick. He moaned and bobbed as my balls emptied into his mouth, squirt after squirt while my climax coursed through my body. Dan sucked and swallowed my load until I was left shaking, my freshly drained cock too sensitive to take anymore. He wiped his mouth and leaned up to kiss me, slipping his tongue into my mouth, tasting of my semen.

“Mmm,” Dan moaned, his forehead against mine. “You like that?”

“Oh yeah.” I replied shakily, eyes still closed, recovering from the intensity of my orgasm.

Dan made us a couple more coffees and we smoked another cigarette before he proposed a shower. I was eager to wash the ığdır escort bayan dried sweat and lube from my body, so I happily joined him. We washed each other, hugging and kissing playfully, but without any of the urgency present previously; just flirting like lovers comfortable with each other. I enjoyed our slippery, soaped up bodies sliding together under the hot water without the sexual pretext, just simple, innocent erotic sensation. After we were cleaned and rinsed, we toweled off, brushed our teeth -Dan shaved- and got dressed, ready to get on with the day.

“Are you still interested in sharing me tonight?” I asked a little shyly. We had previously discussed having a third guy join us this weekend and I had never been involved in a threesome before but I was anxious at the thought.

“Yeah, if you’re up for it.” Dan replied with a grin, reclining on the couch with a cigarette.

“I’m definitely excited at the idea.” I smiled sheepishly. “Do you know someone, or…?” I trailed off, unsure how to proceed.

“No, no, we’ll have to make a craigslist ad.”

“Alright, I’ll get on that then.” I said, lighting a smoke.

I took a seat at the kitchen table in front of Dan’s open laptop. Craigslist was how Dan and I hooked up in the first place, so I knew the drill. I typed something up in short order, cigarette dangling from my lips. I listed both our stats and proclivities, in search of second top to share eager bottom, must be hung -what can I say?- preferably into watersports but not a deal breaker, four-twenty friendly. Short and concise. I leaned back and read it over before calling Dan over to take a look, and with his approval submitted the ad.

“Well, we’re going to need more beer.” Dan pointed out. “Do you want to come?”

“Sure, why not?” I replied, a little pleased he would have trusted me to hang out alone at his place.

“We’ll have to take the bike.”

‘Oh shit, that’s right.’ I thought. Dan didn’t have a car; he rode a motorcycle. I felt a little apprehensive about riding bitch on the back of a man’s bike. It seemed pretty effeminate and I wasn’t exactly out. ‘Fuck it,’ I decided, if this was going to be a weekend for new experiences I might as well go all in and embrace it, ‘In for a penny, in for a pound.’

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I answered confidently, but a moment too late. Dan picked up on my hesitation.

“You sure? You can stay if you want.”

“No, let’s do it. I’ve never been on a motorcycle before.” I said with a smile.

It was a short trip to the local liquor store, and it was kind of fun riding on the bike. I couldn’t help but wonder if people thought we were lovers, but the age gap was just enough that we could pass for father and son, so who knows what people thought, and who cares. It was kind of freeing, knowing I didn’t give much of a shit about being judged, but I also knew it was all in my head. Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to life outside their direct experience of it, and it was unlikely anyone thought much of anything at all. We loaded a backpack full of beer at the store and were back at Dan’s apartment inside of an hour.

“Hair of the dog?” I asked, packing the fresh haul into the fridge.

“Sure, thanks!” Dan said cheerily, lighting another cigarette.

I handed him a beer and took a seat at the computer to check if we had gotten any hits on the ad. There was one reply describing himself as a Latino gentleman of about Dan’s age, average build, six-inch cock, uncut, not into piss play. The only part of him I found particularly interesting was that he was uncut. While I absolutely adored Dan’s circumcised cock, I always felt a special attraction to uncut dick, but that alone didn’t compel me to reply. Pass. I sighed and meandered over to the couch to join Dan, undoing my belt and slipping out of my pants. Dan slapped my ass playfully over my tight briefs as I bent over and I blushed a little as I sat down, flattered by the attention.

“Any luck?” He asked.

“Eh, we got one reply but I’m not exactly wowed. Let’s wait and see.”

“Fair enough.” Dan said, turning on the TV and flipping through channels.

We just hung out and watched the tube for a while, drinking and smoking, making out off and on, somewhere around mid-afternoon we had a light lunch of cold-cut sandwiches. After we ate, I checked for new emails. There were a few replies, but I dismissed most of them until one really caught my attention. He described himself as mid-thirties, black, powerfully built, ten inches uncut -‘Yeah right’ I thought, rolling my eyes- and had never done watersport play but was interested in trying it. Besides what I was sure was an exaggeration of his endowment, he piqued my interest. I’d always been turned on by porn of white boys worshipping and being impaled by big black cock and often found myself fantasizing about the idea. He checked all the boxes, including the ones I had not even specified, so I called Dan over to take a look.

“Ten inches eh?” He said with a chuckle.

“I’m sure he’s exaggerating.” I replied, “But he sounds good, no?”

“Yeah, escort ığdır see if he’ll meet us for a beer tonight. There’s a bar a couple blocks away.” Of course, Dan wanted to vet him before inviting him to his home.

I felt my excitement rising as I typed out a reply. After a short back and forth we had the details worked out, he’d meet us at the bar at ten. That was hours away and I was full of nervous, horny energy, my inner slut working itself into a frenzy once again. I was going to have two cocks to pleasure, twice the sucking, twice the fucking, twice the cum. ‘God, I am such a slut.’ I thought, consumed with the mental image of being on my knees servicing two men, giving my body up for their enjoyment. I was definitely starting to get a little cock-crazy, and I was definitely going to have to do something about it before ten. I looked over at Dan sitting on the couch in his underwear, biting my lower lip, desire coursing through me like an electric current. I walked over to the couch and straddled him, sitting in his lap and wrapping my arms around his shoulders.

“I’m going to turn into a real slut tonight, you know that right?” I said flirtatiously, looking him in the eyes.

“What else is new?” Dan replied playfully with a laugh.

“I’m just saying, I’m so fucking horny for cock right now, I won’t be able to control myself by tonight.” I grinded my bulge against his, not-so-subtly hinting at my need.

“Oh yeah? Well maybe I can help with that.” He leaned in, getting close.

“Yeah?” I asked, biting my lip again. He was definitely getting the message.

Dan pulled me close and kissed me, our lips parting to let our tongues dance together in our mouths, as he grinded his package back into me. I could feel him hardening against my balls as we made out, humping and caressing, our passion building. I reached into the flap on his boxer briefs and freed his cock, taking the warm, dense shaft in my hand and stroking him slowly. My own erection straining against my underwear, I liberated myself as well and squeezed our two cocks together in my hand, jerking us both, dick to dick. We moaned into each other’s mouths while I stroked us, our balls rubbing together as we humped and grinded. After a bit I stole a look, wanting to see our hard cocks pressed together. A thin, transparent string of precum connected my head to his and I gasped in delight at the sight. The clear nectar was spreading across the underside of our members making them slick, sliding against each other freely in my hand.

The sight of Dan’s precum got my mouth watering. I needed to taste him. I slid off his lap and got down on my knees between his legs, pulling my shirt off as I went. First, I cleaned off his cock with my tongue then licked vigorously at the underside of his cock just below the head, coaxing a bead of precum from his slit and gobbling it hungrily, letting it coat my tongue as I sucked at the head. He tasted so good, I was overcome with a sense of gratitude and I wanted to thank him appropriately. I swallowed his cock as far as I could, then I pushed on further, fighting my gag reflex as I felt him stretch my throat. I took him right to the base and he gasped in response. I loved the feeling of taking his entire manhood into my throat, but I could not fight my own biology as I gagged and had to back off. Sliding back up to the head so I could swallow the build-up of saliva, I pushed all the way back down again in a long, smooth motion, once more feeling him stretch my throat muscles.

My inner slut in full control now, I repeated this pattern a few times. I was gagging and had tears running down my face but I adored worshipping every inch of him. He deserved to feel my tight throat squeeze his beautiful dick, yet I was at the same time a little frustrated I couldn’t deep throat him better. After a few minutes Dan grabbed my face and pulled me off his cock, a rope of thick throat-saliva connecting my lips to his dick, and kissed me intensely, shoving his tongue down my throat.

“Wow baby! You’ve never done that before!” He exclaimed with a chuckle.

A smile and a shrug were all I could think to respond, proud that I had impressed him.

“Let’s go to the shower, this is going to get messy.” He said with a smile, taking my hand and helping me to my feet.

I followed him dutifully into the bathroom, each of us stripping as we went. We stepped into the stall and I wasted no time sinking to my knees in front of him, his glistening cock pointing straight at my face. I grabbed his ass with one hand and drove myself down on his cock, right to the hilt as he stretched my throat. I took hold of his big smooth balls with my free hand and kneaded them against my chin until I gagged and pulled back, dribbling a glob of saliva down my chin and pushing down on his throbbing dick once more. Up and down I went, spilling the thick slime from my throat down my lips, matting my chest hair as I gagged on his manhood. Dan was sure right about getting messy, and it turned me on to give him, and myself, such a sloppy deepthroat experience. He took over, grabbing ahold of my head and pumping himself down my throat firmly, but understanding of my limitations. I felt amazing having him use me like this, forcefully but respectfully at the same time as he pushed his dick all the way down my throat and all the way out again over and over while I gagged and dribbled, tears streaming down my cheeks.

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