Good Girl’s Wet Act of Defiance

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Big Boobs

A fantasy inspired by the man who makes me want things I couldn’t even imagine before.

Characters are over 18 and all activities are consensual.


So happy to be flying out to see him, but stressed and exhausted she was surprised when to see him as she got off the plane.

“Why did you park and come all the way in the terminal? You always pick me up outside?” She asks after they kiss hello.

He doesn’t answer, just grabs her carry-on – they head toward the parking garage.

As they pass the ladies room, “Baby, I need to stop. Okay?”

“No, you’re going to hold it for me.”

“Are we going straight home? Because if we have to stop somewhere I wont make it, I really have to go.”

He smiles, “Once we get to the car we’re going straight home, I promise.”

“I guess I can wait then.”

“You say that like you have a choice.” There’s that smile again.

If she weren’t so tired and distracted she’d have known that something was up.

“Gosh, baby, how far away did you park? We’ve been walking forever.” She feels bad for complaining when he was so sweet to pick her up at the gate, but by now she has to pee so bad she’s starting to worry she won’t make it home and they’ll have to stop somewhere. He wouldn’t risk the upholstery by her having an accident en route.

Finally she sees his car. He tosses her carry on in the trunk and she shifts from one foot to the other as she waits impatiently for him to unlock the doors.

Why isn’t he unlocking the doors?

He joins her between his passengers side and car next to them.

“Take your pants off and hand them to me and squat down, you’re going to go here. You can pull your panties to the side so they don’t get wet if you like.”

He said that last bit as if it were a generous concession.

“Please don’t ask me to do this, Sir. I can’t. Not here, not now.”

“I’m not asking. You’ve been given an order fuckslut, why are your pants still on?”

Knowing someone could walk by at anytime and see? And it’s not like she’s even wearing a skirt that she could drop quickly, Sir holding her pants would make it obvious she did it deliberately. And there is a ladies room not 20′ away.

“I’ll get in trouble. Someone will call security.”

“They don’t arrest professional middle class women for public urination when they had an emergency and panicked. The officer would believe that if you’d seen the ladies room you’d have used it.

Besides you look so pretty when you’re desperate, if someone came along they would probably not even say a word, just enjoy the show.”

She pleads again. He’s unmoved and says quietly, “Have you forgotten what you are? That I own you?”

She’s frozen …tears fill her eyes as her mind races…she wants to obey, she wants to please him, she’s never defied him before…just the thought makes her sick. He might decide she’s too much trouble if she won’t obey.

She tries to convince herself to just do it, just follow orders, take the punishment for her reluctance and everything will be back to normal. She wills her hands to pull her pants down…

But she can’t. Too humiliating it’s a line she can’t cross.

With tears streaming down her face she turns without a word and goes to the ladies room. She can feel him watching her as she walks away.

The relief is indescribable but only for a second. After she relieves herself she sits in the stall head in her hands shaking. she has no idea what happens next. How much damage did her defiance do to their relationship?

Maybe it was a test and he wanted her to refuse? So he’ll be proud of her? Before the thought was formed she knew this was wishful thinking.

As she washes her hands she tries to steady her nerves, readying her arguments to defend what she did. With a deep breath she heads back to the car trying to walk with a confidence she doesn’t feel…

When she gets back to car she talks too fast, tripping over her words apologizing profusely. Eyes on the road he doesn’t appear to be listening and eventually she falls into a nervous silence.

“Are you finished?” He asks with a tone of voice that sends a shiver up her spine.

She nods. trying unsuccessfully to stop crying.

“You’re going to pay for this when we get home. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

The remainder of the drive is silent but her internal dialogue won’t shut up.

How angry is he? He isn’t dropping her off alone at her place so that’s good right? But what does he mean I’ll pay for it? A spanking? His belt? görükle escort That’s how he punishes me for little things and this feels more ominous. And why is he so mad anyway? He knows I’ve had a shit time with work lately and am always tired and cranky when I fly, is he even taking responsibility for his lousy timing on a huge limit push? Doubt it, he thinks he’s always right…and he always has been when it comes to this but tonight wasn’t fair…but I should have tried harder, asked for some time…

Endless stream in her head, back and forth between contrition and resentment until she didn’t even know how she really felt anymore. Except afraid.

She knows he won’t hurt her, not outside of their limits. So why is she so scared?

She pulls out her phone, an attempt to self soothe I guess, he holds out his hand, “No.”

She immediately hands it over, like a child who knows better than to argue.

He pulls into the sex shop he’d made her visit before. “Where is your collar?” He asks. “I’m wearing it Sir”, as she touched the chain around her neck. “No, not the symbolic one, your real collar.”

“In my purse, Sir.” she replies as she immediately digs for it. He takes it from her and fastens it around her neck. Not gentle like the first time he did it, but it doesn’t matter she’s never been so relieved. Whatever happens she’s still his and that’s all that matters.

“Come on, slut.” He takes her inside. The store is more crowded than when she was here before, maybe 12-15 people.

“Where do you keep your leashes?” He asked the clerk loudly.

She’s try not to die of embarrassment while he leads her to the leash section with his hand on the back of her neck. Tried on far more than was necessary commenting about length and comfort, even making her crawl on all fours so he could test them; she could feel the stares of the other patrons as they imagined what he’d do to her after he had her leashed and alone.

He finds one he likes and they head to the checkout. The clerk went to bag his purchase nit he stopped him, “That’s okay. She’ll wear it out.” as he hooks it to her collar right there at the counter. “Lets go” he said, as he yanked on the leash a little as her face reddened in shame…and her wet cunt ached for him.

As soon as they walked in the door he began. “Pull your jeans down to mid thigh, panties too. If you can manage it since you seem so reluctant to do as you’re told.” She’d always been so obedient that the remark stung, she felt her face burn as she pulled her pants down for him her hands instinctively covering herself.

“Don’t try to hide your pussy from me, slut. It’s mine, along with the rest of you in case you’ve forgotten.”

“Turn around and face the wall.” She could feel him staring at her ass as he pulled his belt off. She shivered waiting to hear if she’d be gagged or if she’d be made to count and thank and beg, but to her shock the first lash landed hard and fast on her bare ass. She yelled in pain, he’d never hit her this hard before. Again. Again. He whipped her six times in quick succession.

“One for every minute you were in the bathroom without permission, slut.”

She’s crying, trying to catch her breath. It was sudden and fierce and that really hurt!

Why was her pussy so wet?

“Do you know why you need to be punished?”

“Yes, Sir. I disobeyed you.”

Another lash landed across her now red and swollen ass…

“No. Much worse. You defied me.”

He turned her around roughly and wrapped his hand around her throat.

“Do you want out? Is that what that was?”

Shaking her head crying harder, “No, I swear it wasn’t. I need this. I need you.”

Her eyes were pleading for forgiveness. Searching his for her sweet protective Sir, who called her kitten and took such good care of her.

“Good” he softened for a second and brushed her hair away from her face, but just a second and it was gone.

She goes to pull up her pants and he slaps her hand away. Binding them behind her back he tells her she’s not to do anything unless he tells her to.

He holds up a bottle of water to her lips. She drinks and thanks him…but it’s not enough. He pushes she drinks more. Every few minutes one more sip, two more…she knows it won’t be long until she has to go again.

He knows exactly what he’s doing.

He leads her by her leash where he sits and makes her kneel before him. She loves being on her knees for him, she just wishes she can pull her pants up.

He makes her tell her everything she did wrong. görükle escort bayan Defying him. Disobeying him. Not trusting him doubting him as if she knew better.

“I planned that; looked forward to watching my obedient little fucktoy do something special for me, but you deprived me of that pleasure. Since you denied me something I wanted, as part of your punishment I’m going to deny you something you want. Does that seem fair, slut?”

“Yes, Sir.” She hates when he calls her slut with no qualifier. It so impersonal and demeaning.

Were you looking forward to seeing me again, slut?”

“Yes, Sir. Very much.”

“Were you looking forward to my allowing you to come while I fucked your ass?”

“Very much, Sir.”

“Were you excited thinking of my coming in your ass?”

“Oh yes, Sir.”

“Good. I am going to fuck your ass, and no doubt you’ll get pleasure out of it since you are such an anal slut, I can’t help that. But I will wear a conform and you will not come. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You are to remain as still as possible as I use you. If you succeed in suppressing your pleasure the punishment will be over. If you exhibit any pleasure at all it will result in additional punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He’s setting her up to fail. They both know there’s no way she can remain stoic and impassive as he fucks her ass. She loves it too much. She’s been craving it constantly since they’ve been apart.

“Stand up, fuckslut.”

She does as best she can with her arms still tied behind her back and pants and panties pulled down to mid thigh. He grabs her upper arm to help her up so she doesn’t fall. She can feel how her safety is always paramount to him, no matter what is happening.

She knows that. So why didn’t she just do as he ordered earlier?

Once on her feet he appraises her: Pants half down, ass criss-crossed with angry red welts, hands still bound behind her back, her face blotchy and mascaras running from crying, her hair a wild mess, and on the leash which dangles loosely from his wrist.

He’s looking at her so intently she begins to cry again. She can barely look at him. She feels so ugly and dirty. Weak, degraded and ashamed.

He gently brushes her hair back from her face, “You are so beautiful like this.” And softly kisses her with so much affection that she believes him. She’s so lucky he chose her to serve him and hates herself for failing him.

Someday he will make her see the beauty and strength in her submission.

The moment has passed. He gives her more water and orders her to her knees. Once on the ground he cuffs her legs to the spreader bar, as her arms are bound she is face forward into the floor.

“I’m going to fuck your ass and what are you going to do?”

“Try to remain still and silent, suppressing my pleasure, Sir.”

“That’s right, and if you can’t?”

“I’ll deserve more punishment, Sir.”

He begins to ready her asshole to take his cock, and she’s already unable to keep from moaning in pleasure. She can’t see how he smiles at this, how much harder it makes him that she can’t control her need for his cock in her ass. Not that the sight of her bound and helpless with her marked ass upturned and waiting for him didn’t have him hard as a rock already.

He gets up and for a second she’s confused, he wouldn’t leave her like this…soon he’s back and grabs a fistful of her hair and yanks her head up so she’s looking at him. He shoves her panties in her mouth so all she can do is listen:

“Before I take your ass, I’ve got some things to say to you and my belt will help the message sink in.”

He brings the belt down on her ass …SMACK…”when I give you and order I expect it to be obeyed immediately and without question.”

SMACK…”I will leash you whenever I chose; you’ll have freedom and privacy only when I allow it. “

She shivered with pleasure …

SMACK…”You are mine, I’ll use you as I please. Your have no right to deny me access to your body or thoughts.”

SMACK…”I will always keep you safe, and you do not know better than I do when it comes to your protection.”

Her pussy glistening with her arousal and her breathing heavier he leans down and gently runs a finger up her slit.

“That’s my good girl. So wet for her Sir.” He whispered softly.

SMACK…”You were born to be my submissive fucktoy, it’s your purpose. Soon you’ll understand that.”

She’s shaking, crying, her cunt soaking wet as he tosses the belt bursa escort aside and enters her from behind. First her pussy, and then her tight ass so ready for him…

He loves the way her ass opens to take his cock. He loves moans of pleasure and the way she pushes back against him to take more. He loves feeling her come when he’s buried inside her…

But there will be time for that later, after the final part of her punishment…and at the thought of what’s next he explodes…

He pulls out and frees her legs so she can sit up. Pulling the panties out of her mouth and then taking off his condom he brings his cock to her mouth, “clean it, my fuckkitten.”

His special name for her. That’s the first time he’s called her that all night, happiness washes over her. She eagerly cleans him with her mouth, that she can do this is the only good thing about condoms between them.

He wants her to drink more water, she almost refuses because she really has to go now, but she drinks. She’s not refusing him anything anymore.

“Come on fuckkitten. I have to go to the bathroom.” She knows what this means.

Once there she waits for instructions to get in the shower and kneel for him, but he surprises her by sitting her down on the toilet.

“Keep holding it, don’t you dare go. Open your legs and spread your pussy for me.”

She spreads her legs wide and uses her fingers to open her pussy then he gives her a very targeted golden shower. The warm stream of his urine hitting her clit and running down her pussy makes it almost impossible not to pee herself, it takes all her self control to keep holding it. When was the last time he went? he’s peeing forever.

When he’s finished he shoves his cock back in her mouth, “be a good little fuckitten and clean it.” Once she’s done thoughtfully cleaning him with her mouth he takes a washcloth and cleans her pussy, bottom, and thighs…wiping his piss off of her. As her arms are still bound she wouldn’t be able to do it herself so she’s grateful.

“Thank you, Sir for the privilege of being the one you choose to use to pee on. And for cleaning me up.”

He smiles, she knows he’s happy with her again.

Before she can get up he sits on the tub and puts his hand on her thigh…”kitten, you’ve taken your punishment very well. I’m proud of you. But we don’t want your defiance to come between us, do we?”

She shakes her head no.

“Right. So what do you think we should do to put things right?”

“Go back and do it again, so I can obey.”

His smile tells her that’s was the only right answer.

He unbinds her arms and helps her get dressed and head back to the airport parking lot, parking in the same spot.

“Take off your pants and hand then to me. You’re going to go here. You can pull your panties to the side if you don’t want to get them wet, if you chose.”

Like deja vu except this time she’s already taking off her pants…and he’s holding her leash.

She goes to squat but he stops her. “Go standing up. Spread your legs, kitten.”

Without hesitation she does as she’s told. He’s delighted she ignored the out he gave her and is wetting her panties for him. She knows what he loves. After holding it for so long the stream is so powerful, even through her panties, it splashes up when it hits the concrete, flowing fast and far due to the slope of the garage floor.

He came not long ago but there is no mistaking how hard he is as he watches her stand there in public peeing her panties for him. She isn’t ashamed this time, she feels redeemed.

“Oh my God, what is that woman doing?! Does he have her on a leash!?!?!” They hear some older woman shriek in the background. She can’t stop peeing, but before she can turn around he gently takes her chin so she can only see him…”

Just look at me, kitten. No one else matters.”

While the old woman is muttering about perverts, she finally finishes peeing. She drops her urine soaked panties to the ground with a splat, wiped herself thoroughly and then carefully stepped over her puddle to throw the panties and wipes in the trashcan, put her pants on, and they get back in the car.

“You are my very, very good girl, kitten. And my very, very sexy obedient fucktoy” – he can’t stop grinning and she’s just glowing…both very happy things are clearly okay again.

He laughs, “You should have seen the look on her face when she saw you , kitten. But nothing compared to the outrage when she looked at her husband watching you like he’d just won the lottery!”

“Btw, kitten, your punishment is over. I really am proud of you.”

“Thank you, Sir” she beams as she reaches for her neck he puts a hand out and stops her.

“Leave it on. And you might want to get used to that leash, kitten. It’s looks so good on you I think I’ll keep it on you for a while.”

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