Good Morning

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As the first golden rays of sunlight caressed her supple skin her eyes fluttered open.

Slowly she stretched her languid form underneath the weight of her down comforter and the memories of the night before invaded her thoughts.

The heat of his breath on her naked skin and the incessant probing of his stiff wet tongue caused her to shudder slightly as she rolled over onto her back.

She knew what she would find before she even got there but still she was surprised to discover that she was already moist with anticipation.

Her little clit stiffened as her delicate fingers grazed it and paused to rub light circles around it causing her to draw a sharp breath.

Her hips undulated to the rhythm of her fingers as they danced on her moist petals and teased beads of nectar from her quivering vagina.

Instinctively her other hand caressed her silky breasts, pinching her stiffening nipples as they rubbed against the satin sheets.

First one than another of her long fingers found their way into her steaming cave and probed deeply causing her to arch her back and cry out.

As the ark izle she alternated plunging her fingers into her wetness and attacking her engorged clit she felt a rising pressure inside her.

She was close.

Beads of sweat formed on her brow and she panted deeply as she stopped her onslaught and reached for the nightstand drawer, where she found her torpedo shaped friend.

It was shiny and silver and she could see a distorted version of her beautiful face in its mirrored surface.

As she turned it on and felt the tingling vibrations of the device she had named Bobby she couldn’t help but smile remembering her embarrassment when he had given it to her as a gift.

It was a gift that he used on her that night and introduced her to the magnificent world of multiple orgasms.

Now here she was thinking of him while caressing her supple breasts and while Bobby inched his way lower and lower towards his ultimate destination.

As Bobby reached her stiff little clit the tingling vibrations were maddening and she convulsed as every nerve ending the catch izle in her entire body erupted in flames and she fought to catch her breath.

She loved the euphoric sensation of the opiate chemicals that flooded her brain even as her own sweet juices flooded her sex.

The first orgasm was always the most intense but now Bobby was poised at the entrance to her little pussy and as she eased him inside of her the sensation of being filled caused her to inhale deeply and arch her back off of the bed.

Deeper and deeper Bobby went, his vibrations electrifying her sweet quivering sex and although she didn’t realize it she still had not taken another breath.

Bobby filled her thoroughly and as she saw pinpricks of light in her closed eyes she reached down and flicked her aroused little clit which caused her to exhale in sharp ragged breaths.

In and out she thrust Bobby all the while rubbing and pinching her clit sending spasms of electricity coursing throughout her heaving body.

Again and again she rose to the point of orgasm maddeningly the chemistry of death izle stopping just short of the prize each time.

Sweat bathed her perfect breasts and the satin sheets were soaked, then thrown aside as she thrashed on the bed, Bobby in one hand and her breasts or her clit in the other.

As she found herself reaching the threshold of pleasure again and thinking that she would go insane she reached underneath her perfect ass and gathered some of the musky juice gathering there and painted her tight little sphincter with it.

She could tell that this was it, that release was at hand and as she pushed her slender finger into her slippery ass the whole world exploded.

She screamed out and convulsed on her bed with abandon as she thrashed impaled on Bobby and her long stiff finger.

After what seemed like hours her body relaxed and the endorphins having run their course caused her to close her eyes and curl up hugging a soft pillow to her breast.

Satiated and covered by her heavy down comforter once again she slept dreaming of him and the pleasure that he always gives her, a smile gracing her perfect features.

A short while later with the sun a little higher in the morning sky now, its golden rays caressed her supple skin and her eyes fluttered open once again.

She arose from her slumber slowly and smiled knowing that he would be coming to see her today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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