Good Neighbors Ch. 098

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It was supposed to be a normal morning with my neighbor. With the way things had been going, a normal morning was exactly what the doctor ordered. I didn’t even check my phone when I woke up. I slipped my sweatpants on, sans underwear. I grabbed a t-shirt and put my flip flops on before walking over. I was ready to grab the doorknob to open the door when I realized it was locked.

I was confused. I look in her driveway and her car was still there. So, I did the only rash thing I could do. I knocked on her door. There was some scuffling before she opened her door. She smiled at me before walking outside with me which was also strange.

“Romeo, we have a minor issue. Did you check your phone this morning?”

“I was too eager to get over here. What’s the issue?”

“I’ll let you in, but you need to behave.”

I was getting many ideas how this could have went. So, I nodded my head and was let in. Then I was surprised. Apparently, my neighbor had a visitor.

“Auntie, who is that?”

My neighbor’s oldest brother has four kids. The youngest is ten years old and her name is Dee. Apparently, she persuaded her dad to let her spend the day and night with her Auntie. It was then I was having different ideas. Being 1xbet yeni giriş the resourceful person that I was, I was ready.

“Leo, this is my niece. Dee, this is Leo. He’s my neighbor.”

“Oh yeah, Daddy told me about him. He’s the one who watches out for you, right?”

I felt fortunate that was what he told her although I wonder what his intention was.

“That’s right. I have been there for your Auntie for a while now. You don’t remember me being at the reunion at your aunt Mon’s house?”

“Oh yeah. Mommy told me you were a beefcake. That sounds gross to me.”

I smirked.

“Why does that sound gross, Honey?” my neighbor asked.

“Who makes a cake with beef? Gross!!”

I started to laugh a little as my neighbor had that look on her face. It was then I had an idea.

“Have you two started to watch television yet?”

I saw little Dee’s eyes light up.

“Can we watch cartoons?”

I look at my neighbor. She smiled a little.

“Sure, did you eat breakfast yet?”

She had a different look on her face.

“Daddy gave me breakfast before we came over. Auntie didn’t eat yet.”

“Okay, Auntie will help you find cartoons on tv while I work on coffee and breakfast for 1xbet giriş Auntie.”

“Okay Mr. Leo.”

I went into the kitchen while my neighbor worked on the tv with Dee. I started a pot of coffee and was working on cooking some eggs. As I started to plate, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my mid-section. I was being super-careful before I felt a kiss on my cheek.

“What was that for?”

My neighbor whispered in my ear.

“That’s for being my beefcake,” she said.

I turned my head before her lips found mine and we shared a little kiss. Then we separated for a bit so she could work on making hot chocolate for Dee. I took our plates to the table. Luckily, the table had a view of the living room, so we could keep an eye on Dee. It was that way for most of the day. We spent time with Dee coloring, watching cartoons and just being good babysitters. This lasted until we heard my neighbor’s brother walk in.

‘Daddy!!” Dee yelled.

I looked over and saw her older brother Robert. It had been a while since I have seen him. Robert is the eldest brother of her family. He looked at me and glared a moment before looking down at Dee.

“Did you have a good day with your Auntie?”

“We had fun. It was 1xbet güvenilirmi even cooler when Mr. Leo came over.”

“Did he do any cool computer stuff? That’s what he does for a living.”

“Aww man. He didn’t. I guess he’ll have to show me next time.”

Robert looked at me before speaking.

“Not to rat you out or anything.”

“No worries. We colored and watched cartoons. That was about it. It was pretty quiet otherwise.”

“That’s good. Was she good, Sis?” he asked his sister.

“She was a good girl. Thank you for bringing her over.”

“The other three are a handful. I just wish I would have thought about this idea sooner. Luckily, Dee is the well-behaved one of the bunch. I’ll get her home. Thank you, Sis. Glad to see you, Leo.”

After they left, my neighbor put her arms around me again.

“You okay, Mr. Leo?” she said coyly.

I turned and kissed her before smiling.

“I’m glad she’s a good girl like her Auntie.”

“I’m not feeling like a good girl right now,” she replied, her hands finding my ass in the sweatpants. “Ooo, someone’s not wearing underwear. Did you really wear no underwear in front of my innocent niece?”

“Why do you think I kept my distance?”

She knelt down, taking my sweatpants with her.

“You’re a bad boy. I’m gonna have to discipline you,” she said in her sexy voice as she started to kiss the head of my cock.

Yeah, she was a naughty girl the rest of the afternoon after that.

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