Goodness Gracious Pt. 03

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I had several requests for more of this story, which was always my intent.

You know writers though. Ideas spawn ideas, and suddenly, you’ve got fifteen stories in various stages of incubation. Okay, more like twenty, but who’s counting.

I apologize for making you wait.

Thanks for reading, and please cast your votes when you’re done. Send me some feedback if you’d like, and let me know if you have anything to add to future chapters.

As always, all characters are over the age of eighteen.


“So… Mom… Dad, what brings you here?”

I know… It was a lame thing to say, but they surprised me, and my mind was busy trying to figure out what to tell them.

About my plans… about my feelings… about having a girlfriend just three years younger than Mom… What to tell them about Grace?

“Oh, we were just in the neighbourhood, and thought we’d stop by,” Dad said. “What do you think we’re doing here, you bone head?” He would normally have punctuated a statement like that with a playful cuff to the back of my head, but being fragile, and in the hospital, I was saved from his usual routine.

“We’re here to help you get home,” Mom said, casting a nasty look at Dad. “I’ve missed my baby. The nice hospital people called and said you would be ready to travel soon… as soon as a week, if you had help for the trip. So here we are.”

Mom leaned down and gave me a big hug. As much as their arrival had thrown a monkey wrench in my plans, the truth is that I had missed them. Mom always took such good care of me.

“We’re going to be here for about an hour,” she continued, “then we need to go and get settled in our hotel. I didn’t want to wait one minute longer than necessary to see my boy.”

The rest of that hour was pretty much a blur. We rehashed the accident, which had been covered in multiple phone calls before. Mom filled me in on the weather back at home, which had been terrible. Dad regaled me with the exploits of his business partner, Morty, and his new girlfriend, getting caught half naked in an elevator… by his rabbi. You know, the usual.

They promised to bring me something better than hospital food for lunch, and left me with my thoughts. I wasn’t very good company right now, so it’s just as well I was alone, brooding over the ‘no-win scenario’ I now faced.


Mom and Dad came back after they’d checked into their hotel. We were chatting about nothing in particular, when a familiar figure, dressed in white, appeared in the doorway. She hesitated, evaluating her next move. I saw her, but Mom and Dad hadn’t yet. She looked concerned.

Mom finally noticed her, so Grace just walked in. My concern… that she might introduce herself, and tell them about our feelings for each other… was assuaged when I saw her nurse persona was firmly in control. She picked up my chart, and stepped over to take my pulse and blood pressure, both of which were a little high. I wonder why? While checking my pulse, she slyly pressed a small piece of paper into my hand, and I tucked it under my leg for safe keeping until later.

With her official business concluded, she put the chart back, and extended her hand.

“You must be Mr. and Mrs. Richardson,” she said evenly. “Brian has been a very good patient. We’ll miss him around here.”

Those words hurt. Not only because I would miss her, but because I knew it would hurt her too. I didn’t want to go.

Of course, Dad had to take the opportunity to give me a shot.

“He was good? Well, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?” he said, smiling at me. Mom was less obnoxious, and more grateful.

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of our son. So far from home, I worried about him. Knowing he was getting taken care of by such caring people really eased my mind. Thank you. Thank you,” she said, taking Grace’s hand.

I hoped that Mom would still be grateful when she found out how much ‘special’ attention I’d received from my buxom angel of mercy. Somehow, I doubted that would be the case.

Pleasantries exchanged, Grace turned and left, glancing at me out of the corner of her eye. I watched her leave, and she reappeared on the other side of the hall, out of sight of my parents, but where I could still see her. Her eyes were begging. I made eye contact, and gave a subtle nod. She blew me a kiss, and left.

The rest of the afternoon was an uneventful blur. I admit I was distracted. My mind was busy trying to figure a way out of this mess. At last, visiting hours ended, and my parents left, giving me the opportunity to read the note that had been burning a hole in my leg. I opened the neatly folded paper.

“I’ll be here at 8 with the limo. Love nest is waiting. I want you. I need you. I Love You.” While the sentiments were exactly what my heart wanted to hear, and it foretold another evening of sweaty, sexual bliss with my darling, it also made the future more painful. I was either going to disappoint my şişli escort Mother and Father, or the woman I loved. Some choice.


7:52, and my ride arrived early, as Grace rolled in to pick me up. Apparently, traffic was light.

I was mildly disappointed that she wasn’t wearing her ‘sin sweater’ again, but she was delicious in anything… or nothing… so I knew I’d like whatever she had in mind.

We passed Sheila again at the nurse’s station. Since she knew where we were going, and what was going to happen once we got there, she couldn’t resist a parting comment.

“Have fun you two. You… ” she whispered, looking at me, “… take good care of my friend. Fuck her senseless.” She smiled, and turned to Grace. “I’d really like to hear all about it later, over coffee?”

Once we were in the elevator, we were free to talk.

“So we’re an item, are we?” I asked, smiling up at her.

“Just for Sheila’s entertainment,” she laughed. “She’s sworn to secrecy, with real swear words!”

Exiting the elevator, we wound through the hallways, past the locked doors. My sexy limo driver pushed me to a halt in front of our ‘apartment’. The door was open, and gently flickering light was painting the inner walls.

“Candles?” I asked. “Are you trying to get me in the mood?”

“Just felt like making it a little more homey,” she laughed, helping me up. I really didn’t need the hand, but she was a creature of habit. She led me in.

The candles were only part of her ‘renovations’. An air mattress, fully inflated and dressed with clean linens, pillows and blankets, was on the floor. She helped me down onto it. I expected her to join me, but she stepped back.

“You get comfortable. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes,” she smiled.” I have a surprise for you!” She disappeared into the hallway.

I pulled my gown off over my head, and laid back, pulling the sheets up over me. I waited patiently, but my brain didn’t, alternating between what she might be up to, and worrying about hurting her by leaving with my parents. I heard the click-clack of high heels echoing on the hard hallway floor, moving closer, with a steady gait that slowed as it neared. Her hand wrapped around the door frame.

“Honey? Are you ready for your surprise?” she asked, her voice a smoky, sultry hiss of need.

“Absolutely!” I replied, eager to see what she had done.

“Okay, Sweetheart… I hope you’ll like it!” she giggled, stepping into the opening.

Oh my! If I was a cartoon character, my eyes would be bugged out three feet, my tongue unrolled like a long, red carpet, with klaxons sounding.

Let’s start from the bottom. Shiny, black 4-inch heels adorned her feet. A small band of bare skin around her ankles, gave way to a skin-tight catsuit that covered her up to its tank style shoulder straps. The suit was black, with red panels that wrapped up from her knees, going up the sides, across the front and over one shoulder. The neckline was… well, there wasn’t one. More of a waist line really, as it reached down below her breasts, leaving them bare. I could just see the swell of her lower curves, under the cropped white t-shirt that draped over her chest, off the shoulder. She cocked her hips, and the slit of open flesh between her legs peeked out.

The long tresses which normally were confined to a thick pony tail hung loosely, tousled into sexy curtains of luxuriant brown, through which her eyes peered, burning with lust. The final piece of the puzzle… her plump lips… painted a scorching shade of red, and shining wetly in the flickering candlelight.

“Do you like it?” she asked, turning around slowly. The snug, shiny fabric hugged her curves with maddening perfection, and the red panels wrapped around, forming an inverted heart which made her ass even more enticing. As she completed her turn, I smiled.

“Um, you could say that,” I laughed, peeking under the sheet, where my cock was hard as stone. “Yup, he agrees… we love it!”

“Good, because it feels woooonderfullll on my skin. It makes me hot!” she hissed, rubbing her hands along her thighs, hips and ass.

“I beg to differ. In my humble opinion,” I replied, “what’s in it makes it hot. What’s in it makes me hot!”

“Flattery… ” she laughed, dropping onto her hip next to me on the mattress, “… will get you nowhere… you haven’t been before!” Her lips searched for mine, finding them as I brushed her long hair aside. “Mmmm,” she moaned, wrapping her arms around my neck. She pulled me over on top of her. My hands wandered around her body while we continued our embrace, and I had to agree with her assessment of the fabric. It did feel wonderful, so smooth, so silky, and so warm, like a second skin, but better, because she was in it.

I pulled away, looking deep into her beautiful brown eyes. My eyes flicked over her lips, moist from our kisses, and parted slightly, in a sexy pout. There was no doubt… she was the only woman for me. My hands whispered across mecidiyeköy escort the fabric on her tummy, coming up under her breasts to cup the full globes softly. She groaned.

“Mmmm hmmm. I do love the feel of your hands on my body! Your touch does things to me that should be illegal. Actually, “she whispered, her eyes aflame,” just thinking about you does the same thing. I’ve been so horny all day, I had to take care of business twice!”

“My, my, you are a naughty nurse, aren’t you?” I chided. “I don’t suppose you’d show me how you do that? Or at least tell me about it?”

“Mmmmm, I could do that, “she whispered, a rasping desire in her voice. “Promise to help me with the good bits?”

“Always, my Love,” I replied. She giggled girlishly at the pet name. Her eyes closed.

“Well, it’s not very difficult for me to get worked up, lately. If I don’t concentrate on my job, and my mind wanders a little… there you are, waiting to take me on erotic flights of fantasy. Before I know it, I’m thinking of your lips on mine,” she whispered, her fingertips tracing the wet, red curves of her plump lips. She paused. She paused some more. “I’m waiting… you promised!”

“Ah! Sorry!” I laughed, so intent on listening that I’d missed my cue. This was going to be an ‘audience participation’ exercise in erotic storytelling. I leaned up, and kissed her softly, revelling in the feel of her mouth returning my kiss.

“Mmmm, that’s better,” she giggled, now content to continue. “Sometimes, I can almost feel your kisses, teasing the sensitive skin of my neck… ” I brushed her hair back, and nibbled my way across her jaw, turning south at her ear, and trailing down to her collarbone. She gasped softly. “Oh god, I can almost feel it… it’s like you’re here!” she said quietly. I awaited further instructions. Her hand found mine, resting on her tummy, and she placed hers atop it.

“Then, I imagine your strong hands on my body, moving up my side… ” she dragged a fingertip along the chosen path, my hand following obediently, “… exploring, and claiming my flesh as it goes, moving higher, coming to rest on my breast… ” her voice quivered, and my hand stopped, just short of where she wanted it. I was still nuzzling her neck.

“I think you’re being overly modest, darling,” I whispered. “My hand comes to rest on your ‘big, soft’ breast… ”

“… Yes, my big, soft breast… ” she hissed.

“… Your big, soft, luscious breast… ” I finished, cupping her flesh with my hand at last.

“Oh god, so good… Your strong hand on my big, soft, luscious breast… squeezing, oh yes, and caressing… oh my god… your fingertips teasing my nipple… making it, ahhhhn, so hard, and stiff!” Her breathing was coming in excited gasps, and pressed her breast even more firmly into my hand.

“By now,” she whispered, continuing her monologue, “I can’t take any more, and I’ve found a nice quiet corner… and I imagine that you’re there, watching me as I unzip my dress, peeling it down, off my shoulders. I’ve worn a pretty lace bra today, and my tits… my big, luscious tits… are just about spilling out of the cups. I pull one cup down, freeing my stiff nipple, and… uhhn, and pretend my fingers are your lips… “

I was hard long ago, but her description was getting me pretty worked up, let alone my part in this game. I lifted the loose t-shirt away, baring her tall, thick nipple, and kissed it… swirled my tongue around it… then sucked it deeply into my mouth.

“Oh fuck… if you only knew how you sucking my nipples turns me to jelly, I’d be yours forever… ” she moaned, caressing the back of my head with one hand. The other made a bee-line straight to her pussy. “I pray no one comes looking for me, as I put my hand inside my panties. They’re soaked, because I’m dripping wet… so horny, I’ll lose my mind if I don’t get to cum soon! Ahhn! My… my fingers start to… rub… fingers inside… thumb on my… Oh fuck! Thumb on my clit!… Jesus! … have to stay… quiet… “she was rubbing her pussy furiously, moaning and gasping desperate breaths, while I suckled her nipples feverishly. My free hand moved down, to join hers… she was absolutely drenched… and I plunged two fingers into her.

“OH FUCK YES!” she screamed, grabbing my wrist and jamming my hand further up her scalding hot cunt. “Finger my fucking pussy! Fuck!… That’s it!… THAT’S… IT!… AHHHHHNNN! YESSSSS!” She nearly broke my wrist as she slammed her thighs shut, twisting her body through a huge orgasm. She spasmed, arched and finally collapsed, breathing hard. Her movements had thrown her long hair across her face, and now her sharp breathing was blowing it up in comical little puffs.

I extricated my hand, finding it wet with her juices almost to the wrist, and sniffed it, filling my nostrils with her intimate perfume. I knew it tasted as good as it smelled, so I began to lick it clean.

She heard me making yummy noises, and opened her eyes, digging her way out of her dishevelled hair with her fingers. She smiled, a lazy, satisfied smile.

“You did that twice today?” I asked, laughing between licks.

“Well,” she exhaled, “not quite like that. You certainly helped make that one, um, what’s the word?

“Bigger?” I offered.

“Fucking huge!” she gasped, still breathing heavier than normal. “If I did that, a) the whole floor would hear me, and b) I’d need a nap after.”

“You need a nap, now?” I asked.

“No… Need a cock now!” she growled, crawling catlike down to where my dick was tenting the sheets. She pulled the linens aside, smiling when my soldier greeted her, at attention. “Snack time!”

She plunged her mouth over the head of my cock, and I watched her lips slide down the length. She sucked, her cheeks hollowing deeply, and withdrew, leaving a nice wet trail of saliva, which her hand used as lubricant to pump my flesh with. She went at it like a woman possessed, sucking and stroking in perfect timing. Her demeanour led me to believe this was no pre-fuck warm up ; she was hungry for a load of hot semen, and I was her supplier. With that in mind, I just laid back, and enjoyed the sensations, and the view, as she gave me a most enjoyable blowjob. I didn’t even try to hold back, and she was soon rewarded.

Wow! The love of my life was one great cocksucker! Her lips gripped my shaft, sealing tight as I spewed full force into her mouth. It had been a week since we’d last been together, so I was full, but she just gulped it all down happily, moaning with each fresh blast that bathed her tonsils. When I was done, she stayed in place, still sucking hard. She nearly drove me up the wall, as I was highly sensitive after cumming, but I gritted my teeth and made it through. I knew she was trying to keep me from wilting, and that meant she had plans for my dick. I was pretty sure I’d like those plans.

She squatted over my hips, guiding my stiff dick into her very wet pussy, which pouted out through the open crotch of her sexy suit. She settled down, burying my shaft to full depth, and moaning softly.

“That’s where it belongs,” she whispered, wiggling her hips slightly. I reached up, sliding my hands under the cropped shirt to fondle her big boobs gently. “If you want it off, you’ll need to do it yourself,” she added, suggestively.

Ah, gotcha, I thought, filing the idea away for the most effective moment.

From below, she was amazing to watch. She would ride me gently, grinding her pussy onto my cock with each stroke, while looking into my eyes. Her hands went up, behind her head, grabbing fistfuls of her nearly waist-long hair, as she tilted her head back, moaning in bliss. She’d pick up speed, causing her mammoth melons to bounce wildly under the thin covering of the cropped shirt, which would occasionally get caught on one of her tall, thick nipples, giving me extra incentive to pay attention.

“Ooooooo, your fucking cock does things to me that I can’t even describe! So big! I love it!” She leaned forward, resting those big tits on my chest as she closed in for a kiss. “That was ‘love’, with a small ‘l’, as in ‘enjoy greatly’… But the rest of you… I Love You, with a capital ‘L’, as in ‘I want you in my life, forever and ever, until death do us part’.” Her lips finally touched mine again, and I felt it, the capital ‘L’. The feeling was mutual. I grabbed her ass with both hands, and held her close as I rolled us over, without even breaking the kiss.

Taking charge, I began to thrust gently into her pussy. She had literally sucked the urgency out of me, so I felt that a good, long, sensuous session was in order. Besides, I knew she liked being treated that way, like the most important woman in the world… at least until her urges said otherwise. I wondered how many times I could make her cum.

Nearly a half hour later, the answer to that question was six. Being gentle and loving, it took a while to get her simmering again, but once she was warm, the orgasms ‘came’ in rapid succession, if you’ll pardon the pun. Like popcorn… one… two… three, four, five, six! I looked down at her as her latest wave passed, and under the sweaty hair, I saw the look I was waiting for.

The ‘I’ve had enough of being treated like a lady, now fuck me hard, like a slut’ look. Every woman has one, and I’d seen hers before. It was time.

I pulled my cock out, sitting back on my haunches for a second, and watching her pout at my departure. I reached up, grabbed the t-shirt that barely covered her jugs, and ripped it open, with a loud tearing sound as the fabric succumbed to the tension. A louder sound followed… her lusty gasp of surprise, and then a moan, as I discarded the shredded garment and palmed her big tits roughly. She smiled, a crooked, lascivious grin that said ‘yes, take me’.

I grabbed her legs, still clad in the silky skin of her catsuit, and draped them over my shoulders, leaning in to impale her again, and folding her thighs back on either side of her chest, almost touching her shoulders. I watched her face for any indication that this was uncomfortable, but the lusty grin was still there, urging me on, so I crushed my cock home, pressing balls deep into her sopping cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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