Grab a Groom

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At nineteen he was one of the older staff and the only male in a team of twenty women, the work at the stables had always been very physical and great fun. Rich had worked with horses for years and at the Abbeyway Riding School for about three years, but the time had come to move on. He had heard rumors that this may involve some mess, as the staff gave him a messy goodbye, but he was ready in his old jodhpurs and wellies.

However Richard was not aware of what was planned… You see, as the only man on a yard of women he had ensured that he had ‘made friends’ with most people and, well lets face it, he had slept with nearly everyone at some stage. Surprisingly he had managed to keep it all secret from each of them, but now that had changed. You see, he had been foolish enough to keep a diary and even worse, he had left it lying around.

The little black book had been found a week ago, and although Rich had not noticed the atmosphere had changed, there were twenty angry women around him and he was in deep trouble.

Tradition dictated that people who left the stables were given a messy send off, covered in some food and horse feed and thrown on the muck heap. Rich was ready for that, it was all just a bit of fun. Well, he was not ready for what the girls had planned for him, as a special surprise.

Since finding his diary a plan had been formed and the girls had been shopping, pooling spare money to get some messy substances to ensure that Rich never forgot his days at Abbeyway, and that they would get some suitable revenge.


It was a warm summers evening, the last riding lessons had finished and only the staff remained checking the horses for the night. Rich stepped confidently onto the back yard. It was quiet, too quiet. He was aware that there should be noise and activity, but there was none. Shrugging his shoulders he smiled to himself, soon he would be away from this aliağa escort place, it had been fun, but there was always time for new blood.

He walked past an empty stable and there was a sudden movement he felt himself being grabbed. His arms were roughly tied behind his back baler twine. His shoulders were grabbed and he was turned round to see the staff assembled on the yard in front of him. They did not look happy, in fact they all looked pretty angry.

‘Hello Richard’, Hilary the head girl stool in front of the group of staff. ‘We found something of yours.’ She held up the diary, flicking through the pages. Richard shuddered, this was serious. ‘I see you gave everyone a score out of ten… How charming.’ She dropped the book on the ground.

‘Now, we want to have some fun with you before you leave.’ She smiled coldly. ‘Get him his transport.’

A large wheelbarrow was pushed behind him and he was pushed backwards into it. He landed with a wet splat. Rich looked down and saw that it was half filled with muck. ‘Whoops, we forgot to empty the barrow… We will have to do that now.’ The staff scattered and ran off down the yard.

Rich wondered what was happening. Suddenly it became clear as he was pushed down the yard. There was a groom standing at each stable and each of them were carrying buckets. He did not have to wonder what they contained for long as Caroline smiled at him as his barrow was stopped.

‘Caroline…’ He smiled. ‘We were friends…’ She smiled and held up the bucket.

‘Bye Rich!’ She smiled and slowly poured the bucket over his head. ‘Eggs from the farm’. The eggs poured from the bucket and slopped onto his head, he was quickly coated in cold, slimy eggs which ran down his shirt and pooled in his crotch. The slimy eggs seeping into his clothes and dripped from his hair. She smiled and waved as he was pushed down the yard.

The çiğli escort barrow jerked to a halt at the next stable.

‘Hello Rich.’ Susan smiled and held up her bucket. ‘You were crap in bed…’ She poured the bucket, Richard looked up and was hit full in the face with a flood of baked beans. The thick sauce spread through his hair. Susan ripped his shirt open and smeared the beans down his chest. ‘Bye…’

Rich was pushed on and covered in rancid milk ‘Three weeks old…’ sneered Harriet, BBQ sauce which Kate sprayed in his eyes and smeared down his legs and boots, and margarine from Pauline who took a catering container and shampooed his blond hair, she roughly scrubbed the thick fat into his locks until his head was heavy and unrecognisable.

Finally he reached Hilary.

‘Look sorry…’ Richard stuttered.

‘Shhh…’ She held a finger at his mouth. ‘I understand…’ She smiled. ‘I liked you…’ She paused. ‘Past tense Richard. Four out of ten!’ She snarled. ‘I have a special treat for you’

She reached down and unbuttoned his jodhpurs, he smiled. ‘No, don’t be happy…’ She pulled out a large bottle of chilli sauce.

‘Hilary…’ He stuttered. ‘Look, please…’

‘Shut up.’ She reached into his boxer shorts and started to massage the chilli sauce into his crotch. There was a mild warmth, Rich smiled… ‘Oh are you enjoying this?’

Rich suddenly gasped as the heat started to penetrate his crotch… He struggled to get free as his manhood burned like fire. Hilary bend down and whispered in his ear ‘I hope it was good for you too lover boy…’

The staff laughed as he struggled.

‘Now for your send off.’ Hilary smiled and the girls surrounded him. ‘Any last words?’ Rich frowned.

‘Look, I am really sorry…’ He stuttered. ‘But you have had your fun now..’

‘Oh no Richard…’ Hilary smiled. ‘We haven’t even started. alsancak escort Okay… Go!’ There was a sudden flood of warm liquid and Rich’s world went dark.

The staff gasped as he was coated in ten buckets of warm tar which had been left over from roof repairs. He quickly became a shiny black blob. Hilary wiped his eyes clean, he looked around and saw that he was covered in thick, sticky tar and the wheelbarrow was full hiding his legs and burning crotch.

‘Now girls please…’ There was a sudden jerk, the barrow was shoved by all the girls, he was being pushed up the ramp which lead to the muck heap. He reached the top and looked down at the steaming pile. ‘Please!’ His words were lost as the barrow tipped, he hit the soft manure face first and flipped over in time to see the remaining tar ooze on top of him.

The tractor engine started and the trailer was pulled from the yard, when it reached the muck heap in the far field it was tipped up and the load emptied. Rich was dumped along with the rapidly setting tar. The last sound he heard was the tractor driving away.


‘So what happened to Rich?’ I asked Hilary as we rode our horses out across the fields. She smiled.

‘Lets just say he saw the error of his ways.’ She laughed. ‘He managed to crawl back to the yard about four hours later, he looked like a walking muck heap.’ She smiled to herself. ‘He was very apologetic and asked how he could ever be forgiven. In fact he begged if I remember rightly. He was very much a changed man.’

‘Really?’ I said?’

‘Oh yes really’

‘So what did you do?’

Hilary smiled. ‘Well, in the end he never left the yard, he still works here, and if we have the time right.’ Hilary glanced at her watch. ‘Oh yes, here he is!’

I looked across to the yard and saw a smiling Richard surrounded by the female staff in the outdoor arena. He was jumped and wrestled to the ground before being coated in paint and food. I looked back to Hilary.

‘Well, it is good for staff moral, and as long as I promise not to use the chilli… Well do you know what he seems to quite enjoy it! And…’ She paused and smiled shyly, I am an eight out of ten now…’

We both laughed.

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