Grand Gala Ball

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Ignoring the menacing stares from the three couples hosting the Grand Gala Ball, the most prestigious and, quite frankly, snooty event of the year, Jonathan whispered, “Invitation? I seem to have…,” as he reached down, took hold of his zipper and pulled it firmly downward. He began to smile hearing the immediate gasps as he slowly worked his cock out of his pants, letting it rest on his open palm. Jonathan finished his smile as the gasps became quietly ardent moans when his cock quickly grew to its full tumescent length.

The men and women alike simply stood in a nervous silence, each gazing down at the not overly large, but perfectly formed erection. All three men felt a twinge of jealousy uncomfortably combined with a disturbing feeling as their own cocks began to harden. Of course the women felt a damp longing congeal between their legs as some incredible thoughts ran through their minds.

“Ah, yes, that is fine. You are very welcome here,” one of the gentlemen said, initially reaching his hand out to Jonathan’s but quickly withdrawing it as he realized the new guest was still holding his cock with his right hand. “The bar is inside and to the right, the buffet table directly at the back. The seating is assigned, but you can sit at the head table with us, we’ll just pull up an extra chair.”

Jonathan eased his cock back into his pants, feeling a slight air of disappointment from his hosts as he carefully zipped his zipper up past his still erect cock. He then reached out and shook the hands of each man as he bowed his head to each of the men’s wives. “Thank you, I look forward to an enjoyable evening,” he said as he turned to walk into the dining area.

Heading toward the bar, he glanced back and noticed the three women still watching him as their husbands were checking the invitations of a short line of guests. He looked back to the bartender and asked for a glass of red wine. Taking a quick sip, Jonathan nodded watching as the bartender finished pouring. He then moved toward the head table, milling about, waiting for the hosts to find an appropriate place for him.

Looking over the settings at the head table Jonathan moved down the length of the table reading each place card. Letting his eyes roll over the sweeping curves of the calligraphy he read Stephanie Alcan and looked up to the youngest of the three women greeting the guests. He recalled how his eyes had been drawn from her name tag over to the cleavage her low cut gown had exposed. At the time her eyes had focused on his cock so he could linger, enjoying the impression her nipples made in the nearly sheer fabric. It was her breasts that encouraged the quick erection he got while meeting the hosts.

The next place card was Andrew Alcan, Stephanie’s husband, a thin man perhaps ten years older than his wife, say in his mid-fifties. He was obviously very successful in business and even as he nervously responded to Jonathan exposing his cock, he maintained an air of dignity. Thinking of the couple, Jonathan decided that Stephanie was not Andrew’s “trophy wife,” even in her forties, she still seemed too young, sexy and vital yet was too close to her husband’s age to be a trophy.

Margret Thornsburg was the name on the next place card and Jonathan looked over to the oldest of the three women. Her hair was a Antep Escort Bayan silvery gray, a color he always found alluring on an older woman. With her hair styled up in a bun-like fashion her neck was beautifully exposed. Though perhaps in her mid-sixties, Margret, either with some prodigious nip and tucks or a just a healthy lifestyle, her skin appeared very soft with only a wrinkle or two showing on a body that looked like she was forty. Her breasts hung a bit lower in her gown than her younger two friends, but Jonathan felt a tingle in his balls when he pictured cupping and lifting them.

Moving on up the table the next place card was Arthur Thorrnsburg who looked to be almost in his eighties. It looked to Jonathan that perhaps Margret was Arthur’s “trophy wife” some twenty years earlier. It was hard to imagine this old fellow keeping his, still vital, wife very happy in bed.

Smiling, Jonathan moved his eyes to the next place card; Andrea Sinclair seemed to be the one most moved by the vision of his cock. Remembering how greedily her green eyes gazed at his erection as her tongue just slightly wet her lips. Although her gown helped underplay her stature, he could see she was a heavy woman, with very large breasts, a broad stomach and wide hips. Seeing her laughing now, he pictured her skin quivering beneath the satiny folds of her clothing.

Ashton Sinclair actually appeared to be a bit younger than his wife and displayed a nervousness when they met that made Jonathan wonder if perhaps he didn’t marry into his wife’s money. He wore the fine suit exquisitely but somehow seemed a bit out of place amid his wealthy friends.

Noticing a slight commotion Jonathan figured the last of the guests arrived and he waiting patiently as Andrea and Margret moved over to him, each asking if we needed anything else to drink. Before he could answer, Stephanie slipped up behind him with several waiters and barked out several orders to rearrange the settings. When dinner was served a few minutes later, Jonathan found himself seated between Stephanie and Andrea.

During the meal and then the speeches Jonathan could feel a tension surrounding everyone at the head table, it wasn’t anything obvious, perhaps a bit of innuendo in conversation followed by uncomfortable pauses and then almost giggly frivolity. It was only when the dinner guests moved into the grand ballroom that Jonathan came to understand the tension.

Before he could move into the ballroom he was headed off by Andrea and Ashton Sinclair who shyly asked him to step off to the side and talk with them a bit. Ashton said, “This is a bit uncomfortable, but as you know you never really had an invitation and the rest of the guest paid as much as thirty thousand dollars to attend this event. Now, I don’t expect you to produce the invitation or pay that amount, but, what you did show us when we asked for the invitation did interest, ah… it interested all of us.”

Jonathan nodded to Ashton and then gazed over at Andrea, letting his eyes slide down to her ample breasts. He stared at them for a full thirty seconds before looking back to Ashton, “You were saying.”

“Well, as one of the women put it, it was as if they were looking upon Michangelo’s David, strangely recast with an erection, and being fairly modern individuals in spite of our ages, our little group wanted to make a proposal to you, hoping not to offend you in any way.”

“Oh no, to be honest, the thought of one of these lovely ladies,” Jonathan nodded to Andrea, “describing me as a David with an erection actually excites me. Please let me know what you have in mind.”

“Well, each of us, each couple I mean, would like to donate ten thousand dollars to the charity in your name if you would come into the side room over there,” he pointed to a finely carved door marked private. “We all would like to see more of you, if you understand what I am saying.”

“I think I understand and yes, I think the charity you support is a worthy one, and I would like to contribute in any way that I can.”

“Oh good, the Alcans and the Thornsburgs have already gone into the room. If you would follow me please.”

Jonathan followed Ashton and his wife to the door and he stood to the side as Ashton pushed a key into the lock. As the door unlocked he knocked twice and opened it slowly before stepping back and letting Jonathan slip in. Andrea and Ashton followed him into the large room, where the two other couples were already on a large bed.

Stephanie was on her back with her legs spread wide as she ran the fingers of her left hand over her clit. Her husband kneeled beside her as she stroked his cock with her right hand and slid her mouth up and down over the head. When she noticed Jonathan, she moved her mouth off of her husband’s cock and watched as the new visitor began to undress.

Pulling off his shirt, Jonathan looked over to Margret who was on her back with her husband kneeling between her legs, his head face burrowing into her pussy, while he stroked his soft cock. Jonathan thought, “He may not get it up, but he seems to be keeping his lady happy.”

Ashton and Andrea had undressed and the couple moved onto the bed between the Alcans and the Thornsburgs. The large woman rolled onto her back, her breasts and belly jiggling with her movement. Jonathan watched as Ashton began kneading his wife’s soft breast and belly.

Slowly unzipping his pants, Jonathan realized that everyone else in the room was staring at him as he eased his underwear over his erection and pulled down his pants. He stood for a moment looked at the abject longing in the faces of the women and men alike as they stared at his body. His cock bounced a bit as he kneeled between Stephanie’s legs. He leaned onto her as she guided his cock into her pussy. Once inside her, he reached up and began kneading her small breasts. After a few moments he began sliding himself in and out of her as her husband began stroking his own cock.

The woman was ready and almost immediately began moaning and moving in unison with Jonathan’s thrusts. He glanced down as he withdrew and watched her lips purse out, as if trying to hold him inside her. Pushing back into her, she sighed and wrapped her legs around his ass. She was so wet by then that each thrust was accompanied by a sloshing sound, a sound that obviously excited her husband Andrew, who arched his back and came, spurting his white cum all over Stephanie’s breasts.

She immediately ran her hands through her husband’s cum arching her back as Jonathan’s cock slipped deep inside her. Jonathan heard her moan loudly and then felt her pussy begin to convulse on his cock as she came. Keeping his cock buried deep in her cunt, he stopped moving as her orgasm slowly subsided. He then slowly withdrew and moved to his right.

As he moved on the bed Jonathan noticed Andrea’s breasts and stomach jiggle some. He could feel her thighs congeal around his as the woman took his hard cock and guided it into herself. Thrusting into the woman he enjoyed how her body jiggled all over at the motion. Enjoying the large folds of her stomach, he ran his hands over her belly, squeezing the full, soft skin as he leaned forward and buried his head in her breasts.

After a few minutes he had to rise up to catch his breath, but continued his relentless, rhythmic thrusting into her wet opening. Ashton moved his cock under her breasts and slid in and out of the folds of skin before jerking forward wildly and coming. His nearly clear cum oozed from beneath her breasts, sparkling in the light.

Jonathan began to feel a pressure welling up in his cock but quickly diverted his attention from the woman he was fucking and he held off coming. Just as he regained control, Andrea moaned, “Oh yes, I’m coming.” She reached up and pulled Jonathan down on top of her and he felt her belly and breast roll beneath him. Her pussy tightened around his cock and then released several times, before he slipped out of her and moved over to Margret.

Her husband moved up beside her and began rubbing his soft cock through her hair as Jonathan moved between Margret’s legs. Before Jonathan could move up close to her she said, “He’s got me a little wet, but here, I better lube you up.”

Jonathan kneeled as she worked the lubricant over his cock and then pulled on it, guiding it into her pussy. He pushed slowly, feeling she was not as wet as the other women, but after several slow penetrations, he slowly picked up speed and soon was fucking this woman just as hard as her two friends. Stephanie suddenly moaned again and Jonathan noticed that Andrew had gotten hard again and was fucking his wife while the both of them watched Jonathan sliding his cock into Margret.

Apparently Margret’s husband had her pretty worked up eating her, because in just a few moments she began to moan and then came, her pussy gently squeezing Jonathan’s cock. Feeling her come, he let himself go, letting the sensations of the woman’s pussy roll down the length of his cock he quickly felt the pleasure rise from his balls. At the last second, he pulled his cock out of Margret’s pussy and held his cock as it spurted his cum in long arcs onto her breasts and stomach.

He then stroked his cock, letting the last droplets of cum dribble out onto Margret’s pussy as she and her husband spread his cum over her breasts and stomach. Jonathan then stood up just as Andrew arched his back and came inside his wife. By the time he was dressed, Ashton Sinclair, wearing just his pants, led him to the door.

“Thank you, we all enjoyed your heartfelt donation and will certainly call you for our next big event.”

Shaking the man’s hand Jonathan replied, “I’m happy to have been of service to you. Goodbye all.” He waved to the others, noticing that somehow the old man Arthur’s cock had gotten hard and he was plunging into his wife’s pussy. Jonathan stepped through the door and headed out of the building, thoroughly pleased with the time he spent at the Grand Gala Ball.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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