Granddaughter-in-law! Pt. 03

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Granddaughter In Law III

Cindy’s fist was being squeezed hard by Nana’s pussy as the orgasm worked through her body as well as her mind.

Opa pulled up in front of the construction trailer as Cindy’s fist slipped from Nana’s pussy.

Cindy and Nana quickly disappeared into the small 40-foot trailer for what they thought would be some privacy.


In what was Cindy’s office there were two benches and they were now occupied by several men. Some Cindy recognized from the crews working on Nana and Opa’s new home. Some Cindy had no idea who they were.

Several more men were sitting on yet another bench outside Opa’s office. Nana seemed to know all of them, so Cindy relaxed a bit.

Opa told Cindy, “You need to step into my office dear.” and Cindy hurriedly applied to Opa’s demand. Nana followed.

Nana took Opa’s seat behind the desk as Opa looked Cindy over once again and then turned to face Nana.

Opa said, ” Do you think she is ready?”

Nana said, “No Sir. Cindy has yet to complete her anal training and as you know, I know this group of fuckers well Sir.!”

Opa said, “Nana, tell the gentlemen that we need an hour or so before we are ready for them.”

Nana got up from the chair and standing in the doorway told the gentlemen, ” We need an hour or so to prepare her properly for use. Remember this is a special case and there are to be condoms used.”

Opa took Cindy by the arm and led her to the desk. Cindy now facing Opa’s chair standing in front of the desk.

Nana returned to Opa’s chair and told Cindy to bend down across the desk as Opa joined Nana on that side of the desk.

Cindy did as she was told.

Opa reached and took Cindy’s hand as he squatted for a second on the right-hand side of the desk.

Opa slipped the cuff over Cindy’s hand and adjusted it to fit. He then took her other hand and did the same on the left-hand side.

Cindy was now bent over the desk and her arms were tied to the legs.

Opa stepped back around the desk and began cuffing Cindy’s legs spread open to this side of the desk.

Nana was staring her in the face and said, ” Are you ready for your anal lesson whore?”

Cindy replied, “Why are all of those men in the office?”

Nana said, “They will be your next lesson after anal training.”

Nana once again turned the vibrator up in Cindy’s pussy and on her clit.

Cindy was still trying to comprehend what Nana had said as the jolt from the vibrator hit her causing her to try and jerk upright as her ass tried to drop all at one time.

That was the second Cindy found she was bound firmly to the desk. Being bound had an odd effect. She could justify everything that Nana and Opa had done to her thus far.

The fact that Cindy was a little whore did not enter her computations.

It was at this point Opa tore the T-shirt from her body and slid his hands under her breast pulling them out from under her body.

Opa moved to the corner cabinet in his office and unlocked it. After a few minutes of rummaging around Opa had what he wanted.

While Opa was looking for just the right tool to heighten Cindy’s pain and pleasure Nana continued to run the vibrator up and down in several random patterns.

Cindy’s pussy leaked visibly on Opa’s desk already; Opa attached a clover clamp to each nipple and then added a pound of weight to each causing the clamps to bite harder into her nipples.

Cindy again tried to jerk up as the pain hit her mind, but those damn cuffs made it impossible to move except to cause more ofise gelen gaziantep escort pain as the weights now swung.

Opa then grabbed her by the hair and raised her face from the table and began feeding her his cock.

Cindy was trying to scream out and suck Opa’s cock at the same time while still trying not to move and keep those weights from moving.

Nana increased the vibration in Cindy’s pussy and her pussy responded with a dribbling small squirt.

Opa moved around the table to Cindy’s exposed ass. The jewel of the anal plug reflected the LED office lights as Cindy fought the pain and pleasure in her young body.

Opa’s rough hand was firmly on her ass as his callused finger rubbed the skin between her pussy and ass.

Nana rolled forward in Opa’s chair and reached out to swing the weights attached to Cindy’s nipples.

Between the increased pleasure of the vibrator and the cuffs as well as Opa’s finger Cindy moaned in pleasure. She barely realized that Opa had removed the anal plug.

Cindy did notice as Opa slipped two fingers into her ass and increased the pressure of the vibrator against her G-spot.

Cindy moaned, “Can I cum Sir?”

Opa only increased the pressure as Nana increased the vibration.

Nana said, “Cindy you are going to feel Opa’s cock in your ass. He is just going to place it at the opening and start it in and keep pressure against your opening. Each time you cum, your ass will involuntarily open up and take more of his cock. Do you understand?”

Cindy looked Nana in the eyes as she moaned, “More” against Opa’s two fingers as they were removed and the pressure eased against her G-spot.

Cindy soon felt Opa’s cock pressing against her sphincter. The pressure was just enough that he was not going to ram her, but rather feed her ass his cock.

Nana increased the vibration this time to Cindy’s clit and the little orgasm found her pushing back against Opa’s cock.

Cindy took the first two inches without any thought at all. Nana began to explain to her that pain and pleasure are just the opposite sides of the same coin.

Nana again increased the vibration in Cindy’s pussy and on her clit at the same time as she began alternating between pulling on the weights attached to Cindy’s nipples.

Nana then leaned in and told Cindy to concentrate on the pleasure so she can manage the pain.

Cindy did so and soon found herself begging Nana to cum. Nana said, “Remember you will feel even more pain after you cum as Opa is going to plow your ass.”

Cindy started cumming and felt Opa slipping deeper than anything had ever been in her ass. She was hurting but cumming and it was strange to experience these sensations both at the same time.

It was at this point that Cindy also noticed the fuller feeling of the vibrator against her G-spot. As she focused on that she began to squirt hard and took all of Opa’s cock in her ass.

Cindy was focused on the full filling as only Nana knew so well and that Cindy was going to shortly experience in an entirely new way.

Opa began pulling back out of Cindy’s ass and she chased him back wanting that full feeling as her orgasm was fading. As Cindy chased Opa’s cock, Opa rammed forward.

It was the perfect blend of pain and pleasure causing Cindy to orgasm hard and squirt again.

The game of chasing Opa’s cock and then him ramming her was quickly becoming her favorite. She soon knew why Nana said she preferred anal to vaginal.

Cindy gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort was soon squirting yet again from the wonderful feeling as she felt Opa’s cock twitch deep inside her and the warm spray of his semen deep inside her ass.

Opa said, “Nana it is your turn to teach this young whore.” as his cock slipped from Cindy’s cum soaked and lubed ass.

Nana came around the table and removed the vibrator from Cindy’s pussy.

Cindy whimpered wanting to be full.

Nana did not disappoint her as she slipped three fingers into Cindy’s wet pussy which gained a moan of pleasure from the young whore.

Opa had taken his seat and was watching Cindy deal with the overwhelming pleasure so he added the required pain by firmly pulling on the weights attached to her nipples.

Cindy whimpered and moaned, “More.”

Nana complied as she slipped three fingers into Cindy’s ass and her entire fist into her pussy.

This caused Cindy to again beg to cum.

Opa explained that she could cum, but Nana was going to fist both her holes at the same time.

The thought of having a fist in her ass and her pussy was almost more than she could take as she started cumming again.

Cindy found she was an anal whore just like her Nana. the feeling of being fisted in both holes was causing her multiple orgasms as she would squirt and roll through the smaller ones.

Just when Cindy thought Fucking and fisting could get no better, Opa again grabbed her by the hair and fed her his cock down her throat.

Cindy again was cumming and she enjoyed the sensation of Opa’s cock growing once again hard in her throat. She was indeed full for the first time in her life.

Opa withdrew his cock from her throat and went to the door where he pointed to three of the guys and said, “Get ready for this young whore.”

Opa found Nana was telling Cindy the requirement to be one of Opa’s sluts. That Cindy must completely satisfy ten cocks and that no hole was off limits in a single session.

Cindy asked, “Nana is that why all those men are in Opa’s office?”

Nana replied, “Yes they are here to help you become a slut truly and not a wannabe. My first gang bang slut experience was eighteen men plus Opa.”

Cindy asked, “How many are out there, Nana?”

Nana said, “I did not count them on the way in, but I will go check now.”

Opa said, “Cindy they must use a condom when doing vaginal with you, but they can cum in your ass and your throat and on you as well.”

Cindy asked, “Opa, will you allow me to ride you while they use my other two holes?”

Opa replied, “That my soon-to-be slut will be another time. Your Nana will be the only one there with us then.”

Cindy had already had Opa cum in her pussy and ass today, yet she wanted more of his seed in her fertile pussy.

Opa released the cuffs from Cindy’s arms and legs but refused to remove the clover clamps and weights from her nipples reminding Cindy that she needed to learn to focus on the pleasure.

Opa led Cindy into her office where Nana was already sucking a multitude of different cocks.

Nana paused and said, “Cindy you are in luck, there are fifteen guys plus Opa.”

Cindy replied, “That is three times as many as I have had in my entire life! Now I get them all at once?”

Nana said, “Child I will not tell you how many cocks I have had, but Opa knows and keeps track.”

Opa looked at Cindy and said, “You will not even have gaziantep ofise gelen escort a tenth of the cocks that have been satisfied by your Nana by the end of today.”

Cindy looked at Nana with admiration and new respect.

Opa said, “Nana is going to be fluffing for you until Jamie gets here.”

Cindy asked, “What is fluffing?”

Opa explained as Nana’s mouth was full of cock, that fluffing was the art of maintaining the hard-ons in the room for the gang bang girl. That the term originated in the porn industry.

One of the guys with a nice thick eight-inch cock came over and took Cindy by the hand as he asked Opa, “May I Sir?”

Opa swatted Cindy on the ass leaving a hand imprint as he said, “You may.”

The guy led Cindy into the middle of the room and laid down on the floor as he instructed Cindy to mount him.

The guy had more girth than Opa, but not as much length. She still took a few minutes to adjust to his size.

Not long after a cock appeared in Cindy’s face and another in her ass. Nana took a few minutes to tell Cindy they have to work with you.

Cindy was being stuffed with cock. All three of her holes remained busy as she was soaked in sweat and cum.

She had swallowed more cum in a few hours than in her entire life and had been so busy fucking and working cock that she had not even noticed Jami arriving.

By the time Cindy had finished gang banging the crew, she had taken twenty-one loads of cum. She was sore, but a happy sore. She also enjoyed the title of Slut the same as her Nana and Jami.

Cindy found that people in the lifestyle used the term Slut with admiration, respect, and endearment. Her eyes were being opened to a whole new world of kink and deprivation.

Nana and Jami helped Cindy into Opa’s office and eased her onto his desk. Cindy was unsure what to expect from her sister sluts, but she knew without any doubt that she was in good hands.

Jami asked, “Nana, can I have her backside?” Nana eagerly agreed as she never really cared for eating anal creampie.

Jami’s tongue began licking Cindy’s butt cheeks and was rewarded with several different tastes of sperm all ready.

Nana removed the clover clamps and weights causing Cindy to whimper in pain as the blood began racing back into her exhausted and abused nipples.

Nana quickly, but delicately began suckling Cindy’s nipples in a way no man ever could. The lightest touch of a man is still rough compared to that of another woman. The tenderness of their movements and care to nurse one another is a site to behold.

As Nana and Jami worked to restore the eagerness to their new sister slut, Opa came into the office and sat down in his chair. He had a little pocket Notebook in his hand.

Jami and Nana both knew what the Notebook contained. Opa kept records on all of his women, whores, and sluts. Jami always a bit of a smartass said, “Well coach, how did she do?”

Opa replied, “She beat your stats on percentages, but not overall numbers. She almost tied Nana for her first outing in title earning.”

Cindy swallowed ten loads of cum, took seven loads of cum in her ass, three body shots, and a facial for her first time out.

This caused Nana and Jami to both look at Cindy a bit more respectfully as Nana said, “She really will be a good addition to our team.”

Jami, always the smart ass said, “Perhaps we need to wait and see how she holds up in the barn.”

Nana putting her foot somewhat down said, “Jami, you know the barn is a special duty, perhaps you want to go back to that life again?”

Jami replied, “There are days that I do miss it. The time with Opa and the machines.”

Cindy nervously asked, “What happens in the barn?”

Opa said, “You will find out soon enough slut.”

Nana and Jami returned to their cleaning of their sister and soon were in a daisy chain eating each other out and fisting one another in a way Cindy would have thought impossible just a few hours before.

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