Guilty Pleasures Ch. 06

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I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I rolled over in bed looking at the caller ID. In the background I could hear the sound of the shower running. Rob was busy getting ready for work, it was 6:15. I knew without even looking that the only person who would call me at this ungodly hour would be Susan. And sure enough it was.

“What’s up?” I answered still sounding sleepy.

“I hope I woke you,” she laughed. “I hate that you get to sleep in and the rest of us all have to get up early and go to work.”

“So get a real job,” I laughed stretching in bed enjoying the feel of my bare skin against the cool morning sheets. But I was also remembering the nice long slow fuck I had enjoyed with my husband after he had gotten home too. And…we’d enjoyed some panty play as well, something that had been a major turn on for us both. He had licked and eaten me through a pair of my favorite panties, and then had tickled my clit with his cock through them as well (though that was something I hadn’t shared with him that Jared had done to me the day before…which had been a major turn on for me when he had). “So like I said…what’s up?”

“Thought I’d give you a heads up before you come over this morning,” Susan began. “Jared got home last night in a fairly shitty mood. I don’t think his date with his new girlfriend went very well. I could tell he was frustrated, and though I got him to sit down and tell me a little about it, he was still a little uncomfortable telling ‘mom’ all the gory details. Suffice it to say, maybe you’ll have better luck getting him to open up about it than I did. But don’t be surprised when you do come over, that he’s less than his usual chipper self.” Once again Susan laughed. “In fact…at this point I think all you’d have to do is stretch out naked on our bed, and Jared would fuck you in a heartbeat. I think he’s about ready to blow a gasket after the way he looked when he came home last night.”

“I’m not an auto…or rather a Jared body shop,” I quipped. I don’t do repairs. But…if I can get him to open up to me about whatever problems he is having, perhaps that will give me some insight as to where things are headed…or not as far as his virginity is concerned. And don’t worry…I’ll fill you in on all the details later on, provided of course, Jared doesn’t swear me to secrecy about them. Like I told you before, if he does that…then I start playing doctor instead of mechanic here, and confidentiality becomes paramount for me.”

“Ok,” Susan said agreeing with me. “And what about this afternoon? Still want me to take off early and meet you?”

I had almost forgotten about that, though I had mentioned it to Rob the night before, asking him if he was ok with Susan and I getting together the next afternoon for a bit of naughty fun. Needless to say, he told me to “go for it” as long as I filled him in later, once again…giving him a blow-by-blow description while doing exactly that. Aroused as he became after hearing Susan and I might indeed get together the following day, adding a pair of my sexiest panties into our lovemaking after that was easy. It had been a long time since Rob had come three times in one night.

“Sure…looking forward to that in fact,” I told her. “But…let me call you before you do come home to make sure that Jared in fact is still meeting up with his friends later.” Once again Susan giggled.

“Pretty bad when I have to call to see if it’s ok if I sneak back to my own home,” she told me. “But…I’ll wait to hear from you before leaving,” she added. “But speaking of naughty fun, Bill’s already asking me to check with you and Rob about having another get-together sometime soon here too,” she then added. “So ask Rob about that when you get a chance.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. Rob had stepped out of the shower coming back into the bedroom seeing me on the phone and knowing who it was I was obviously talking to. He was already sporting an erection much to my surprise. “Ask him yourself, he’s standing here in front of me with a nice morning woody,” I told her. “So why don’t you do just that…see what he has to say about it while I take care of this!”

I handed Rob the phone, leaned over and took his nice hard cock into my mouth. He groaned into the mouthpiece, moments later dropping the phone on the bed. I heard Susan laughing on the other end.

“I take it that’s a yes,” she said…and then heard nothing but dial tone and the sound of Rob’s labored breathing.


I arrived around the time I usually did, but Jared was nowhere in sight. I did however smell fresh coffee, so walked into the kitchen area to pour myself a cup. There was a small note propped up against the side of an empty cup with my name on it. In Susan’s handwriting it said simply, “Good luck!”

I allowed myself a heavy sigh, poured my coffee, and then made my way upstairs to actually begin working. Whatever mood Jared was actually in, he’d have to be the one to approach me, if and when he decided escort bayan to get up. Obviously, he was still asleep and indeed in a bit of a grumpy mood. This one I really was going to have to play by ear and see how things went, but I wasn’t very optimistic about it either.

It was well over an hour later when I finally heard his footsteps as he came up the stairs. I looked up from the PC as he poked his head into the room. He was bleary-eyed, his hair not even properly brushed yet as he stood there looking in on me.

“Sorry I wasn’t up to meet you,” he apologized. “Sort of had a late night,” he added.

“A late night? Or a bad night?” I asked holding in a smile. He stepped a little further into the room.

“I take it mom called you.”

“Yeah, she did. But she didn’t tell me much, only that you and your girlfriend of the moment aren’t getting along very well. Want to tell me about it?” I pushed my chair away from the desk expectantly, hoping Jared would see that as a sign of real interest. He did, smiling slightly and then walking over to take one of the two seats sitting in front of me. I now stood up, walking over, taking the other one. He sat quietly for a moment, perhaps wondering if he should. I sat patiently waiting for him to begin without saying anything.

“I like you,” he told me.

“I like you too,” I answered back still waiting.

He smiled at hearing that and began to open up a little as I sat there listening to him.

“I think it’s easier for me to talk to you as opposed to mom,” he’d started as I simply nodded my head. “Maybe because you and I…” he added without finishing the thought, to which I again smiled, still nodding. “Anyway…Cheryl, my girlfriend, mom thinks she’s a bit of a prick tease, and maybe she is…but there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s complicated,” he said pausing, releasing a heavy sigh of his own.

“Aren’t most relationships?” I challenged back. “Even the really good ones take effort,” I counseled, to which Jared now nodded his head.

“Yeah, maybe they do…but part of my problem with Cheryl is, my lack of experience, and her having quite a bit of it.”

Now I really was confused here. I wasn’t expecting to hear that. “I take it…she isn’t a virgin then.”

“No, she’s not. And it’s not that, that bothers me, or is really the problem.”

“Why don’t you tell me just exactly what the problem is then?” I asked. “Maybe…I can help you sort it all out?”

Once again he sighed, but then thanked me for listening to him. “Part of the problem is because she has had sex…and I haven’t. She sort of likes the idea that we’re taking things slowly.”

“Nothing wrong with doing that,” I told him.

“No…there isn’t,” he agreed. “And I like that we have been. What I don’t like…is when she tells me that what I’m doing is wrong, or that she doesn’t like it, or that because I am so inexperienced, that I need to let her show me certain things. She makes me feel stupid, inadequate,” he finished looking down at his hands, which he’d locked together in his lap.

On the one hand, I had to admire the girl. It was obvious she did indeed know what she wanted, and was in a way attempting to teach Jared that. On the other, I wanted to shake her…she was obviously going about it the wrong way. And if she continued to do so, I didn’t hold out much hope for this relationship.

He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. “I mean shit Jen, I know I don’t know much…I don’t have as much experience with women as a lot of other guys do, I’ll be the first to admit it. But if I do, do something wrong, or something she doesn’t like, she gets frustrated with me, and then we’re right back to square one again, and when that happens, it’s like days before we even attempt to do anything again. In the meantime, I’m getting more and more frustrated with her, and starting to wonder if this whole relationship thing with her is even worth it. Had it not been for you,” he grinned. “I’d have probably gone off on her…and not in a good way either!”

That one I did have to laugh at, easing the tension a little, as he finally relaxed.

“She might indeed be a bit more experienced in that department,” I told him. “But she’s not acting or being very mature either. You on the other hand have just the opposite problem. And maybe that’s where I can help at least a little anyway.”

“Help how?” he now asked curiously.

“Well for starters, what is it she thinks you’re doing wrong? And what is it you’ve been doing anyway? Obviously…you’re still a virgin yes?”

Jared nodded his head.

“So it’s obviously nothing to do with that…yet,” I added winking at him. “So…why don’t we start with the first so-called problem area, and take it from there.”

Jared had finally relaxed enough to begin laying it all out. As I’d guessed, the main issue between them at the moment was with regards to oral sex, mostly on his end according to what he said.

“I take tuzla genç escort it, you have done this with other girls in the past? Or is this a first for you here too?” I asked him.

“A couple of times yes, but admittedly Jen, it didn’t seem to go as well with them either, so obviously I am doing something wrong here. And if I am…then I do want to learn and figure out what I’m doing that is wrong, or why they don’t like it. But so far, all I’m getting is a lot of negative feedback, and nothing positive. How the hell am I ever going to learn that way?”

“You aren’t,” I agreed. “At least not like that. But…if you’re willing, I really do think I can help you, and that I can do in a little different way than Cheryl obviously has been. So…if you’re willing, I am. But it’s entirely up to you.”

I saw the look of relief in his eyes as he glanced up towards me. “Then teach me,” he said. “Show me what I’m doing wrong.”

“First things first,” I told him. “Let’s set the mood, and get comfortable. That’s the most important thing, next to hygiene that is,” I said smiling at him. “Which means…you need a shower. So let’s begin with that. But…I’ll join you, and we’ll take it from there and go on to the next step once we’re all squeaky clean here shall we?”

I could see that Jared was definitely up for that. Once again wearing only his pajama bottoms and nothing else, his erection was already poking well up through the material of them as he sat there. He even looked down at himself realizing that he was, and blushed a little. I stood up, pulling him along with me taking his hand. Once he was, I then reached over, grasping his hard cock through the lightweight flannel material of his pajamas, and then pulled him along behind me while holding it into his parents’ bedroom and their much larger shower.

We soaped one another from head to toe, even going so far as to wash one another’s hair. I also noticed as we did that, he had some obvious stubble growing around his pubic region, he shaved which I admired his doing, now taking the razor and beginning to shave him myself. I was pleased at his trusting me to do so as I quickly smoothed him up, likewise gently lifting his balls, shaving those as well until he was as baby smooth as I was once again.

I then skinned back the foreskin on Jared’s penis, washing him thoroughly teasing him a little as I did so.

“Ok, now your turn to wash me,” I told him as I lifted one leg up on the corner shelf there in the shower stall. Jared knelt beneath me, his face only inches away from my pussy as he gingerly soaped me up once again, only this time looking at me as he did so. “Go ahead…take your time, wash everything, look at it as you do, familiarize yourself with me,” I told him. “But more importantly, enjoy yourself while you do.”

I didn’t have really long labia, but I enjoyed it when he pulled on each one stretching them out as he washed them, running a slippery finger alongside each of them, in addition to dipping the tip of his finger inside me. His look of utter fascination as he took his time admiring, just looking at me was arousing in and of itself. I could feel the moisture already beginning to pool between my legs, which he quickly discovered, looking up towards me, licking his finger off tasting me before sticking it briefly inside me once again.

We took an inordinate amount of time there in the shower, just touching, mostly looking becoming familiar and acquainted with one another’s bodies, without the worry or concern of doing so in an attempt to get one another off. That would come later…much, much later.

By the time we were both so aroused, we’d have popped without even touching one another further, it was time to get out, drying one another off as we did. I then led him out of the room as opposed to lying him down on his mother’s bed. I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable about doing that, or having any worries or concerns about leaving a trace of our activities there. Leading him once again by the cock, he followed me back down the stairs into the living room where we pulled off all the cushions on the couch making a little bed on the floor. I lay down amongst them, propping my head up on one of the pillows, spreading my legs bending them at the knee.

“Take your time Jared, just look at me, touch me, do whatever you want…but just take your time, we’re not in any hurry here. And it’s also not a time for instructions, or orgasms…or anything like that. It’s just about fun, adventure, and in your getting to know me, ok?”

I could see by the smile on his face he was more than relaxed. Even his cock had actually deflated a little, becoming slightly flaccid again, but I was actually happy to see that as he positioned himself there on the floor, between my legs, and for the longest time, just looked at me.

Eventually I felt his finger again as he ran it up and down between my legs, ever so lightly…so teasingly, and I moaned, groaning pleasurably tuzla kendi evi olan escort at his touch.

He smiled at that, laughingly, doing it again, playfully, erotically. And oh so sensually.

“I think I’m ready now,” he told me. “I want to taste you, lick you…eat you. But more importantly, I want you to tell me what I’m doing right…or doing wrong.”

“I will Jared, but not with words so much, as with actions. What I want you to do, is learn to read my body. If you do that, then you’ll know what I like, what feels good or what doesn’t. Learn to know the signals, and then keep doing that, or switch off and do something else when the signals are no longer telling you to keep doing the same thing. I might moan, or tremble, even at times speaking to you, but only in a good way…a pleasurable way. Learn to do that, and then you’ll know what it is I do like, or what I dislike. Or what it is that I want you to do again. You will begin to know and understand, that perhaps something you tried the first time I wasn’t ready for, but then later would be. And just because it might not feel good now, doesn’t mean that it won’t. Learn to read a woman’s body Jared, and she’ll become putty in your hands.”

I then told him that what we would do…afterwards, long after we’d satiated one another that we would indeed sit back and talk about it. I would only then tell him in words, but not during, what it was I enjoyed, or might not have enjoyed, but teaching him in a way where he could better interpret my signals. In that way, he would hopefully gain a better understanding of my body just as he should with any woman’s body, and that no two women were ever exactly alike when it came to that either. With patience, understanding and trust in himself, he would learn how to read and come to understand each and every woman independent of one another.

Once again I felt the tip of his finger as he began, gently probing me, touching me as I lay there on the floor in front of him. I then felt the tip of his tongue as he touched me exploringly. I loved the way it felt as it danced on the floor of my clit, for a moment…but he indeed went too fast, too quickly, too hard. With the gentle pressure of my hands on his head, I forced him away, backing off. He hesitated only for a moment, and then got the hint, now once again continuing as he feathered my clit so lightly with his tongue…I moaned.

“Yes Jared yes! Just like that baby, just like that!” I purred.

He now included a single finger inside me, soon after trying to include another. I wiggled away from allowing him to do that, so he went back to one. I moaned again, enjoying it, enjoying the tip of his tongue as it fluttered wildly on the tip of my hard little clit. I groaned audibly, deeply as he ran his tongue up the entire length of my split, flattening it as he continued to tickle me with his finger, once again a bit later adding another. This time I was ready for it, wanting it.

“Yes Jared, fuck me with your fingers, lick me, eat me, even suck my clit a little. But do it softly…gentle for a moment. I’ll tell you when to do otherwise,” I added. He seemed to respond to that, enthusiastically, passionately, enjoying the sounds of my words as he now wrapped his mouth about me, drawing my clit inside, sucking it, and gently chewing it. I was in heaven, and I let him know that.

When I came, I tensed up crying out audibly. I arched my back, my ass lifting up off the floor. I then felt his hands as they came up underneath my ass, pressing me into his face, and I came again. He was sucking on my clit, firmly now, damn near swallowing it, and I came again. Over and over I climaxed, the juices now running from my split, washing his face, bathing it in my nectar until he was covered in it, smiling, looking up at me, happy, relaxed, contented.

As was I.

We sat there on the floor recovering, and though he was now flaccid again, I toyed with it, enjoying that. As did he. And we talked, discussing what we’d just done and shared together, and now in words I told him what I’d liked, what I at first didn’t, and then why. He took it all in, smiling, nodding his head in understanding. It was like a light-bulb had gone off inside of his head.

“Now I understand, now I see what you mean,” he told me. “It hasn’t been like that before. I kept trying to do this, or do that, failing every time, getting frustrated, as obviously she did, as she was. But now at least I think I know what you meant, what you were constantly trying to show me.”

We sat there talking for the longest time, I continued to idly play with his prick, though it remained somewhat soft as I did. There were no expectations, no urgency as we did that. It was soft, it was sweet. And then he finally surprised me.

“Jen? Can I ask you a personal question? A very personal question? And you don’t have to answer me either, unless you want to. Unless you’re comfortable enough in doing so.”

“Go ahead, ask me,” I told him. “Not at all worried by what I might answer…if I did. It was a time of openness between us, trust, honesty. So I did when he asked me, even though I was surprised by what he did ask.

“Have you and mom…you know, messed around a little?” He asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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