Gym Buddies

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Many times at the gym I would be there gazing at this hot guy who became known to me as Andrew, he once was stood there in-front of the mirror checking himself out like most of those vain guys do at the gym, his long blonde surfer style hair just covering part of his face, hiding his seductive ocean blue eyes and his beautiful pink lips.

Looking at him I noticed the subtle little things most people wouldn’t think to notice like how he hasn’t shaved today compared to other days giving him a nice golden stubble with little bits of black hairs mixed with a few shades of blonde.

Yes i know it appears like I’m stalking him but honestly I’m not, I just see him here so often i can’t help it. I just wish i could pluck up the courage to say hi to him, but that would just be weird, wouldn’t it? What would i say without sounding like some crazy nutter?

I battle with my subconscious until finally i decide to leave it. I’m not making a fool of myself to some straight guy that i don’t even know so i decide to head to the changing room, have a nice long hot steamy shower and get myself home for the night.

The next day after i finish work i decided that tonight i was going to hit the gym, I seriously needed to blow off some steam, tonight isn’t normally a night i go but, to be honest its needed!

So I jump in my car and drive to the gym.

I walk straight in and proceed to get changed slipping off my shirt and replacing it with my tight white tank top, slipping off my snug Armani Jeans, slipping off my boxers, putting on my jockstrap and shorts. I grab my ipod as i leave so i can just chill and work out all my stress,

As I’m running on the treadmill starting to sweat, music playing in my ears, I look up and there in the mirror i see Andrew walking towards the changing room with his bag in hand, i just continue running and watching his every move, just watching the way his jeans just cup his bum cheeks like they were delicate, and how huge his bulge looked, how the jeans cup his balls and cock making it look really tight!


I began biting my lip just itching and wishing I could get him out of his Jeans and well, into nothing ideally. But he wouldn’t be into me like that would he? Oh no my subconscious was back again trying to make me do stupid things! I just snapped back at it thinking no this is insane, i got to stop being like this he’s just a guy!

I stop the treadmill Kağıthane Escort and head over towards the dumbells to give my legs a bit of a rest, i wipe my face wiping away any trace of sweat that had accumulated from my sprint and daydream of Andrew walking in.

As I stand there picking out the right size weights, out of the corner of my eye i see Andrew starting to walk over so i quickly grab a pair and walk over to the bench but in my panic i pick up some that were not my normal weight but 2x the weight, CRAP! What am i going to do now? these are too heavy.

Not wanting to look weak i carry them and place them at the side of the bench, place my towel down and straddle the bench, i reach for my dumbells, lie down and begin my work out every time i take a breath out take a slow glance over Andrews way to see if he checks me out, at least this way i would know if he’s interested once and for all.

As i peered over to him i was left stunned and mesmerised as he turns round and starts running his fingers through his hair, i was jealous of his fingers at that point and felt myself starting to get aroused, as he reaches down his back he pulls on his T-shirt lifting it up revealing his ripped body and perfect chest with a tattoo on one of his pecs.

Wow, I like him even more now I’ve seen this on him, he tucks his T-shirt into his shorts, adjusting the band which appears to be his jock strap then turns around and stands there flexing his muscles checking him self out, tensing his biceps, tensing his abdominal muscles.

Ok this was getting too much, i need to stop being distracted by this guy i continue my work out…

After a hour and a half of various work outs i get up, pick up my towel and proceed to the changing rooms leaving Andrew behind to continue his work out!

As I start to undo my shoe laces I hear the door to the changing room go and someone exhale, I don’t look up and continue what I was doing, I slip off my shoe, remove my shorts and tank top and put them into my locker and throw my towel around my waist and head towards the showers.

I begin to turn on the shower letting it get all steamy, I bend over, reach under my towel and slowly take off my jockstrap , as I start to stand up there in front of me was stood Andrew, he was completely naked from head to toe with only a towel and shower gel in his hands.

His cock was just staring me in Kağıthane Escort Bayan the face and he began to speak, “Hi I’m Andrew, I’ve seen you in here quite a bit and just wanted to tell you that you have an amazing body, you must really yourself hard to look as good as you do”

I stand up straight and just look at him smiling at me, I can’t help but go red with embarrassment, as I tried to talk I just stand there scoffing, the words not coming out, “thank you, you too! Sorry hi I’m Kris.”

As I start to turn away from him to head in the shower he says in such a sultry tone “hi Kris, can I join you?”

WHAT?! I hear my subconscious scream at me.

With that he placed his hand firmly against my chest and forced me into the shower cubicle, he eyes staring into mine making me compelled to do as he so desired, he forces me down onto my knees, the water pouring over his head down his stomach and onto my face, I’m now eye level with his cock and without hesitation I take it in my mouth and begin to suck him hard, I didn’t care if this was a one off or the beginning of something new but I was going to suck him until he cum in my mouth and until his balls were dry.

His cock was big and long and he made me gag as he thrust his meat into my mouth, I felt like I had been let loose in a sweet shop and his was the best candy if ever eaten, I sucked on it like it was an everlasting gobstopper.

He tilted his head back with enjoyment the water running through his hair and down his back, his arms out showing off his built torso and defined abs, I grab hold of his bum and start to massage his cheeks getting barely a hand full of his rock hard buns in my palm, god these were some buns of steel.

I start to lick his balls putting them into my mouth and sucking on them nibbling on the skin that protects them before putting them in my mouth for a suck, I stand up licking his body as I go along the side of his ribs and up towards his armpit, I take a smell and inhale his musky, manly sweaty aroma. The scent of him was intoxicating, it was driving me wild.

I reach for his mouth, biting his bottom lip a few times as my fingers run through his golden hair and down his face stroking the stubble, with that he pushes me out of the shower cubicle and over to the hand wash sinks, lifting me up he sits me down on the edge.

He spreads my legs apart and starts to suck on Escort Kağıthane my meat, my fingers not being able to resist they run through his thick locks on the back of his head, I guide his head up and down my shaft making him choke on my cock the way he did me.

He come up and kisses me passionately his cock pressed up against me I feel him pulsating, with that he pulls me down turns me round and goes down on my hole, licking it, getting his tongue deep inside me, making my hole so wet, he spits on it to lube it up some more, wow he’s tongue is like ecstasy.

He grabs his cock in his hand and slowly guides it into me pulling back on my hair, looking at me through the reflection on the mirror I watch his face fill with excitement as he gets deeper and deeper, my warm hole taking him in.

He starts to slowly thrust deep into me, holding my head back enough so I can see him in the mirror as he nibbles on my earlobe and starts to pinch at my rock hard nipple, tweaking it harder with each thrust, he lowers his hand and pulls me back so he can grope my rock hard schlong and starts to wank me off.

I feel him breathing deeper as his breath hits the back of my neck, his stubble tickling my hairs and the smooth touch of his lips kissing me intermittently, he’s thrusts become more rapid, I lay my head into his shoulder as I feel myself wanting to shoot my load, he continues to wank me off increasing his speed to match his thrusting movements.

I start to bite my lip as I get close to exploding, Andrew starts to talk dirty in my ear, “I’m going to make your body roar like thunder, your arse drip like a waterfall and you cum faster than a bullet”

With that I get ready to shoot my load biting my lip harder, he feels me about to explode and tightens his grip around my cock creating a slight bit of pressure, and then I hear him groan and moan as he also gets close, he goes full speed and I shoot my load, it hitting the mirror as it goes, Andrew also cum’s at that moment making my arse drip with cum just as he promised, as his rhythm slows and I finish cumming the last few drops I have left of this load we both breath out a sigh of relief and are completely overwhelmed by what had happened, my legs began to quiver beneath me, his cum dripping over my g-spot sending chills all over me.

He pulls out of me and walks back to the shower cubicle where I join him again, as we wash each other down, I cant help but stare at his smile and play back what had just happened in my mind, I turn to him and ask “can I see you again, to which Andrew replies

“ill find you” with that he winked at me and proceeded to get dressed and leave the changing room, leaving me speechless at todays events.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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