Halloween Party at Willamette

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It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a pretty young female cheerleader showing off her cute little body in a skimpy uniform is going to interest athletes. Yes, that means guys, but I’m ALSO including female athletes, as they like ogling pretty girls in cheerleader outfits, as well! I should know! I have inside experience, which I will now relate.

First, perhaps I should tell you a little something about myself. My name is Claire Dean, and all through my high school years I was a cheerleader/twirler at East Bellamy High School, and when I graduated last spring I was all set to attend college at the University of Oregon. They were even offering me a partial cheerleading scholarship that would have paid for my books and even a little bit of my tuition.

Cheerleading and dancing are my life. I’m fairly tall (5’8″), and everybody says I have long ‘dancers’ legs’ to go with my trim, slender figure, not to mention an attractive oval-shaped face, a tiny little button-nose, bright green eyes, and gorgeous long blonde hair. OK, so I did mention it! Anyway, I had already made a trip to the U-of-Oregon campus and I loved it, and I’d even met with representatives from their spirit-squad who had even offered me a cheerleading tryout immediately upon my arrival in August.

But then my great-aunt Mildred entered the picture. She’s a sweet old lady, but I seriously wish that just this once she had minded her own business. You see, great-aunt Mildred was an old-school-academic who currently sat on the board of regents at the prestigious Willamette College for Women. She had graduated from there way back in the early 1950’s, and her daughter Emily was currently that school’s Dean of Students. But after none of her granddaughters chose to follow in her distinguished footsteps, she looked around and discovered me.

“She’s offering you a full-ride scholarship,” my father excitedly explained to me. “That’s room, board, and tuition, all paid for! That is a fantastic, incredibly generous offer!”

“And it’s a great school, honey,” my mother added. “I really don’t see how you can possibly pass up such a wonderful opportunity!”

Oh, I could do that easily! I remained stubborn, completely unimpressed with such generosity, and was equally unmoved by the school’s noted reputation as one the northwest’s ‘Three Sisters’ of learning in women’s higher education. Quite frankly, I couldn’t have cared less! But eventually I buckled under the parental pressure and agreed to give dear old Willamette a try.

“If you don’t like it after your freshman year, Claire, we won’t force you to go back,” my father promised. “And all of the credits you earn there will easily transfer to Oregon!”


And so that’s what happened. Anyway, it really wasn’t as bad as I feared it might be. Willamette College for Women is an historic small college situated on the scenic bluffs overlooking the beautiful Willamette River valley in western Oregon. Upon my arrival I immediately took the orientation tour, and despite what I considered to be a snobby, somewhat stuffy atmosphere, I decided I could make a go of it here. No, there were no boys on campus, but maybe that was a good thing, helping me concentrate more on my grades, which had definitely lagged somewhat during my senior year of high school, thanks largely to my increasingly active social curriculum.

What surprised me most is that Willamette College for Women DID have an athletics department, and that included a cheerleading program! Of course, I immediately tracked them down and introduced myself, and they didn’t hesitate to invite me to try out for the squad. One look at them and I knew I would earn a starting spot! Let’s just say that calling these girls a little on the ‘frumpy’ side was no big exaggeration. And those uniforms were straight out of the 1960’s.

Still, it was fun working out with the four other girls on the squad. As they deemed me the “prettiest” girl, I was out in front for most of the routines. We’d practice daily in the gym, and I soon noticed girls from both the basketball and swimming teams hanging out to watch us. Although our official uniforms were silver & blue museum relics, we could practice in whatever we wanted, and so I took to wearing these tiny little shorts that showed off my legs & butt, which even the somewhat more bulky sweatshirts did nothing to hide. Seriously, I easily had the best body on the squad.

The athletes watching us practice always seemed to show their greatest interest when we practiced our dance routines, especially those involving a lot of sensual “ass-wiggling” and even more suggestive movements. My own favorite was when Lauren Miller would bend me over at the waist and then very briefly grind me from behind. That always got us a cheer from the onlookers.

One athlete in particular who caught our collective attention was Dani Kingston, the senior-captain of the swimming team. Dani is a tall girl, 5’11” and very fit, with the kind of muscular shoulders you’d expect bursa escort bayan to find in a long-distance swimmer who’d finished first at last year’s conference championships. Everytime I’d observe her watching us from the bleachers, she always seemed to be looking directly at me, and I’d feel my heart flutter a little bit. I mean, I know she’s a girl, but with her short hair and dark eyes she reminded me a lot of the cute guys I’d dated in high school.

“Looking good, legs,” she called out to me one day as we passed eachother in the hallway on our way to the lockers. She winked and I blushed!

After that, I’d always look for her during practice and we’d even smile flirtatiously at one another. We did that for at least a couple of weeks. Dani was a senior, three years older than me, and studying pre-law at Willamette, and she was really smart. The other cheerleaders on the team seemingly felt about her as I did.

“If Dani Kingston was a boy,” Carter Hanson remarked one day as we finished up practice, “I’d happily let her chase me all around the swimming pool.”

“Yeah, and she’d catch you in less than three seconds,” Rhonda Sage laughed. “And what would happen then?”

“Whatever she wanted to have happen,” Carter sighed.

Of course, we all laughed, but it was obvious that there were some for-real ‘girl-crushes’ being exhibited here.


My own encounter with Dani came sooner than expected. I didn’t like showering when the basketball players were in the locker room because that team included too many “creepy girls.” I mean, I could always feel their eyes watching me as I undressed and it just made me uncomfortable. So, rather than leave (and shower back at the dorms) I began lingering in the corridor until I saw that they were leaving, listening to the clatter of lockers opening and closing before then re-entering. Once things had quieted down I could then undress and shower alone. Only on this particular occasion that didn’t happen.

As I walked into the tile-encased shower area with only a towel wrapped around myself, I noticed Dani Kingston was still there, sitting alone at the far end of the locker room. As soon as she saw me, she got up and purposefully walked over to the locker-room door, closing and locking it, while smiling at me the entire time. She then began stripping off her swimsuit, as I continued on into the shower area!

After removing my towel and hanging it on one of the pegs provided I took my place at one of the communal shower heads against the far wall, intending to get this over with as quickly as possible. I turned on the water, quickly adjusting the temperature, and then allowed the hot spray to wash over me. It was then that I glanced back over my shoulder only to see that the beautiful swimmer was now calmly observing me from the entrance. She was nude, as well. And smiling.

“Oh… hi,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant, before returning to the business at hand. She didn’t move or respond.

“What are you doing?” I then asked, again glancing back at her over my shoulder.

“Oh… just admiring the view,” she laughed, her eyes glued to my rear end.

I blushed and turned away.

“So, Claire… we’re alone at last,” she eventually murmured, slowly approaching me. “I believe that formal introductions are in order… I’m Dani.”

“Yes… I… I know who you are.”

“You do?” she laughed.

“Yes, of course… you… you’re on the swim team!”

“And you’re a cheerleader, correct?”

“Yes,” I replied, not daring to look at her, still unable to figure out what it was that she wanted.

She was now standing immediately behind me, as if she intended to shower with me instead of using one of the other shower-heads.

“Do you want me to move?” I asked. “Am I showering in your spot?”

“No, not at all,” she laughed. “We can share, can’t we?”

“But why would we want to do that?”

“Well… because you’re cute… and because your butt looks amazingly hot!”

My face reddened as I again turned away, fully intending to ignore her, only to then feel her pressing up close behind me, her strong hands coming to rest on my shoulders, with her fingers proceeding to massage my neck muscles.

“Please don’t,” I murmured in my little-girl voice, unable to register much more than a whisper. I could feel her abdomen touching my back, her groin region gently pressing up against my ass.

“Why don’t I wash you?” she asked, laughter in her voice. Before I could respond her hands began running a bar of soap along my sides, my back, my shoulders, and my neck. “Now doesn’t this feel good?”

I wanted to respond, but could only softly sigh as her fingers gently-but-firmly massaged my silky-smooth skin.

“Turn around,” she ordered, and when I did so she stared intently into my eyes before then leaning forward ever so slightly to kiss me. It started out as just a soft touching of our lips, but then, as I didn’t pull away or object, quickly görükle escort morphed into an all-out passionate embrace & make-out session.

I moaned, more audibly this time, as her arms now reached around my waist. She slowly pushed my body back up against the tile wall, continuing our kiss, while her hands began to freely explore the curves of my glistening wet body.

“I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting to do this,” she whispered into my ear before her tongue then licked it, soon making its way down to my lips and then into my mouth. My own arms found themselves reaching up around her neck and willingly embracing her. I suppose it felt kind of like making out with a guy only so much better! For one thing, her athletic body, while far more muscular than my own, was still smooth and decidedly feminine, her firm breasts now pressed tightly against my own as we continued our passionate embrace. Oh, her lips were heavenly!

I could now feel her hands sliding around to my behind, joyously squeezing my bottom as I surrendered myself completely to her passionate embrace. At that point she began to slowly kiss her way down my body, starting at my neck and shoulders before then moving her mouth to my lush breasts, which she greedily sucked between breathless kisses. I leaned back against the tiled shower walls as her lips continued their slow, meandering journey further down over my wet, taut stomach, kissing and licking all the way down to my awaiting pussy, which she was soon expertly sucking on while I cried aloud in what can only be called rhapsodic ecstacy!

“Not so loud,” she laughed, lightly slapping me on the sides of my hips, at that point where the fleshy part of my butt met my thighs. “Nobody knows we’re in here… let’s keep it that way!”

She then gently-but-firmly turned me around so that I was now facing the wall, her hands forcibly arching my back so that my butt was sticking out right at her face.

“I’ve really wanted this gorgeous ass of yours,” she casually remarked, before then covering my curvy wet butt with hungry kisses. It was heavenly, her tongue licking every inch of my behind, at one point even running its way up my ass-crack, causing me to shudder with sexual excitement.

“So incredibly beautiful,” she murmured, before then biting down on the curve of my right tushie-cheek, causing me to squeal with delight while she laughed! A part of me was still confused and even a bit shocked, but another, greater part, was now overflowing with the sudden thrill of sexual desire and rapture. I mean, here I was, nude in the shower, together with with another girl who was biting me on my derriere and I was completely loving it! I found myself sensually wiggling my behind in her face when she stopped to catch her breath, which caused her to laugh and then bite down on my butt again, this time on the other cheek, hard enough to leave teeth-marks.

After a while she rose to her feet and continued bathing me while I tried to do the same for her. We completely soaped up one another’s bodies between kisses, and at one point she bent me over at the waist and grinded me from behind, our slick soapy bodies gliding happily against one another with her hands now possessively clutching the sides of my ass as we rocked together in rhythm.

Looking over to the side, I could see our reflection in the full-length mirror that someone had installed here in the women’s showers for some unexplained reason. Dani, looking all athletic & muscular, was standing immediately behind my slender, soft, & girlie-girl-body, being used for her enjoyment. My ass was clearly her property now. The look on her face was triumphant. It was hot!

After several more minutes it was all over, and we had rinsed off and toweled one another dry. She then sat down on the locker room bench with me now perched upon her lap and proceeded to talk.

“You’re my girl now,” she announced, almost matter-of-factly. “You belong to me, and I don’t want you doing anything like this with any of the other girls here, understand?”

I nodded, not knowing what else to say.

“We can both get into a lot of trouble if this ever leaks out,” she added. “So don’t go blabbing about us to any to your inquisitive little cheerleader friends, capice?”

I nodded my acceptance of her wishes. I mean, why would I want to blab? Think about it, here I was, a straight white girl, who had just had her first-ever lesbian experience with another female, totally unplanned and unexpected. My look of confusion must have amused her.

“You’re so beautiful,” she laughed, kissing me again on my lips. “We’ll be doing this again real soon, I promise!”

We then both got dressed and quickly left together, returning to our respective dorms.

An hour later I was summoned to the office of our Dean of Students, Emily Devereaux.


As I mentioned earlier, my great-aunt Mildred sat on the board of regents, and Emily Devereaux was her daughter. I guess that made her bursa escort bayan my mom’s first cousin, so she was like my first-cousin-once-removed, or whatever.

Miss Devereaux was a tall, authoritative-looking woman, in her mid-fifties, never married, with short light-brown hair, and today she wore a tweed skirt with matching tweed jacket, as befitting her position as Dean of Students.

“Sit down, Claire,” she said, motioning me to a comfortable chair facing her desk, which she now sat down behind. “How are you enjoying school here thus far?”

“Oh, it’s lovely,” I gushed. “And the campus is very beautiful!”

“I’m pleased that you like it,” she responded, warmly. “You making a lot of friends?”

“Oh, yes,” I replied. “Everybody’s been really nice.”

“Including Dani Kingston?”

I froze. What did she mean by that?

“Have you made friends with Dani Kingston?” she repeated.


“Yes… Dani… tall girl… good athlete… captain of our swimming & diving team.”

“I’m… I’m not sure what you’re asking!”

“Just be honest with me, Claire,” she said, her eyes locked on mine as I then looked down at my knees. “I value honesty above all, and if you lie to me I may have to punish you!”

“But I don’t understand your question, ma’am!”

“I asked you if you’ve made friends with Dani Kingston.”

“No… not exactly.”

“Well I think that you have,” she said, licking her lips and eyeing me the same way a hungry wolf might eye a frightened lamb. “That’s TWO lies you’ve told me.”

“Well, ma’am… of course I know who Dani is, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“That’s NOT what I’m asking,” she stated. “What I want to know is what you two have been doing together!”

“But we haven’t been doing anything together,” I cried! “I barely know her!”

“Another lie! That’s three!”

“Please, ma’am… what do you want me to say?”

“Why don’t you start by telling me about your little shower this afternoon, Claire!”

Oh my God! She knew about the shower!

“I’m not sure I know what you mean!”

“You keep lying to me and all you’re going to do is keep adding to your punishment!”

There were now tears beginning to build in my eyes. It was plain that somebody had informed to Mrs. Devereaux about my lesbian experience with Dani in the locker room showers, but who? I mean, we were all alone!

“Please, ma’am… I don’t know what to say!”

“Well, maybe you should tell me the truth,” she quietly urged, and with that I broke down completely and began sobbing.

“Hey, hey… there’s no cause for that,” she gently chided me, getting up and walking over to sit in the chair beside mine where she then put her arm around me. “I just want you to be honest with me. There’s no reason for you to be frightened!”

“We… we kissed eachother,” I began, tearfully. “It wasn’t planned or anything.”

“Yes, I know that,” she responded. “Go on.”

“It was while I was showering after practice…”

I then told her everything, leaving nothing out. She sat quietly the entire time, holding my hand and looking into my eyes. She appeared interested in every detail, but didn’t appear the slightest bit shocked or upset as I went over the details. When I had finally finished, she patted my knee affectionately before speaking.

“There… isn’t that better?” she smiled. “Don’t you feel so much better being open and honest with me?”

“Am I… are we… Dani and I… are we going to be expelled?”

“Absolutely not… don’t be silly!”

“Are you… are you going to call my parents?”

“For a harmless little episode of experimentation in college? Now, why would I ever want to do that?”

“Why did you call me in here, ma’am?”

“Well, I wanted to get to know you better, for one thing… and establish a ‘rapport’ with you… I already knew about the shower… I have my sources,” she smiled. “What I wanted was to see if you trusted me, Claire. And, in the end, you did!”

“But you also told me,” I began, hesitantly, “you said that I would have to be punished!”

“Yes, and you will be,” she gently responded. “I’m going punish you for lying to me… four times, I believe.”

I looked up into her eyes, somewhat fearfully, wondering what this punishment would entail.

She saw my expression and laughed.

“Don’t be frightened,” she smiled, grabbing her ruler from off of her desk. “Four swats for four lies! Yes, that should just about cover it, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Swats? What are swats?”

“I’ll show you… get up, Claire, and lean over my desk,” she directed, pulling me up by the hand and bending me over at the waist so that my head was now resting on her desk while my butt was in the air. “Hold still.”

I could feel her gently lifting up my short schoolgirl skirt, exposing my pantie-covered bottom. I then felt the backs of her fingers lightly grazing my behind over the thin covering of my white underwear.

“Dani was right,” she half-whispered, almost in awe. “You really do have a gorgeous ass.”

And then WHACK! Her ruler came down on my backside. It stung, but it was in-no-ways excessively painful! Her fingertips glided over my ass where the first blow had fallen. A second WHACK then followed, followed by another. WHACK!

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