Harmless Fun! Ch. 03

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Continuing from previous…

“oh my lord!” he thought as he made his discovery that his future lover wasn’t wearing any nics and in all honesty it caused him to hesitate a moment, she opened her legs further to confirm her desires.

She really did want him, he thought to himself and he knew with the hardness that he felt in his trousers that he really wanted her.

His first touch of her sweetness caused her to let out a faint purr along with a little shiver whilst his fingers gently caressed her outer lips and his thumb found the not so little button of her clit. Gently he teased her clit, making her squirm on the seat.

Their kisses intensified, her hands were searching his body, feeling his broad back and pulling him in closer to her, he simply had to kiss her nipples, her budding erect nipples. Breaking off from their passionate kiss, he moved his mouth downwards, kissing her neck and shoulder as he carried on in his quest to reach her breasts. The curvature of flesh of her breast excited him even further and as he reached the first one he felt her hand tugging at the front of his trousers. He was relieved as the constraints on his hardness was released as she undid his buttons on his jeans. As his lips found her nipple, he felt her hand grip his throbbing hardness kartal escort bayan and it seemed so right!

With his mouth suckling one of her nipples his other hand found her other nipple and he firmly rolled the erect bud between finger and thumb causing it to grow even further. His other hand was still between her legs which had opened wider still allowing him more access to slide two fingers into her sweet warmth. His thumb still playing frantically with her clit.

Suddenly she jolted up, his thoughts were concerned, was she regretting being here or had someone driven past and disturbed her nervousness with her being so near to home. He relaxed somewhat as she peeled her dress over her head freeing herself from its constraints. He could not believe his luck, nor the confidence that she now showed in knowing what she wanted from him. With a gentle nudge of his head and a look in her eyes, he understood her desires and lowered his head between her legs to let his tongue take over from what his fingers had previously been doing. She tasted exquisite!

Her sweet nectar was flowing gently and he was loving lapping it up and savoring the taste, her gentle purring had intensified. Her hand was still gripped tight around his hardness and she stroked it up and down making yakacık escort him want to come, but he was resolute that his “now” lover would feel her release before he did. He lifted his face from between her legs and steadied her hand from bringing him to his climax too soon. Moving his face back towards hers, she again surprised him by the passion of her kiss and the way she lapped up her own juices from his face, he was in heaven he thought.

Returning his fingers to her sweet warmth, he stepped up the intensity of his touch, vibrating his fingers on her clit and slipping a finger into her occasionally he continued his playing until he felt her hand clamp the back of his head pulling his lips into hers and her tongue frenetically buried deep in his mouth whilst she arched her back and gasped as she squirted her love juice all over his hand. He felt the warmth trickling down his fingers and had to taste it and broke away from her kissing and panting and went down to lap up her juices himself, again she tasted divine.

Regaining her composure, it was her turn to pleasure him, pushing him back into his seat she lowered her head to his awaiting 8 inches of hardness and with her hand stroking upwards she drew out a bead of pre-cum which glistened like a jewel hürriyet mahallesi escort on the head of his hardness. With not a moments hesitation she bent down and licked it away with her tongue, he knew there and then that he was certainly going to enjoy the next few minutes.

Looking upwards to his eyes, she never lost contact with him as she lowered her lips around his hardness, taking it ever so slowly she tried to take his full length into her mouth and nearly managed it before her gag reflex kicked it, she tried again and again, but it was no good, he was simply too big for her mouth. He certainly wasn’t complaining though he was already seeing stars in his mind.

Her hand squeezed his balls and rolled them between her practised fingers, oh she was good and he knew it. It wasn’t long until he could feel that certain feeling of impending explosion once more so he managed to slow things down again. She sensed his imminent orgasm and asked if he’d brought a condom with him, he had of course. However he surprised her and said that he wanted to save their first time together for somewhere more special than the back seat of his Jeep and that he would sort a hotel for the both of them if she preferred, she was initially disappointed but then so pleased that he didn’t want just a quick one and wanted to make it even more special.

And with that thought in her head she bent her head down again and took him in her mouth until she felt him about to burst and pulled off him just as he exploded all over her face and chin…..

More to follow!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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