He Blindfolded Me

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He blindfolded me before I could see his face. I didn’t know much about him, except that he wanted me to call him “David”. I had barely seen the outline of his frame after jumping out of the darkness before he spun me around and covered my eyes. His lips touched my ear as he whispered to me, sending chills down my spine.

“Do not say anything unless I ask you to speak.” his voice seemed deep and passionate, so different than it had on the phone, “Do you understand?”

“Yes, David.” I managed to say back to him before he lifted me into his arms.

“If you touch that blindfold, you will be punished.”

I was already aroused and his commands only made me more so, my nipples beneath my tight shirt already standing on end. I was wearing a short plaid skirt and a white button up shirt with white socks and china slippers, just as he had instructed me to dress, with no bra or panties. I could smell the hint of cologne on him, but I could not recognize the scent, and occasionally felt long hair brush my face as he carried me to his car. Telling me to remain still, he sat me in the back seat, locked the belt around me and closed the door. I wanted so badly to be able to see him, but I did nothing, anticipating laying in his bed, my thoughts wandered and I could feel the wetness between my legs.

The car roared as he left the parking garage and I lost myself in thought, wondering what he was going to do to me, wanting him to surprise me with all the pleasures imaginable. It seemed to be a short drive, but I could not notice as I was still thinking of how it would feel to be taken by him, touched by him, used by him. When he turned off the car, we sat there in silence, and I wondered if he was looking at me, or deciding what to do from here. I heard him shift in his seat and moan a little, breathing hard.

“I’mwatching you sit there,” he said huskily, “ Your hands folded so politely in your lap. All I want to do is fuck you, Athena.” I wiggled a little in my seat, “Fuck you hard until you beg me to stop. But I don’t plan on stopping.”

I wanted so badly to say something, but he had not asked me a question. It was difficult to restrain myself, but so exciting, wondering what his intentions were. I could hear him stroking himself, at least it sounded like that, when his hand brushed me knee, moved up my thigh. I wondered why he was starting in the car: why couldn’t we go inside where it would be more comfortable?

“Do you understand the game we are playing? Such a slutty little schoolgirl you make. You’re not 20 any more. Let’s say you’re 15. Still a virgin.” it was his fantasy, and hearing the scenario made me quiver and shift again, “You are such a beautiful little girl. Now, why would you go without panties unless you wanted someone like me to snatch you, eh?”

“I was just trying to be sexy.” I answered, playing along.

“Oh, you are..”

His hand moved up my thigh more and pulled my skirt up, seeing my naked crotch he moaned again. I feigned fear, shrinking away from him and he grabbed my arm roughly, ordering me not to move. I remained still while he zipped his pants back up and got out of the car, slamming the door. Without warning, my door was open and he yanked me from the seat, throwing me over his shoulder, baring my butt, and his hand smacked it hard. I kicked a little, yelped, but he rushed me through a door, walked through a house, presumably, and threw me onto a large bed.

“No!” I yelled, scrambling to get up, but he fell on top of me and held me down.

“You will obey me, little girl!” he snarled, his grip tight, hurting, as his left knee separated my thighs, “If you scream, I will hurt you more, do you understand?”

“Yes, but please don’t. I’m a virgin! I was only trying to be sexy!”

“Quiet. You will do as I say and I will do whatever I want to with you.”

I tried to fight him, but he was so much stronger, and a twinge of real fear hit me and I wondered how far this fantasy would go. Prior to meeting him, we had discussed a code word to stop, but I could not remember it. Suddenly, he lifted himself off of the bed, and I lay there, motionless, aroused and terrified, and heard what sounded like him removing his clothes. When he lay next to me, he was more tender this time and I could feel his skin as he lay on his side and put a very masculine hand on my face. Turning my head toward him, I could kuşadası escort feel his breath spread across my face, his thumb touching my parted lips while he pinned my legs down with his. Roughly, his mouth took mine, his tongue invading, while his hand gripped my head tightly and his knee rested on top of my crotch. I pretended to fight him, but he was so powerful it was a wasted effort as I did not move an inch. His hips pushed against me and I could feel his erection through the fabric of my skirt; it seemed to be larger than any other penis I had touched before. I shuddered as his hand moved down my neck to the collar of my shirt, he grunted, aggravated, and ripped my blouse open, tearing the cloth and the buttons off. I gasped, but he kept his mouth on mine as he grabbed at my right breast, squeezing it tightly.

“Kiss me back or I hurt your tit!” he demanded quickly.

I obeyed, but he still squeezed and pinched at my breast, bucking his hips a little, grunting, our tongues met and our mouths moved together. Moving to my left breast, he took hold of the nipple and pulled it, I yelped and tried to pull away, but his mouth was pressed so hard against mine, I could not move, I was helpless. My heart beat in my chest, trying to decide weather to be aroused or scared, when his hand moved down my belly, rubbing, caressing. I could feel the hair on his arm tickle me and he grasped the waist of my skirt and tugged lightly, perhaps to see if it would rip, too. As his fingers searched for the button, he pulled out of the kiss, then nibbled gently at my lips and chin, grunting, his hair circling my face, when he forced my skirt up, deciding to leave it on. Teasing, his hand rubbed up and down both of my thighs and I was so wet now that I ached to be touched. He moved his hand toward himself, however, and rubbed up and down, pressing the head against my naked skin.

“Touch my cock.” he ordered, but I did not move, trying hard to stay in character, “Do it!”

He forced a finger inside of me, threatening to hurt me if I did not obey. Timidly, I reach my hand to his belly, then rubbed downward until the hair felt thicker and my hand wrapped around the base of his thick penis. He moaned loudly, and lay on his back, his finger no longer in me, but he fingered my clit with his other hand now, bucking, wanting me to stroke him. As I moved my clenched fist upwards, I realized that he was very long and wide, suddenly afraid of him being inside of me.

“You’re so big, David, I don’t know if I can take you.” I said, out of the fantasy for a second.

“Athena, do not worry.” he did not seem angry at my comment, “You will love it, I promise.”

“I don’t remember our code word.”

He chuckled, “You won’t need it.”

I opened my mouth to speak again, but he grabbed my arm opposite him and turned my on my side, leaning on his arm so we faced each other. My lips trembled as we continued to masturbate each other, I allowed myself to give in, sighing, bucking my hips. I moved closer to the head of his penis, barely touching it against my shaved lips when his mouth went for my neck, first nibbling, then biting, then sucking. I remembered that I was supposed to be a young girl being violated and pulled away, letting go of his penis.

“Please, sir, let me go. My parents will pay you! Please.”

He laughed, the fantasy obviously forgotten for a second by both of us, when he clamped his hand around my throat and pulled me back to him, closer this time. My breasts were pressed against his muscular chest, and our stomachs were together, his penis throbbed close to my lips, aching to be inside of me. His grip tightened, however and for a second, I could not breathe.

“Don’t you try that again, little girl. You will submit to me and I will fuck that little virgin pussy until it bleeds!!”

The rage in his voice actually frightened me when he released his fingers from my throat, and replaced the grip with his mouth, kissing softly, as if to apologize. Real tears fell from my eyes when he carefully pushed me back down on the bed, then started kissing his way to one shoulder, then the other, slowly making his way to my left breast. Clamping his mouth around it, he suckled at my nipple, gently at first, then hard, pinching with his teeth. I was moaning, writhing uncontrollably, I wrapped my arms around him when he bit me, hard. I yelled kuşadası escort bayan and tried to stop him, but he kept his teeth on me, hurting me, growling at me, until I sobbed and begged him to stop. He released me, then sucked a little more, continuing to finger my clit, wanting me to enjoy this pain fetish of his.

“Good girl,” he moaned, sliding his finger inside of me, “Here’s your reward.”

Adding another finger, he moved them in and out of me, slowly at first, then quickening the pace, curving his middle finger as he did. I gasped, lost in the pleasure, gripping the pillow above my head, arching my back, bucking my hips. I spread my legs as wide as they would go as he continued to go faster, suckling on my left nipple like a baby, when I felt the beginning of my orgasm.

“I’m coming!” I almost screamed, losing myself.

My body thrashed and he did not stop moving his fingers in me until I was still, sighing, moaning, relaxed. He withdrew his fingers and put them on my mouth, ordering me to suck my taste from him. I did, wincing to play the part, but loved the taste of my orgasm. All I wanted now was his dick to move inside of me and send more tremors of pleasure throughout my body. He had another idea.

“I want you to straddle my face and suck my cock. If you even think about biting me, I will make sure you will never do it again” his hand moved across my chest, my stiff nipples aching.

We changed our positions an I lowered my moist lips to his mouth, but he did nothing until I licked at him, put his head in my mouth. His tongue started gently on my clit, playfully almost, then he sucked on it and I devoured as much of him as I could fit into my mouth. I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft to make up the difference and he nuzzled at my opening with his nose, still sucking and licking. He was driving me so wild; I was already bucking and wanted to peek at him. I attempted to reach for the blind fold as me head moved up and down, but he seemed to know what I was thinking and smacked me real hard on my ass.

“Leave that over your eyes, bitch.” he commanded, having lifted my hips from him, “If you try that again, you will get much more than a spanking.”

With my free hand, I held his sack, caressed it, and continued to suck. He, too, returned to pleasuring me, licking at one lip and then the other, ignoring my clit for a moment before he thrust his tongue inside of me and used a finger on my clit. I released him to moan, still using my hand, but received another swat to my bottom, so I went down again, as my body jerked with another intense orgasm. Only, he did not stop. After sucking my juices, he continued to manipulate me with his mouth, bringing one, then another, and another orgasm to me while I fought to stay focused on him, licking at his head, his shaft, and his balls. He pushed my hips off of him, but held my head to his, pushing his pelvis closer to me.

“Come on, little girl, you can take it!” his voice sounded rugged and overwhelmed.

I attempted to take all of him, but failed, so he finally pushed me over onto my back and positioned himself between my thighs, and pushed my knees apart as far as he could. I lay there, wanting him, arching to meet up with his cock, full and hard. I could hear him chuckle as he breathed, teasing my moist slit with his swollen head as he rubbed up and down, one hand on my lower belly, we both moaned, wanting to end the anticipation.

“Tell me you want it, Athena.” I was confused; weren’t we still playing?

“Come on, my little girl, tell me you want me to take you and fuck you,” he paused, barely pushing his head in, “and fuck you, and fuck you.”

Both of our bodies were so hot, we felt feverish, moaning and writhing against each other, and all he wanted was for me to ask him to enter me.

“Please, David, you know I want it.” I begged, feeling mad with desire while he continued to hover above me.

He inched closer, “What is it you want?”

“I want you to,” suddenly, I felt so foolish saying it, not knowing who I was saying it to, so I reached for the blindfold, but he slapped my hand and restrained me.

“I will rape you.” he growled, now allow his full, thick head inside of me, “And it will hurt. So just say it, Athena.”

“Fuck me, David. I need you inside me.”

I wondered for a second if he could escort kuşadası see me blush, but it did not matter. He pushed his full length into my aching pusy, forcing my legs back, and I shrieked, digging my nails into his shoulder.

“Dammit! You’re too big! Don’t go all the way in!” I pushed at him, but he didn’t budge, keeping still inside of me.

“Do I have to gag you, too?” his voice sounded angry, but it may have been lust, “It will get better, just trust me. Let it feel good, baby.”

Slowly, he pulled out, and I gasped as each inch left me until he was still again, his head at my inner lips, pulsing, demanding more. With a forceful groan, he went all the way in again, and I almost drew blood biting into my lower lip.

“Yeah, that’s it,” his mouth was at my ear, “Relax, take it all.”

“It hurts,” I almost whined, whispering in his ear, as well, “Ease into me, I’m begging.”

After reaching for something, I felt him wrap a rope around my wrists and tie me to the headboard, but it was far too late for me to be afraid. He laughed a little, then kissed my ear, my cheek, and moved to my mouth. Moving only hips, he started rocking slowly within me, but deep, my ass was pushed further and further into the mattress as his tongue pushed past my lips .

“You hot pussy feels too good to ease into it.” he moaned, “I want to make you feel every inch of my cock in your stomach.”

I felt both pleasure and a stinging pain from his dick as he started pounding faster into me. I let my legs fall back as we made love, his mouth kissed my whole face and shoulders while he had one had on my breast, sometime caressing, sometimes pinching. His hair was soon soaked with sweat as it brushed along my skin; I could not be quiet with each forceful thrust.

“Yeah, scream as loud as you want to, Athena. I love to hear you yell while I’m fucking your tight little pussy.”

With each plunge, he seemed to get bigger and bigger, I was already sore, but knew he would not stop, so I took it, and even raised my hips to meet his. He kept moaning vulgarities in my ear while I yelped, squealed, and said his name over and over. It did not matter that it wasn’t his real name. He possessed my whole body, now, and my inner walls became so numb, that I felt as if I could take him all night. My legs wrapped around his waist, and he moved quickly, roughly, no longer able to speak, but grunt against my ear. Even in the blindness, I was complete; I felt whole with him filling me, his sweat all over me, as mine was on him, his skin against mine. All that was missing was seeing him. I wanted so badly to see him as he made love to me, to watch the expressions on his face change, hell, to see the color of his eyes.

“Please!” I begged, “I need to see you!”

“No!” his voice was so firm, I knew he would not change his mind, but I continued to try.

“I want to see the pleasure in your face.”

He seemed to laugh, yet still continuing his dominant pace; “I am not ready for you to fall in love with me.”

I was so stunned I fell back under his spell as he persisted in ravaging me, when I felt a strong, surging orgasm build within me.

“Oh, God!”

I was yelling, pulling tightly on my binds, and he, too, was close to coming. We rocked together, and he started biting my neck harder and hard, his large manhood pounding deeply into me. Then we both yelled, almost in unison, and I felt him shoot his load while I tightened my legs around him and my body thrashed, shuddering from the inside out, my back arched, and I lost all sense of rationality.

“Oh, that was beautiful.” he moaned, still inside me, unable to move.

“I already ache.” I whispered, my neck, my legs and my insides hurting.

“Sleep for about an hour. We are going to fuck again.”

“No, I can’t.” I pulled at my restraints, “Let me out of this, please.”

“No, Athena, I won’t do that. I want you again and I can’t have you taking off that blindfold.”

“What if I promise I won’t?”

He laughed, making me shiver as he lifted himself off of me, laying on his side so he could put his arm over me. I snuggled close to him and sighed, the smell of sex actually making me want him again. His mouth covered mine as he nibbled and sucked at my lips as I imagined his appearance.

“Sleep, little girl,” he whispered, “Perhaps when you wake up, you will see your angel.”

And I did sleep as if under a spell, as if drugged, and woke to find myself in my own home, alone, finding only the blindfold as proof that it had not been a dream. Glancing at the phone, I anticipated our next meeting, curious if he would ever allow me to see him.

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