He Made an Offer I Couldn’t Refuse Pt. 03

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Ralph shows Justin just how extreme his changes will be.

Leaving my girlfriend was easy. We weren’t in a committed relationship anyway and she seemed relieved to see me go.

Ralph wasn’t at the hotel when I arrived with my two suit cases but had left word with the front desk to let me have access to his suite. The bellman was quick to take my baggage and open the door to the suite. “After you Miss,” he said.

I’m sure my face was a bright red. I didn’t expect Daddy to let others know how he thought of me.

Flustered, I fumbled for a tip which the bellman declined. “Don’t bother Miss. Mr. Myers has taken already care of it.”

“Er ah, well thank you I guess.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said leaving with a knowing grin on his face.

I used the closet in the bedroom unused by Ralph to hand my suits and stow my underwear.

Waiting for Daddy was excruciatingly long. I was afraid he’d left unannounced. I was afraid he was out with another guy. I was afraid of my new life. I found myself trying not to cry being fearful of so many things over which I had no control.

I was an emotional mess when Ralph returned and saw me weeping.

“Oh baby, what’s the matter sweetheart?”

I couldn’t speak. The sight of him coming in fucked me up. Relief? Sure, I was relieved. I was also a little pissed

“Where were you,? I said with some anger.

“Whoa baby. hold on now. I have people to see, things to do. You know that. Maybe I should have left a note or something and I’m sorry I didn’t think of that.”

Ralph was contrite and consoling. Walking to where I was seated, he stood on front of me. I rose to face him.

He put his arms around my waist and apologized again. “I know this must be difficult for you baby girl. I need to be more thoughtful of how you’re feeling and I will. I promise I will.”

He titled my face up and used his finger to wipe the tears from my cheeks. Then we kissed. I mean not a quick peck but a passion filled kiss where our tongues met and became acquainted with each other.

I circled his neck with one hand and his waist with the other. Ralph took my fat ass in both hands and pulled me tight against him. I felt his cock grow as my dick did too.

Daddy stepped back breaking our kissing and embrace. He unbuttoned my shirt and opened my pants. I stepped out of the pool of slacks at my feet and skinned out of my white briefs. Daddy pushed down on my shoulders and naked at his feet, I opened his trousers and freed his hard-on.

“Go on baby. Suck it. You’ll find comfort and peace in my cock Justine baby.”

He was right about the comfort and peace. I sucked his cock as though my life depended on it.

After Daddy satisfied my need to service him, he once again acted like his old confident self.

Stuffing his cock back in his pants he let me know he was happy. “Thanks for that baby. I needed to drain the beast. Stay naked for me and get me a Scotch rocks.”

I poured us both one and took his over to where he had seated himself. “Thank you, baby. This is great isn’t it? I mean us here like this. You naked, my cock satisfied.”

I went to sit in a chair but Daddy stopped me. “Sweetheart, I realize Şişli Escort you’re new to this life. I’m going to give you a break here and not punish your fine, fat ass. But when we’re in a scene like right now, where I’m dressed and you’re not, you sit at my feet on the floor. Please remember that. Don’t make me have to punish you for misbehaving.”

I went to his parted knees and sat with my drink. To say I was stunned would be accurate. Looking up at him from my place at his feet I asked, “punish me? Why would you even think that Daddy?”

He sighed, thinking of his answer. No, he wasn’t thinking of his answer. He was thinking how to put it to me so as not to frighten me.

“You’re a smart girl Justine. Surely you understand our roles when we’re together. I’m the dominant male and you’re the submissive girl. What kind of Daddy would I be if I failed to give proper instructions and guidance? And what kind of Daddy would I be if I didn’t punish you for misbehaving? You’d lose respect for me as well you should.”

I must have been staring wide eyed.

“I do love those sweet innocent eyes of yours Justine. So doe-like, so child-like, and very pretty.”

I blushed. Daddy Ralph always knows how to make me feel good about myself.

“Anyway,” he said going on with his expectations of me. “I would hate to use my hands on you baby. That’s not who I am. No sweet heart, should the need arise that I feel you need some discipline, some behavior modification, I’ll never hit you with my hands. No caring Daddy would do that. I’d use my belt on your fine ass baby. I’ll wear that fat motherfucking ass out but never with my hands.”

“I know I entered into this voluntarily Daddy. I know I’m now considered nothing more than a cock sucker by you, but punishing me? Whipping me with a belt? I don’t think I’d put up with that abuse.”

“Damn it Justine.” Daddy looked hurt. “Damn girl. You’re so much more than a cock sucker to me. I’d have thought you knew that by now.”

“Okay. Tell me. What am I to you if not just your cock sucker?”

“Look at you. Listen to you. You sound just like some insecure bitch having to be told constantly by her man how much she means to him. I mean I knew you were a tad feminine but baby, Christ, I had no idea you were this fucking insecure.”

“Think about it,” I said getting loud. “What man would allow another man to use a belt on him?”

Daddy laughed and laughed at my outburst. Finally getting it together he said with a smile, “baby, no man would allow that. But you’re not a man sweetheart. What man, I mean what real man would sit nude at the feet of the man whose cock he just sucked off? You think you’re a man?” He laughed again.

“No baby girl. You’re not a man, nor will you ever be one. But you are mine. And I love what you are. I need that sweet person in my life, on my cock, in my arms.”

Daddy knelt beside me and took me in his arms. Holding me tight he whispered, “you’re a sissy Justine. A sweet sissy and I’m your Daddy. I thought we covered all this baby.”

At arm’s length he looked me square in the eyes. “Think about it baby. You have until you get back here from work tomorrow evening to make up Şişli Escort Bayan your mind. If you come back, I’ll know you’ve accepted who you are. If not, I’ll leave you alone and let you life your life playing make-believe you’re a man. Now tonight you can sleep in the other bedroom. I’m going out for a drink and will see you tomorrow evening, or not.”

Just like that Daddy left the suite and me still on the floor. I covered my face with both hands and wept so hard I was losing my breath. My body racked with my near hysteric and uncontrollable sobbing.

In my heart I knew I should be grateful for everything he’s done for me. And in my heart I had to admit that I enjoyed sucking his cock. I liked the way he held my chair, opened doors and escorted me about. It made me feel special. But no man likes to be treated like that. Like a woman. So why did I? What the fuck is wrong with me?

I showered away the snot and tears and using my razor, I shaved the stubble of hair that had started to grow back on my chest, legs, and groin.

I slept fitfully that night and woke early. I brushed my teeth, combed my growing hair, put on a suit and went to leave. I went to Daddy’s bedroom door and listened. Not a sound was coming from there. Not knowing if he was there, and if so, not wanting to disturb him, I resisted the temptation to peep in.

I quietly left for work.

“Have a nice day, Miss,” the front desk clerk said.

“Thank you.”

I couldn’t concentrate at all. My mind kept returning to what Daddy had said and my feelings. Was I being a bit insecure? Was I acting like a silly girl? Looking around at my lavish office, my heart was pounding in my chest. He had done all this for me with merely a wave of his hand. He didn’t have to. He could have just let it go or even hired my firm but without insisting on upgrading my existence here.

He had been good to me and yes, good for me too. In that second, I’d made up my mind. I’d been selfish. I’d been thinking only of myself and not of the man who had made all this possible.

After phoning it in all day, I hurried back to the hotel. “Good evening ma’am,” the bellman said as I rushed past. Hope your day went well.”

“It did, thank you,” I said smiling at him.

I opened the door to the suite not sure what I’d find waiting for me.

I needn’t have worried. Daddy was smiling at me as soon as I opened the door. On the table was a bouquet of red roses and a bottle of expensive champagne.

He welcomed me with open arms and we hugged and kissed. “So you’re back for good Justine?”

“Yes Daddy. I’m back and I am so sorry for being so damned selfish.”

“Go on baby. Get out that suit and tie. There’s something on the bed I bought for you today. Please wear them for me.”

I was headed for the room I’d slept in the previous night. “No silly girl. The other bedroom. Our bedroom,” Daddy smiled pointing to the suite’s master bedroom.

I was loosening my tie when I entered the bedroom. There on the bed was a box with expensive gift wrapping. Thinking it would please Daddy I stripped all my clothes off. Then I turned my attention to the box.

I untied the pretty pink Escort Şişli ribbon and carefully removed the floral-patterned paper. Opening the box I what I saw took my breath away. A mauve silk robe and a pair of matching silk panties with a note from Daddy that said, “I can’t wait to see my girl in these.”

My dick grew hard even before I pulled the panties up over my fat ass. They felt wonderful. The delicate lace trim around the legs and waist had to have been done by hand. I picked up the robe and saw the label was from La Perla. Daddy had spared no expense once again.

I pulled the robe over my shoulders and marveled how smooth and soft it felt. Looking at myself in the mirror I could see the drape was perfect. I tied the sash and saw that even tied the robe was opened to my naval though my breasts were covered. The mauve body of the robe was enhanced with a black silk V-shaped cut-away collar that matched the sash.

I loved it. It felt so nice and I felt so sexy. I opened the door and Daddy gave me a wolf whistle. “Looking good baby. You like it?”

“I love it Daddy. Thank you so much.”

“Let me see if you have all of my presents to you on baby.”

I opened the robe and showed him that I was, indeed, wearing the panties he’d purchased for me.

“I see your little dick likes them,” he said with a smile.

I blushed and asked him if he’d like a drink. “Let’s open this sucker up. What do you say sweet heart,?” he said pointing to the magnum of champagne.

I went to open the champagne but Daddy picked it up before I got there. “This is traditionally the man’s job baby. Let me.”

I watched him open it and fought back the cheer when the cork popped. Daddy poured us each a flute of the bubbly and sat in the big easy chair. He patted his lap motioning me to sit there.

My left arm went around his shoulders and his right went around my waist. “So how was your day,? he asked softly.

“Much better now Daddy. Thank you so much for the flowers and my presents.”

“You really like them?”

“Very much.”

My knees parted has Daddy ran his left hand up my legs. “Would you like me to buy you some stockings baby? I think they’d look sexy on you and you do have the legs for them.”

“But you’ve already spent so much Daddy.”

“You’re worth it sweetie.”

He massaged my stiff penis through the silk panties before moving his hand under the leg band and grasping my stiff dick. I moaned my arousal into his neck. His aftershave was manly and I liked it. I moved my hips as Daddy continued to fondle my privates and kissed his neck and ear.

“You’re gonna make me cum Daddy.”

“Go ahead baby girl. Cum for Daddy. Cum in your pretty panties baby.”

“Oooh,” I shuddered my orgasm. “Oh God Daddy I’m cumming for you.”

After my climax subsided, Daddy brought his cum filled hand out of my robe. “Clean this for me baby girl.

I went to get up but Daddy held me on his lap. “Where you going?”

“To get a wash cloth Daddy.”

“Oh baby, that won’t be necessary.”

He brought his hand to my face. Our eyes met. I knew he expected me to eat my own seed. This was another lesson on his dominance over me.

I surrendered to his wishes.

We looked into each other’s eyes as I licked his hand clean of my sperm. No words were required. Me in panties on sitting on his lap and eating my own sperm from his hand said much more than words could convey.

I was his to mold.

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