Healing Hands

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The car accident had left me in almost a full body cast. My back had been broken with no damage to my spinal cord. The doctor’s said there would be no paralysis, though my recovery would be long and arduous. I thought the time in the hospital, held nearly immobile with plaster and splints would be the worst of it though. Along with broken legs and arms, my jaw had also been shattered in the accident. I could barely communicate with it wired shut.

During visiting hours, my family would come and visit, watch TV with me, read to me, and attend to some of my basic needs like bring the glass with the straw to my mouth. I was getting very tired of the liquid meals and even more tired over the fact that I couldn’t even vocalize my complaints about the food. I couldn’t even make passes at the cute nurses. I felt like an object instead of a person.

One particular nurse, Paula, had the body of a 1940’s pin up model. Buxom with long cascading silky brunette hair. She was also very shapely with a splendid hourglass figure. I would stare at her hips and ass all the while she was in my room. She was always very professional, never rushed, and always in control. As much as I fantasized about running my hand up her stockings to find the tops, and as much as I pondered her full lips and how they would feel wrapped around my cock, she still only treated me like an object. She would rarely address me directly. Only once in awhile would she look at me in the eyes and ask me to blink if I needed the bedpan changed or if I wanted orange juice instead of apple juice.

No matter, I would fall asleep each night thinking about her.

Being in alaçatı escort a body cast meant that I was hooked up to a catheter making erections difficult and really unwanted in my immobile state. Yet the sexual energy was building up in me over this time. When the time came to remove a section of the cast, the section over my groin, I felt some trepidation on many levels. My pelvis has only suffered a crack and the section of the cast was put out of caution, so it didn’t need to stay on as long. Doctor Felder felt it would do my morale some good to remove it as a visible sign of healing.

My skin had been sealed away under the plaster for a few weeks. The air felt refreshing but irritating. I felt a prickly sensation all along the exposed area. Dr. Felder clucked his tongue and told me that I had developed a minor case of eczema. It wasn’t anything to worry about he assured me and made a note in my chart. Lunch was wheeled into my room and I sucked down my liquids, getting more and more annoyed at the itching along the sides of my hips. The young orderly held the straw to my mouth asking me simple questions that I could respond to with eye blinking. I tried to drink but the itching was getting worse. It felt like ants crawling all over my nether regions. I made a muffled scream and closed my eyes tightly as I attempted to wriggle some to alleviate the itching. The orderly freaked out, thinking I was having a seizure or something. He rang the nurse while telling me everything would be okay.

Nurse Paula rushed into the room. She looked at the orderly and then at me. “What’s the problem?”

“He alaybey escort seems to be having a seizure or something,” the orderly replied.

I opened my eyes and groaned again. I blinked rapidly and steadily to demonstrate that I was cognizant, just in serious discomfort. Nurse Paula took the chart from the end of my bed and flipped it open. Her dark brown eyes scanned down the list until she noted Dr. Felder’s recent entry. She looked up from the chart and lifted up the sheet that was covering me. “I’ll be right back,” she stated matter-of-factly to no one in particular. She dropped the sheet and left the room. The orderly stood quietly for a second and asked if I wanted something more to drink. I signaled that I didn’t. He left my lunch next to me and left.

Moments later Nurse Paula returned with a tube of cream in her hand. “This will ease the itching, Mr. Kolchek.”

She pulled back the sheet exposing me completely. She squirted a bit of cream into her hands and began to apply it to the skin around my hips and pelvis. This felt incredible. It soothed the itching immediately. Unfortunately the gentle caresses were affecting me in other ways as well. I could feel my cock begin to harden. The catheter never felt more uncomfortable. I was never more embarrassed, not having any control over my physical reaction to her tender hands.

I was startled to feel her moving the catheter. With skilled hands she unsheathed the catheter from my cock and set it to the side. From a box Nurse Paula pulled a pair of latex gloves and slide them on her hands. Another squirt of cream into her aliağa escort protected palm made me very curious as to what was about to happen.

Nurse Paula wrapped her hand around my semi-hard cock and began to rub it, working the cream into my sensitive skin. This hardened me completely and increased my shame. Here she was, a professional, trying to do her job being forced to deal with a patient who couldn’t control his libido. I couldn’t ask her to stop and the only noise I was able to make sounded sexual. I tried to lay real still and think non-sexual thoughts. I couldn’t though, because she was turned slightly towards me and bent over. Her nurse’s uniform fell open slightly and I could see the tops of her amazing breasts. They were so full and round. She wore a lacey white bra that I could see the very top of.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t think of anything but the wonderful sensation and the wonderful view of this woman stroking me. When she slid her hand under my balls and massaged them gently before returning to my stiff shaft, I knew that I was going to cum. My orgasm shot my cum straight up in a thick solid white line. I let out a soft low moan as several more contractions forced the last remaining drop of cum from my cock. Nurse Paula efficiently wiped up my cum with several tissues and snapped off her rubber gloves. She didn’t say a word but picked up the chart and made a notation.

I was so embarrassed.

“You’ll have to have this cream applied daily,” she said as she flipped the chart closed and hung it on my bed.

Every day, she’d come into my room and rub the cream into my skin and over my cock until I had a raging hard on and finally came. She’d clean it up and leave without a word until four days later when she commented that the rash seems to have cleared up. I wasn’t itchy anymore at all which was good, but I knew this meant the end of the daily handjob to which I had become very attached.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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