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Converting the small bus into a camper had taken some time but time is something that I, as a retired widower, had plenty of. Now that the bus was up and ready to roll I had only to pick up my passenger to start my long awaited tour of Australia.

Heather had been my neighbour for over ten years she had divorced her husband Alan five year ago. Despite being an intelligent attractive woman in her mid thirties she was painfully shy. It had taken me ages to break down that barrier. I cannot deny that I was sexually attracted to Heather but I knew in my heart of hearts that our age difference would always form a barrier between us. Hence our relationship was confined to conversations we could talk for ages on almost any subject including our aspirations. So that when I mentioned my long-time dream of travelling around Australia in a camper-bus, she immediately squealed, ‘Oh please please Ted, can I come with you?’

For a moment I was stunned because I’d always envisioned my trip being a solo effort, but the only obstacle that I could raise was, ‘What about your work?’

‘I do all of my work from home on a computer, I can just as easily do it in the bus. Oh please Ted I’ve never done anything like this. I promise you that I won’t get in your way.’

Getting in my way would be unavoidable within the confines of a Toyota Coaster bus but I couldn’t think of a nicer obstruction than Heather. Her jet black hair framed blue eyes set in a square face that lit up when she smiled. At medium height, she had the figure of a gymnast which she had kept in shape by a regimen of Tai Chi. Being in a confined space with Heather would be more of a pleasure than a problem so that when I agreed to her request Heather gave a loud whoop leapt into my arms and gave me a huge hug. Even at my age holding onto a squirming young woman was starting to have an effect on me, so that I had to break it off before I embarrassed both of us.

Now I was sitting outside her home blowing the horn and waiting for her. We had loaded her gear the day before. As we would be following the sun our clothing requirement were minimal. Minimal described Heather’s attire when she came walking down her drive to join me. She usually wore jeans so for the first time I was forced to notice what excellent legs she had, slender calves and well rounded thighs that fitted snugly into her, oh so brief, cut-off shorts. Her lightweight top was equally tiny displaying a nice tight set of abs; and was I imagining things or was Heather not wearing a bra? The only tiny criticism that crossed my mind was that she had very pale skin; a few weeks of sunshine would fix that up.

She boarded the bus then came forward to join me, as I rose to greet her she threw her arms around me in an affectionate hug, I was right she was not wearing a bra. The breasts that pressed against me were very firm I could feel her nipples.

She kissed my cheek then plumped down into the co-pilots seat saying, ‘Ok Ted. Let’s rock and roll.’

I had divided the bus into two areas; the rear was my bedroom with a double bed. The toilet, shower and a wardrobe shared this space. The front half contained the tiny kitchen to one side and a dining nook which could be converted to a double bed on the other. This was basically Heather’s space the dining area served as her desk then became her bed at night. A light curtain divided the two areas.

I had set no time limit to my journey so that there was no need to hurry. Each day we would have a leisurely breakfast then clean up before travelling on. Most days we drove for 2-3 hours frequently stopping at places of interest so that by early afternoon we would find somewhere to park up. Heather would then commence her work whilst I went exploring or lay on my bed reading. For the most part we parked in the bush which gave Heather the quiet that she needed to work.

We would end each day sitting on camp chairs sipping wine as Kookaburras laughed till the incredible Australian night sky, dominated by the Southern Cross, filled our senses.

I would help her convert the dining area into a bed then have my shower before going to bed. Heather would come into my half of the bus for her shower and emerge with a towel wrapped around her. She would lean over; kiss me on the cheek say. ‘Goodnight Ted.’ step through the curtain and go to bed. This involved removing the towel to put on her short nightie. As the journey progressed she seemed to take less care with the curtain, leaving it gaping apart as she changed. I tried to not look but there were nights when I glanced up from my book to the sight of a beautiful woman in various stages of undress. This would have the inevitable effect leaving my cock rock hard. I began to wonder if she was doing it deliberately. But then guessed that there may have been times when Heather would have seen me changing. It was difficult to not do so within the confines of the bus.

As we travelled north through Western Australia the weather became increasingly warmer. By the time we had passed through Perth, the only metropolitan sized city in this vast area, the days were decidedly hot. Parking in the bush became impractical so we hugged the coastline and spent the nights parked on beaches. We travelled less distance Gaziantep Yabancı Escort each day and parked up in the morning before the real heat of the day set in. I would usually leave the bus as soon as we had set up camp, and wander off to do some fishing or swimming. It was not difficult to find a completely deserted beach on this vast coast line. Heather remained in the bus doing her work while the purring generator kept the air conditioner going.

When she’d had enough of working, she would join me on the beach and we would swim together. Sometimes she wore a one piece swimsuit which hugged her figure and emphasised her full breasts. At other times she simply wore her cut-offs and a tee shirt. Her skin by now had turned to a delightful honey brown.

It had been a particularly hot day and I had cranked up the air-con to keep Heather cool. When she came to join me on the beach she wore her shorts and a loose tee shirt. I was swimming she ran into the surf and swam out to join me. She became hampered by the wet shirt which clung to her as she stood up beside me. More than this the shirt had become almost transparent. Heather looked down at herself laughed and said. ‘It’s a waste of time wearing this.’ She casually pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it into the surf.

Heather’s breasts were not good. They were the best! Although not large they were full and very firm with small delicate nipples surrounded by delightful pink aureoles. I have never seen breasts as firm as Heather’s, even as she bounced about in the surf beside me they never as much as rippled. I was standing there gaping like a fish when she came to me and laughed as she placed a finger under my chin and closed my mouth. I smiled then said, ‘Your breasts are beautiful. More than that, they’re perfect.’

Heather smiled back as she replied, ‘Yes they’re not bad are they? Just get used to them boy because this lady intends to get an all-over sun tan.’

Luckily we were standing in water deep enough to hide my erection. For the next hour we played around body surfing so that my erection had subsided when we walked ashore. Heather retrieved her tee shirt from where it had washed up. Instead of donning the shirt she removed her shorts and stood there totally naked. Again I did my impersonation of a goldfish as Heather laughingly said. ‘I mean it when I said all-over suntan.’

What had happened to the painfully shy woman who had left home scarcely a month earlier? Where had this stunning, naked goddess who stood before me sprung from?

One of the most ignored and sexiest things about a woman is her posture. Heather had the kind of posture that models strive for but seldom achieve, she was perfect. As she walked up the beach toward me her head was raised high as her shoulders, held back, supported firm full breasts above a rippling six pack of abs which tapered down to the cleft of her thighs where her shaven vagina nestled. I could see the lips of her pussy caressing each other as she walked. Needless to say my erection returned in record time.

Heather came to a halt before me her eyes twinkling as she said. ‘Well come on aren’t you going to join me? Get your gear off!’

‘I can’t.’

‘Why not?’

‘I could feel my face reddening. ‘I may be old Heather but I’m not dead. You are having an effect on me.’

‘I can see that silly! You forget that I have been married so I do know what an erection looks like. Besides I find it flattering.’

‘You would have the same effect on any red blooded male.’ I replied as I removed my shorts.

‘Wow.’ She gasped. ‘Now I am flattered. You are huge, much bigger than Alan was.’ Then aping me she smiled as she said. ‘Your cock is beautiful. More than that, it’s perfect.’

‘Well you’d better get used to it lady because his boy looks like getting an all over suntan.’ I smiled then added. ‘Thankyou.’

‘No. Thank you for the lovely compliment.’ She replied then said. ‘C’mon I’ll race you back to the bus.’

Even as she ran those perfect breasts just swayed with the roll of her shoulders.

From then on the only time we wore clothes was when we were on the road or shopping. However watching a beautiful woman going about her daily business without a stitch of clothing still gave me an occasional erection. When Heather saw this she would give a little smile. But there were times when I caught a look in her eyes that suggested something more. Perhaps it was desire or maybe longing as she looked at my towering hard on. Or maybe I was just fooling myself. Either way the difference between our ages kept me from making an advance on Heather. The first move would have to come from her.

It was a few weeks later we had become accustomed to being naked in each others company but I still marvelled at her perfection. As we continued travelling north the day time temperatures were constantly above 100f. We were now camped out in the Cape Range national park near the isolated town of Exmouth. It would be hard to imagine a more idyllic spot. We had hired scuba gear to dive upon the breathtaking Ningaloo reef. On one unforgettable occasion we had swum beside a whale shark. These huge creatures, the size of a Greyhound bus, are totally harmless and unbelievably graceful.

I spent much more time in the air-conditioned coaster lying naked on my bed reading usually covered by a light blanket against the cool conditioned air while Heather worked at the computer. She had a deadline to meet. Knowing this I didn’t interrupt her. I had dozed off when I became aware that she was lying beside me. I opened my eyes to look straight into hers.

‘Sorry if I woke you up Ted. But I need to rest for a while and it didn’t make sense to turn my desk into a bed for a short snooze.’

It says much about how easy we had become with each other when I simply lifted the light blanket and said. ‘You’d better get under this or you’ll soon be shivering.’

She smiled. ‘Thanks.’ Then scooted her naked body next to mine and closed her eyes.

It was getting dark when I awoke. I was lying on my side. I immediately became conscious of two things. Heather had raised her leg over my thighs and I had a raging hard on which was brushing against her sex. I could feel the heat and the moisture that came from her and I knew that I was adding to this wetness with the pre-cum that I could feel oozing from my cock. Her breasts were pressed against my chest her eyes were closed.

I knew that I would have to move away from her but doing so without awakening her would be tricky. Before I could move I felt Heather’s hand move down between us, she was awake! I wondered what she was doing so I lay perfectly still as her hand moved across my abdomen to my rock solid cock which she gently grasped and began slowly moving back and forth along her hot wet slit and over the hardened nub of her clitoris. Heather was using my cock as a masturbatory aid. Impossibly I felt my penis become even harder as my copious precum flooded her already soaking vagina. Despite my intense efforts to avoid making a sound I could feel my breathing deepen. I needn’t have worried because whilst Heather moved my throbbing erection back and forth along her hot soaking sex her own breath began to saw in her throat as small moans issued from between her lips. I realised that she was close to cumming.

Her hand firmly grasped me her but her fingers could not enclose my massive pulsating member. As she moved my cock along her steamy sex she was simultaneously masturbating me. I also was not far from cumming; I could feel my toes beginning to curl as the ejaculate built up in my testicles.

It was then that Heather made the move that caused it to be impossible for me to feign sleep any longer. As she moved my cock head back along her slit she pushed her hips slightly forward causing me to enter her delightfully soaking pussy. Only the head of my penis entered her but it resulted in a sharp cry of joy from Heather as I felt the walls of her vagina tighten around me. It was more than human flesh could bear. Before I realised what I had done I had pushed my cock all the way into her hot, wet, and oh so tight cunt. Her lust glazed eyes flew open gazing straight into mine,

‘Oh Ted your cock is so beautiful inside me’

We kissed passionately. Our tongues entwining as our bodies responded to each other. I withdrew my cock till it was nearly out of her and then slowly plunged it back till it was up to the very hilt inside her. She gasped, her eyes flew open again as she said,

‘You are so huge, so beautiful. Nobody has been so deep inside me before.’ Her very tightness confirmed this as I began to pick up the pace pounding my raging, turgid penis into her hot tight depths. It was not long before I felt her pelvic floor muscles clamping firmly around me. Her voice was keening, the nipples of her breasts were extended and hard against my chest, a light layer of sweat was on her upper lip. I could feel my orgasm begin. I could hear the wetness of her pussy sucking my cock as the orgasm took complete control over me, my whole body hummed like a guitar string as waves of pleasure washed through my mind. Somehow I became aware that we were both screaming. Heather had wrapped her legs around me and raised her hips from the bed forcing me as deeply as possible inside her. My cock pulsed again and again as my sperm pumped into her. I thought that I was never going to stop. I certainly didn’t want to but somehow we both came down from heights that I knew neither of us had reached before as we collapsed into each others arms.

We shared a deep and beautiful kiss which was both a homage and a celebration of what had occurred between us. Words were unnecessary and inadequate. We both fell asleep.

When I awoke it was early morning, Heather was not beside me, I could hear the shower running I arose and opened the wardrobe door to sort out my clothes for the day as we needed to do some shopping. Before I could do so the shower door opened and my naked goddess stood before me. ‘Hi lover.’ She husked as she reached up to kiss me full on the lips. Those beautiful breasts and her still slightly damp body pressed against me soon had my cock hardening. She broke off the kiss, smiled and reached down to take my hardness in her hand. As she caressed me slowly I became fully erect. My breathing deepened as Heather, once again, took the lead in our love making as she trailed small wet kisses down my body. Her teeth lightly bit my nipples which sent shudders through me. Soon I felt her tongued circling my navel then travelling down to the head of my cock which she licked salaciously. The way that Heather licked and sucked my cock bore not relationship to the way somebody might lick or suck a lollipop. It was an act of full on sensuousness which was designed to give us both the maximum amount of pleasure. She was sitting on the bed I stood before her.

Her tongue licked and swirled around and along my straining length, her lips parted wetly to first savour then consume me. Her head moved back and forth as her suction increased. I felt my hips begin to thrust slightly. She stopped, withdrew and said. ‘Please try to be still darling. I want to try something I’ve never done before.’ It took some effort but I remained still as she once again began to suck me into her mouth. Her cheeks concaved as she sucked ever harder drawing me deeper inside her mouth till I felt the tip of my cock entering her throat. For a second or two she had to stop as she gagged slightly, then gaining control she continued inching my throbbing flesh further and further into her. The feeling of her throat muscles contracting around my penis was absolutely incredible. This deep throat was also a first for me, I could feel that oh so beautiful feeling of my balls beginning to churn and I knew that I would soon cum unless I did something about it. I withdrew. Heather looked up at me with love in her eyes as she said. ‘Oh Ted that was incredible, your cock felt nearly as good in my throat as it did in my pussy. I very nearly came just sucking you.’

‘Me too.’ I smiled as I eased her back on the bed. ‘Pussy’s turn’ I knelt on the floor before her, lifted her legs and started by licking and kissing the sensitive area behind each of her knees, then trailing my lips and tongue along the inside of her thighs skirting her vagina , drawing a gasp from her, before continuing up to her perfect breasts. Sliding my tongue from the outside of her left breast across its rosebud nipple then down her cleavage and up and over her right breast was like a trip on a little sensuous roller-coaster. So I repeated the performance in reverse. This time stopping at each peak to suck her nipples to hardness and roll them between my teeth as I lightly nibbled upon them. This brought cries of delight from my lover. Her hips started to thrash as she pushed my head back toward her vagina. In keeping with the rest of her, her pussy was perfect, a small tight slit surrounded by two proud lips that almost seemed to pout. I had to part them with my tongue to uncover her clitoris, small and hard, peeking from its protective hood like a tiny pink breast nipple. All of Heather’s pussy was sensitive; kissing her lips had her moaning with pleasure, pushing my tongue into her honey pot solicited cries of delight, but it was her clitoris that really turned her on. I began by licking and kissing that delightful little bud. Her pussy wept copiously as I did so. I progressed to sucking it as she cried out in a mix of joy and pleasure. But when I began to massage her oh so sensitive clitoris with the flat of my tongue her hips began to thrash as she clamped her thighs around my head. Suddenly she stiffened. I kept my tongue moving, my goddess screamed aloud as she had an earth shattering orgasm.

There were tears in her glazed eyes when she opened them. ‘Oh that was just so beautiful. I have never had a man who put my orgasm before his own. It was simply incredible. But right now, to make it perfect I need your beautiful cock inside me.’

Before I could move onto the bed, Heather had risen she turned her back to me so that my penis was between the cheeks of her ass. She parted her legs slightly, reached between them to grasp my cock and guide it into her hot wet waiting pussy. I started moving slowly at first. Heather was leaning forward with her hands resting against the still open wardrobe door which held a full length mirror. The erotic reflected sight of our lovemaking soon had me fucking faster and faster. I could see her body’s response to my thrusts, a light sheen of sweat trickled between her breasts. I could see my cock between her parted thighs as I pounded into her. Heather spoke. ‘I want you to tell me when you are going to come darling.’ I knew that that would soon be happening. My balls tightened I could feel that wonderful tingling in my lower legs that precedes a mind bending orgasm. The feeling began to wash all over me. My cock felt as if it were made of steel as it thrashed in and out of her tight wet sheath. ‘I’m cumming.’ I gasped. Heather leaned back against as she used her left hand to reach between her legs, taking my cock out of her vagina and holdingld it flat against her pussy. Her hand was held to one side forcing my throbbing steel hard penis between her labia. I was beyond stopping my cock was still ploughing between her pussy lips, its head rubbing against her clitoris. I have never seen a more sensual sight than that of my cock thrusting back and forth between my lover’s labia. As I gazed into the mirror my sperm began gushing from my cock to arch through the air and splatter all over the mirror. Simultaneously Heather had her second incredible orgasm as she screamed out my name. Her legs began to buckle so that I had to support her till our orgasms reached their peak and died down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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