Hello Dahlia Ch. 04

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I woke up at my usual time the next morning (Saturday morning). I slipped out of bed, stripped off my clothes, and took a shower. It felt good to get the salt and sand off my skin, but I regretted having to wash off her cum, which had matted the hair on my chest and pubic area, even after six hours. So much had happened that it was hard to believe that we had been here less than 24 hours.

I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and quietly slipped out of the room and went to the lobby to pick up a newspaper and a couple of coffees to take back to the room. I used the time to make plans for the day.

When I got back, Dahlia was still sleeping. She still wore the white, semitransparent blouse that she wore the night before, but it was wrinkled beyond recognition. Her dark areolas were clearly visible through the fabric. I also noticed that at some point in the night, she removed her skirt. I could see that her pussy was red and puffy from all the activity the night before. As I studied her body while she slept, I realized that I would never tire of looking at her no matter how disheveled and decidedly unglamorous she looked at that moment.

Soon she awoke. This was the first morning that we woke up together, and I relished the thought of learning more about this woman. I quickly found out that she did not function without coffee first thing in the morning.

Her first words to me were not, “Thank you for a lovely evening”, or “Good Morning, Lover.” Her first words were, “I need coffee.”

I gave her the large Styrofoam cup and she breathed in the aroma and took a sip. Then she looked at herself in the mirror opposite the bed and discovered that she did not look very much like she looked when we left the room the previous evening.

“David, stop looking at me. God, I look horrid.

“No”, I said. “To me you look like someone that got fucked on the beach by someone that loves you. I could look at you all day.”

“Well, there is no question that you and I fucked last night. My pussy is raw, my nipples hurt and my ass feels like someone put his finger there…David, I had such a wonderful time. It was the first time in ten years I felt free.”

“Well, I am glad I was there to help. What do you want to do today?”

“Well, the first thing is to take a shower and get some breakfast. What time is it?

“It’s about 7:30.”

“That means we have all day so we don’t need to rush. First, I am going to get in the shower. Then let’s get something to eat and make some plans. I want to do some shopping and buy something for Juan Carlos.”

“Okay, breakfast and shopping: we have a plan.”

I thought about jumping in the shower with her, but I really enjoyed being alone with my thoughts while I showered that morning, and I decided that unless she asked me to join her, I would afford her the same privilege.

She took so much time that I finished my coffee and the rest of hers, too. I finally poked my head in the bathroom to see if she was okay. Through the mist and the steamy shower door, I saw that she was just standing under the shower, allowing the water for flow across her shoulders and back. She looked like she thinking, and as I backed out the door, I prayed that she was not having second thoughts about what we talked about the night before.

I heard the shower stop and a few minutes later, her hair drier start up. Once again, as whenever I am alone with my thoughts, I wondered what the future held for Dahlia and me. I wondered, for the umpteenth time how I could be so lucky to make love to that body and face. The project manager in me asked the question, what would go wrong next?

It was at that point that Dahlia walked out of the bathroom. She was still naked, but her hair was perfect and she had just a little eye makeup on. I was blown away by her near flawless body and, as always, by her face.

She struck a pose and put her arms out to her side. “Better?” she said.

“You keep getting better and better”, I replied as I got up and went over to her.

“No you don’t. First breakfast, then shopping and lunch. Then you can have this.”

She put on a white cotton sundress with straps that crossed on her naked back, and came to just above the knee. As always, she wore no panties and today, no bra. The dress flowed around her. Her nipples were stimulated as her breasts swung free under the light fabric. They were not hard, but were prominent. As she moved across the room, the light from the window silhouetted her naked body, making it visible to anyone who knew enough to look.

Overall, I would be a very proud and fortunate man with Dahlia on my arm today.

We made our way to the elevator and decided to partake in the breakfast buffet, which served every breakfast food imaginable, from Mexican to American to Continental. I opted for traditional bacon and eggs with hash browns and toast. Dahlia went light, with just a croissant and some jelly.

As she walked from the buffet to our table, I turned to watch her. Gaziantep Gecelik Escort I noticed that every man in the place had the same idea. The way the fabric flowed around her, there was no doubt she was naked under that dress.

When my eggs were ready, I walked back to the table. I could not help but wonder what the other men were thinking. While I am in good shape, I could not hide that I was in my mid-fifties. There was also no hiding that Dahlia looked younger than her 33 years, so the men must have thought that I was her father. I decided to put an end to that nonsense, so when I reached the table, I bent over and kissed her full on the lips.

When we finally broke the kiss, she asked me, “What was that all about?”

“Nothing, I’m just sending a message to all the young studs in the room that I am not a father taking his daughter to breakfast: I am a man taking his lover to breakfast.”

We ate in comfortable silence. As I ate, I looked up and Dahlia was staring at me.

“What are you staring at?” I asked.

“I am staring at you. I have never known anyone like you. You have never tried to take advantage of me, even though you could have seduced me within a few months of meeting me. You waited until I was ready. I don’t know anyone that would have been as patient as you. I knew I loved you before we were intimate. I think that is why I knew it was right. I just wanted you to know that I have no regrets and never will.”

“How did you know that I was wondering about whether you were having second thoughts?”

“Because that is the kind of man you are.”

“Well, I sometimes wonder if I can keep up with your needs. I mean I can now, sort of, but who knows what will happen in a few years. I do not ever want to disappoint you.”

“David, if you were my age or even younger, anything could happen. We just don’t know what the future holds for us. All I care about is that I love you, and that there is no way you could ever disappoint me.”

We finished breakfast and caught a cab to the old part of town. There were dozens of tourist traps that sold all sorts of tourist oriented junk.

As we strolled down the street, she put her arm though mine and put your head against my shoulder. We passed dozens of small stands selling everything from sombreros to ponchos to maracas. Some merchants were selling nice scarves and some native clothing. We turned down one street and we were in an upscale shopping area. It had some of the bigger, high-end names, such as Gucci and Versace. Dahlia’s eyes brightened as she saw all the shops.

We wandered in and out of some of the stores and I tried to keep my focus, but I was having a difficult time. Dahlia seemed to sense my pain and looked at me.

“David, as much as I want to be with you, would you mind it if I went on my own? There are some things that I want to look at, and I think it would bore you. We can hook up for lunch later.”

Those were the best words I ever heard. I wanted to spend as much time with Dahlia as possible…just not shopping.

“Well, I guess if you want to go out on your own, I can do some things to pass the time. Let’s meet at that restaurant on the beach. I had dinner there the other night and it is pretty good.”

“Okay, it’s a date. Do you want me to bring anything for you?”

“Just you; and don’t buy any underwear. The thought of you standing there with nothing on under that dress is more than I can stand.”

She punched me in the arm and said, “You would be happy to have me naked all the time, wouldn’t you?”

“Yep, that’s the truth.”

“Well, that may come sooner than you think. Now, get out of here and I will see you in a couple of hours.”

I kissed her lightly and she went on her way. When I saw her last, she was entering the Jimmy Choo shoe store. (Hot, sexy shoes are her addiction.)

I had another shop in mind and walked up the street until I reached my destination. I stood at the window and studied the merchandise. I knew what I wanted, or at least I knew what message I wanted my purchase to convey. I was determined to buy Dahlia something more than a painted seashell or some other forgettable trinket. I just had to figure out what was appropriate.

I walked away from the store, trying to figure out what to do. Nothing I saw in the window struck my fancy and nothing conveyed my feelings.

I turned around and walked back to the window and then in the door of the only high end (and legitimate) jewelry store in the city. My first thought was to buy her a diamond ring. I wanted her to be mine, and I wanted her to know how I felt, but with all the turmoil in her life, it might have the opposite affect from the one I wanted.

I could have bought her some diamond earrings, but she already had diamond studs.

I thought about a dangle for her belly button. I had certainly never purchased anything like it for any woman, but that was not my style.

Nothing in the store conveyed my feelings. After more than a half an hour of searching and thinking, I finally made a decision and made a purchase.

I left the store, content with my gift to Dahlia; it would show my feelings, but not put pressure on her at this very tumultuous time in her life.

I was about to walk towards the beach and have a couple of beers while I waited for Dahlia, when I saw her walk out of the Prada shop. She was laden with several shoeboxes, and I figured she needed some help. I crossed the street and grabbed some of the boxes.

We headed to the beach for lunch. Along the way, we make some purchases for Juan Carlos. She bought him a belt with a silver buckle and a pair of red and black cowboy boots. As we continued towards the beach, we looked into the shop windows and paused at some of the open stalls.

As we strolled and browsed, I occasionally caught site of her, checking out some bargains, with the sun behind her. The sun perfectly silhouetted her body. It was almost as if she was standing naked. I was proud, happy and I felt contented and satisfied with the direction my life was taking.

By the time we got to the beachfront restaurant, we were both hungry and thirsty. We grabbed a table in site of the bay, but inside, under the fans hanging from the thatched ceiling. I ordered a Sol Beer, and she ordered a frozen margarita.

“Dahlia, can I ask you something? Given all that has happened with Javier and his arrest, and what has happened between you and me, what do you think the future will hold for you?”

“David, I have thought of that a lot. This weekend has given me more to think about. I really don’t know what the future will hold, but I know what I want.”

“Will you share with me?”

“Well, I want to be happy. I want to love someone and have someone love me without condition. I want to go through life without being hit or slapped or having the threat of being hit hanging over me. I want to love my life more than I love my job. I want to be known by who I am, not what I do or to whom I am married.”

She paused and took a sip of her margarita. “There is one more thing I want. I want a baby. I love Juan Carlos, but he came as an accident. I want to make a conscious decision to get pregnant and then to make love and actually know the moment that the baby is conceived.”

She looked in my eyes. “Well, that’s what I want. What about you?”

“Hmm, what about me? Well, I have been wandering most of my life. I have been very good at what I do and have made a great deal of money. I will never have to worry about money again. I thought that that would be enough. Then I met you, and I know that is not enough.

“I want to love someone for the first time in my life. I want that someone to be you. I want to go to bed at night and wake up with you in the morning. I want to make love to you. I want to drink coffee with you in the morning and wine with you in the evening. More than that, I want you to be the mother of my baby.”

She looked at me and I looked at her. We had put our cards on the table, so I broke the silence.

“Well, Dahlia, It seems like we want the same things. Where do we go from here?”

The waiter broke the solemnity of the moment and asked to take our orders. We ordered snapper, grilled over an open hearth and served with mango and papaya chutney. When he was gone, I looked at Dahlia. She was obviously glad to have the chance to think of her answer.

“Well,” I said. “Were do we go from here?”

“I want to go home with you and share your bed and your life, but I feel guilty divorcing Javier in his time of need. This is when a wife should support her husband.”

That hit me like a fist to my gut. I bit my tongue and decided that deriding the son of a bitch that had made her life miserable would not help and might hurt our blossoming relationship. I was going to give her the gift I bought, but suddenly, the time was not right, especially now that my questions are making her sympathetic to my rival.

“Well, we have time, Dahlia. We don’t have to think that far into the future. What we need to think about is what we will do this afternoon.”

“David, I know just what I want to do. I want to finish lunch, have another margarita and then walk arm and arm with you back to the hotel. When we get to the room, I want you to eat my pussy, then I want to suck your cock and have you come in my month.”

“Hmmm, let me think…Yeh that sounds like a good idea.”

I think she gulped her margarita a little too fast, because she got a “brain freeze”. We finished our lunch and headed back to the hotel. As we walked, a breeze coming off the bay blew her dress up, showing more leg than she may have intended. Since she was holding several shoe boxes, she was not easily able to get the fly-away fabric under control.

I told her that she is drawing some attention from men and women walking in the area.

“Really? People are looking at me? What can they see?”

“Yep. When the wind gusts almost everything is on display. You do have a cute ass.”

“I should be embarrassed, but for some reason, that really excites me. They can see everything?”

“Well, let me hang back and I will take some pictures with my cell phone, so you can see for yourself.”

“Okay, but not too far back. I don’t want to have you too far way if I need you.”

“Dahlia, I would never let anything happen to you. I will be right behind you.”

With that, I stopped and pretended to look into one of the shop windows along the boulevard. When I turned back she was about ten paces in front of me. As she walked, her sundress was billowed out like a parachute, exposing her legs to mid-thigh. Every few steps, the dress would flare up in the back, revealing her naked ass. I snapped pictures, which I would share with her later in the evening. As I walked, I noticed that a group of young men were following her. They looked like American college students. One was trying to be inconspicuous as he held a video camera by his waist, pointing it at Dahlia.

I was a little upset that someone else was intruding on my fun, and then I realized that the pictures he was taking could end up on some up-skirt web site. If they had a picture of her face, it could create some professional problems for her.

I moved closer to Dahlia and stepped in front of the cameraman, and called out, “Hey Dahlia, look at this.”

As she turned, her dress flared up again, this time in the front, giving everyone, except the guy with a camera, a clear, if momentary look at her cleanly shaved (and well fucked) pussy. The guys who were following her, mumbled with appreciation, while the camera guy kept saying, “What? What happened? What did I miss?”

We walked in the opposite direction, away from her fans, and that ended her exhibitionism for the day.

When we got back to our room, she threw the boxes on the floor and flopped on the bed. “God that was fun, but a little scary, too. When you called me and I turned, I saw all those guys and I got sort of worried, but I knew you were there.”

“I knew you were enjoying showing yourself off, but then I saw one guy with a camera, I knew I had to step in. I didn’t want pictures of your ass showing up on the internet.”

“Oh”, she said. “I never thought of that. Did you take some pictures, and will they end up on the internet?”

“Yes, I took some pictures, but the only way they will end up on the internet or anywhere else is if you post them. Do you want to see how you looked?”

“I don’t know. Will I be embarrassed?”

“You certainly are bare-assed, but you should be proud of your body, not embarrassed.”

I gave her my cell phone and she went through the 20 or so pictures I took. She quickly scanned them, and then went back through them, studying each one. I took off my shirt while she looked at them with a critical eye, looking for flaws. It was as if she were looking for the best picture to use on her business card or a brochure.

She got off the bed and walked over to me. “I have never done anything like this in my life. Here, look at this one. There are at least ten people in this picture, and there I am with my ass exposed.”

It was a great picture, but it was not my favorite. I scrolled until I came to one that was taken from the front. Her dress was up around her waist, showing her smooth pussy. The look on her face is what made the picture so erotic: she was looking into the distance, looking in my direction, but past me. There was a little bit of apprehension in her eyes, as though she did not see me at first. The picture showed innocence and sensuality at the same time.

Dahlia looked at the picture again, and then asked, “You really do like my pussy, don’t you?” With that, she lifted the hem of her dress and gave me the same view as in the picture.

“Of course I do. I love looking at it, eating it and being inside it.”

“I think I like showing it off. I felt very free and in control knowing that people were looking at me because I was letting them. I would like to do that again sometime.”

“Well,” I said, “we can go back out right now. I will bring a camera and you can spend the afternoon showing off for everyone.”

“No, I think I would rather get in the Jacuzzi with you and soak. Then, if you don’t mind, I would like you to make long and slow love to me. Do you think that would be okay?”

“I think that would be just fine.”

She was still standing there with the hem of her dress in her hands. I gently took it from her and lifted the dress over her head. Her body once again took my breath away. She was by no means a perfect, air-brushed model. She still bore the scar from the C-Section that was required for the birth of her son. Her skin was extremely smooth and there was no hint of a tummy.

As she stood before me her tits, which were not large and had small compact areoles and nipples, stood proud, and her pussy, shaved smooth, was like a vertical smile that showed only a slight hint of her inner lips.

Her ass was hard and muscular. The thong bathing suites she wore were ideally suited to her body type.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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