Hello Miss Robinson!

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Tom had arranged with Jim that they would both go to the ballpark on Sunday afternoon as the Florida Marlins were playing the last game of a three game series with the New York Mets. Tom’s uncle had season tickets for the Marlins and had given him his pair of tickets for the game and both boys were keen to go as they had not been to any of the games this year. They decided they would go early to take in some of the pre-game entertainment, and maybe get some autographs. They also had the idea that they might meet some new girls at the stadium. So, at about one o’clock the two high school boys were heading south on University Drive in Tom’s van, when suddenly something caught Jim’s eye.

“Hey, Tom, slow down and look at this chick!” he yelled out excitedly. Sure enough, sitting on a bus bench was a young woman in a short red skirt showing off a very shapely pair of legs. Tom let out a low whistle as he saw her, and slowed right down as they passed her. Then Jim said, “Hey, that’s Miss Robinson, the Biology teacher from school! Let’s stop and see if she wants a ride!”

Tom slowed down and pulled up as quickly as he could. “Well, I tell you what, she can ride anything I’ve got!” he exclaimed, looking at her in his rear view mirror.

Jim laughed and said, “I’m with you there. She looks a knockout from here. Why don’t you back up and let me talk to her?” Tom complied and as they drew level with the object of their desire, Jim rolled down his window and said, “Miss Robinson?”

Miss Robinson looked up at him and, not yet recognizing him, just responded, “Yes?”

Jim got out of the van and said, “It’s Jim Hardaway. From school?”

Miss Robinson smiled as she finally recognized him, and said, “Oh yes, Jim, I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you at first.”

“I wasn’t so sure it was you, either. You look so different in your Sunday clothes! So what are you doing here?”

She smiled again. “At the bus stop, you mean? Well, I’m waiting for the bus, silly!”

Jim grinned back. “I didn’t quite mean that. I mean, don’t you have a car?”

“Yes, but I was stupid enough to lend it to my boyfriend, and he was supposed to pick me up two hours ago. I’m not getting any answer on his cell phone and I got tired of waiting, so I decided I would get the bus home.”

“Well, can we offer you a ride? Tom and I were going to the game, but we’re way early.”

“That’s really kind of you, Jim, if you’re sure it’s no trouble?”

“No trouble at all, Miss Robinson. It’s nice and cool in the van, much better than waiting here in the hot sun.” Miss Robinson stood up and the boys now saw just how short her skirt was, accentuated by the fact that she was wearing stiletto heels, which also caused her boobs to jut out more than they normally would. Both of the guy’s dicks showed their approval of her attire by immediately springing to attention and as he escorted her to the van Jim hoped that the teacher did not notice the way his pants now appeared to have a flagstaff inside! Jim opened the door for her and helped her get into the back seat, and thought he just caught a fleeting glimpse of her white panties as she sat down. Miss Robinson was careful, however, to make sure she kept her legs tightly together after she sat down. Jim closed the sliding door of the van and then jumped into the front seat.

“So where are you going, Miss Robinson?” Tom asked as he eased the van back into the traffic. “I assume you were heading south?”

“Yes, that’s right. I live in Pembroke Pines, about a mile west of University. You guys were going to Pro Player?”

“Yeah. We have tickets for the Mets game this afternoon.”

“Well, it’s not too far out of your way then. I’m really very glad you guys stopped. I was getting quite hot waiting there in the sun.”

Tom flashed a grin at Jim, who said, “Yes, Miss Robinson, we can see that! “

Miss Robinson reached in her purse for her phone and starting punching in numbers, but she apparently was still unable to make any contact. She soon gave up and put the phone back in her purse saying, “That bastard better bring my car back soon. Chances are he’s picked up some tart and he’s in some hotel room doing God knows what!”

Jim looked back at her sympathetically, asking, “How long have you known him?”

“Just a few months, but I’m getting tired of being stood up for the floozy of the week! I should have known better than to lend him my car, knowing how he is. He’d better have a good reason why he didn’t come back for me, or his ass is grass!”

They continued to chat about a number of insignificant matters, and soon reached the intersection of University and Pines Boulevard, where Tom turned west. Miss Robinson directed them to her apartment building and they pulled into a spare parking space.

“Well, guys, thank you very much for the ride. I really appreciate your kindness.”

“You’re welcome, Miss Robinson,” Tom replied. “It was our pleasure!”

“Well, if you’re not in a hurry, would you like to come in for a cold soda or something?”

The boys looked at each other and then nodded. “Sure, thanks very much!” Jim said.

“Good! Come on up then.”

Jim leapt out of the van and helped her get out, and then the three of them strolled over to the main entrance. Miss Robinson’s izmir escort apartment was on the second floor, so they took the elevator up. During the short ride the boys could not take their eyes off the young teacher, as they now could see that the white blouse she was wearing was quite low cut and was showing a generous amount of cleavage. This was aided by the fact that the top button was undone, something Jim had not noticed before, which he thought he probably would have done. Moments later they all entered the apartment, which was quite spacious with plenty of sunlight streaming in. They noticed that Miss Robinson locked and bolted the door after them, with the explanation, “Just to keep out any unwanted guests!” It was quite hot inside the apartment and Miss Robinson quickly said, “I’m sorry it’s so hot in here, but I’ll turn on the A-C and it’ll soon cool down.” She indicated the settee in the living room, telling the boys, “Please sit down and make yourselves at home. What would you like to drink? Soda? Wine? Beer?” The boys both settled for cokes and Miss Robinson went into the kitchen after turning on the air-conditioning. She soon reappeared with two cokes and a beer, handing the sodas to her guests before slipping off her shoes and sitting down in an easy chair facing them, tucking her legs underneath her hips.

Tom was the first to speak. “This is a nice place you have here, Miss Robinson. Have you lived here long?”

“About six months, Tom. Oh, by the way, since we are friends now, you can call me Mandy, OK? Except in class, of course!”

They grinned at this last comment, and Jim said, “Right you are, Mandy! Do you share with anyone, or do you live by yourself?”

“No, it’s all mine,” Mandy replied, shifting her legs from under her body to put her feet on the floor and taking a long drink from her beer. The boys noticed that the shift in her position gave them a quick glimpse of her white panties and they shot a quick glance at each other. “So, how old are you guys?”

“We’ll both be nineteen in December.”

“And graduating this summer?”

“That’s right,” Tom replied. “We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!”

“Hoping that it’s not a train coming in the opposite direction?”

They all laughed at that and Mandy shifted her position again, causing her legs to open a little wider, and revealing a greater expanse of her white panties to the two teenagers’ eyes.

“I see,” she said, finishing off her beer. “You guys ready for another one? I’m thirsty after waiting out in the hot sun.” They said they were, and Mandy asked, “Well, how about a beer this time?”

Tom hesitated, but Jim readily agreed, so Tom said, “OK, I’ll have one too, but only one, since I’m driving.”

Mandy nodded as she got up, saying, “Quite right, Tom, but one won’t hurt.” She took the empty cans and went into the kitchen, quickly reappearing with their two beers. “If you’ll excuse me for one moment, I need to use the bathroom. Don’t go away, I’ll be right back!”

Tom whispered to Jim after she left the room, “Hey, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere until we see where this leads!”

“You’re right about that, buddy,” Jim whispered back. “Did you see how she was flashing her panties at us?”

“Yeah, and I don’t think it was accidental, either! I’ve got a feeling she needs some loving, and if she needs it from us, I’m ready!”

“Me, too! Let’s just see how far we can get, OK?”

Tom nodded, as they heard Mandy returning. She went into the kitchen again, and the boys started talking normally about the ballgame and who they thought would win. Mandy came back into the room and again sat in the chair opposite to them, but this time with her legs closed. Jim thought there was something different about her, and then he realized that he could now see through her blouse the dark areolae around her nipples, and even thought that the nipples were trying to poke their way through the silky material. He came to the conclusion that she had removed her bra during her visit to the bathroom, and wondered if she had left anything else off. Just as he was thinking about this, Tom said, “Miss Robinson, er, I mean, Mandy, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I never realized you had such a sexy figure. I mean, the way you dress at school hides all of your charms!”

“Thank you, Tom, I don’t mind at all. Of course, I could never dress like this at school, because there is a strict dress code and the Principal would never tolerate any of the lady teachers violating the rules. But thank you for noticing. So you like what you see, huh?”

“I certainly do, Mandy. You’re a sight for sore eyes!” Mandy laughed, and as she did she briefly parted her legs. Even though it was only for an instant, the boys immediately noticed that there was no white material there, but only a mysterious darkness.

Jim then asked her, “Mandy, since your specialty is Biology, how come you don’t take the Sex Ed classes?”

“Well, that had always been in Miss Hamilton’s portfolio, so I’ve never been given the opportunity.” Mandy leaned forward a little and said in a mysterious tone of voice, “Can you keep a secret?”

The boys chorused, “Yes, yes, of course!” wondering what it was.

“Miss Hamilton alsancak escort is retiring at the end of this year, so I’ll be taking over next semester!” She leaned back in her chair and her legs came apart again, but this time they stayed apart, and the teenagers could clearly see a small patch of pubic hair crowning the glistening slit of her pussy. Quite clearly, Mandy was aroused, and they then knew that it was only a matter of time before they would be sampling all of the delights that Miss Mandy Robinson had to offer! She continued, without bothering to conceal herself any more, “And, when I do, I will be bringing a whole new approach to the subject, let me tell you! Now, remember, you promised to keep it a secret!”

“Yes, yes, Mandy,” Jim said, “We won’t tell a soul. Like they say in Vegas, what happens here, stays here!”

Mandy smiled, but before she could say anything else, the phone rang. She got up to answer it, and Tom and Jim just smiled at each other. Mandy picked up the phone, and immediately the boys knew it was her boyfriend.

“Hello?” …… “Oh, it’s you! Finally! Where the hell are you?” …… “Look, don’t lie to me, I waited for nearly two hours, you bastard!” …… “Look, I don’t give a fuck about that, I waited for you for two fucking hours and you weren’t answering your phone!”…… “Why didn’t you answer?” …… “Well, you fucking jerk, we are through!”

Tom and Jim became a little embarrassed at this sudden development and stood up as if to leave. Mandy saw this and said into the phone, “Just hold on a sec,” and put her hand over the mouthpiece. “Guys, please don’t go, I’ll be finished in a second. Please stay, please?” They nodded and sat back down, and Mandy resumed her conversation.

“What?” …… “Oh, just the guys who brought me home, after you, jerk, left me in the lurch. At least they know how to treat a lady!” …… “Now, look, all I want from you is to bring back my fucking car and then get the fuck out of my life!” …… “No, no, you’ve had your last chance, buddy, we are fucking through!” …… “Yes, I mean it, I mean that we are through fucking! You have had the last piece you’ll ever get from me!” …… “I just don’t fucking care! You can go fuck who you want, you can go fuck yourself! Just bring my car back before dark, or I’ll call the fucking police!”

She slammed the phone down and turned back to her guests, an enraged look on her face. Suddenly she realized from their dazed expressions that they were quite taken aback by what they had just witnessed. “Oh, I’m so sorry, guys, that wasn’t very ladylike, but I’m so angry….” Suddenly her whole body started shaking and then she burst into tears.

Tom stood up and raced over to her and took her in his arms, saying, “Mandy, Mandy, please don’t cry, honey.” He started caressing her back gently, holding her tightly to him to try to quiet the uncontrollable shaking of her body. He continued to hold her and caress her, murmuring soothing words in her ear, and then, while she rested her head on his shoulder, he began planting little kisses on her ear, her tear-stained cheeks, and in her hair, which had a wonderful fragrant scent.

Gradually her sobbing eased off, but he still held her tightly to him. Suddenly she raised her head off his shoulder and looked up into his face, trying to smile. “Thank you, Tom, you are the dearest boy!” She raised on tip-toe and kissed him full on the mouth. Tom smiled at her and then kissed her on her red lips. She responded to his kiss by pulling him even tighter to her, then opening her mouth and finding his tongue with her own. Up to this point Tom had not been aroused, but now his cock sprang to full attention, and this did not go unnoticed by Mandy, for she let out a low moan as she pushed herself harder into his body. They broke off the kiss and for a second or two looked into each others eyes. Tom saw “yes” in Mandy’s eyes and an instant later felt her hand on the front of his pants feeling his hardness. Tom began unbuttoning Mandy’s blouse with one hand and while he kissed her neck he motioned with the other for Jim to join in. Jim came up behind Mandy and gently placed his hands on her waist and kissed her on the nape of her neck. He then reached down to unfasten and then unzip Mandy’s skirt, while Tom had managed to unfasten all of the buttons of her blouse. In almost impeccable timing, Tom pulled the blouse off just as her skirt fell to the floor, which left her completely nude, for as the boys suspected she had already taken off her underwear when she went to the bathroom!

Tom immediately bent down to take one of her nipples between his lips, while Jim gently fondled the unoccupied breast. Mandy’s tits were not very large, but they were very firm with pointed tips, crowned by large dark areolae and erect nipples. Jim caressed her firm buttocks with his other hand and whispered in her ear, “You are so beautiful, Mandy!” He then slipped both hands around her waist and positioned himself behind her, so that his hard cock, still inside his pants, nestled between her buttocks. Mandy was moaning out loud now, enjoying all of the attention she was getting from the two teenage boys. Tom had continued to suck on Mandy’s left nipple, while she was massaging the huge buca escort erection inside his pants.

Mandy, however, was clearly ready to sample the hard cocks at a much more intimate level, so she slipped away from Tom’s mouth and half turned towards Jim, so that she could put one arm around each of them. “Well, guys,” she said throatily, “this lady is ready for bed! Would you care to escort me?” Hardly able to speak, the two friends just nodded, and the three of them, Mandy’s arms over each of their shoulders, slowly made their way into the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, Tom and Jim started to pull off their clothes with Mandy helping just a little bit, for she was anxious to see their hard-ons in the flesh, so to speak, instead of just feeling them. When they finally pulled off their shorts, Mandy seemed impressed. “My, oh my, you both have really nice dicks!” she exclaimed. “I hope you know how to use them, for I really need to get fucked!” She thought about what she just said for a moment, and then laughed. “What am I saying?” she giggled. “I’m going to be the new sex-ed teacher!” They all collapse in laughter on to Mandy’s king-size bed, with Tom and Jim lying on either side of Mandy.

“Don’t worry, Mandy,” Tom said, “we are not virgins, so we have a good idea of what to do! I just hope that you are ready to take us both on, ‘cos we’re really horny guys!”

“Oooh!” Mandy squealed in mock horror, grinning at them both. “Just what I always wanted! Two horny schoolboys ready to fuck their teacher!”

“Well, why didn’t you tell us before, instead of dressing like some fuddy-duddy schoolmarm?” Jim teased with a wicked grin on his face. “We would have visited you much sooner!”

Mandy reached for their two erections, taking one in each hand. “Well, smartypants, that would have spoiled the surprise, wouldn’t it? Now, are we going to talk all afternoon, or are you going to fuck me?”

Tom looked up at her then, and asked, “Well, if that’s what you really want?”

“Of course I do!”

Tom looked at Jim with a serious look on his face. “Jim, we have a problem here.”

“Yes, Tom, I think we do!”

“Come on, guys, what’s the problem?” squealed Mandy.

“Well, Mandy, here’s the thing: you’re holding a hard cock in each hand, but so far as I can see you only have one pussy. Not only that, it looks like a tight pussy that really can only take one cock of the size you’re holding. What can we do?”

“Oh, boys, you are so naïve!”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll suck one of you, while the other fucks me! Then you change places and everyone is satisfied. OK?”

The boys looked at each other and then nodded. “OK!”

“OK, then, Tom. Why don’t you lick my pussy a little while I suck on Jim’s weiner?” Without further ado, she got up on all fours and bent over Jim’s erect dick, while sticking her shapely ass in the air for Tom, who scrambled round to put his head between her legs while still lying on his back. Mandy licked the length of Jim’s shaft all the way down to his balls and then back all the way up to the tip of his cock. She put her hand around it and then took as much of his shaft as she could deep into her mouth, then withdrew it and looked up at Jim’s face. “Did that feel good, Jim?” Jim nodded and Mandy said, “You’re a big boy! I can hardly take all of you!” and then went back to licking it again on the underside leaving a trail of kisses down to his balls. Meanwhile Tom had started licking round Mandy’s pussy lips, causing her to moan quietly. She continued to suck Jim into her mouth, coating him with her saliva. She licked the tip of his engorged dick, tasting the essence that slightly leaked out. A deep groan came out from deep in her throat as she said, “I love the way you taste. Can I have more?” staring directly into his eyes as his cock fully entered her mouth again. He groaned in response as the pleasure he received doubled while gazing back down at her and watching her red lips move up and down on him. This continued for a few minutes until Mandy pulled her pussy away from Tom’s mouth, turning back to look at him to tell him, “OK, Tom, it’s your turn now!”

Tom scrambled up to lie on the bed next to Mandy and she switched her attention to him while continuing to stroke Jim. She repeated the same performance on Tom as she had done to Jim, first licking all around his balls then flicking her tongue all along his hardened shaft. She then parted her lips allowing his dick to enter her hot mouth as her tongue swirled around the hard yet soft flesh. She could feel his excitement as his prick twitched in her mouth. Her pussy was wet and so ready, but she kept teasing herself not wanting to rush the pleasure she derived from sucking these two cocks. Back and forth she went tasting and stroking each of them, reveling in the heat of the moment of having these two boys. Finally she said, “I need a cock in me so bad!” and then, looking up at Jim, said, “I want you to fuck me.” It was a pure and simple statement but those words evoked such a heat of passion. She continued, “And I want it like this!” as she turned over on her back, with her head slightly hanging off the end of the bed, her legs folded and raised back against her, leaving her pussy completely open to Jim. She told Tom to stand at the end of the bed, his dick dangling in front of her face. She looked at Jim, who had this very sexy look on his face, as he stroked her pussy with the head of his cock. “Jim, don’t tease me! Please fuck me! I want you in me now!” she exclaimed, an intent look on her face that said she didn’t want to be denied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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