Helped by a Ferrari Ch. 02

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I’d parked my new Fiorano on the gravel drive outside the front door. Set against the backdrop of the white gravel, the manicured lawn and the ocean beyond, my glossy red beast, the Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano looked worth every cent she had cost me.

Mark and his partner James arrived on time, and we walked about her. “You can drive her around the drive,” I said to James, ” To get a feel for her. Then later you can take her out for a spin.”

“Thanks, Tony,” he said happily, his eyes not leaving my new toy.

He got in and sat in her and I held Mark back as I handed James the key. I pulled Mark back against me rubbing my already engorging cock against his firm arse and moving my hands up his torso to his pecs where I found his nipples through his clothing and felt then harden as I rubbed them.

“Its good to see you again,” I whispered in his ear. Then I dropped a hand to his package and felt him hardening there too.

“That’s enough Tony,” he said quietly, pulling himself away, going and leaning into the car to see what James was doing, then going around to the passenger side and getting in.

“Come in when you are ready,” I called, and went into the house as the Ferraris’ engine roared to life behind me.

I was surprised by how aroused I had been by the sight of Mark and how pulling him to me had made me rock hard immediately. So often a man I have been smitten by is nothing special the next time I see him. But Mark was not a disappointment. If anything, now that I knew how he loved to be fucked I was even more aroused by him. James remained himself, a good looking young stud with a very high opinion of himself, who rubbed me the wrong way.

It was a while before they came in. I had organised lunch, spreading it out on the kitchen bench and I already had a glass of wine, which I knew I shouldn’t drink quickly. James had a big smile on his flushed face and his arm about Marks waist and was obviously pleased to be there. He released Mark and came over to me and stood close.

“So what’s the programme,” he asked smiling, “I’ve been looking forward to this and would really like us to fuck first. What about you?” he asked.

He was more confident, and more of a challenge to me, this time, but I wanted to fuck his lover so was obliged to show him a respect I didn’t really feel.

“Perhaps we can have a drink and some nibbles and then move into the other room,” I replied, walking over to the door into the ground floor guest room that looked out over the pool. The large firm bed was covered only in a sheet with a pile of pillows along the head.

James looked in and turned to me and smiling pulled me in for a kiss. I met his mouth with mine but then took charge, moving a hand to his arse and squeezing it knowing he thought he could fuck me this time. I was going to make it clear he couldn’t.

He pulled back with a questioning look.

“I would very much like to fuck you too this time,” I said, Halkalı Escort running my hands up his back, softening the blow.

He laughed, “For an old man you are very confident.”

I smiled, knowing that we had reached some compromise, “Why shouldn’t I be?” I asked, “And I would like to watch you undress Mark again,” I added, returning to the main room where Mark stood at the window looking out across the pool, to the ocean beyond.

I asked what they wanted to drink and played barman again, setting the drinks out on the bar, while James joined his lover and turned him to face him and began to remove his clothes. They kissed briefly but when James had Marks jacket and shirt off he led him over to me. I stood behind Mark and ran my hands up and down his naked torso while nuzzling his neck, kissing and nibbling the base of it and across his shoulders. My fingers found the hard little nubs at his pecs and teased them forcefully, so he quivered against me. And my already hard cock was made even harder by the small impacts of his arse against it.

Mark began to remove the rest of James clothing, and they kissed as I continued my explorations. They removed their pants together and kicked them off, both of them already fully erect as they moved into each other, their cocks pressed between them, so that when I cupped Marks balls in my hand I could feel James’ balls pressing against me.

I removed my own clothes as they kissed again. It was obvious James intended to fuck Mark first this time. My penalty for making it clear he wasn’t fucking me. But I wanted to fuck James too, and knew he would probably let me now.

James moved Mark to the big square sofa that caught the light that streamed through the windows. He leant him back across the wide padded arm and back. I moved in close and with one hand stroked Marks belly and chest and pinched his nipples. The other hand I moved down to cup Marks balls while James briefly worked his lovers’ cock in his mouth.

James lifted Marks legs and moved his mouth to his lovers’ arsehole and tongued it as I watched, holding back Marks thigh myself to give me a better view. Then James stood and began to work his thumb into the wet hole. I held Marks thigh out still with one hand but stopped stroking his body and nips wanting my fingers in Mark arse too.

I pushed my index finger in beside James thumb, James smiled at me and replaced his thumb with two fingers and watched as I added another so that like the first time we had four fingers opening Marks arse for us. Mark lay back across the fabric and moaned and moved his thighs wider apart and lifted his arse higher showing his pleasure.

“Would you like to double fuck him?” James asked, as he added a third finger and we spread and rotated our five fingers inside his lover, “have both our cocks in him together,” he added, breathing raggedly.

“No,” I replied, knowing I would like to do that to Mark, but Halkalı Escort Bayan that I would not share his passage with James. James shrugged withdrawing his fingers and presenting his wet cock head to the anus that I still had my 2 fingers in.

James worked his cock in while Mark gasped and I left my fingers inside him, feeling James nob move along them and past them, deep inside. Mark cried out and I looked at his face, his body uncomfortably balanced across the sofa back, his head hanging down now and his breathing coming in pained gasps as he took James thick eight inches along with my solid fingers. I moved my fingers and felt my cock jump as Mark gave a little tense lurch and cried out at the strain of taking all that, his hands gripping the sofa frame hard. I would have preferred us to be somewhere more comfortable but James had control this time.

I removed my fingers reluctantly, loving being inside Marks arse, and went around behind James and spread his cheeks and worked his anus with my tongue with some difficulty, though he slowed his thrusting when he felt my tongue. He was very tight and I worked him up well with my tongue, then my fingers, and he let me. When I stood he leant forward and began a long kiss with his lover and I presented my cock to his arse and worked it in. He was still very tight and grunted and widened his legs. Then we began a restricted fucking, him moving inside Mark, and me having his arse with small thrusts. James came quickly from the action, arching back and bottoming in his lover to cum. I pulled out of him and when he stepped free of Mark I took my turn with him, slipping into his cum filled open hole and fucking him briefly before letting loose in there myself. It wasn’t the fuck I had had in mind but it was only the first one for the afternoon.

I pulled Mark up and he wrapped his thighs about my hips and his arms about my body as I cupped his head and supported him as we fell into a deep kiss, devouring each other’s tongues.

When we fell apart I saw that James was helping himself to the food that had been set out on the kitchen bench. I showed Mark into the guest room, my arm about his back, and then pulled him to me again. He let me, running his arms about me and opening his mouth for me. When we pulled apart I looked into his eyes. He was looking well used as I had liked to see him look the last time. “You are a very sexy man,” I said, unable to stop myself. “Very desirable, made to be fucked.”

He pulled back embarrassed. I showed him the bathroom, watching his naked body moving away from me. Wanting my hands on his firm round arse.

I returned to the main room and joined James, pulling him to me and kissing him. He worked my mouth briefly but possessively. Then I helped myself to something to eat.

“So do you want to take her for a drive now or later,” I asked.

“Later,” he said smiling at me, and I smiled back, happy with his answer.

“Good,” Escort Halkalı I replied.

Mark rejoined us with a towel wrapped around his hips. James laughed at him and pulled it off him. “I think Tony prefers to see you like that,” he said laughing, Mark looked slightly annoyed.

“Yes, I do,” I said, ” you have a very attractive and sexy lover James.”

“I know,” he replied, moving to Mark and rubbing his body against him.
Mark pulled away and looked very serious about filling a plate, which he took to the window and sat in a large padded chair to eat.

“I think I need to keep my strength up,” he said to us.

James and I laughed at this, agreeing with him.

When we had eaten we moved into the bedroom together and fell into a three-way kissing grope. James was hard already and Mark dropped to his knees and holding his shaft, took him in his mouth, surprising me by reaching out and taking my cock in his other hand and giving that some attention too. I fell into an appreciative kiss with James, Marks’ head bobbing between us.

The I pulled Mark up and lay him back across the bed. James climbed up and straddled him facing me, feeding Mark his cock while I briefly fingered Marks arse, finding it already wet and very loose. I drove my cock right in, making Mark do little more than widen his legs and arch his back from the feeling of it sliding across his bowel walls.

James watched me enter and bottom, then reached over and worked two fingers in beside my cock. I watched them sinking in and groaned at the tightness it added, while Mark was silent, his mouth full of cock. But he moved his hips and thighs in jerks to accommodate the extra stretching of his hole.

“I love watching you pump him,” James grunted, “love seeing a cock stroking into his arse like that.”

“Have you watched anyone else fucking him?” I gasped out, curious.

“No. He kept saying he was too old for this sort of thing,” James grunted, “but after last time he will do it with you. I think he likes to do it with you as much as me,” he replied, with a ragged broken laugh. He was obviously amused by the idea that his much older lover might be happy with a man his own age, when he had a young stud like James and could have been doing this threesome with one of his much younger friends.

I laughed briefly myself, working my cock in and out of Mark in long deep strokes feeling Mark moving his hips and thighs to ease the pressure on his rim, me enjoying the tightness his lovers still buried fingers were giving to my cock. And I liked seeing James fucking his lovers’ mouth beneath him.

I pulled out and shot my load all over Marks cock and balls and worked it in to them as James fucked his face furiously, coming too. Then I bent and licked and sucked my cum from Mark, working his balls in my mouth while I stroked him, then taking his cock up and sucking it in till he came in me and I swallowed his cum.

There was nothing about Mark I did not like the look, feel or taste of. I’d missed seeing his face clearly while he was fucked though, and was disappointed that this time he had hardly been able to see anything himself. And now that I had fucked James I doubted they would visit me again.

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