Her Daughter’s Private Tuition Pt. 04

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I deleted and re-submitted this episode because of mis-spelt character names. Apologies!


In the immediate aftermath of Megan’s sex game with the infamous Archie, (aka Billy), she seemed subdued. My visits to help Tess were always followed by a glass of wine, and it wasn’t until after several visits, and talking sympathetically to her, that gradually Megan began to rebuild her confidence, and she began to realise there was going to be no more contact from Archie.

We slept together whenever Tess was staying with her dad, but for a long time there were no more parties.

Tess passed her exams with flying colours, so the tutoring sessions came to an end, however, Megan and I became an item, and Tess accepted that, and almost a year passed uneventfully. I had even been introduced to Jon, Megan’s ex husband, and found him to be quite a friendly guy, and we got on well.

Jenny, the woman he’d left Megan for, was noticeably a younger version of Megan, taller, slimmer, and with an infectious laugh. She worked as a wedding photographer, which interested me, as photography was my big hobby.

Tess had moved on from school to a senior college, and had started to look at which university she would study at. Most of them were a long distance away, and when she went to the open days at Newcastle, and Exeter, both Megan and Jon, as parents, went with her.

My life had settled to a routine, my photography, and my garden took up a lot of spare time, and perhaps I became too comfortable with life, that was until one night.

“I’ve got to tell you something Paul. You’re not going to like it I’m afraid.”

Megan and I were lying side by side on the bed, having just had sex. It had just been sex, mechanical, rather unsatisfactory. Megan hadn’t cum, and it seemed we were both just going through the motions.

“Go on, you know you can tell me anything.”

“There’s no other way to say it Paul, I’ve slept with Jon…twice. I’m so sorry, it just happened.”

I leaned up on one elbow, and looked at Megan. She avoided eye contact, and tried to explain.

“It was when we took Tess to Newcastle, we…”

I interrupted her. “Look Megan, there’s no need to explain, I don’t own you, we always knew we would just take it a day at a time.”

“But I do need to own up Paul, it took me by surprise.”

“Ok, if you really want to.”

Megan swallowed hard, “When we took Tess to Newcastle, we were a family again. We booked two rooms, one for Jon, one for me and Tess. In the afternoon Tess was on a tour of the uni, and Jon and I chilled out with a bottle of wine in the bar. When we went back to Jon’s room to collect his camera we had sex, it just happened, I’m so sorry Paul.”

“Look, I’ll say it again, it happened, he is your ex husband after all, Tess’s dad, don’t beat yourself up about it.”

Megan looked up at me forlornly, and remained silent. She looked, vulnerable, confused, sad. I leaned over, and kissed her softly, the kiss went on, and face to face, side by side, we wrapped ourselves in each other.

Briefly between the kisses Megan whispered, “Thank you,” and it seemed her whole body relaxed. I felt her fingers stroking my neck, and then running down my chest. She knew that when she flicked her nails over my nipple it triggered my cock.

By the time her fingers went lower, I was getting harder again. As she grasped my cock, I heard a quiet murmur from her, and she lifted herself onto my chest, and spread her legs either side of my body. She wanted to make love again.

As she pulled her knees up to sit astride me, my cock found its way into her pussy, which was not only moistening from a need to fuck me, but was also wet from my semen.

Megan pressed both palms down on my chest for support, and slowly raised her hips until my cock was starting to withdraw from her. Then lowering herself gradually, she pressed down again.

I watched as her eyelids flickered, and her mouth opened slightly in a quiet moan.

I was happy to lay back, and watch her bring herself her own satisfaction.

Gradually, her thrusting up and down increased in speed. Occasionally she would press all her weight downwards, and rotate her hips slowly, grinding her clit into my body.

I could see the skin on her neck, and chest above her breasts, start ataşehir escort to flush, and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before her orgasm.

When it came, it was relatively quiet, she was breathing faster, and I could hear her softly groan. But her body shook, and her eyes opened wide, and in that moment they locked on mine, and there was a momentary smile, before she collapsed on top of me.

“Oh thank you Paul…for that…and for understanding.”

Although I had reassured her, I was disappointed, but I had no claim on Megan. I knew, because of Tess’s uni applications, she would have more contact with Jon. And then the following weekend, another chapter in my crazy life unfolded.

It was a Saturday evening, about nine ‘o clock, and I was sipping a glass of scotch, and catching up by reading the newspaper, when there were several rings on the doorbell. Someone was in a hurry for me to get to the door.

I glanced out of the window wondering who on earth it could be at that time, and who could be in such a rush. At first I thought someone must have had an accident, I could see it was a female, with one hand up to her face, and ringing the bell yet again.

Opening the door, I saw a familiar face, distraught, and possibly drunk. It was Jenny, Jon’s partner. I wasn’t sure how she knew my address, or indeed, what was wrong.

She almost fell in through the front door, and I just managed to hold her dishevelled body upright.

“What on earth’s the matter Jenny.”

Before I could say anymore, Jenny sobbed, “He slept with Megan, Jon slept with Megan.”

It all quickly became clear; somehow Jenny had found out about what had happened on the uni trips.

“Come and sit down, looks like you need a coffee, for god’s sake, have you driven here?”

She nodded her head in guilt.

“I just had to speak to someone, did you know she had? Oh god, I’m sorry, I’ve told you now, I’m soooooo..sorry.”

“Yes, I did know, it’s ok, now just take your coat off, I’ll get some coffee.”

I helped Jenny remove her coat, and she slumped back in the sofa, head in hands. I quickly made some instant black coffee, and returned.

“Here drink this, now tell me all about it.”

I sat in the armchair opposite, and listened to her garbled explanation. It was astonishing how she had driven in such a state.

“I found a text message on his phone, it said something about ‘forgetting how good sex was with her.’ I didn’t let on I’d seen it at first, but I got so drunk tonight that I exploded, and walked out. I’ve switched my phone off, so I expect he will be worried…and I fucking hope so!”

“I think you ought to tell him you’re safe Jenny, especially as you’ve got the car.”

She was silent for a moment, and thought about it, “Ok, but I’m not saying where I am.”

Switching her phone back on, there was a tirade of pings. When they finally stopped, I watched her reading the texts, making the occasional “huh!” Then briefly typing, and switching it off again.

“He says he’s sorry. Hmmmm, I bet he is, well I’m not going back…tonight.”

The inference was a request to stop over at mine, and I wasn’t about to let Jenny out in her car in her state anyway.

“Ok, as long as Jon knows you’re safe, the spare bed in the second bedroom is made up, you can use the bathroom. There’s a bathrobe on the back of the door.”

Jenny attempted to get up out of the sofa, and immediately fell back.

Her speech was slurred, “Paul, thank you so much, I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to help me up.”

“Just don’t throw up,” I said, as I pulled her upright, and helped her to the stairs. “If you do, just don’t expect any sympathy!”

I got Jenny up the stairs, and into the spare room. She collapsed onto the bed, and I left a small lamp switched on, then went back downstairs to finish my scotch. I had a think because I was unsure whether to text either Megan or Jon, but decided against it. Within half an hour I was in bed, having checked that Jenny was breathing!

I slept intermittently, and the sunlight was just about filtering through a gap in the blinds, when I felt the heat from a body against my back. It took maybe five seconds to realise what was happening.

“This is not a good idea,” was what I said, and then sub consciously knowing that avcılar escort I didn’t mean it.

“Jenny, you need to go back to your bed, you’re still drunk, please, you have not thought this through.”

Even before she’d replied Jenny’s fingers had found their way between my legs, and were squeezing my cock.

“For fuck’s sake, Jenny, stop it, this is not going to end well.”

All I heard was, “It could end very well,” before her mouth closed over mine.

Her whole naked body seemed to attach to mine, like a limpet, her tongue was flicking into my mouth, her fingers had begun to achieve their aim, my resistance was becoming futile, as my cock responded, and grew to its full size.

Jenny stopped kissing me, and said, in a very determined voice, “Fuck me Paul, I want you to fuck me.”

Trying to create a gap between our two bodies, I made one more appeal, “Jenny, it’s just revenge, you want to get your own back, just think what this may do.”

It was too late, she grabbed my shoulders, and with a great deal of strength, hooked one of her long legs underneath me and seemed to flip me on top of her. Both of her legs rose up, and around me, and my erection was pressed against her lower abdomen. In a flash, her hand reached down between us, and I found myself entering her extremely wet pussy.

“Now fuck me, Paul, for god’s sake fuck me.”

I was unable to resist anymore, here I was, in bed, inside, a woman half my age, who was determined to fuck me within an inch of my life.

As soon as I started to move Jenny became a woman possessed. Every thrust I made, was met with a counter movement. Her whole body seemed cat like, and her cries of pleasure were so loud that I regretted not closing the bedroom window. The bed shook, and I watched, as her fingers wrapped around the bars of the brass bed head. Gripping tightly she began to shake as her orgasm approached.

“My god, my god,…oh Paul, fuck,… I’m cumming,…oh yes Paul…oh god.”

I didn’t stop for one second, Jenny had asked to be fucked, and fucked she would be.

Lifting her legs over my shoulders, I pounded into her, watching her gasp. She seemed to want to go on and on.

“Don’t stop Paul, oh god I’m going to cum again.”

Within minutes, her face was contorted again, and one hand was pulling the bed head backwards and forwards.

“Oh fuuckkkkkkk…fuck, fuck.”

Jenny was in a world of her own. Her body was trying to constantly move against me, her breathing was coming in short pants, accentuated by excited, stifled cries.

I couldn’t hold back. When Jenny heard me say, “I’m going to cum Jenny,” she breathlessly said, “Hang on, please, I’m nearly there, once more, pleeeeaaaase.”

Desperately, I was gritting my teeth, blanking my mind, and I managed another minute, but then my spunk shot deep into Jenny’s cunt. My cock jerking, was enough to finally make her cum again.

“Paul,…oh Paul…yes…oh fuck, yes.”

We were both bathed in perspiration, and Jenny’s pussy held me tight.

“Don’t move, just stay there,” she said quietly in my ear.

“You know you’ve fucked up pretty good, and I’m probably gonna have my balls chewed off, but I’ve never had sex like that before, wow!” I said.

“Paul, to be honest, that took me by surprise, I’m not sure why. But you’re right, this is a bit like revenge. He fucking deserves it”

My cock was slowly shrinking, and slipping from Jenny’s wet pussy.

“You should shower, I’ll make toast and coffee.” I looked at the clock and it was still only 7am.

Jenny slipped out of bed, and I had the chance to admire her sleek figure, her pert backside, and the long, lithe limbs that had held me inside her.

She reappeared in the kitchen, looking much fresher than the previous evening, and her damp hair added an air of youth, albeit she was only in her late twenties anyway.

“Will you tell Jon you’ve slept with me?”

I must have looked concerned, because Jenny grabbed my hand, “Look Paul, I’ve calmed down a bit, no, I won’t tell him, it would wreck too much. You and Megan, me and Jon, even Tess, when she comes to stay. I will just say I stayed in a hotel for the night, to sober up.”

“That’s a bit of a relief, I must say, thank you.”

Jenny came round the breakfast bar, and pressed up ataşehir escort bayan against me. Her eyes studied me from inches away.

“I needed last night to show me there are other men who can please me, Jon has a knack of ‘possessing’ me, you surprised me, and I thank you for it, maybe there will be other times…”

The sentence drifted into a final kiss.

When Jenny had gone, I showered, and reflected on the night gone past. It was a unique experience. Not only was Jenny young, she had a very healthy sexual appetite, and her several, consecutive orgasms were something that I had never experienced with a woman before.

It was making me hard, just thinking about it again, and I was brought back to reality when my mobile rang, unusually early for a Sunday morning.

“Good morning Paul, sorry to phone you so early,” it was Megan.

“I’m worried about Tess.”

“Why? What’s up?” She did sound concerned.

“I think Tess is seeing Billy, I mean Archie, I mean Billy, again.”

Billy was known to Tess as Archie, and Megan had found him in bed with her.

“How do you know?” I asked.

“Because Tess has been talking about a girl she’s got friendly with at college. Her name is Daisy, and she’s black.”

“Oh…my …God!” was all I could say, and then added, “Are you sure?”

“Tess showed me a pic on her phone, no one could mistake those boobs.”

“Will she say anything do you think? And how do you know she’s seen Billy?”

“I don’t actually, but it would be bloody odd if she hadn’t seen him because Daisy must know him so well.”

“Well, he cut off contact, online, with Tess, it’s been a while. I guess you can’t appear to be too nosey. Daisy knows he had sex with Tess, and she knows he’s had sex with you, why on earth hasn’t she said something…or maybe she has?”

“God knows, I’m beginning to wonder if Tess is hiding something.”

After that Sunday morning call, I heard nothing from Megan for a couple of days, and then she texted me to say that Tess had got the offer of an unconditional place at Exeter, and would I like to go round that evening for a celebratory tea, as I’d been partly instrumental in her success.

There was yet to be another twist in this convoluted story.

“Well done, congratulations, you deserve it.” I greeted Tess with a hug, when she opened the door.

“Come on in,” came Megan’s voice from the kitchen.

On the worktop was a large cake, and next to it a weighted ribbon attached to a shiny, helium balloon with the word ‘Congratulations’ on it.

Megan was beaming like any proud mother.

“I’ve never thanked you properly for your extra help, and for the way you treated me like an adult. You helped me grow up. I’d never have bothered with ‘A’ levels if it hadn’t been for your encouragement.”

“Stop it, you’re making me blush,” I mumbled.

Megan was about to open a bottle of prosecco, when Tess dropped the bombshell.

“I was telling two friends about how much you’d helped me. I think you may know one of them, not sure how, but her name’s Daisy.”

Appropriately the cork shot out, hitting the ceiling, with a crash. Megan looked at me, and I looked at Megan.

The blood drained from my face as, almost in slow motion, Tess pushed her phone in front of my face.

“Look, this is her, recognise her?”

My whole life flashed before me, “I’m not sure,” I said, falteringly, “she might be one of the kids that I’ve done group stuff with in the past, when I’ve been into schools talking about careers.”

“No, I think it must have been at a party or something, she enjoys social events with older people.”

“Thanks very much!” I grunted.

Could Tess be testing me? Did she actually know about me and Daisy?

Megan interrupted, “Here Tess, you can have just one glass, as it’s your celebration. Let’s have a toast. Here’s to university, and your degree.”

The awkward moment passed, and when we’d eaten some cake, and drunk our prosecco, Tess disappeared upstairs.

“That was pretty disturbing, do you think she was testing you?” Megan looked anxious.

“I’m not sure, do you think Billy is still matey with Daisy, or has he found pastures new?”

Before I left Megan’s that evening, I had one more brief chat with Tess.

Megan was out of the room and Tess asked me for my mobile number, I asked why she needed it, and when she said, “Just as a friend,” I felt that I couldn’t refuse. I felt guilty because now that Tess and I had a secret from her mother.

Would I regret it?

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