Her First Anal Experience

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His tongue burrowed into my ass hole, I trembled, moaned in pleasure. This made him stretch inside my asshole more, he buried his face into my ass as far as he could. Pulling my right cheek aside, he licked my ass slit , spitting on my crack to gain more slipperiness. He rimmed and licked my asshole longer and deeper than anyone had before. My body rocked over his mouth, moans became huffs and gasps I knew he was going to give me my fantasy, make my ass come alive and feel the pleasure of orgasm inside my dirty, horny place. Deep inside my dark, taboo place I has been craving to be touched, licked, fingered, stretched, filled and fucked.

I like to think of myself as a liberated, open minded thirty something woman. Passionate, open minded and world wise. Anal pleasure has always fascinated me and here I was with a man who shared the same passion as I did.

“Oooooooooh..if only you knew how long I have been waiting for someone who shares my passion, indulge my fantasies, pleasure my soft, round, delicious ass….”

His licking, sucking my asshole making it so hot and horny, my tightly puckered rosebud is now wet,

soft , getting very tingly and steamy as he sucked, bringing more blood to my engorged asshole.

He instructs me to finger my pussy as he is sucking on my ass I start rubbing and playing with my clit, making it big, hard, inserting two fingers into my very wet tight cunt and working them in and out, slowly at first, but quickly building as the momentum of his ass licking continues. Gasping, my breathing short and shallow, my fingers move to match his tongue inside my ass.

“I…love…this!” I cry as he circles inside my puckered asshole with his tongue.

He is lapping my swollen, closed hole, forcing it to become more sensitive with each lick. He said my arse tasted so fucking good, he couldn’t wait to stretch it beyond my outer limits and work his stiff cock into my tight backdoor. He stopped and asked how my asshole was doing.

“Fantastic. Stretch me open now” I purred moving my fingers in and out of my dark cunt honey pot.

He licked his index finger, slowly inserting it into my clenched hole pushing slowly into my tightly formed rectum. I gasped in response and he said “That’s it…nice and slow, just relax.”

He spat on my ass crack, the saliva rolled down towards his probing finger where it collected in a pool. He used it as some well-needed lubrication to loosen my tight hole a bit. His other hand pulled back my ass cheek, he said he wanted to see the dirty action taking place before him!

“Wow, that looks so hot!” he said. “It…feels…incredible,” He sighed as he pushed his finger up first knuckle deep into my narrow cavern. How does it feel, he asked? “It burns…tickles at the…same time,” I explained. “I can’t wait to open you up fully and slide my cock in there,” he said as he pulled his finger out and pushed it back in.

“Oooh,” was all I could respond with. He worked his finger in and out of my asshole for quite some time, while massaging my ass muscles making them relax a bit. He used a few more mouthfuls of spit and some wider finger probes, swirling motions. Now your asshole should be able to take another digit, he said pushing a second finger up inside, I bucked, shimmied in surprise. He asked “was that sore, were you not ready for that?”

“No, it’s okay, I said. My ass…has to be…stretched to allow…for the prize!” He canlı bahis looked up at me smiled and winked as he worked his two fingers in and out of my asshole slowly. My anal muscled gripped his fingers like a vice and moved tightly against his probing motion, following every dip and curve of his fingers. My ass swallowed over his knuckles eagerly as he pushed them deep into my rectum, he watched them disappear from sight with each plunge. He said my ass was incredibly tight and that it would take some work before my hole was stretched enough to allow for the insertion of his cock.

“I can feel…my hole…opening…for you,” I said with a pleased look. “Yeah, but its slow going,” lets stop for a second” he said.

He pulled his fingers out from my asshole and we heard a soft audible ‘pop,’ as my ass seemed to suck against the withdrawal of his fingers.

“There’s some massage oil and butter cream ointment in the cabinet that might help.”

He return to my outstretched ass and said “Fuck, your ass is so perfect! I could stare at it all day.” I smiled and then giggled, “I’m glad you like it.”

He squirted a generous amount of oil into his hands saying ” I’m going to oil then grease up your dirt box really good” as he pushed two fingers up into my asshole. This time I gripped his fingers, the oil working in slick and smooth as the digits slipped past my outer ring and into my rectum.

“Oooh, that’s it!” I gritted through my teeth, “Get deep in my dark hole!”

His piston-like finger motion made my muscles relax. He started preparing my hole for the entry of a third finger and asked “You ready for another finger, babe?”

“Uh huh.” He glided another finger slowly into my clenched pipe. “Oooh!” As he slid it back and forth within, I began to grind my hips back and forth in time with his sliding fingers. He said my arched back was something to see now, as the top of my torso lay flat on the bed, my knees spread wide, my ass open and raised well into the air.

He leaned over me pushing my hair away from my ear and whispered ……….

“You look like a goddamn cat waiting to be mounted.”

I felt his hard cock jump in anticipation between my asscheeks.

He opened the butter cream for increased lubrication and applied some to his aching cock and fingers, working them against one another. The mess was intense as his saliva, my pussy juices, the cream, the oil all seemed to mix and flow everywhere. He readied to join his ring finger with the other two invading digits into my bowel depths. The scene smelled of sex and cocoa butter. I was nice and lubed at this point, from what I could feel in my bowels. His fingers were sliding in and out of me with greater ease now and my breathing was deeper now and less strained. He watched my hole accepting his fingers now with welcomed delight as they slipped unrestrained past my outer ring and into my swelling cylinder. He said “Wow, this stuff is slippery!” “Good. I’m just about there,” I cooed. “I’ve been there for quite some time,” he whispered, I turned to him and looked deep into his eyes and smiled. “Don’t worry; you can be inside me soon. Stretch me open, handsome.”

He worked his fingers all the way into my accommodating glory hole watching as all three fingers coasted in and out. He spread his fingers apart more so he could maximize the dilation of my greased taboo tunnel. He had all three fingers in and as he flexed apart, my bahis siteleri anal walls stretched with each motion, his knuckles knocked and pushed my hot, tight passage entry further open.

“Yeah, that’s it!” I breathed. He followed by frigging his fingers in and out of my hole stretching my pipe open even more.

“Looks like you’re ready, babe,” he remarked. “Yeah…feels pretty open,” I sighed.

He was looking up at my ass, my hole was soft, slippery, dark red and stretched wide open. When he pulled his fingers out, my anus stayed open and was stretched nicely.

It looked so inviting and ready, he couldn’t wait any longer. His cock was rock hard and I knew that he needed to fuck me soon. The mere sight of my big round open spread ass was getting to him.

He stood, rubbing his cock against the crack of my bum, watching his aching cock rub against the cleft. Everything was so well lubricated, but I sensed he still wasn’t sure if he could push his big hard cock into my small tight hole without hurting me. With trembling hands, he pulled his stiff cock down and held the tip of his cock against the outer ring of my oiled cavern. Guiding it down, he pushed into my puckered ring and watched his mushroom head slip into my tight anal opening.

“Oooh, yes!” I howled, “Get it in there!” “Feels so incredibly tight!” He growled. “Push it in…I want to feel every inch!” I cried. Slowly he inched further he felt the head of his cock rush past my tight outer ring, as my flesh gripped against him, held fast and then allowed further penetration as he moved forward closer towards my splayed body.

“Oh, God…feels so good!” I moaned. “Yeah, babe…your ass is just as tight as I thought it would be!” he gasped out. “Fuck me good!” I cried out.

His cock entered further into my tight cave as he pushed and crawled his way deeper into my eager ass. His dick was surrounded by hot wet slippery flesh and anal muscles that gripped and stroked against his shaft with loving tightness. My ass stretched against his cock like a tight-fitting glove, snuggly wrapping him with every move. He began grunting as he forced his way further into the depths of my bowels, I gasped while feeling his careful intrusion. He pushed a few more times, and his cock was fully inside my ass, his balls resting against the soft round globes of my ass. We both paused , me to adjust to the feel of having my ass filled and fully stretched by a hard cock and him to watch in amazement as my ass swallowed his entire length deep into my bowels.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed, feeling my anal walls grip and stretch against his swollen rock hard cock. “Hold it in there for a minute,” I pleaded. He paused enjoying the tightness of my anal muscles flexing against him. “Feels so good! Wow, my ass feels so full!”

He began pulling back as my hole retracted against the fullness of his cock, pulling at him, not wanting him to leave. My hole was freakingly tight, as he slipped past my anal grip. When his cock had exited my anus, it flailed desperately seeking to be implanted back into my hot wet anal canal. He guided his cock back against my gaping hole and pushed it eagerly back into my greedy eager awaiting slippery glory crater.

“Rub your clit, for me baby!” he shouted. I moaned and placed a free hand on my cunt and started rubbing my engorged clit, screaming with delight. With each motion, I trembled with pleasure as he pushed his magnificent bahis şirketleri dark cock inside my ass .As his cock glided back into my constricted sphincter,

he gasped as he slipped deep into my hot dark wet bowels.

Ah yeah!” I cried. “Argghh!” he growled, pumping with long smooth strokes.

“Fuck me faster…I’m going to cum!” Fuck my ass………….. please make it feel

so good……….I’ve waited so long for this ass fucking……make my horny ass cum for

you…….fill it up with your cum.

He started thrusting faster, pushing and pulling, in and out of my cramped dirt box like a delayed jack hammer.

“You like riding my ass?” I screamed. “More than anything!” he shouted back

He plowed into me well and hard a few more times when I felt my body start to twitch. I was swirling my clit hard and fast now. He reached between my legs and stilled my fingers as I arched and thrashed below. He whispered in my ear leave your clit alone. I’m going to fuck you so deep in your glory hole, you’ll cum so hard and intense that you’ll forget every orgasm you have ever had before this one. I want you to relax, let go, reach far back into your dirty taboo place, feel the pleasure start building from deep within that dark, moist, heat of your bowels. He held me tight pulling out and pushing his cock with long

hard strokes deep inside my bowels. I quivered, moaned and wailed like an unbridled animal.

“Fuck!” he hollered, and I started wailing “Ohhh….oh…oh…oh..ah…ah…oooooh!”

He pumped hard into me a few more times, I relished the tightness of his strong hold much as I could. My ass muscles, twitching with my convulsing orgasm, I milked my lovers hard cock for all it was worth. My anal walls wrapped tightly against his swollen, pulsing, throbbing member, tugging to free his essence deep into my bowels. He thrust into my ass a few more times, he was losing control I could feel precum dripping hotly inside my bowels. With the next thrust his cock twitched and spurted cream deep into

my sacred bowels as he called out in complete submission.

“Oh, my God! Fuck…Oh, yeah…yeah…fuck!” he screamed, releasing his essence in a

hail of fireworks deep within my anus. He remained inside of me as his climax subsided.

“Oh…ah, fuck!” he blurted. I giggled, smiling back at him as he rested well inside my arse, my muscles gripping him tight. “Did you like that?” he whispered.

“Yeah. I replied. “Let’s just say that no one’s ever made me cum like that.”

“I’m glad. Did I make you feel like a woman again?” ” Like a naughty girl?” “Absolutely,” I sighed.

He started to pull his softening cock out of my ass, spreading my cheeks wide so he could inspect my ass. A trail of slick cum and buttery oil followed, dripping freely out of my incredibly dilated

asshole. It was vile, but oh so incredible. “My God, do you have a wonderful ass.” he said.

“That’s what I hear.” I replied. “So fucking tight; I love it…I just wish I could stay in there all day.”

he said. “Me too,” I giggled shyly.

He slapped his shrunken cock against my ass playfully and admired my outstretched form.

Lightly caressing my asshole, fingering it lovingly, testing to see if it had closed tight.

He planted a kiss, one last time on my closed anus and rolled me over.

Leaning forward towards me he touched my cheek and kissed me fully on my lips plunging his

tongue deep into my mouth, sharing my taste and his essence with me.

He looked into my eyes and said “Let’s do this again and again and again.”

I smiled and said “Yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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