Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 06

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She woke up early and freed his right hand and gave him the key.

“Free yourself. I need to pee.” Tracy said.

“You can use the toilet then wait for me in the shower.” She said.

He ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet to empty himself. He was happy to have pleased his Mistress last night. Then he went to sit in the shower waiting for her. He had to wash her with his hand again giving him another hard on. As she was stepping out of the shower Joan was entering the bathroom.

“On your knees.” She ordered him pointing to the floor in front of her.

She straddled his mouth and peed in him.

“I fly out early tomorrow morning. I will miss your slave’s mouth.” Joan said to Tracy.

“So soon! I will miss you. In a week or two when it will be convenient with your schedule you can visit us in L.A.” Tracy said.

“I do not have much left to teach you. Your slave is a natural but so are you.” Joan said.

“Hey my offer stand. You can use or abuse him anytime.” Tracy said exiting the bathroom to answer the knock on the door.

It was room service with Judith and Brenda in uniform. Once the breakfast table was set Brenda went to the bathroom as Joan was sitting down in front of her plate.

“On your knees. I am in a hurry and Judith too. Relax your throat it will be easier on you.” Brenda said pushing her ass in his face.

She felt his lips around her asshole and pushed hard. Gravity helping he swallowed two stools. He was licking her clean when Judith came in. She fed him two stools also.

He was happy of his performance despite his nausea. He was washing his mouth when Tracy called him over. He went to her and knelt between her and Joan.

“Brenda and Judith had to leave. They were impressed by your abilities. Lucky you they will contact us in L.A.” Tracy told him putting his plate on the floor.

They had filled him up and he did not have much of an appetite. But the eggs looked and smelled so good that he forced himself to gobble them up.

When the phone rang.

“Hello.” Tracy said in the receiver.

“Hi. Can I speak to Tracy?” A woman voice alsancak escort asked.

“It’s me.” Tracy answered.

“I am a friend of Cindy. She said I could stop by for a coffee.” She said.

“Sure. Come up.”Tracy said.

“Thanks.” And the person hung up.

“Lucky you slave. This time it is a friend of Cindy. Go wait in the bathroom.” Tracy told him.

There was a knock on the door and Joan opened the door to let a tall raven beauty enter.

“Hi. I am Kim. I have a four hour stop and Cindy said I should experience your slave.” She said to Joan.

“He is waiting in the bathroom. Enjoy yourself.” Tracy said smiling.

“Is he a full service toilet?” Kim asked them.

“Indeed he is. He knows that I will add to the welts on his ass if he does not satisfy you.” Tracy answered.

Kim entered the bathroom and the slave was on his knees. She walked briskly to him lifted her uniform skirt and pushed her ass in his face. He sealed his lips around her asshole and she pushed a soft stool in his mouth.

He manage to swallow enough of it before she pushed some more in his mouth. He barely kept up with her. Finally she ordered;

“Clean me slave.”

Kim sat down and had a coffee with them. Cindy had sent her a text message giving her Tracy’s coordinates. She was flying out to Tokyo and had to be at the airport in an hour.

“Cindy was right as usual your slave has very soft lips.” Kim said

“Yes he has and he knows how to go down on a woman.” Joan said.

“I am curious. Why make the detour from the airport?” Tracy asked.

“Cindy knows that I use a toilet slave whenever I can and she said that yours was worth the detour. Have you been using him for long?” Kim asked.

“I started his toilet training last week end when we got married.” Tracy said.

“Really! He is a natural he must like this.” Kim said draining her cup.

“He loves it. He confessed to it yesterday.” Tracy said walking with her to the door.

He felt bloated. He sat on the toilet and emptied himself. That helped a lot but he still felt ayrancılar escort nauseous. He was fighting to keep everything down because his ass was still sore and it could not endure another whipping.

“Hey there is a tour of the island leaving in an hour we should get on it.”

Tracy said to Joan as she was picking up the phone to find out if she could book them all on it.

“Great I will get my camera. You need some pictures of your honeymoon.” Joan said when Tracy had completed the registration.

“Slave get dress we are going out.” Tracy ordered him.

They came back at the end of the afternoon. His wife had kept the sun block lotion for her and her friend. He looked like a cooked lobster and the parts of his body that had been exposed were sensitive. It had been worth it if only for the delicious hamburger and fries he was permitted to eat at lunch.

“Get naked and in position I need to pee.” Tracy ordered.

When she was done Joan took her place and was peeing in him.

“Shall we go to dinner?” Joan asked Tracy.

“Sure cuff him please.” Tracy said checking if she had any messages.

It was painful to kneel in front of the toilet. He felt as if his skin was getting tighter and it was burning. He had enjoyed the tour and they had taken a lot of photos. For once he did not have hunger pains.

Joan blinded him by turning on the lights. She gave him the key and he freed himself.

“I drank a lot of liquids just for you slave.” Joan said as she was straddling his mouth.

When she was done she turned around and pushed her ass in his face.

“Kiss me good bye. I am leaving early tomorrow. A nice French kiss will do it.” Joan said giggling.

Tracy walked in on them and laughed at Joan’s comment. She was tipsy the wine was so good. She liked his red skin and was happy that he would be in pain all night. He had to pay for that nice lunch he had.

“Stay in position I need to pee you will wash your mouth after. You may use the toilet before lying down on the couch.” Tracy ordered after Joan was done.

“I balçova escort will be back in L.A. by the end of next week. I will send you an e-mail.” Joan was saying when he reached the couch.

Tracy sat on his belly and Joan lifted her dress to sit her naked ass on his face.

“Open your mouth I have a nice fart for you.” Joan told him.

He reluctantly obeyed and she farted. He could not avoid it. It was worse than chewing her shit. He was trying to catch his breath. Her summer dress was keeping most of it inside. He started to buck.

“That is the ride I was talking about on the flight in.” Joan said to Tracy.

Tracy was going up and down well seated on his belly.

“Tina will enjoy this.” Tracy said smiling.

He finally calmed down and took small breaths trying to get used to the stink. After a while Joan said:

“I have to go. I really enjoyed your slave.” Joan said standing up laughing at him taking deep breath.

“Thank you for your help. Without you we would not have been in contact with your friends. I am not sure he would have been ready for my sister.” Tracy said.

“There are a lot of stewardess that love using a human toilet however messy they may be. You have a good one.” Joan said.

“Messy? What do you mean?” Tracy asked standing up.

“Well some of them are not completely train. For examples: they will throw up or choke and spit some wastes on you or let their mouth overflow. They will refuse to perform in front of others.” Joan said.

“Oh! I see. I am sure that the quantity he had to consume helped him accept his new position.” Tracy said.

“See you in a week or so. Looking forward to meeting your sister.” Joan said hugging Tracy.

“You will like her. We are identical twins.” Tracy said hugging her back.

“Sit on the floor and put your head on the couch.” Tracy ordered him with sparkling eyes when they were alone.

When he was in position she sat on his mouth to feed him.

“Chew everything. I love feeling it when you do so.”

Tracy said as she was pushing a little bit of shit in his mouth. He had shivered again increasing her pleasure.

He was so excited. The feeling of her weight on his head. His face buried in her ass. Having his lips sealed around her asshole and chewing her shit. He nearly ejaculated. He loved pleasing her.

When she was done she cuffed him as usual hands to ankles and left him in front of the couch.

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