Her Irish Neighbor Ch. 02

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Ball Sniffing

Cassie moaned as Sean drove into her.

Her face was smashed on the dark wood of his desk in the office of his pub.

“Sean-” she started before a knock on the door interrupted her.

“Fuck!” Sean cursed. “Who…is… it?” He asked in between breaths.

A feminine voice answered. “It’s Sarah.”

Cassie’s head shot up, pushing back against Sean as he pounded into her. “Who the hell is Sarah?”

Grabbing her hair in his hands and twisting it around his fingers he fiercely whispered, “Not now.” He slowed his rhythm, just enough to answer Sarah. “I’m, um, busy right now. Can you come back in about-” he looked at Cassie, gauging how long it will take her to finish. She held up both hands in the “five” position. “Ten minutes?”

“Sure boss.” Sarah replied but she hesitated. She didn’t like Cassie, not one bit. And she knew what they were doing on the other side of the office door. It pissed her off.

Getting up, Cassie shoved Sean into his plush leather chair. Confused, Sean obliged. “My turn to take control,” Cassie licked his ear.

She roughly slammed herself onto him, making Sean groan with pleasure. “I love it when you do that, babe.”

“Oh really? Just wait,” she smiled maniacally and used his shoulders as leverage to hoist herself to slam onto him again.

Sean rolled his head back, wincing at the slight pain in his dick but still liking every minute of it.

He grabbed her hips with both hands, grinding her in a rhythm he knew was sure to make her eyes roll to the back of her head. He kissed her neck, sucking, nipping, and even leaving a hickey. Whoops, she won’t like that later.

“Sean! Sean-” she was getting close.

Whispering in her neck, he asked, “What baby?”

“I’m-” she bit her lip, “I’m coming!”

“Come for me love,” he urged her on.

He felt her walls clutch at him, grab him deeper as her orgasm washed over her. He was so close that with the last pulse of her cunt he spilled over, holding her tightly against him while they both shook.

Christ that was great.

Cassie dropped her head onto his shoulder, shivering from the cool air hitting her naked, sweat slicked skin. Sean wrapped his arms around her back, still inside her, holding her more closely to him. God he loved this woman.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear.

Cassie stirred then shifted so she could kiss Sean with all the energy she had left in her. “Hmm, I love you too,” and she smiled.

They dressed and Cassie waited out in the bar for Sean to finish doing whatever he does. She had no idea what he did. But his pub was doing great; he even had to hire two more workers, one including Sarah, who gave Cassie a stink eye every time they passed one another.

Tonight was no exception.

Cassie watched as Sarah jumped at every opportunity to touch Sean, to be close to him. Sarah would toss her hair back and bat her eyes. She would purposely squeeze behind him to get to the register or some liquor, instead of waiting.

Cassie saw Sean shrug it off and each time Sarah would accidentally bump into him, he would look up and smile at Cassie or pucker his lips at her.

She knew he would never run around on her. He loved her too much.

But still, why was he here every night instead of with her?

Of course, Cassie understood the man had obligations with his pub, so she couldn’t help but wonder sometimes. He never stayed late though. He would always call her the minute he left which was normally around nine or ten when the hours were four pm to two am, Tuesday through Saturday. He was a good employer, always making sure his employees had their weekend as well as hours.

Cassie’s face reddened as she saw Sarah go too far.

Sarah had just gotten a new tattoo right below her right hipbone. Cassie saw as she pulled Sean aside, in a nearby corner, to show him, pulling her pants down a little too far along with her panties. Cassie could see the smooth flesh of her hip along with the bone protruding out. It disgusted her.

But what really pissed Cassie off was when Sarah had the nerve, no, the balls to grab Sean’s hand to make him touch it and he let her. She watched as Sarah leaned forward making Sean’s hand practically disappear into her underwear.

Cassie quickly got up, knocking her chair over in the process, causing every head in the bar to look her way. She grabbed her purse and left, grabbing her cell to call a cab home. Fuck Sean driving her. She saw red, oh, she was livid.

She felt a hand on her upper arm. She knew immediately who it was. “Leave me the fuck alone,” she threatened.

“Baby, please-” Sean started but stopped when he heard her sniffle. He grabbed her and pulled her to him, keeping her close. “I’m sorry, babe, it won’t happen again. Matter of fact, I’ll fire her if you want me-“

“You don’t get it do you? Everyone saw my boyfriend practically finger that whore!” Cassie cried harder now.

Not sure what to do, Sean let her go.

“It Cebeci Escort was embarrassing, Sean. And you let her? What the hell was that?”

Sean shook his head not even sure why he did it. “I don’t know, love. I never… I…”

Wiping at her tears, Cassie shrugged his apology off. “Just get back to work.”

And with that, Cassie hopped into the cab that had been waiting ever since Sean let her go.

What the fuck was he thinking?

He knew better. So why did it happen? Hell, Sarah is a beautiful girl but she’s a whore. She’s fucked every other staff member with a cock so why did he think she couldn’t affect him? And how was he going to get Cassie back?

He prayed to God that she would forgive him.

Stepping back behind the bar, Sean’s face was hard. He was pissed that Sarah would dare do that in front of Cassie, let alone do that otherwise.

Speak of the devil; Sarah slinked up next to Sean, putting her breasts on his arm as she reached for an empty glass. “You know, since you’re not going home with little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, you could come home with me,” she whispered before licking his ear.

He flinched. “Back the fuck off,” shit he was pissed.

“Oh, someone’s angry. I like that,” she tried to grab the waistband of his jeans but Sean’s hands quickly snapped hers away.

“I said back the fuck off. Or you’re fired,” he threatened.

Sarah went unfazed, only leaning closer. “Hmm, I’d say you need to take your anger out on something or should I say someone, boss.”

She winked and sashayed over to the end of the bar.

Sean walked over to her, eyes flaming with anger, not desire, but he was pissed. He loved Cassie and he would never do anything to hurt her or lose her for that matter. Grabbing Sarah’s wrists in both hands, he roughly pulled her behind him into his office where he had just made love to Cassie not an even hour before. Throwing her onto the plush leather couch, Sean stood before her, fury fuming off him.

“You want me to take my anger out on you? Is that you want, Sarah?”

She eagerly nodded, unbuttoning her blouse. She wanted him ever since he called her to offer the job.

“Alright, Sarah, are you ready for this?” Sean asked with a smirk. He was going to fuck her over.

Sarah reached for Sean’s jeans, disappointed that he wasn’t hard. Sean shoved her back, flipping her over onto her stomach.

His breath was hot on her ear as he pulled her against him by her biceps. “You’re a filthy whore, Sarah, and your cunt is probably loose as all get out. Now, if you ruined my relationship with Cassie you’re going to pay with your job and possibly your goods if I want what every man has already had. And I don’t give a fuck if you’re willing. You want angry? If Cassie doesn’t come back to me, be prepared.”

With that, he pushed her roughly from, glad to be rid of her.

Sarah’s brown eyes were wide and tears started to form at the corners. She was humiliated. But she has never been more turned on. She jumped up from the couch and reached for Sean’s shirt to pull him back. She managed to surprise him and then stifle his curse with her lips.

Sarah forced his lips open with her tongue and explored his mouth for all she’s worth. His tongue stayed back, in his own mouth but she somehow got him to relent and pulled his tongue into her own mouth, letting her suck it and he groaned.

Of their own accord, Sean’s hands moved up her sides to cup her breasts and squeeze them crudely. He felt his cock stir, itching to be touched. What the fuck was he doing? He shouldn’t be doing this but he just couldn’t stop-

The office door opened and he heard a gasp. Shit.

Sarah kept her mouth on his as Sean tried to push her away. Once she was detangled from him, he caught Cassie’s blond waves receding into the hall, out into the bar. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

Cassie cried all the way to her apartment, right next to his. She had gone back to apologize for the way she had acted earlier. But this? This was unforgiveable. They were done, over, no more.

She yanked the door open, slammed it behind her and dead bolted the door, making sure Sean couldn’t use his spare to enter her place.

Cassie jumped in the shower and scrubbed the night away.

After toweling off and still naked, she crashed in her bed, relishing the way the silk sheets felt against her damp skin. Then the tears started again. How could he? Didn’t he love her? How could he want her when he took her virginity and all she was is an emotional attachment? Who was she kidding? He was only being nice.

Her body, wracked with sobs, finally settled down. She sniffled and her tears were no more. Sleep came a few hours later, only after her eyes were puffy and dry.

“You’re out of here, Sarah!” Sean yelled as soon as Cassie left.

Sarah moved to calm him down, but there was no going back. She fucked up royally, no, he fucked up royally. Çıtır Escort “Don’t you think you’re overreacting just a little?”

The look of disgust that crossed his face scared her. She should probably run. “You fucked up my goddamn relationship! How the fuck am I supposed to relax?!”

Sarah shook from the deadly tone in his voice. He meant business. “I-I-“

“You don’t know do you? I told you, you’re going to pay! Now, get the fuck out!”

Sean shoved Sarah out the door, in front of his bartender and God knows who else. What the fuck did he care? All he could think about was Cassie’s sad gasp as she left the open office door.

How the hell was he going to fix it?

He stood in front of her door, number 308, and used his spare to unlock the door. He managed to wriggle the knob free but she used the dead bolt. She was keeping him out. But just out of her apartment or out of her life. For how long, though?

What was he supposed to do?

Get down on his knees and beg for her to take him back? No, too needy. What could or can he do? The thought of him on his knees brought an idea to his mind. He prayed that she would forgive him enough to ask her to take him back, possibly, spend the rest of her life with him. He prayed hard as he crossed the ten feet to his place.

Two weeks had passed since that night at Sean’s pub. Cassie had ignored his calls, his texts, his cards, and the delivery of flowers that he sent every day to her apartment and her work, throwing them in the dumpster outback behind their building. How dare he? She hardly heard him leave his place, maybe once or twice a week for groceries or whoever the hell cares.

She sure didn’t.

But she loved him. How can you get over someone who made your toes curl every time they whispered your name? How can you get over the insane beating of your heart whenever you’re near them? What about the intense love-making and fuck sessions? The answer was simple: you don’t.

And get over him she would not.

He would always be there, in the back of her mind, behind her eyelids when she closed them at night, in her heart every time she heard the name “Sean”.

Maybe she should forgive him. All they did was kiss, right?

Yeah, they kissed in the same spot where Sean had made love to her numerous times in his office. A place where he never brought a girl because that was his workspace, his space that he worked hard for.

But, could she forgive him?

She thought about how she could when a soft knock on her door startled her.

She undid the dead bolt, not even bothering to see who it was. Most likely another flower delivery, she thought, but it was the evening, so unlikely.

Her heart stopped the second she opened the door. There stood Sean, his eyes dark with circles beneath them and his face was scruffy. He stopped taking care of himself, she noted as she took in his wrinkled clothes that had seen better days. Not knowing how to greet him, all she said was, “Yes?”

He opened his mouth to speak but closed it. He pulled something from behind his back. “This- this was yours, I thought you might like it back,” he looked down.

It was her hoodie that he had given to her a little over three months ago. Why would she want it?

“That’s not mine,” she pointed out.

He continued looking down, holding the hoodie with an outstretched arm with veins that strained against his tanned skin. “Just take it please,” he pushed it towards her more. “If-” he paused, collecting himself for what he was about to say next, “if you take this, I promise to… I’ll leave you alone, I swear.”

Cassie’s heart dropped as she took it. Was that the sign she had been praying for the past two weeks? If so, then what was she to do? “Umm, you-“

“No,” he held up a hand, “I do need to do this. I love you and I will always love you. I will leave you alone but if you want to forgive me, you know where to find me.” And with that, he turned to head to work, head down and nerves fluttering.

She was surprised to see him but the biggest surprise is yet to come…

Cassie threw the hoodie on her couch and plopped down next to it. She remembered wearing it the day he took her virginity, her last birthday. Heat rushed to her thighs and she pressed them together. They hadn’t had sex since that night. Well, at least she didn’t.

Then a thought occurred to her, reminding her that today was Sean’s birthday. The tears that had been dry for the past two weeks came in a rush. She held the hoodie up to her nose, smelling his musky, clean, masculine scent. She shuddered.

Cassie heard something thump when it fell on the floor. Curious, she bent over reaching for the silver box and note. Confused as to what it could be, she opened up the note first. This is what Sean had written:


My love, my one and only. I truly am sorry for what I have done. I never meant to hurt you let alone Demetevler Escort drive you away or lose you. You are my heart, forever and always will be. My birthday present from you is your happiness and that’s all I ever wanted. I understand if you never want to speak to me or see me again, I will move out. But know this: you are my soul, the reason for my being. I love you so much even though we’ve been together for three months, it feels like years, in a good way, and I loved you ever since the first time I laid eyes on you over two years ago.

Baby, open the box and I’ll let you decide your happiness.

I love you, forever and always,

-Sean M.

Tears had formed anew in her eyes. Her heart broke at how cruel she was to him. All he did was fucking kiss another woman! It’s not like they fucked. Well, from what she could see, but she could forgive him right? Yes, she will.

Cassie opened the silver box that was a little larger than her palm. With shaking fingers she plucked the white gold ring from its sheath. A two carat black diamond sat in the middle surrounded by tiny white diamonds that accentuated the black diamond beautifully. It was the same ring that they had seen in the jewelry store two months ago when Cassie dragged him in to just look. She fell in love with it. He remembered!

She placed the ring on the third finger of her left hand.

A perfect fit!

She jumped up off the couch and ran out her apartment door, leaving it open. She didn’t care. She had to get to Sean. She pounded on his door and waited about five minutes with no answer.

The only other place she could think of where he was at was his pub.

She quickly grabbed his hoodie and the note, thankful she was wearing jean shorts and a tee. It’s been pretty hot lately so she had to dress comfortably. She ran down the stairs, taking two at a time and darted out the lobby doors.

She had to get to him, just had to.

Sean was finishing a drink order and wondering if Cassie had gotten his surprise. His luck, she just threw it away, thankful to be rid of his memories. He hoped to hell not, that ring was fucking expensive. But it’s not about money, it’s about her happiness.

He turned to rinse a glass when the pub’s doors swung open with a loud bang. Every head in the bar turned to look and there was his angel, standing in the doorway, wearing that same hoodie with the biggest smile plastered on her face.

Cassie ran up to Sean, she even jumped over the bar to grab him. “Oh my God! Yes, Sean, a thousand times, yes!”

Sean had never been so happy in his entire life as he brought her up in his arms to plant a passionate kiss on those lips that he had been missing. “Are you sure, love? We’ve only been together three-“

She halted his words with her fingers. “I’m sure. I love you more than life itself. We can get married tomorrow or twenty years from now. I don’t care as long as it’s with you!”

Questioning glares echoed around the room as Sean looked around, with a mile wide grin. “We’re getting married!”

Everyone hooted and hollered. Sean swept Cassie to his office and kissed her with so much force that he felt his knees go weak.

Cassie brought her arms around his neck, keeping her to him. She opened her mouth at his impatient tongue. She lapped at his exploring mouth with her own impatient mouth. Oh God, her tongue couldn’t get enough. She whimpered as his hands made their way to her breasts, kneading them beneath the hoodie.

“Sean,” she whispered.

“What love?”

Still moving their lips together she asked, “Can we go back to your place? I really don’t want to do it here,” she looked around.

He understood. They were in the exact spot where she caught him. “Yes, baby, we can.”

They barely made it through his door before clothes were being slung left and right. They kissed, tongues still savaging and savoring, all the way to his bedroom. Christ he never wanted her so much before.

She was in her pale pink lace bra and panties when he laid her on his bed. He drank in the sight of her. Fuck, his future woman, his future wife. That’s when he remembered he had something to show his love.

He still had his boxer briefs and shirt on when they burst through his bedroom door. He lifted his shirt, right above his left nipple showing her his Celtic cross tattoo with an added piece. She gasped. And then happy tears fell down her cheeks.

Cassie grasped him by the waist, not believing what he did but thinking it was so sweet too. She traced the swirling, Celtic symbols that formed a name. Her name. Sean had gotten it connected with the cross so it looked like one piece, like it was always meant to look that way.

“When we have kids, I want their names up there too,” he whispered, not believing that this beautiful woman was his future wife.

She reached up and meshed his lips to hers. In between breaths and kisses she would say, “I love you,” and “Can’t wait to marry you”.

Sean growled his impatience at her insistence. Normally they would fuck like rabbits, quick and rough. But tonight, tonight he was going to take it slow with her. Relish every touch, every inch of skin, every hair, and every sigh that would escape her lips. Oh yes, he would make unbelievable, mind-altering, and aching love to her tonight.

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