Herworld Chronicles Ch. 09

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Alexa Vega

The three delighted in shaving most of Nilok’s body hair from chest and torso; as Marcia lathered his balls, his cock stood obligingly to attention as her delicate hands shaved the coarse hair from his scrotum and then trimmed the bush above. It had the effect of making his manhood seem larger; a key selling point, the girls commented. His erection remained as the three pairs of soft hands worked about his body with soft warm hands and lather; their razors smoothing all hair from his back and upper arms.

Nilok knelt on a bed of towels before the now lit log fire as the girls rubbed their soft bodies against him as they worked; the sky through the window now inky-blue as the cool spring night approached. The three giggled as they blew foam at each-other and became all the merrier as they shared another bottle of red wine while finishing their task; Marcia concentrating hard as she carefully shaved Nilok’s face; her nipples as erect as his cock as she thought about bed.

“You’ll have a nice smooth face now; we girls don’t want to be made sore between the legs.” The giggling stopped as abruptly as it had started as Marcia spoke; the other two joining her in becoming starry eyed, their movements more sultry as they washed the shaving soap from his naked body with warm water, Tara gently rinsed his now smooth balls and looked longingly at his stiff cock as she dabbed his scrotum dry with a soft towel.

“Oh why can’t we keep him Marcia? We could soon find things for him to do.” Marcia smiled as she rubbed his pectorals dry; her mind well and truly on the fur covered bed now.

“I’d love to but it’s just not on. We need the money, and it would make us lazy; if we have a male here all the time it will be too much of a distraction, we’d lose the hunger to go and get another.” The sweet ginger nymph who was evidently a few years younger than Marcia and Zeta; no doubt their apprentice, protested further.

“I could find other tasks to bring in money, and you could always tap that Aunt of yours in her ivory tower; she’d pay anything to get you back to that lifestyle.” Zeta chuckled as Tara made this last remark which was apparently tongue in cheek; Marcia smiled and poured a small bowl of warm water over the ginger beauty’s head whilst she was preoccupied with Nilok’s excited member. Marcia commented as Tara shrieked and spluttered with the shock of the water.

“We won’t mention my aunt in this house; money is all she has, I’m glad to be away from it.” The two more mature girls took advantage of Tara’s damp position and pulled Nilok up to the bed. They had him lie on his back on the luxurious furs, he sank into the furry softness and Marcia wasted no time in straddling his face, Nilok needing no prompting as he sniffed and licked at her nicely aroused pussy. She ground her wetness down and slipped back kuşadası escort and forth on his tongue and face.

“Ooohhh! Good boy, you’re lovely and smooth.” Zeta giggled as she watched, and then cut away the tethers from his ankles with a razor.

“He won’t attempt to run now he’s seen there’s no way out; he’ll be in no hurry to leave just now anyway!” Zeta was right; Nilok rose and sank in the soft luxury of the fur covered bed as Marcia took her pleasure of him. Her sweet scent and taste was excitement enough, but then he felt the warmth of Zeta on his legs; she straddled his cock and eased herself down with a sigh and then began to writhe with pleasure. Nilok bucked as best he could on the softly yielding bed, his cock tight in Zeta’s hot pussy. Tara protested bitterly at being left out.

“Oh do hurry up! I so want to feel him inside me!” Nilok thought of the sweet ginger pussy and fought hard to hold back from coming into the overwhelming pleasure of Zeta’s slippery haven. Marcia could hold back no longer and moaned as she ground her sloppy womanhood on his nose, mouth and chin in a fury. As she dismounted with a broad smile of pleasure on her face, Nilok looked up at the lithe naked form of Zeta, smiling wistfully down at him as she writhed on his pole in ecstasy. Tara adopted a praying position, nothing but cock would do for her; she looked so sweet and virginal. Nilok fought with his senses as Zeta squealed with pleasure and shuddered in a fit of ecstatic heaven on his cock. As she sighed and slumped on his belly, Tara virtually pushed her off, much to Marcia’s delight as she lay watching the show. Tara smiled softly at Nilok as she struggled to mount him; the two older girls chuckled with admiration as he put his hands about her tiny slender waist and helped her on to his eager cock; he gasped with pleasure as his bell-end squeezed into her tight little pink vagina, Tara whimpered and closed her eyes.

Rampant now and eager to fill her sweet ginger pussy, Nilok bucked but could get no rhythm; he wanted to fuck her properly. The girls laughed and looked agape as he pulled her off and manhandled her to the bed. He was about to lift her legs when she smiled and turned, lay face down and lifted her soft white bottom in the air. Zeta gasped and put her hand to her mouth at the girl’s actions. Marcia clapped her hands in approval and smiled.

“You naughty submissive girl! It’s a good job you are amongst friends; what kind of position is that for a huntress?” Nilok only saw it as her way of obtaining maximum pleasure; it was ironic how it was always the ginger ones at Maidenbower who liked it this way too. Tara put her head flat to the bed, drew her arms back so he could secure her wrists, and the spread her legs in readiness to indulge in being fucked like a bitch. Nilok parted kuşadası escort bayan her cheeks and had a good sniff and lick of her spicy little arsehole, then eased his cock into her puffy aroused slit without further ceremony. The hot little ginger nymph wailed with pleasure as he held the backs of her arms firm and pumped his rigid cock relentlessly. The two older girls knelt and fingered their clitoris’ as they watched his balls slap her soft white arse as he built up to that sweet crescendo. Tara wailed in ecstasy as she was held and thoroughly fucked like never before. She moaned in utter satisfaction as the delicious orgasm washed over her, wave after wave.

Nilok squeezed her arms tightly as he unleashed his hot load into her, shooting wad after wad into her hot tightness. The two collapsed on each-other, joined shortly by the other two as they moaned with pleasure at their self-inflicted orgasms.

Nilok put his arms around the soft ginger prize as Marcia and Zeta pulled the other furs over the top of all, and blew out the lights. He may have been captive but the soft smell and touch of the three females eased his pain, albeit they being responsible for his situation. He was already thinking of escape; though that could wait until at least tomorrow. The soft warmth of the furry bed combined with the soft, sweetly scented females was all enveloping; though in a tangle of arms and legs, he had not been so comfortable since being taken from home. Nilok closed his eyes and listened to the soft breathing of the girls and the crackling of the log fire; he was in a deep sleep within minutes.

When he woke in the morning, he found himself alone in the bed; he could hear the girls in the kitchen and the air was scented with the smell of frying bacon. He heard Marcia ask; ‘see if he is awake’, and Tara came into the room, smiled and dropped her robe, climbing naked into the bed and wrapping her legs about him. In need of relieving his bladder, his cock was already semi-erect; Tara’s soft white body and kissing and licking had his cock instantly rigid; he had enjoyed fucking her immensely, and would readily have penetrated her ginger haven once more. This was not to be as Zeta followed her in, lifted the furs and slapped her pert little bottom with some venom. She jumped up, half-laughing and half in pain as she rubbed her arse. Zeta eyed Nilok’s cock and puckered her lips.

“Yes, I’m very tempted too young lady, but he’ll not have sex today; we need him to be perky at market tomorrow. There’ll be plenty of possible purchaser’s who’ll want to see him stiffen at the touch.” Tara was tasked with washing him after they had all eaten and her pretty blue eyes were tinged with sadness as she buttoned the sleeveless leather jerkin the girls had chosen for him.

“I so wish I could escort kuşadası keep you all to myself; I’d treat you well and have you fuck me every night.” Nilok smiled as she hugged him; his cock showing it’s appreciation of her desires as her legs rubbed at the bulge in his leggings. She led him by leash, out into the bright sunshine of their rear garden, one side of which ran alongside a road which seemed to run in the direction of the tall grey granite central tower of the citadel, which loomed in the distance; crisp sunshine illuminating the wings of birds which swirled around it, no more than specks at this distance, like midges around a garden-pond ornament.

Nilok soon realised that the garden served another practical use as he was led to an elevated table and chairs where Marcia and Zeta sat sipping fruit juice, displaying bare arms and legs to the warm sun. As he stepped up, it was clear he too was being displayed; the hedge to the roadside was cut low from halfway down the garden, allowing any passing traffic a full view of the platform at which they sat; Nilok was sat strategically so as not to be hidden by the table. As the morning wore on, several ladies passing on foot had stopped to say hello, and eyed Nilok enviously; the slave market was always an attraction even for those who did not have the resources to buy even the most haggard individuals, and Marcia’s pre-sale showing of her wares guaranteed a healthy crowd would attend. Some of the wealthier women slowed their traps and carriages, asking Marcia if Nilok would be sold tomorrow. They looked him up and down with interest when she confirmed he would.

Nilok was appalled by some of the women, who were either very ugly or misshapen, but some were very elegant and attractive; there were one or two he would not mind being owned by, if only temporarily. A particularly attractive woman in her late forties with long chestnut hair in a pony- tail, her pleasingly buxom body in a tight blouse and jodhpurs, stopped her gig and stood with horsewhip in hand, asking how much Marcia was likely to want for him. Nilok’s cock stiffened as she toyed with her whip and surveyed him with interested eyes. She gave him a smile as she cracked her whip on leaving, the sound of it and the dominant look of the woman ensuring Nilok’s cock remained stiff for some time after. They spent the day in the garden, eating at the table, unfurling a canopy above from the garden wall on the other side, which was eight or so feet high, to keep off the mid-day and early afternoon sun. As the evening came they drank more wine, continuing to wave and answer questions from passing women. They retired at around 9.30; Marcia leading him back indoors to the bed.

“We’ll have a nice sleep now; we need to be up early, and you may have a long day ahead of you tomorrow.” Once again all three nestled in the bed; the two older females were soon fast asleep, but Nilok slept fitfully at first. He opened his eyes in the twilight to find Tara’s soft eyes looking at him; a tear ran down her cheek as she held him tightly. Nilok kissed her softly and they too, drifted off to sleep.

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